Green Goes Blue

One of my OC Green's *ahem* customers spiked her drink with some kind of magical blueberry serum in order to get out of paying for her "services." By the time they had had their drinks, were done in his car, and it was time for him to give her the money, she was already blue. Before she could even begin to inflate though, everyone in the streets was panicking and evacuating, having mistaken her blue color as an indication of being poisonous to the touch, allowing the john to get away in all the chaos. Now she's filling up with blueberry juice with nobody around to help her get to the nearest juicing clinic. Well, I guess that's just what happens when you don't make your clients pay up front.

Green Goes Blue
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Oh no!

She looks cute but I'd want to be the person to try and help! I want to try squeezing her!