So Many Bubbles

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The water churned and bubbled in the afternoon sunlight. The jets set to a gentle cycle making the water froth like a stormy sea. 

Theresa smiled down at her birthday gift from Chris. He had bought the hot tub two days before and had the store get it installed as a surprise while she was out getting a massage. Also a gift from her hubby. She threw her towel over the railing to their deck and climbed the steps to sit in the warm water. Their backyard had a high fence so she didn't need to worry about any prying eyes. 

Theresa had chosen a new suit from her drawer before coming down to soak for in the tub. A baby blue bikini top with string straps and baby blue booty shorts styled bottoms. She worked her long legs into the water relishing the heat. She slowly slid her body into the water standing in the middle. Humming in satisfaction. She slid lazily to the far side of the tub and slid into a seat. She had put her hair into a high messy bun to avoid getting it wet. Her head now the only part above the bubbling water. 

She had hinted about a tub for awhile now due to her back always being tensed up and sore. She had figured Chris wasn't paying attention when he surprised her with the massage appointment. 'Well. Better than nothing.' She guessed at the time. When she returned home she had seen him smiling in the driveway. "I have another surprise sexy." He'd made her cover her eyes and walk through the house into the backyard. "Open them." And when she did the new tub sat shining in the sun. She had been so excited she almost slapped him when she spun around to hug and kiss him. "You did listen." She excitedly had run into the house to change and jump in. Chris had to rein her in. "Sorry babe. They said the chemicals in it will take 24 hours to settle before you can get in." Theresa pouted looking at the tub longingly. "Darn."

But now here she sat. Enjoying every tiny bubble rubbing up and down her legs and back. She sighed again letting her body fully relax. She opened her eyes and looked around the yard. The high fence and bushes hiding her from view. 'Why not get the full experience.' She thought with a smirk. She reached behind her and undid the bikini top and tossed it on the railing beside her towel. Then she slowly stood up and worked her booty shorts off her perky tight butt. She tossed these too onto the railing. She slowly waded water in the middle of the tub for a few minutes. Enjoying the whirlpool of bubbles around her. 

She then slowly slid her naked body back towards her seat. She leaned forward moving her tight butt backwards towards the corner chair. As she slid down onto the seat she wiggled into place. Enjoying the naughtiness of her nudity and the heat of her new tub. She heard the tub changing cycles as the jets began to move positions and power through another cycle of glorious bubbles. Theresa smiled happily as she felt a wave of bubbles caress her back moving slowly from top to bottom. She giggled as it reached her lower back tickling slightly. Then she felt the jet move lower. Going underneath her. She frowned as this new jet of bubbles slowly worked directly under her now bare ass. 

She let out a yelp as she felt the bubbles shoot up inside her. She tried to jump up out of her seat but instead had her feet slip and fall back. She fell back directly onto the jet. Her butt now securely over the nozzle which was now blasting bubbles into her. She moaned as the air began to gather and build inside her. She put her hands down to feel her stomach and yelped again when she met with her skin far sooner than expected. 'Oh crap.' She thought. 'This isn't good.' She tried again to sit up but found her feet not getting any traction. She reached out and tried to grab the edge but her watery hands just slipped and uselessly fumbled. 

She felt another bubble forming in her chest and looked down to see her once modest breasts  break the water as they too began to take on air from the jet blasting up her rear. She struggled to reach behind her in a vain attempt to free her butt from the nozzle only to find her ass too was blowing up like a balloon. She couldn't reach around her new widened hips and butt cheeks. She swore as she tried anything to free herself from being pumped up like a balloon. She felt like an overfilled parade float already and the tub didn't seem to be ready to stop. 

'The stop button.' She struggled to press the controls on the side of the tub her hands barely reaching the edge of the panel. She pressed the first button she could touch in hopes it was the stop. She sighed in relief as she heard gears turning and motors change tone. Her relief was short lived as she felt the blast of air up her swollen butt double intensity. She screamed in frustration. She looked down at her basketball sized tits now being pushed up by her ballon belly pushing out of the water. She continued to fill and swell, her limbs now pumping with air as her body made room for the never ending flow. She watched with wide eyes as her body lifted further out of the water. The cool air wafting over her wet naked body as she inflated out of the tub. 

She felt her back begin to round out and her cheeks puff with air sealing her mouth shut. "Mmmffmm mmmmm." She whined through her bloated lips. 'How much bigger can I get?' She thought as her body began to groan from the pressure. She felt her limbs begin to absorb into her globular body with two massive breasts sticking off the front. She nearly filled the tub now with her girth. She closed her eyes expecting the worst. She could feel it any minute now. Her body no longer swelling but the pressure still building. 

She heard the patio door slam open and quickly opened her eyes to see Chris running over to the tub. He quickly slammed the off button on the controls. 

Theresa moaned in relief at the sight of her husband and the end of her inflation. He quickly jumped into the water and tried to grab a hold of her slippery body. His hands simply sliding over her engorged belly. "Hang on babe." He jumped out of the tub and moved behind her pushing against her rounded back he forced her to roll and she felt a slight pulling on her tight butt. With a soft muffled pop she rolled free onto her stomach now floating on the waters surface. Chris came running around to her head and looked at her. "Are you ok?" He asked looking her over. 

"Look at me I'm a parade float.  What are we going to do to get me back to normal?" She cried out. 

"I'll call a doctor... And..." He slowly walked around her. Admiring her new ballooned body. So tight and round. He ran his hand along her sides eliciting a giggle. 

"That tickles. Stop." She saw him come back into view. "Seriously what are..." She looked down and saw his pants tented off of his erection. "Really? You have a boner? This is sexy to you?" She asked incredulously. 

He eyed her up and down again. Smiling in approval. "What can I say. I have a weird fantasy." He ran a hand under her face and leaned in close. 

"You're a weirdo." She said with an awkward smile. 

"And apparently you're inflatable." He kissed her lips and held her head gently.

Author's Note: 

Just messing around with some fun fetish stories.

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