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It was an old machine, the wood nicked, the lacquer yellowing from age, and the brass tarnished.  Behind the panes of glass was an animatronic wizard behind an opaque crystal ball, his threadbare robes and the paint on his porcelain face faded from the sun.  Atop the wooden cabinet was a sign.  "TOZLAR THE POWERFUL," it read.

Adanna was a small woman, barely five feet tall, flat as a board, no hips to speak of, and yet never mistaken for a boy solely by virtue of her impeccable sense of fashion and hair styling.  Despite this she did not consider herself very womanly, having a lack of womanly assets, a fact that nagged her to no end.

She slotted a coin into the cabinet and ancient machinery sprang to life, Tozlar's hands moving in mechanical circles around the globe as it lit up.  "Behold Tolzar the Powerful," a scratchy recording played from within. "Nothing is beyond his wisdom!  Seek, and ye shall find!"

"I..." she mumbled, before falling silent again.  The words inside of her rose to a head, and she spit out, "I want to be big.  You're all-powerful, Tozlar.  So make me big."

There was a grinding noise from inside the machine as Tozlar's eyes slowly flashed and, with a robotic cackle, a card ejected from a slot in the front.  Adanna picked it up, turning it over in her fingers to read what was printed on it.  "'It's time to...'" She trailed off, arching an eyebrow. "'...order a restock?  Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Jacobs Novelty Machines, LLC at-'" She shook her head and sighed, flicking the card into a nearby trash can. "I can't even get a feel-good fortune anymore."


It was a strange, deep sleep, filled with flights over distant vistas cast in colors not of this world.  Adanna woke refreshed but confused, somehow not expecting to be in her own bed.  She sat up, yawning, and scratched her head, unable to shake the feeling that something was off.  Pulling the covers aside, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed, and found herself thrown off when her feet touched the floor before she was used to.

She looked down, and her eyes snapped open at the sight of her tented, snugger pajama top.  Buttons flew as she tore it open, and she stared down at her suddenly newfound assets.  They were not large - Adanna would describe them as average-sized, honestly - but they were where they once were not, and most importantly, they were hers.  She held up her arms, noticing her shorter sleeves before returning her attention to her breasts. "...I'm going to need new clothes."


Getting dressed was a minor ordeal.  At the very least Adanna's panties fit somewhat properly, but the rest of her outfit was a series of compromises.  Her skirt was the easiest to put on but, being made for someone about half a foot shorter and nowhere near as endowed, it put much more emphasis on her butt than it previously did.  Wearing pantyhose with them out of the question entirely.  Her sandals were two or three sizes too small, but they were the only footwear she had that weren't actively painful to wear.  The prospect of wearing one of her old bras was laughable, but at the same time her casual shirts emphasized a little too much and were snug under the arms besides.  In the end she settled for the loosest blouse she could find, rolling up the sleeves and leaving the top partially unbuttoned.  It wasn't perfect but at least it was presentable; she wasn't interested in attracting everyone's attention.

Well, not yet at least.


Despite her sudden need and less-than-ideal footwear, Adanna chose to park on the far side of the mall and walk through it to reach her favorite clothing store.  She had a new look and with it, a new outlook - one a few inches higher - and she wanted to see what the world was like.  It felt good not being tripped over, for one.

As Adanna entered the store, one of the saleswomen spied her out of the corner of her eye.  Finishing off the bit of hanger re-arranging she was in the middle of, she approached her and waved.  "Hi!  What can I help you find today?"

"I need an entirely new wardrobe," Adanna said.

In the span of two seconds, the saleswoman went through a myriad of thoughts and emotions: First was the acknowledgement that Adanna did need something, followed by the realization of the depths of her need.  Then came a calculated blink, done as part of an effort to suppress the giddy glee that the phrase "I need an entirely new wardrobe" brings to someone who works on commission.  Finally, a shift to a polite, obsequious manner directed towards the person who would be single-handedly responsible for paying off her car loans.

"I think I can help you out, ma'am."


Adanna entered the changing room, hanging a handful of clothing on the hook and depositing another armful on the bench.  With the saleswoman's help she had gathered enough to start with, which mostly consisted of clothing she had, but also a few articles she had been meaning to get but could never find in her size.

