Center of Attention 5

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"So what is it that you find... interesting about it?"

She turned away from her apartment window. "About what?"

"You know," he continued. "Being big."

"Oh." A faint smile crossed her face. "Well.  I guess it's about being larger than life, in every sense of the word.  Just being a figure of awe that's impossible to ignore."

"Even if you can't move?"

"Yeah.  Doesn't stop people from realizing that it's me that's blocking all that traffic."

He nodded silently.

"You're the same way, aren't you?"

"I..." He shrugged sheepishly. "Kind of, yeah."

"But there's more of a..." She gesticulated with a light shake of her head. "I don't want to say 'humiliation,' but you seem to enjoy being toyed with and shown off in public."

"To be fair," he replied, blushing, "I didn't know I was into that until it happened."

"Into what part?"

"All of it, really.  I should return the favor."

"I should let you."

He arched an eyebrow before scanning the room - it was certainly large enough for certain topical activities - eventually turning around and spotting a length of hose coiled up on top of a table.  Walking over he picked it up, striding back towards her before plugging it into her navel.  It fit securely, which was strange, though not too terribly, all things considered.

As he took a few steps back she fidgeted with the end. "You don't know how to blow people up like this, do you?"

"It can't be that hard." He held up the end of the hose. "I put air into this part and it makes you big, right?"

"Yes, but there's a trick to it, otherwise it goes wherever."

He glanced down at the hose, then at her before smiling.  Parting his lips he took a deep breath, his belly pushing his shirt up as it bulged out, rising up before swelling outward off his frame.  His view of her was gradually eclipsed by his growing gut, the bottom of it touching the floor just as it completely obscured his view.  Then, putting the hose to his lips, he blew as hard as he could.

Her eyes went wide as her hands went to her backside.  It quickly rounded out, doubling, then tripling the width of her hips.  Her jeans stretched to contain the inflating spheres of her butt as they surged outward, waistline sliding down slightly as it exposed two curves of flesh.  By the time it stopped growing the sides were beyond the reach of her hands, nearly touching the ground as they wobbled before coming to rest.

He looked her over. "...oh."

"Yeah, this happens." She leaned back, taking a seat on the floor, her legs barely bending in the process.  The phrase "bubble butt" came to his mind, though usually it wasn't quite this literal. "Want me to teach you?"

In response he sucked down another huge breath, growing to the same size again before blowing.  She brought her arms outward just as the palms of her hands rounded out and swelled to the size of basketballs, fingers assuming a conical shape with a series of pops before they continued to inflate as one. "Oh, come on!" she laughed.  She took a slow swing at him with one hand as it swelled, air buffeting against it as its length from fingertips to wrist nearly matched her height.

He took a breath - a normal breath. "At least I won't have to worry about you pulling the hose out and blowing into it to blow -me- up anymore."

"I won't lie," she said, making a slow gesture. "I was going to do that." She rested the curved palm of one hand on her backside, tapping the stiff fingers of her other on the floor.

"What's that like, anyway?"

"Everything feels small but looks normal.  It's a little weird."

Approaching her, he took one of her fingers in both hands.  It had the firmness of a well-inflated balloon but with a bit of give, and the skin was quite a bit smoother.  Either that or she took good care of her hands. "Can you move your fingers?" After he said that he felt it wobble back and forth a few inches.

"A little.  So, you gonna keep at it?" She grinned. "You could get inflated knees..."

"I'll pass." A beat. "Knees?"

"You wouldn't believe me even if I told you."

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