Teslite: Extraordinary Company

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Science has answered many of the world's greatest questions and creates just as many. It's natural for people to be curious in the unknown. Though, the one being examined is not exactly a comforting feeling.

I was sitting alone on a stool in the center of a white room. The walls, the ceiling, even the floor tiles were all white. The only differing color was a dark grey panel of glass. Behind the glass I could see the silhouettes of the scientists on the other end, most of them were watching me.

"You are Nicole Wiley, native citizen of the Hudson States?" An horribly disfigured human voice blared over some sort of receiver hidden in the room. Almost like a speak and spell on low batteries.

I cleared my throat and adjusted my stance. I'm still getting used to my new curvy figure.

You see, yesterday I had undergone some sort of unexplainable growth. Normally I was an active trim woman, but now I had a more curvaceous figure. Overnight I had grown as well, prompting my roommate, Amisi, to telephone Corporal Eastgrove of the Home Guard. She seemed to have had some prior knowledge about this sort of thing, but instead of receiving some advice, my roommate and I were carefully run across the nation to the Home Guard Barracks.

"Yes, I am Nicole. Who is this?"

"That is of no concern to you. When did the changes first appear?"

"Yesterday evening... Could I see Amisi please?"

There was a long silence on the other end.

"Captain Noble advises that your companion stay outside for the duration of this

Cheeky bastards...

"Nicole, remove your clothes."

I stared dumbly at them and blinked in surprise.

"Y-your joking right?"

"This is all a part of the examination. Please, proceed."

"I will not."

One the silhouettes, I assume the man speaking, waved a hand to someone else in the room. Moments later a door opened and in stepped a pair of Home Guard soldiers. Their red tunics and grey trousers contrasted greatly against the room. Though, it was not that contrast that caught my attention, it was the rifles in their hands. They both stood at my sides and stood still as statues.

"Either remove it yourself or we will. Your choice."

I grumbled to myself and eyed the two soldiers. I stood from the stool and slowly unwrapped the thin grey scarf around my neck. undressing has never felt so comforting.

I took a moment to check just how my bust filled out my white blouse. Normally it was a loose-fitting blouse used with a jacket but it fit snugly against my new curves. I took a deep breath and quickly unbuttoned the shirt and let it fall to the floor in a heap beside the scarf. I did the same with my calf length skirt.
I felt my cheeks begin to burn as my face turned pink with embarrassment. The soldiers hardly even noticed, or cared. A half-naked woman and not a single glance. Dedicated, I'll give them that.

"Good. Please stay still."

There a flash on the other end of the glass. Were they photographing me?

"Your doing great. Soldiers, return to us here."

The two soldiers marched back to wherever "here" was, their boots clicking on the tile floor. The door closed with a click and an uneasy silence fell over the room.
"Uh... Can I put my clothes back on?" I asked, feeling a cold chill.

"Just a moment longer."

The silhouettes were talking among themselves. Someone had moved beside the speaker showing him something in hand.

"Now you may. Once you have finished we will come to you."

Thanking whatever deities there were I quickly slid up my skirt, buttoned up my blouse and flipped the scarf round my neck. Gosh it felt better.

I turned as the door opened once again. I immediately recognized the olive-skinned beauty in a short white sheath dress and lace up sandals.


She head on slammed into me holding me tight nearly knocking the two of us to the floor. I laughed and hugged her back, the familiar face was comforting.

Behind her, stood a mustachioed officer, a gruff sergeant, and a short old man in a lab coat. The officer waited patiently for Amisi to release me before introducing himself with a bow.

"I am Captain Alexander Noble, commander of the Home Guard, Extraordinary Company."


What on Earth is the Extraordinary Company? Sounds like a cover name for some sort of party group or something.

"I would like to apologize for the examination but it is necessary if we are to stop these growths from happening in the first place."

I nodded silently. The old man adjusted his spectacle and looked closely at a clipboard.

"Have you been in contact with any of the victims?"

I thought back to the newspaper article from yesterday. Some mad man was rampaging across the nation, blowing up women into balloons, hence the reason I'm here. I shook my head and brushed a strand of auburn hair from my face.

"Hm. So these victims have had no contact with one another, and neither have you. That rules out my theory."

As the old man was content with mumbling to himself, the officer cleared his throat.

"Normally civilians are restricted from seeing anything down here, but you two are a special case. The doctor here will guide you through the laboratory and try to explain you expansion. Good day ladies."