As she removed a nice gold and black combo from its hanger, a sudden, odd feeling overcame her, as if something was pushing out from some indistinct point inside of her.  Soon after her clothing grew tighter, and there was the quiet ripping of stitches as her hips began to force her skirt apart.  As she looked down at herself her attention was suddenly drawn to her bust as it visibly grew, buttons popping as it liberated itself from the confines of her blouse.  Her sandals began to pinch and she stepped out of them; confused, she stared into the mirror, a long look confirming that she had unmistakably grown taller.

The feeling stopped after a few seconds but she continued to inspect herself, almost afraid that things would return to normal if she looked away.  If she was gifted when she woke up, now she was positively blessed, with wide hips, an impressive set of legs, and generous heaping handfuls up top.  For comparison's sake she held the dress up to herself, finding it entirely too small.  After a bit of thought she shrugged. "Hell, I'm not complaining."

Opening the changing room door, she leaned out and gestured for the saleswoman's attention.  The saleswoman turned and immediately recoiled, blinking in confusion.  Before they were eye-to-eye; now Adanna had half a foot on her. "Uh, yes?"

Adanna held out the dress. "Do you have this in a larger size?"


Two hours later Adanna left the store, a few hundred dollars poorer but several bags richer.  It was quite an investment, but a necessary and even welcome one, considering that she woke up with a better body, then a few hours later recieved an even better body on top of that.

As she proceeded through the mall, pondering her next move, the odd feeling of pushing inside of her returned, only more insistent.  She froze in mid-step and, all at once, her clothing grew tighter. "Oh no."  Glancing about, she ducked into a narrow corridor, hiding behind a vending machine and watching helplessly as her body grew to the quiet sound of tearing cloth and popping stitches.

Her belt was the first thing to go, but of her own volition; in a short amount of time it had grown painfully tight, and she quickly removed it, dropping it into one of her bags.  Shortly thereafter her shoes were simply forced open as her feet outgrew them, and long tears formed in her pantyhose.  The clasp on her bra snapped apart as her breasts surged outward, the buttons popping on her shirt.  She watched as her thighs and shoulders pushed against cloth before tearing it apart, and as her growth slowed to a stop the remnants of her clothing hung on by a few threads before simply falling apart under its own weight, leaving her nude.

Adanna stared down at herself in disbelief before covering herself up with her hands.  By now she was so tall that she was forced to stoop to stay hidden, and her figure would have been enviable were it not bordering on the absurd, with thick thighs, breasts the size of her head and a soft curve to her stomach.  Reaching one hand down, she pressed her fingers against her abdomen, noting that it felt almost too soft to be fat.

Straightening up, she peeked out over the top of the vending machine, noting a few passers-by that thankfully didn't know she was there.  To her other side was the parking lot; it looked empty, and while it was probably a longer route to her car - assuming she could still fit in it to drive - there was more cover and the odds of not running past people were better.  She fished her keys out of the pocket of her torn-up clothes and, scooping up her bags, she padded towards the doors, ducking her head beneath the frame as she left.


It took the better part of twenty minutes, much of it spent hiding behind bushes and walls at the slightest sound of cars or sight of pedestrians, but Adanna made it to the lot where her car was parked.  After one last scan of the horizon she dashed from behind the bushes, moving as fast as she could manage barefoot across the asphalt.  She pressed one arm across her breasts to keep them from bouncing around so much as she ran, finding it uncomfortable and annoying.  In a way, she was grateful that she didn't need to deal with it before.

Unlocking the trunk she threw her bags in, slammed it shut, and quickly circled around to the driver's seat.  Just as she was pondering if it was even possible for her to fit, let alone drive, the pushing returned once again, but more intense, and accompanied with an odd pressure in her belly and a barely audible sound at the threshold of her hearing.

The keys slipped from her hand as her expression fell.  Adanna's line of sight began to creep upward, more quickly this time, as her figure grew even more pronounced.  Her backside, calves and thighs grew plump, together with her arms, and her gut pushed out into a soft, curvy bulge that spread around her sides, atop which rested two huge breasts.  By the time it came to a stop she had no hope of driving away, standing over twice as tall as a normal person.

Adanna ducked behind her car, turning and contorting her fattened body to avoid being wedged between it and the vehicle beside it.  She had no way of getting home under her own power short of walking, and hiding in a parking lot didn't sound like the best course of action, especially if she started growing again.  Poking her head out, she spotted a tree-filled park across the road and, with no other options, she made a run for it.

