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I looked up at the blue expanse above me, barren of clouds and silent. Not a single breeze floated through the meadow as I stood there, naked as the day I was born. It had taken three hours to drive out here, to this spot far beyond civilization. I had ditched the dirtbike some miles back, I wouldn't be needing it for the trip home if everything went right. Other people might say what I was doing was dangerous, that I should turn back now, but hey. What's life without a little risk after all? I knew what I was about to do, and I knew how I was going to do it. That was all the assurance I needed.

I took a deep breath and began to focus. I tried to picture the hottest things I could in my mind: that cutie on the afternoon bus, Sarah in her underwear, Justin in his underwear, me engaging in a threeway with them, a single red balloon. Ah there we go. As soon as I saw the balloon, it's skin taut with gas that filled its form, wobbling in the breezes that shook it, that's when it started. I felt my body get warm as I bit my lip and let out a small gasp. The first pangs of arousal began to take form, and with them came it.

I read somewhere about it before. They called it a virus, something that infects you and ruins your life, hijacking your body on a cellular level. I knew better than to buy that silly crap of course. It wasn't a parasite, it was a part of me, something that completed me. It would transform me into something greater, something sexier. And already it was starting. I heard it, a hiss that came from nowhere but inside me, the only clue that helium had begun to spread inside me. I could feel it flowing around my body, pressurizing my skin, trying to push out. I reached a hand down to my nethers and was rewarded with a moan and louder hiss. Soon the helium had finished the first stage and now sought to improve me, to balloon me.

My breasts, nothing home to write about on their own, inflated out, twin balloons of pleasure. My other hand reached to caress their growing expanse. They inflated rapidly as lust and arousal overtook me completely. Soon they covered my torso, their tops rising to my chin as I felt the same process begin in my curves below. My ass, thighs, and calves inflated to match my upper body, making me resemble a sexdoll with far to much air in it. I felt the air grow thick as my arousal ballooned me further, my desire given form by the helium that pulled me up from within. I kept teasing my body, rubbing the skin of my breasts, caressing my clit, doing everything I could to keep getting bigger. I rose to my tip-toes, feet skating on the soft grass beneath me as I grew more.

Soon, my endeavors paid off. I felt my legs pull straight as my feet left the ground, the muscles in my body searching for a surface to stand on. My breasts repelled off my chest, their enormous curvature inflated beyond the reach of my arms. I stopped my caressing and let my body go limp, marveling in the feeling of buoyancy. I was a balloon now, lighter than the very air itself. The sky above called to me, inviting me into its vast expanse. I had no choice but to obey as my curves answered the call. I looked down to watch the ground slowly fall away, the treetops around the meadow passing eye level before they became just another object sticking out from the landscape. I still rose higher, the earth becoming more and more distant until finally, I felt myself level off. I saw the dirt road leading back to civilization, the skyline of the city sprawling upwards. I saw the birds, flying below me, the only living things I could see from my lofty perch in the air. I drifted with my inflated body, a tribute to female sexuality set adrift by her own inflated breasts and butt. I was above the world without any cares, enlightened by the gas within me. I couldn't help but find it all to be incredibly erotic, helplessly floating around, suspended by my own body, feeling the pressure of helium pushing against me from inside. I felt myself become warm once more with arousal, my hand again reaching to stroke myself.

With a hiss and a squeak like rubber, I began to float higher into the sky.

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Some people take having a disease that makes arousal fill you with helium quite lightly.
This was based on a TDB file from heliumgirl77. More details are in the deviantart description of this story.

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