New Limits

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She’d been inflating herself for years. Since November of her sophomore year in high school, to be exact. Emma could remember the first time she came across the fetish online. Seeing all those girls with their beautiful, swollen bellies had gotten her curious, and she’d decided to try it out. And once she was filled up with air, nice and big, she knew this was all that she wanted.

But she was never satisfied. She always wanted to get bigger, rounder, lighter… She tried everything she could, but nothing was enough. She looked at massive blimps in the sky and wished that she could be even bigger than them. A pregnant-looking belly wasn’t nearly enough for her.

Emma was in her late twenties now, and she inflated herself nearly every day. She had all the equipment. Sometimes, she’d inflate herself with water or soda, and she even liked to stuff herself occasionally. She dreamed of being an enormous balloon, floating through the air, happy and round.

Most people who knew Emma would have assumed she just liked to eat, from her constantly round belly. But the truth was, Emma was quite a skinny girl when she wasn’t full of air. She just made sure that she was almost always inflated. The only person who knew of her dream and obsession was her closest friend, Ashley. Emma had told her back when they were in high school. At first, Ashley had found it a little strange, but she’d gotten used to Emma’s daily stories about how big she was managing to get. Lately though, she’d been getting concerned with just how obsessed Emma was. Inflating herself seemed to be the only thing on Emma’s mind. Ashley sometimes wondered if all the air Emma had been filled with over the years had gone to her head. It was quite possible.

Regardless, Emma continued to pump herself up. She was smart enough to not overdo it, but she made sure to go right up to her limit. Emma had recently been looking to take inflation to the next level, and this meant making some adjustments to herself. She was far from a scientist, but she had been trying to find one who would be willing to do some “unconventional treatments” on her. And today was the day she found one.

After a nice day of selecting maternity clothes at the mall, Emma returned home. She checked her mailbox, and was surprised to find a letter addressed to her among the many bills and flyers.

Dr. Carter had recently retired, but he was a brilliant doctor with decades of experience. He didn’t have an office anymore, but he had the right tools, and when he got Emma’s letter and saw the amount of money she was willing to pay him for her procedure, he immediately wrote her back to accept the job.

She was thrilled. Emma called him to set up an appointment, and then sat down, filled with excitement. Her mind was racing, and she was imagining just how big she would soon be able to grow.

Two days later, Emma drove to Dr. Carter. She cheerfully knocked on his door, and he invited her in.

“If you’ll just have a seat there, I’ll start soon.” The doctor pointed towards a reclined armchair, his eyes focused on his notes. Emma sat down, leaned back, and smiled. A few minutes later, the doctor spoke again.

“Alright. I think I’ll be able to do this for you. You’ll have to be unconscious, so let me give you this first. Ready?” Emma nodded. Dr. Carter placed a breathing mask over Emma’s mouth, and her eyes slowly closed. He took a quick glance at his notes, and began his work on her.

In her letter to him, she had explained everything. Dr. Carter was supposed to make her the perfect inflatee. Extra stretchy skin, a high tolerance for different gases and liquids in her system, everything. And while it was certainly an unusual request, she had offered him most of what she had saved up, which was very appealing to him. Dr. Carter worked tirelessly until he had succeeded in his goal. The anesthetic was just beginning to wear off, and Emma was starting to wake up. The doctor took a seat beside her, and waited.

“How are you feeling?”

Emma blinked a few times, and looked around. “Um… I’m okay. I don’t feel much different.”

“Well, you are. You’re basically an uninflated human balloon now.” Dr. Carter placed his hands on his lap.

“Oh! That’s good…” Emma smiled. She started to imagine all the fun she was going to have tonight.

“You’ve still got to be careful, but your limits are huge now. You’ll be able to float, you’ll be able to get yourself as big as a room… But I don’t want you floating away or popping.”

“I’ll be careful, I promise.” Emma stood up from the chair. “I’m just so excited to test all this out now!”

Dr. Carter laughed. “Have fun.”

Emma reached into her purse and pulled out an envelope filled with cash. She handed it to the doctor, who thanked her.

“Bye!” She left, and drove home as quickly as she could. The second she got back, she went straight for her inflation equipment.

Emma was having trouble deciding what to do first. She knew she had plenty of time though, so she settled on a water inflation. She’d always fantasized about lying in the bathtub, her mouth under the tap, gulping up the water as she grew larger and larger. And now she could do it.

She stripped, and got into the tub. Emma slowly lowered herself into the right position. She looked up to the faucet and smiled. She reached up, and turned it on. Instantly, her mouth was filled. Just as she swallowed, her mouth was full again. It took her a few moments to get into the rhythm of it, but she was soon filling up with water. It took a minute or so before she saw her belly looking pregnant and swollen. Usually, she’d have felt the fullness long before this point, but she felt completely fine now. She happily continued to drink.

The water started to spread around her body, and she was filling up all over. Her butt was growing, causing her to raise up. Her arms and legs were getting noticeably wider, and she was feeling heavier by the second. She felt her arms squeeze against the sides of the tub, and that was when she realized her problem.