At the very least her increased size meant increased speed, even if her body wobbled and shook with every step.  Adanna abandoned covering herself below in favor of keeping her belly and bust still, bobbing almost too easily to be flesh.  As she set foot in the park she realized it wasn't as empty as she had hoped, but any potential embarrassment at being seen nude was trumped by her embarrassment at transforming into a chubby giantess.

As she tried to ignore a couple that was staring at her, she heard a sound that was unmistakably the hissing of air, just before the pushing and pressure returned.  Panic welled up in her as she resumed growing, rising higher by the second.  Not only in height but in width, as her ass swelled into two round hemispheres tapering down into thighs so thick they pushed her legs apart.  Any traces of a waist were gone as her stomach and sides pushed out into a single round dome topped with breasts that were beginning to impede her vision, and her arms had likewise rounded out so much that she couldn't fully bend them.  Despite being so bulky she didn't feel encumbered; on the contrary, it was almost like she was hollow.

Adanna turned to and fro as the hissing ended, looking herself over, worried that it could happen again.  She turned to the side, spotting the couple again, now only reaching up to her knees. "You there!" she pointed. "Call for help!  An ambulance, anything!"

They stared at her.

"Just- get a phone out!  Now!" They jumped into action, pulling out their phones just as the hissing began anew.  Judging from their reactions, it was loud enough for them to hear. "Oh no."

Adanna winced at the sudden increase in pressure as her torso simply pushed outward, the few remaining contours smoothing out as it took on an altogether more spherical shape.  Her breasts were two prominent exceptions, simply growing wider and larger as they rose off of her body.  Her limbs widened and turned conical, arms and legs being forced straight before starfishing, losing all mobility save for her feet and her defiantly-flapping hands.  She teetered before falling forward onto her stomach, the impact sending an unexpected vibration through her.  She rolled back to what would have been a standing position, her sex brushing against the grass, and tried in vain to squeeze any sort of bodily movement from her swollen form.

As the hissing faded away, Adanna gave up on any hopes of moving under her own power.  Over the horizon of her body she could see the tops of the trees, a reminder that she had yet again gained height in addition to the newer, stranger roundness.  She felt full, though not painfully so.  It was bordering on pleasant, or at least might be mistaken for pleasant were it not accompanied by public humiliation and immobility.  Well, she thought.  At least it can't get any worse.

The hissing began anew, louder than ever, and her face paled as she felt her backside leave the ground.


After it got worse, Adanna took a moment to regain her bearings.  Over the course of one day she had grown taller before filling up with air and floating, this much she knew and wished she didn't.  But judging from what little scenery she could see, she wasn't moving, meaning that she was simply hovering over the park.  When she got down - or deflated, she supposed - and returned to normal she could easily drive home.

Keeping her mind focused on ordinary things kept her from panicking, as much as she would have liked to.

She tried deflating by blowing out the air.  This proved to be unsuccessful, though she did learn that with repeated efforts she could rotate backwards and so, with much effort, she eventually re-positioned herself to be facing downward, where she learned that she was hovering not more than twenty-five feet from the ground and surrounded by onlookers who she wished had something better to do.

The hours ticked by rather slowly, and just as the sun began to set a man in a suit carrying a briefcase and a sheaf of papers approached, looking up at her.  Standing beneath her head he asked, "excuse me, are you Adanna..." He checked the paper. "Schmaytt?  Essemmit?  Am I pronouncing this correctly?"


"Yes, of course.  Miss Smith, you've recently operated a product of Jacobs Novelty Machines, have you not?"

She thought. "I did, earlier today.  Why?"

"Well." He adjusted his glasses. "There was a product recall recently by the Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding the use of monkey's paws obtained through poaching in their machines' construction.  It was thought that the company retrieved all the units they had produced, but you've proven that they missed one.  This is a display of gross negligence on their part, and-" Adanna cleared her throat and he jumped, as if snapping out of a trance. "Yes?"

"I'm... I've been doing that 'hurry up' gesture with my hand." She glanced to the side. "Can you see it?"

"I'll take your word for it.  To make a long story short, your highly visible experience was terrible PR for Jacobs, their stocks took a hit, and following the negligence lawsuit, the money was used to buy them up.  You're now majority shareholder.  Any questions?"

"Is the fortune machine still there?"

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