The officer quickly left the room followed by the gruff sergeant, whom only grunted when called upon to follow. A real, that one is...

"Right. You two with me." The doctor said, gesturing with a finger.

As much as I didn't want to go anywhere with this guy, my gut was telling me to follow. Perhaps they could help me? What If I could help those victims?
Hundreds of questions have flashed across my mind since the expansion. It's not normal for someone to just-

"Hey Nicole! Stop staring into space!" Amisi pinched my side.

"Ow! Would you stop that!"

The doctor seemingly didn't notice our exchange and walked on as if nothing had happened.

"This shall be interesting." He mumbled.

The laboratory itself was nothing spectacular. In fact, it seemed like something straight out of a gothic horror set. Electrical equipment sizzled and sparked and dozens of trays lined with flasks of color liquids were strewn about absent-mindedly across the room. The doctor pulled out a pair of chairs for us to sit in.

"Are you familiar with possession?"

"You mean ownership?"

"No, no, no. Possession, like spirits."

I nodded, not understanding where he was going with this. The doctor kicked a stone wall and took a step back. With a low grumbling the wall slid away revealing a spare room similar to the one we had just left. Inside the room however was a young woman.

She was a fair looking girl, only with enough curves to recognize her as female. She had her blonde hair tied behind her head in a tight bob with a pin stuck through to hold in place. She adjusted her blouse and the hem of her pencil skirt. The girl's glasses fell from her face as she bent over and she quickly recovered them with a slight blush.

She's kind of cute. Wait, why did I just think that?

The doctor waved to her with a hand.

"Are you ready to demonstrate for our guests, Kayla?"

"Aye. Right as rain." she replied in a quick timid voice.


He turned to me and grabbed a large switch nearby.

"You see, what we have discovered is that the changes you and the other victims have undergone are not normal physical changes."

He pulled the lever into "release" with a loud clanking of machinery and the pop of electricity. Tendrils of energy ran from the switch into the other room via long exposed cables.

"There is another dimension made up entirely of energy with living creatures, we refer to them as Geists. Now these Geists are also made up of energy and seek hosts to possess. Why they do this, we have yet to discover but the effect is almost immediate. Watch and see."

Amisi and I exchanged glances and stared at the girl in the white room. The girl seemed nervous and was looking around the room. There was an almost indistinguishable flicker to her right.

It looked a small swirl of lightning, barely there but just visible to the naked eye. It moved slowly, circling the young woman like a shark.

What is that?

Without warning it zapped like lightning striking the young woman and disappeared with a loud SNAP and a flash of light.

I rose from my seat and approached the pane of glass separating the two of us. The girl gasped and shook violently.

"Doc! What's happening to her?!" I cried out, turning to him.

He seemed unaffected and replied,

"This is what happens when a Geist possesses its victim. Do not worry, it is not harmful."

The girl stopped shaking and turned to face us. She looked around as if nothing had happened.

"Doc. Shouldn't you check on her?"

"Wait for just a moment."

How was he so calm! She was just struck by lightning and he wouldn't even bat an eye!

Then something happened.

The girl suddenly shot us a confused expression and grabbed her almost nonexistent chest.

"Hamish... I'm feeling a wee bit strange 'ere." The girl moaned, looking at her chest.

"Just remember what we taught you, you'll be fine." He assured her.

The girl nodded and tried to smile, albeit with some success. It quickly changed to shock.

My jaw nearly hit the floor as the girl's blouse began to fill out. It was almost unnoticeable at first until they surpassed a C cup. Slowly the silky material drew snug across her expanding chest.

Amisi seemed particularly interested and stared intently at the girl. Not at the girl, something behind the girl? Maybe she was seeing something we could not.
The girl began to pant and closed her eyes blushing deep beet red. She grabbed her rapidly growing chest, now pushing tightly against the thin fabric, the outline of her bra showing. Diamond shaped gaps began to appear between the straining buttons revealing pink flesh beneath.

Her shirt began to creak and her chest heaved within its cloth prison. There was a loud pop as a button burst loose and clattered on the floor. The other's quickly followed suite revealing her white frilly bra overstuffed by her bulging breasts. They had gone from small bumps to a pair of volleyballs in just a matter of minutes.

The girl's chest had stopped growing and she stood still gasping for breath. She seemed surprised by her new form and bounced them ensuring sure they were real. A small smile spread across her face.

I turned to the doctor with an arched eye brow.

"Did... did she just-?"

"Yes. Though it was the Geist. It's not done yet."

