Breakup Blues, The

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Chase was a 19 year old. He was strong, hot, and 6' 5". He had short chestnut brown hair, emerald green eyes, and tan skin. He always wore the same shorts of clothes: a bland colored tee, a plain cloth jacket, and a pair of light blue jeans. He was full of himself of course, and tried to never look bad. He had different girlfriends almost every month, and usually a junior or senior. They were mostly hot girls to make him look good. The one for today was Jessie. She was a hot senior girl. Large bumpers in front and back with flat in the middle. Standing about 5'3", she had long blonde hair, light blue eyes, and nice soft tanish skin.

The problem that Chase had with this girl, was her clinginess. She was always right next to him or a few inches away. She'd rub his arms, hold his biceps, hug his stomach, or just stand there. Not only that, but if Chase even looked at a girl, or heaven forbid talk to one, Jessie would feel like he'd slept with a dozen woman! If there was girl a football field away from Chase, Jessie would hunt her down and scare her off. So of course, Chase was looking to break up with Jessie.

It happened one day after in school, in his car. They were parked in front of her house. She turned to him and saw a look of apprehension.

"What's wring baby?" She put a hand on his thigh.

"We're wrong," Chase said.

"What'd you sugar lips?" The hand was removed.

"We need to break up, I feel like you're too clingy to me. You're always right there, and girls don't even approach me from a mile away. Remember that girl you pushed away yesterday?"

"She hugged you! You can't blame me for getting defensive!"

"That was my sister!"

"Still, she could be into incest."

"Eww! No! I'm sorry but no. We're through."

"One more chance babe?"

"No. You're bad for my image. Girls can't be afraid to be around me."

"Fine'll get what's coming for you," Jessie opened the door and went inside, crying. Chase sighed in relief. He drove away and went home.

Jessie on the other started to plot her revenge. She had heard some things around town, about a candy store or something.

The next time Chase saw Jessie was about three weeks later, in the end of January. Chase had a new GF by then of course, a hot red head about as tall as Jessie, but was more chubby. Jessie was walking home in the snow and cold, when Chas drove by in his tan two door Sudan.

"Hiya toots! Care for a ride? Just like old times?"

"Sure, why not," Jessie got in the car, "Where's your girlfriend?"

"She's got dance practice, I'm getting her later."

"I see. Well, you know? I think we left bad terms. Let's be somewhat friends again, all right?"

"Umm, you not upset anymore?"

"No! No, not at all."

"Well...sure, we can be friends."

"Okay cool. Hey, pal. Do you want a piece of gum? It's blueberry."

"Yeah sure," Jessie handed Chase a piece, he popped it in.

"So, how it's been with your new girl?"

"Great! She's very nice."

"Not so clingy?" Chase shifted uneasy in the drivers seat, "I kid I kid. Have she been on bed yet?"

"Yeah...about thrice now," Jessie grinned at something.

"Is she as good as I was?"

"Umm, well..."

"No need to awnser. I can tell," Her grin deepened.

"Okay, what are you grinning about?"

"Oh, just something on your face."

"What?" Chase looked in the rearview mirror. His entire face was blue, "What?!" He pulled the car over on the side of the road.

Chase rubbed his face. The blue didn't change. His green eyes faded to the same shade as his skin. His hair also changes color. The blueness traveled down his shirt. Jessie just smiled at the whole thing.

"What's happening to me?!" Chase started to panic. He looked at his hands: they were now blue. Soon his entire body was blue.

"Why am I blue?!" Chase looked at Jessie.

"Oh, babe...that's soon to be a lesser issue of your's."

"What? What does that mean?" Chase soon got an answer.

He suddenly felt bloated, his stomach gurgled, and his belt tightened. Chase put his hands on his stomach. He pulled up his shirt. He saw a little, growing, blue gut in place of his flat, tan, smooth abs.

"What's happening?!"

It was growing larger with every passing moment. Chase put his hands on his head. He felt his belt grow tighter and tighter, and Jessie just smiled. Chase's gut looked like he was half through a pregnancy. His belt burst off and fling to the sides. Now his seatbelt was cutting into him. It had been pulled too far and wouldn't strech any farther. Now the thighs were getting in on the action.

"Stop this please!" Chase looked despretly at Jessie.

"Only you can prevent blueberry boys!" Jessie said in a deep voice.

His jeans streched and tore at the seams, blue flesh poked through some holes. His belly was at full term when the seatbelt broke. His pants unzipped an unbuttoned then too. He felt his sides push into the car door and the console. His butt was also swelling and already hanging off the seat. His belly pressed against the steering column, and turned on the windshield wipers, then the turn signals.

"Please! Tell me how to stop this!" Chase's backside rounded out.


"No! You said you were fine being friends!" Next his thighs tore through his pants.

"Okay then. Be a berry boy," Jessie opened the car door.

"No! Don't go! I'll mehh mahh murph! Mhh meeer!" Chase's body covered his mouth.

"What? What do you want? Maybe we should continue this conversation outside the car?" Jessie got out and closed the door.

Chase's right arm puffed up and stuck out like a cone. His left arm puffed up, but was contained by the door. His feet pushed against the floor and his gut rose higher. His lips pursed and his cheeks filled with juice. The seat broke and he fell backward. His gut bounced up and jiggled. His legs felt trapped, and wanting to separate. His gut engulfed his thighs and biceps. His gut touched the roof of his car and spread outward. Soon, he had no limbs and would have been. perfect sphere if he wasn't in the car. He filled the car, and when he no more room to fill, the windows started to crack. Jessie walked over to what looked like his head in the back window.

"Well, I hope you learned your lesson. Don't break up with me. Now, the swelling will go down in about...oh, three to seven nevers?" Jessie started laughing, "Now you won't pop, cause you're pretty much done, but boy, you're going to need some jaws of life to get out of that tin can!" A side window broke, "Well you've busted a window now. I'll leave now. Toddles!"

It took about a day to figure out where Chase was. He had broken through all the windows and was growing out of them. He never returned to size.

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The Candy Shop is a strange little shop, that appeared one day out of nowhere. No one knows the owner, or where the shop came from. It has the best candy by far, but one display gets a little...changing.

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