Hosing Up

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Mari slipped out the back door of her house, wearing an oversized trench coat. Getting on her bike, she started pedaling down the street. Mari was not very tall, in fact, she measured only 5’1”. Being sixteen years old, she had given up on her stature already. What she lacked in height though, she made up in her curves. Her breasts were a moderate D cup, while her hips flared out two inches. After biking for about two blocks she stopped at her friend’s house. Sneaking herself and her bike into the back yard, Mari stopped to find Sam leaning against the wall next to the backyard door.

“Glad you were able to make it. You bring the clothes I sent you?” Sam questioned.

“Yeah, give me a second to set down my bike first though.”

Setting down her bike, Mari looked at her boyfriend. Sam was of average height, and was thin as spaghetti to her. He was only three days older than her as well. What surprised her most was that he was wearing his favorite T-shirt and a pair of shorts. Taking off her trench coat, Sam could see she was rearing the red bikini he had bought her. Nodding in consent Sam then walked over to her and gave her a kiss right on Mari’s cheek.

“So why am I dressed like this, and why did you call me over?” Mari asked looking worried.

“I’ll tell you in a second, now please close your eyes and don’t look until I say so.”

“Okay I guess.”

Mari closed her eyes, waiting for Sam. After a few seconds, Mari felt him pulling on the back of her bikini bottoms. Blushing, Mari thought about what he might be doing. She gasped suddenly though as she felt a cold metal object being pushed up her butt. Immediately looking back, she saw a hose sticking out, as well as Sam with his arms crossed.

“I thought I told you not to look.”

“Sure, but it’s not every day you have a hose shoved up your butt!”

“Alright, now don’t look, you’ll get the point of all this soon.”

Closing her eyes once again, Mari waited in anticipation. She then heard Sam turn on the faucet. Mari winced as the cold water rushed into her, flowing into her stomach.

‘You can open them now.”

Opening her eyes, Mari placed her hands on her abdomen. She gasped again as she felt her stomach start to push out slightly, and then continue to grow. After a minute she looked like she ate a good meal, and then some. Another minute and she looked one month pregnant.

“How long are you keeping that on?”

“Probably until you fill up.”

“When’s that?”

“Just wait.”

Mari looked back at her stomach and realized she now looked nine months pregnant. Not only that, but she felt her knees wobble from the weight of it.

“Umm, can we stop, my belly’s getting very heavy now.”

“You’re nowhere close to full though.”

Mari’s belly now looked nine months pregnant with twins, and steadily growing. One minute more and Mari’s knees gave out, her belly now growing to the size of triplets. Continuing to grow, her stomach was now distended to where her belly was on the ground. This continued on until her stomach reached 48 inches in diameter. At this point the growing stopped, but water was still rushing inside, even to the point where it started hurting.

Crying on her knees, groaning with pain, Mari begged, “Sam, please turn it off, I can’t take any more!”

“Don’t worry, this is normal, you still have plenty to go, be patient.”

Just as it seemed to Mari that she was going to burst, the pressure alleviated itself and her breasts blossomed forth, obscuring her view. The force pushed Mari off her knees and onto her back. Pinned to the ground, Mari moaned as her breasts continued to grow, her bikini top groaning as it conformed to the larger size, along with her belly as she took on more water.

After a while, Sam turned off the water, as Mari started to feel immense pressure again. Her belly now almost stood over the 11-foot fence, and her breasts were the size of over inflated beach balls. Climbing onto her stomach, Sam looked into her eyes. Giggling at him, Mari continued to slightly moan.

“So, what now?”

“Well, we can do two things, the first is to wait till you have to leave and then try and deflate you.”

“And the other?” Mari asked with a devilish smile on her face.

“We can always try and expand on our current situation.” Sam replied with the exact same smile.

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You lost me at "being sixteen

You lost me at "being sixteen years old." Nope nope nope not here.

I agree. Please keep it 18+

I agree. Please keep it 18+

yeah no pre marital

yeah no pre marital activities were going on tho