The girl must have heard this and glanced up at him in surprise. She opened her mouth to say something but was silent. Instead she ran a hand along her rear.
She gasped again as her flat rear grew curves and flattened out any creases in her skirt. The skirt was small to begin with and the growing flesh beneath began to strain the fabric. The girl seemed uncomfortable and tried to undo the waistband of her skirt but could not see over her breasts.

She grunted as her rear had nowhere else to go and the seams of her skirt began to pop. Thinking quickly, the girl snatched a pen from the remnants of her blouse and plucked at the seams, rather awkwardly since her breasts got in the way. Like her blouse, once one gave in the others could not hold out. With a loud POP her skirt burst apart falling in a heap at her feet. Her rear and widening hips jostled excitedly at the newborn freedom. The girl ran her hands along her new curves in pleasant surprise.

The round swell of her rear bulged out around her panties turning it into an inadvertent thong. The girl caught her breath and adjusted her glasses. She looked back at us and quickly found the floor more interesting, probably trying to hide the fact she enjoy the "demonstration". She seemed on the brink of tears, out of embarrassment or happiness I could not tell. The smile across her face was a nice change.

The doctor cleared his throat loudly attracting our attention. He set aside his clipboard on a nearby desk and leaned against it with his arms crossed across his chest.

"That is what a Geist can do. You've been possessed by a Geist, the only question is why it chose you."

"It chose me? Could it take control of me?" I asked, the rising fear becoming clear in my voice.

The doctor laughed.

"No. You still have complete control over your body. Though, this is what happens to its host in a natural way."

Amisi sat straighter and leaned towards the doctor.

"So your saying that Nicole here was possessed by this Geist thing? Why isn't she, or your demonstration, blown up like those girls in the papers?"

"It is because we are not dealing with any ordinary Geists," the doctor sighed and looked at the ceiling, "we have a theory that the Society of Thule is responsible."

"What," I asked, stepping closer, "is the Society of Thule?"

The doctor huffed and shrugged his shoulders.

"Who can say. They're mostly a band of occultists working under orders of a Count Eberhard. They are nothing to be worried about, the Society of Thule has no gains on Thames soil."

Somehow I doubted that.

The girl had entered the room with a small blanket hung over her shoulders in a hopeless attempt to hide her exposed body. The doctor was courteous enough to hand her his lab coat. She wrapped it tight across herself, appearing uncomfortable being half-naked underneath it.

"Now, if you don't mind, you best be returning to the surface."

Amisi and I nodded and said our farewells to the doctor and the girl. A soldier had entered the lab and was waiting for us to follow.

"Oh and one more thing!" The doctor called out.

"Yes?" We both asked in unison.

"Would you kindly guide Kayla to the surface? She could do with some clothes."

Lying in the tall grassy hill overlooking the barracks, a small group of men watched the activity below. Among them was an old man wearing the dark blue uniform of the Rhine military. His aging eyes hovered over the fields below, a quiet mechanical hum emanating from his copper mechanical right arm, glinting in the sunlight.

Beside him, a similarly uniformed soldier had a scoped rifle in hand. His blonde hair was cut close to his scalp and his ice blue eyes never left his scope. A long scar ran across his face from ear to ear, aligned nicely with his square set jaw.

"Count Eberhard, should we proceed?" the soldier asked.

The commandant was quiet. He stroked his full white beard with a gloved hand, deep in thought. He craned his neck back and eyed the dozen of Jaeger Elite infantrymen awaiting his command. He placed his Pickelhelm atop his head and eyed the field once more.

"This is not the time. We've got new priorities." The old man replied in a deep voice, like a lion's growl.

The soldier nodded and shook his head to the expectant Jaegers.

Quietly the soldiers snatched up their Shakos and scurried off into the nearby woods disappearing as the sun set.

"Find that girl." The old man ordered before following after the Jaegers.

The soldier lifted his scope and glanced once more at the young woman. She was pretty, no denying that, with a curvy body. Though it was her companion that caught his eye. The equally attractive Nile woman with violet eyes. His eyes narrowed and a toothy grin spread across his face.

"Amisi. I have found you."

Author's Note: 

The second part of the Teslite story. Most of this storyline was inspired by a collection of miniatures, I can't think of the war-game's name offhand.

Keep an eye out for those Jaegers, they're not kidding around!

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Suspense! Keep up the world-building!

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Liking it

I admit, I find it a little odd that the expansion largely seems to be incidental to the story, but I think the author is doing a good job with it and I'm looking forward to the next installment.