Unfortunately, Emma tended to lack foresight and get carried away when it came to inflating. And now that her limits were so huge, this would become a problem. Emma was swelling up to a very large size, and this caused her to get stuck. She closed her mouth, but the water just splashed against her face, and she knew she couldn’t keep it closed forever. She opened it again, and was forced to continue gulping down the water. Her body was now filling up every corner of the tub, and she could barely move. She knew she was nowhere near her limit, but she was definitely too big for the bath. Although she loved being this full, she realized that she had to get this water out of her. And so she did. She closed her eyes, feeling euphoric.

She stopped once she had reached a slightly smaller size, and she managed to slide herself up into a sitting position. Her huge belly completely covered her lap, and her legs had grown incredibly plump. She attempted to lift her arms up to rub her belly, and felt just how heavy they’d gotten. She couldn’t believe just how much water was inside of her. She really felt like a water balloon.

Emma shifted her weight, and began to jiggle uncontrollably. She giggled. This was the best day ever, and it was only going to get better from here. Emma happily played with herself in the tub until she got bored. She let the water come out of her, and stood up again.

Emma was feeling like doing an air inflation now, but with her enhanced body, she wanted to take it a step further. Like most inflatees, she had always dreamed of floating. She owned several tanks of helium, and she was always fantasizing about being able to use them. Tonight, she finally could.

She didn’t want to end up nearly helpless like before though, so she called Ashley over to help her. Ashley arrived fifteen minutes later to find Emma standing next to a row of large helium tanks, dressed in a purple latex bodysuit.

“What the…?” Ashley knew how much her friend was into inflating, but this was a lot, even for her.

“I got my body fixed! So I can finally do all these huge inflations I’ve always talked about!” Emma was smiling from ear to ear.

“Are you serious? You’re going to blow yourself up into an actual balloon now?”

“Well, I’ll need your help. But yes.” Emma pointed to the tanks. “This should be more than enough to get me huge and floating.”

“I don’t know about this… It’s dangerous, and I don’t want you to pop.” Ashley looked down at the ground.

“I’ll be fine! My limits are massive now. You should have seen how much water I had in me before.” Emma stuck a nozzle connected to a helium tank into her mouth, and pointed to the tank. “Mmph!”

Ashley was hesitant, but she walked over to the tank and flicked it on. Emma closed her eyes, and she immediately begin to inflate. Ashley watched as her belly pushed forward. She could hear the latex stretching as the air began to fill up her butt, her legs, her arms… Even Emma’s face was starting to swell.

Once Emma’s body had nearly rounded out, Ashley noticed her feet starting to raise up off the ground. “Em, you’re… You’re actually starting to float.” Emma was enjoying herself too much to respond, and she had the nozzle in her mouth. Emma began to float higher. Ashley wasn’t sure what to do, but she knew that Emma didn’t have much more room to grow inside.

She pushed Emma’s incredibly light body towards the back door. There wasn’t much time before Emma would get too big to fit through, and so Ashley grabbed her ankles and pushed. She would worry about tying her down once she was outside. Still holding on to Emma’s ankles, she rolled the helium tanks outside with her, and took a deep breath. Emma had barely seemed to notice what was happening to her or attempt to resist going outside, but then again, she was helpless in this state. Ashley watched as her body swelled up bigger by the second. The latex was starting to rip.

A minute later, Emma was naked, enormous, and floating. Ashley was starting to have a hard time holding on to her. She was getting pulled onto her tiptoes by Emma floating above her. Ashley looked around for something to tie Emma down with, but knew that she couldn’t let go of her. She was beginning to panic, as she felt herself starting to hover.

“Emma!” She yelled up to the giant balloon. If Emma had heard her, she didn’t care. Ashley was in serious trouble now, and she was being pulled across the backyard. She was thankful that it wasn’t a very windy day.

With all her strength, Ashley managed to reach the helium tank to turn it off. Emma noticed that. She spit the nozzle out of her mouth.

“Turn it back on!” she called down. Emma deflated a bit as she spoke, and immediately closed her mouth, not wanting to lose any of her size.

“We’re both going to float away! You need to deflate yourself a bit!” Ashley was sweating, doing everything she could to keep Emma and herself from rising up higher.

The air had obviously affected Emma’s mind, much more than it normally did. All she knew was how good it felt to be this huge and inflated, and how much bigger she wanted to get. And so she kept her mouth shut.

Ashley was getting tempted to let her stubborn friend float away, but she wasn’t that type of person. “Em! Seriously, you’ve got to get a bit smaller!” She wanted to grab onto something, but she knew she needed both arms to keep Emma from floating into the sky.

Emma knew that she wasn’t going to get bigger unless she did what Ashley said, and so she opened her mouth. Air rushed out of her, and she slowly floated down. Once Ashley could reach a rope lying by the side of the house, Emma closed her mouth again. Ashley tied the rope to Emma’s ankle, making sure it was tight. She walked to the tank and turned it on again.

Emma smiled as she began to rise up again and grow bigger. Soon, she had surpassed her previous size, and was continuing to expand. The rope had been extended to it’s full length, preventing Emma from floating any higher, but she continued to grow. Ashley watched in awe.

