A Berry Peculiar Situation

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Beth meandered through the many blueberry groves, lost in their intricacies. The sun was slowly setting, with a orange haze falling over her. She hadn't eaten since breakfast, and the many blueberries surrounding her seemed to be an inviting treat.

"I know the sign at the front of the farm said not to eat them, but they look so delicious..." Beth cusped a bundle of berries in her hand. The prospect of eating them only grew more tempting. In a sudden jerk, she picked the berries. with curiosity, and hunger, she bit into one.

The taste was indescribable. So sweet, a divine nectar which immediately overwhelmed her taste buds. Like a hungry dog, she stuffed the rest into her mouth, entranced by their alluring flavor.

Soon, she found herself grabbing any berry she laid her eyes upon. It was dusk, and the darkness made it difficult to see in front of her. Nonetheless, she went from plant to plant, plucking berries with increasing vigor. Each bite was filled with the most lavish and intoxicating juice. She was oblivious to the blueish spot that was forming on her nose.

Her wanderlust for berries continued through the night, until she had finally found her way back to the farm. A single flicking bulb was the only source of light. Here she realized the mess she had gotten herself into. That blueish spot had spread all across her face, neck, arms, hands, and stomach. Only wearing a black tank top with matching leggings, she was fully able to see the discoloration of her skin.

"What the hell?!" She gazed in confusion on her blue fingertips and arms. She looked down to see her entire torso also radiate this blueish tint. Before she realized it, every inch of her had gone violet.

To hopefully retain secrecy and her dignity, she entered the barn. With the flip of the switch, the inside of the barn was illuminated. There where barrels stacked the ceiling of the barn, and hoses laying about on the floor, dripping a strange, purple liquid.

The gurgling of her stomach caught her attention. It had begun to spill over the top of her leggings. Rubbing it, she stepped foward.

A loud alarm went off, with a red light flashing above her. "Huh?!" Before she could try to escape, the hoses on the ground shot like torpedoes into her mouth and backside. Attempts in pulling them out proved futile. The hoses started to vibrate, as juice surged violently into her.

Any plans the berries had for her were surpassed by the constant flow juice into her body. Her belly and surrounding love handles swelled to the size of a bowling ball. Her butt cheeks fattened, making balance increasingly difficult.

"Mmmmpffhh!" Her whimpers and pleas were useless, as the juice relentlessly thrashed down her throat. Any signs of an athletic, healthy woman vanished. Instead was an inflating, juice-filled, helpless woman at the full mercy of the juice she was being pumped with. Her breasts distended to the size of watermelons. Her outfit was remarkably elastic, containing her growing cleveage and mammoth ass cheeks, which quivered with every gulp.

Under the weight of her buttocks, her legs buckled, sending her to the floor with a thud.  Rhythmically, her globular body swayed side to side, filling with more and more juice. The confines of the barn were soon becoming apparent. Her swelling rear was about the diameter of the barn, squishing between the wooden planks.The walls became smaller, and the room for her to keep expanding begun shrink. Just as the sides of her body touched the side of the barn, the hoses pulled out, returning to their relaxed state. Beth's lips were sealed shut, being overly plump. Her cheeks puffed out, and her head, along with her hands and feet, had been sucked into her spherical mass. The break of dawn was approaching, as streaks of sunlight reflected off her tight, blue skin.

An elderly man walked in. Not the least suprised at what her saw, he whistled while grabbing the hose and scaling the stairs of the barn. They met eye-to-eye, as the old man forcefully shoved the hose back into Beth's plumped up lips. Her went over to a lever, pulling it all the way down to 'maximum overdrive'.

"They never learn..." He mumbled, as a loud explosion and splash echoed throughout the grove.

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First story...feedback much appreciated.

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Pennsylvania Ki...
Pennsylvania Kite Weather's picture
This is a solid first story.

This is a solid first story. The writing itself is pretty clean with details, figurative language, and a balanced vocabulary, though I'd suggest a bit of proofreading here and there for some (very minor) errors.

There's a little bit of an unexplained switch to the processes, like... The transformation from the berries doesn't have a lot of time to 'set in' before the hose inflation takes over (though credit is due for craftily establishing this as the "main" method - where we really see the most growth). It's not that it needs to be explained why this farm has an endless volume of its own juice and that it goes into self-defense when an intruder comes in, it's that, like you wrote, "any plans the berries had for her" is overridden. So are our expectations, by extension. Was the berry-picking part just a clever way to move Beth along and into the shed to hide herself? If so, that's good planning, but readers might need either: a.) ample time to appreciate the transformation beforehand, or b.) a clearer sense that this was your plan.

The farm owner stepping in within the last two paragraphs was a good idea, but the story suddenly went 'maximum overdrive' on pacing as well, I'd say. Lever is pulled, old man teleports outside to (safely) hear the bang from a distance -- it's missing what most readers would expect is a final, perhaps ramping-up of the action; nothing shows how Beth feels or what is happening to her or to the barn she's already crammed inside. Between those two sentences I referenced - and I know it's understandably hard to write up a lot more than anticipated because a conclusion's in sight - a little extra can fit in there for continuity's sake. Overall, what's already here is built from what makes good blueberry stories, and it's hard to knock it on anything else.

Liz Meadows (not verified)
Thanks for the feedback! I

Thanks for the feedback! I find it hard to pace my stories correctly, even to the point where i sacrifice crucial details. It's good to know what needs improvement. 

This is honestly a pretty

This is honestly a pretty good story, especially considering it's your first. That said, I would like to refrain from seeing the words Maximum Overdrive in a story. It's both a bit of a cop-out, especially at the ending, and it reminds me a bit too much of Plankton shifting into Maximum Overdrive.

It's still a great story though.

Or just ignore me, that's fine.

Liz Meadows (not verified)