One Way to Spend a Night

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The apartment stood silent, the rays of the setting sun shone through the warehouse panel style windows. Clearly showing off the main room which consisted of a living room and kitchen, usual furniture, a sofa, tv, bookcase, dining table and chairs with an counter top island in the kitchen. Next door was a single bed room with ensuite and walk in wardrobe, filled with expensive dresses. The decor, furniture and belongings all screamed success and wealth. A result of the hard work of Anita, half Italian olive skinned 29 year old who called this apartment home.

Anita fumbled with the keys, eventually pushing the door open, carrying a shopping bag along with her works phone gipped in her free hand. Giovanni her grey Tabby cat greeted her with a meow, rubbing up against her long smooth tanned legs.

“Well hello handsome” Anita giggled tossing her phone and keys on the small table beside the door before picking up Giovanni and slinking her way over to the kitchen counter. Anita had never had much success with men, she got alot of attention and alot of dates but it never progressed from thee so she had settled for the single life with her feline companion, at least until Mr right came along. She was certainly not the definition of a cat lady however, she stood at 5"9, her waves of brown hair were normally found in a pony tail or loose flowing down her back. Her face was, like her body as though they were carved by the Italian artists of old. Delicate features on her face, slender neck lead to a perfect form of breasts, a taut stomach and toned legs with a firm well rounded bum. All which was perfect for her daily outfits at work. Being a legal adviser for a top corporation in London meant meeting clients and she was always popular with her tight figure hugging dresses. Today’s such number being blue with black ascents.

As Anita placed her shopping on the counter, she unbuckled her heels, lifting Giovanni up to her face “did my handsome man miss me?” she cooed nuzzling him before setting him back down only for him to slink away with nothing but a slight meow. “Bet you missed food more hmm?” chuckled Anita unpacking the shopping. Working in the city meant late nights and even later meals, as the sun continued to set Anita started cooking her and Gios meals.

“And for you sir, the chefs finest tuna steak chunks” Anita placed the food bowl in front of Gio and proceeded to open her bottle of Rose wine, it was a Friday night and she was home with her kitty with a lasagne and asparagus meal. This was heaven to her.

After clearing her plate, Gio had jump in her lap, toying with her long wavy locks as she gazed across the London skyline, sipping her third glass of wine. She was pretty typsy at this point but it WAS Friday she thought. As she stared out across the to the Thames a large blimp started to come into view, grabbing Anitas attention and causing her breathing to rise.

It must be the drink she thought smirking, as she traced her fingers through Gios fur, who purrs in response. Anita had suddenly developed this desire to be that blimp, staring as it floated along. “If such a thing was possible huh Kitty? No job, no worries just floating without a care” Giovanni just looked up with one eye open in response. “What if it is......” muttered Ani more to her self this time.

Fourth glass of wine down and Anita was in the middle of her living room still clad in her work dress, Giovanni lay on the table, looking curiously at his owner who had a bicycle pump in hand. “Am I crazy Kitty?” questioned Anita with a slight slur in her speech. Gio merely cocked his head at her. Taking that as encouragement, Ani took the hose and slide it in between her slight lips, raised he handle and pushed down, repeating it again and again and again.

She felt a strain, heard a groan as the air was forced into her. Settling in her B cup breast, straining her bra as she became a C cup, D Cup and so on. She pumped harder and faster, spurred on at how great it felt. Her bum started to bulge against the already skin tight fabric and swallowed her lace underwear, pulling it tight against Ani's tight and now wet vulva. Moaning into the hose Anita felt her legs grow weak, but renewed pumping with more desire if this was the reward.

All this while Giovanni sat head cocked, mystified at what his owner was doing to herself. Her once trim stomach had started taking on air as it fought against the confides of her dress. Rounding out showing her navel through the torture material. Still she pumped forcing more air into herself, so out of character was this that anyone would think Anita was possessed.

Her body swelled in unison, each pump brought new mass, Anita groan more as her dress finally started to lose against her now very curvy body, breasts overflowing her lacy bra, her thong clearly visible beneath the material, her hips and thighs had swollen too causing the dress to tear across the groin.

All this restriction was hampering Anitas efforts to grow bigger, forcing the pump handle down was near impossible now, pausing to catch her breath and to marvel her work, she caught sight of the blimp in over the skyline of London, floating peacefully in the night sky. “Need to be much bigger than this hmm kitty?” She giggled at Giovanni who still lay on the dining table, confused as to how his once sculpted owner was now so much bigger.

