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Your skin crawls as you slowly open your eyes. It's dark - of course it is, as it it's the middle of the night. You're lying in a reasonably comfortable bed in a strange motel. Not your first choice, but it worked for a night.

Or so you assumed.

Your sleep has been plagued by strange noises and other, unexplainable things. The smell of old perfume, an occasional sensation of a soft and careful touch. You blew them off, clearly your anxious mind was playing tricks on you. It's just you in this old motel room, your bags and maybe a bug or two.

You think that to yourself, but that humming is too clear to be some trick of the mind. You stare at the ceiling for a second, and suddenly she's there in a flicker.

At least, it seems like a she; long limbed, grey, hair like a rag doll. Hey eyes are white and empty, and she has a smile full of teeth. You think to scream, but the feeling is trapped within you, welling up and doubling. She stares down at you, standing at the side of your bed like an effigy of a dutiful parent. The feeling keeps growing, and you try to yell again. Mild physical discomfort accompanies your panic as you feel your stomach groan upward, rising like dough and making a noticeable bulge underneath the blankets. The growing does not abate, and you can feel your skin stretching, your waist and torso widening against the matress to accommodate the increasing girth of your belly.

You reach out to push her away, maybe even strike her. She giggles at your attempts, your arm has grown thick and puffy, your hand is swollen and soft. You might as well swat at her with a glove filled with cotton. Her spindly fingers latch onto your covers and peel them away, revealing that this awful bloating has spread throughout your body. Your belly has not ceased to rise further into the air,  a widening dome that seems to fill more and more with your fear and shame at every passing moment. Your limbs have grown numb with their expansion, vague and puffy sensations that barely respond to your thoughts. Conflicting sensations flood your mind, you are accutely aware of your billowing form yet can barely feel a thing.

It is becoming difficult to move now. A film of cold sweat develops along your intensely fattened body as she reaches down to thump your belly roughly. It makes a thick sloshing noise and ripples in response. Her long fingers glide across your skin, sending shivers down your spine. You're huge, helpless. You feel bigger with each breath. You're...

"...enjoying this, aren't you?" Her spindly hands linger at a delicate spot between your now immensely thick thighs. "This is something you like, eh? Being a big, fat, worthless balloon? Perhaps I should roll you out into the open, so that everyone can marvel at what a pathetic blimp you've become?" Her fingers curl and stroke in a pleasuring motion. In your current state, you cannot hide the shiver that runs down your spine.

"Too bad though, because I'm keeping you all for myself." Her free hand wraps around your increasingly rounder cheeks, squeezing them until your lips pucker. You feel yourself begin to take on air, your soft marshmallowish form pulling taught as you expand like a real balloon. You can hear her laugh as you grow so large that you eclipse the bed you had been resting on, as your engorged limps flap their last, getting much to full and rigid to move, as your massive swell of a stomach obsecures sight beyond anything but her.

You feel yourself creak, at your limit. Any more and you make just explode.

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A second person inflation story. You're the star!

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I love being the star! Great

I love being the star! Great story!