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Better mobile experience?

If you haven't seen the 3 million topics I posted in general, let me elaborate. I'm not always by my computer when I go onto this site, so I typed one up on my phone. Then, I tapped save. Usually this would take me to the post, but it didn't. So, I guesses that I missed the button. I tap again and again, but nothing happens. I go into the general discussion and find a bunch of posts that are just copies of the one I made. Is it because I'm using the google app? Is this site better optimized for safari?

I think I've had too much...


you just PUSH (pray until something happens), once. You're always heard by BI, even if it doesn't flinch.


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Well... considering that this site was re-formatted a few years ago, I'm pretty sure Luther isn't about to do it again so soon, though it would be nice to see something more mobile-friendly. From what little I know about HTML/CSS/Javascript, if someone were so inclined to put in the work, maybe create a different format for the site and present it to him? It would probably cut down on the amount of duplicate posts as well, though I'm curious as to what is actually causing that issue in particular on the technical side. Just a thought. 

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This version of the site is about five years old. If I stay true to past form it'll be up for a revamp in a year or two, possibly sooner; this version of Drupal is no longer supported.

I'll stay with Drupal unless I find some serious issues with transitioning the site to the current version. People have created more modern themes for Drupal that should look better on smaller screens. It'll be on the to-do list when the site finally gets an update.

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Cool beans, thanks man.