An off topic general discussion?

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An off topic general discussion?

Hey Luther,


Would I be out of line of for asking for an off topic discussion area for things besides inflation? I just think it would be a good way for people in the community to be able to talk about things besides inflation specifically, though if its more trouble and resources than its worth, Id completely understand.


Not a bad idea, in my opinion

MixMaster (not verified)

Id just like to have a spot where we can talk about other interests. Im sure theres tons of people on here that like to have some discussions outside of the inflation sphere while still talking to the people inside of the community. 

Though I could also see the issues that could arise, like say someone post something related to the current US election. Wew, are you going to see some heated arguements and stuff like that may be more trouble than its worth.

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It's something that comes up every few years. I flip-flop back and forth on it, but have always landed on "no" in the past. I'm certainly open to reconsideration if there's sufficient interest. But if there were an off-topic forum, the rules of conduct would be exceedingly strict. Since it wouldn't be furthering the primary purpose of the site, I'm less inclined to tolerate disruptions.

MixMaster (not verified)

Cool beans. Perhaps if more people get behind the idea, you can make a move on that. I feel you though on enforcing a conduct code, some people get pretty passionate in their discussions.

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I'd be all for it, but I think the golden rule would be to keep politics and religion out.

I think I've had too much...

MixMaster (not verified)

Oh come on though, taking out those two topics isn't any fun, considering I like discussing philosophy and history, and both of those things go hand in hand with each other, and sometimes dip into many facets of our daily lives. 

I think if a general discussion board were created, we could just invoke the actual golden rule of do unto other as you would have them done onto you. Basically, it's ok to have disagreeance, just don't be a dick piston about it if someone doesn't see it your way and this is coming from a non-religious person. I may not subscribe to any particular following, but it's still a good rule of thumb to live by.

I'd frankly volunteer to be moderator/janitor to take any work load off of Luther, though that's up to his judgement. Plus, we do have screen names you know, this isn't 4chan.  

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