Looking down as best she could, since her breasts took up most of Anitas view now, she ran her hands over her swollen figure, letting out moans as to how firm she was packed in to her size 8 dress. Her large breasts sat squashed tightly into her tiny b cup bra atop a very round stomach, which lead down to her now hourglass hips and tree trunk sized thighs fighting against each other and her dress for room, her bottom stuck out behind with the dress struggle to cover even the top of each basketball sized cheek.

Rubbing her hands over her pumped up figure got Anita very excited and soon moans were escaping her lips. She needed more. “we need something with more bang for our buck eh mister?” she directed at Gio who jumped down and snaked round his owners legs with a meow before wander over to his bed. Anita waddled with difficulty to her utility cupboard knowing an air compressor lay inside. Being unused to her newly acquired girth and curves coupled with her restraining attire made this quite a challenge however if it would lead to her getting bigger she'd do anything right now.

Soon the compressor was humming away, Anita back in the middle of the room with hose in hand. Giovanni had been awaken by the soft hum of the machine and was back staring at his owner just as a wicked look crossed her face. Anita had come up with a naughty idea of enjoying her growth even more, snaking her hose filled hand between her bloated thighs and pulling her lacy thong away from a wet vagina lips she moaned aloud as the hose slide deep inside her.

Her eyes shot open as she was pumped fuller, her body groaned as did her straining , tortured dress. With a crack the back zip gave out, her breasts burst free of her bra as they ballooned larger and larger. The dress rose higher as her bottom bulged rounder, swallowing her thong completely. With pressure from her beach ball sized stomach and large tube like thighs the dress gave up, tearing from the middle and fallen to her sides. Causing Anita to moan loudly, “ah mmmm yes....yes bigger, I’m huge" She was inflating rapidly now, no longer restrained her body groaned as more air was forced into her now blimp like frame. Her stomach let out a rubbery groan as it pushed out, more rounding and popping the stitches of her thong, Ani groaned and slid her hands over her bulbous stomach.

The pleasure of her inflation had grown too as she was lost in full on pleasure, sweat started to gather on her tanned rubber looking skin, glistening from the rays of the light, her body by this stage had started to swallow up her once lithe arms and her truly thunder thighs had started to merge with her stomach and hips, putting her thong under a lot of strain. With a loud snap and another loud moan from Anita, said thong fly off landing on a startled Giovanni who shook it off and gazed wide eyed at his former trim owner, now a swelling mass of tanned balloon. Moans emitting from her and groans from her body as she truly deserved the title of a balloon.

Her body finally become a sphere with her long hair flowing down her back, breasts shoved up into her face, her groin had made contact with the floor pushing the hose deeper into her very wet and very tight vagina. Her senses were blown apart by pleasure as she oozed onto the carpet, moaning louder and louder, a disgruntled neighbour banged the ceiling from the floor below because of the noise, sent shockwaves through Anitas body only increasing her screams of ecstasy.

While lost in pleasure she remained obviously to just how big she really was, with her head now brushing the 10foot high ceiling, distressed groaning was emitted from her body as it was clearly struggling with storing so much air. Her beach ball breasts had started to sink into the rest of her mass truly creating a sphere. With a soft pop her belly button became an outie and her nipples swelled to the size of corks, sounds of tortured rubber filled the apartment along with Anitas moans and screams lost in orgasm after orgasm, she rolled onto her back causing her stomach to wedge her between the floor and the ceiling. Only increasing the pressure on her creaking body.

Anitas shift in position had broken the trance of pleasure and was greeting by the sounds of her body close to ending, “fuck......urgh I’m, I’m going to pop!” she groaned trying her best to get the hose out of her inflated pussy, moans filled the apartment again but ones of despair and fear, Anita could feel her body straining from the pressure, too much, she was close to the end, she could feel it, gritting her teeth and closing her eyes when......

Nothing, just a hiss of the compressor hose “Huh? I’ve stopped?” Anita was shocked but still scared to move least that be the end of her. With a meow Gio wandered into view nuzzling her face and purring. “Was that You mister? You pulled that hose out you clever lil guy, when mummy deflates you’re getting lots of cuddles my lil man” giggled Anita relieved that she didn’t pop, however her blimp like form was wedged in place and she said when she deflates like she knew she would, she maybe stuck like this, worries for another time she thought turning her head to look at the blazing sunrise, one thing was for sure, it was one way to spend a night.

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Love Your Stuff

Seeing a new post from you feels like Christmas came early this year. Keep doing your thing. XO


Thankyou very kind of you, I

Thankyou very kind of you, I never think my stories are any good. So that means alot, Ill try to keep the hard work consistant

Good kitty

I don't like it when the inflatee pops so I'm glad the cat saved her.

Me neither, good ol' Giovanni

Me neither, good ol' Giovanni huh!