Lindsey's Dessert

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The sun sank into the horizon as Lindsey walked slowly to the local creamery. She had just lost the state track championship, and her face showed it. Her green eyes were baggy and bloodshot, her amber hair was unkempt, and her mouth drooped into a frown. 

She checked her watch. "A quarter till seven," she thought to herself. The creamery would close soon, and she would be damned if she didn't get any ice cream. 
Entering the creamery, she ordered a banana split and sat in a booth. With every bite, her eyelids became heavier and heavier. The ambience of the creamery slowly faded away, her head sinking into the half-eaten banana split.
A loud bang awoke her. She checked her watch again. "Three o'clock?!" She yelled, looking around to see if anybody heard her. 
In a frustrated pace, she approached the exit. The door wouldn't budge.
 She gave up and entered the kitchen for a midnight snack. Glancing to the back of the kitchen, she noticed the freezer door was wide open. Curious, she entered the freezer, in awe of the immense machinery. It was freezing, and in her tank top and bikini, she knew she wouldn't last long in there.
The freezer door suddenly slammed shut. She ran to it, banging her fist on it. "Let me out!" she cried, as she began to shiver.
Still hungry, she gazed at the machinery once more, knowing it contained rich, creamy ice cream. Walking towards one of the machines, she slipped on a cube of ice, falling directly on the activation lever. 
A large pipe came out of one of the side of the machine. Before she could react, the pipe lodged itself snugly into her mouth. Trying to free herself, she struggled to get the pipe out of her mouth, as her lips became stuck to it. 
Her eyes widened as she heard the machine start to churn. Muffled cries for help were drowned out by the machine's deafening noises. Lindsey's heart sank as she felt the pipe vibrate, a warning of her imminent creamy doom.
It was Vanilla. Thousands of gallons of vanilla surging directly into Lindsey's mouth. Her belly billowed out, quickly overtaking her panties. In a matter of seconds, she looked as if she was carrying quadruplets nine months in. Her hips caught up, becoming the size of large tree trunks. She glanced in horror as her butt cheeks swelled outward, testing the limits of her panties. When she clasped them, her fingers were engulfed by the massive globes her ass had become.
Her attention shifted towards her boobs, as her tank top strained, barely able to contain her swollen tits. They rested on her stomach, which was so large it caused her to lean over.
Gulp after gulp, her body fattened more and more. She looked less like a track star and more like a human balloon. Her belly touched the floor, the size of a boulder. 
Her legs slowly lifted off the ground, her stomach rising slowly. Her thighs had inflated and her thigh gap had long disappeared.
"MMMMMPHHH!" She yelped, her body subject to all the vanilla ice cream the machine decided to dispense out. 
Soon, Lindsey had swelled every crevice in the freezer, a large sloshing emitting from her gargantuan midsection. Her butt extended wall to wall, slightly touching the ceiling. Her boobs blocked her field of vision, her face enveloped in her cleavage. 
Morning came, and the manager walked briskly in to the creamery, delighted by the rays of sunshine coming into the place. She went to the freezer, unlocked, and opened the door. What she saw was an overinflated mass of woman, quietly moaning and sloshing. 
"Greedy bitch..." the manager said, locking the freezer door, leaving living Lindsey to her  globe of a body. 
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