By the time the helium tanks ran out, Emma was massive. Ashley looked up and could barely see anything besides Emma’s enormous butt, with her tiny feet sticking out. It was late at night, but the few people who were still up would have been shocked to see a huge balloon covering the neighborhood, with a barely visible head poking out from the top.

Emma spit out the nozzle again, realizing that the helium tanks were empty, but still wanting to grow. “More!” She quickly closed her mouth.

Ashley was getting fed up with her friend. She had been getting increasingly annoyed over the years by just how much Emma had been consumed by her inflation fantasies. And now that they were a reality, she still wasn’t satisfied? Ashley had enough.

Leaving the gigantic balloon floating happily, Ashley went back inside.

“So she wants to get huge? She wants to be a balloon? I hope she knows what eventually happens to balloons…” she thought to herself. She got out the rest of Emma’s air tanks, and brought them up to the second floor. Ashley went out onto the balcony, where she was closer to Emma. She rolled the tanks out with her.

Emma saw them, and smiled. She opened her mouth to allow Ashley to put the nozzle in. “Mmpph!” she said, happily.

Ashley flicked the tanks on, and Emma began to swell up again. Her body was enormous, but as Dr. Carter had reminded her, it still had a limit. And once the tanks were nearly empty, Emma was nearing this limit.

Ashley heard Emma’s skin tighten. It couldn’t stretch anymore, but it was still being filled up. For a moment, Ashley felt bad, and was about to switch the tanks off, just before Emma popped. But she looked into Emma’s bulging eyes, and realized it was too late. The humongous balloon girl tried to open her mouth, but she was too big.

Ashley covered her ears and closed her eyes.

A few seconds passed, but all Ashley heard was the hissing from the air tanks stop. She looked at Emma, so huge that she was blocking out Ashley’s view of anything else. Ashley sat down on the balcony. Emma was beyond helpless, too big to even deflate herself. Ashley had no idea what was going on in the balloon’s mind, but she hoped it was too empty to realize what had happened, and what Ashley would have to do. She went downstairs and got a pair of scissors. She knew she wouldn’t have the strength to pop Emma, but she couldn’t leave her like this. And so she walked outside, stood next to the rope, and cut it. Emma floated up higher and higher until she was a tiny dot in the sky.

Ashley went back inside. She saw a small pump on the table. “I’ve got to try this. If it really feels good enough that Emma wanted to end up like that, I’ve got to give it a chance.” she thought to herself.

She placed the nozzle in her mouth, and began to pump. Soon, she was walking around with a large, swollen belly. She couldn’t believe what she’d been missing out on. Patting her belly, she noticed a letter sticking out from Emma’s pile of mail. There was a phone number on it.

Author's Note: 

My second story. Hope you enjoy this one as well, feel free to leave a comment if you've got any critiques or things you'd have liked to seen happen. Thanks for reading.

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Great story, very descriptive

Great story, very descriptive and paints a vivid picture. Love the background and character developement. My critque is the story followed Emma's perspective right until the moment when it was needed the most and felt let down by not getting to hear her thoughts and feeling as she was completely full and just about to burst. Even her experience of floating away and popping would have been great. Maybe a part 2 or revisit to add that part. There was also a lack of describing the actual inflation, which body parts inflated first, how big, comparable things in size, stuff of that nature would also be a great addition. I'll look forward to your next story. 

Fair points, I'll definitely

Fair points, I'll definitely keep them in mind for the next one. Thanks for the response

doubleintegral's picture
I would echo the above

I would echo the above critique, but I would also add that Ashley's attitude toward Emma seems to turn on a dime.  She went from helping Emma, being "not the kind of person" that would let her friend float away, and desperately doing everything she could to avoid such a result, to actively causing that result just a few sentences later.  "...she couldn't leave [Emma] like this."  Why not?  Given the way Emma reacted to her new capacity, she probably would have enjoyed being the way she was for as long as she could.

I've said before that characters, and their actions and motivations, are probably the most important things in a story.  This just kind of seemed like a cheap fate for Emma, and (to tie into garyhowie's comments) we don't even get the payoff of knowing the emotions and physical sensations that she felt as she floated away.  Nor do we know what happened to her; we can assume she bursts, but again, we're kind of robbed of that experience as well.

I don't want to make this sound too harsh, though.  Every inflation writer has had their early characters make some pretty questionable leaps like that.  It's almost a rite of passage, and it's a pothole that gets easier to avoid with experience.  The story's technical bits (grammar, spelling, paragraph structure) are unassailable, the storytelling was many levels beyond competent, it didn't fall back on the trope of cheap sexual arousal, and despite the flaws mentioned I still enjoyed it.  I'm also always happy to see stories that feature truly massive inflation (was she really "covering the neighborhood"?  If so, awesome!), especially those that feature a willing inflatee who is never satisfied with how big she is.  I hope you keep writing!

Thanks for a detailed and

Thanks for a detailed and honest response! I definitely agree about my ending being a little flawed, I'll have to work on that with my future stories. I didn't have an ending in mind when I started to write it, so it was far from perfect once I finished. Just wanted to get a story out there and see the reactions. Glad you still enjoyed it though!