Size Queen

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While Dani DeGrassi had her start in the family business, there was no denying that she went far beyond anyone's expectations. Scant years after graduating with two degrees, she was the owner of several businesses, one international, and involved in a variety of foundations dedicated to the arts and sciences. She had a singular presence which tended to leave a deep impression on everyone she met; most people described her as "unique." Others, with a better grasp of language, more correctly described her as "deeply eccentric."

Dani openly described herself as a "size queen," which was generally taken to mean one specific thing. When she was approached in public by an aspiring suitor who bragged of having nearly twelve inches, she laughed, going on to elaborate that it wasn't quite what she meant: It wasn't a matter of liking them big, but liking them -big-. More specifically, bigger than her, and she immediately took steps to demonstrate.

In an act that cemented her status as an eccentric, Dani took in a deep breath, far deeper than should have been possible, and the front of her dress simply swelled outward, fabric pulled taut across the bubble of her belly. Another breath and she grew further, double the width of her hips as her breasts pressed against the top of it and the sides of each other in the confines of her clothes. This, she explained, was what she meant by being a size queen. Anyone who couldn't be bigger than her wasn't worth her consideration.

Despite the looks they were drawing and the utter ridiculous of the situation and demand being placed on him, the suitor found Dani's hand too tempting a prize. So, he tried to breathe in as much and as hard as he could. Dani watched, bemused, as he struggled, not sure of what exactly to do or how to do it until finally happened, the buttons on his shirt popping as his pecs and gut puffed up suddenly. He grew slowly, in fits, going red in the face as he huffed and puffed, belly quickly becoming tight and straining with a tinge of red covering it. He was barely even half her size before he wobbled on his feet, and it was only through the quick reflexes of two other gentlemen that he didn't pass out on the floor. Dani merely laughed, returning to her conversation in her inflated state without a second thought.

The next several weeks brought with them a gradual escalation, both in the scale of challengers as well as her entourage's sense of how badly they were underestimating Dani. A morning jog brought her before a man whose gut hung over his belt like an exercise ball with a popped-out navel; in response she blew herself up even larger on the spot, spandex stretching over jiggling breasts and a bouncing backside, waiting but a moment for his response and, getting none, continuing on her way despite her view being partially blocked by her own gut and chest and her jog being more of a wide-armed skip from her notably thicker arms and legs. A visitor at a charity luncheon waddled in, fitting through the double doors as narrowly as his clothes fit him; Dani took it one step further, inflating in all directions to meet him, then surpass him as her limbs spread and widened, smoothing out and growing so round that they were half-pulled into the form-dominating curves of her torso. A visit to her favorite fashion designer resulted in one of the staff proving he could be as wide as he was tall, if not more so; Dani immediately proved that she could touch the ceiling with her head, only deflating later on when her personal assistant reminded her that it was time to leave and the doors were far too small, and in any case her arms were getting tired from rolling Dani around.

Things quieted down for a week or two after that. Dani proved to be intimidating and perhaps insurmountable in both her size and her demands, much to the relief of the guests at one of her evening parties-slash-meet and greets, at least a few of whom weren't looking forward to another impromptu contest. Thus, none of them really thought much when she was approached by a short, mousy-looking young woman with round-rimmed glasses, wearing a one-piece dress and pantyhose, who visibly needed to build up the courage to speak with her. "Miss DeGrassi?"

Dani turned, eyeing her expectantly.

"My name is Tamela, I'm a big fan of yours and I... I!" She wrung her hands together for a moment before blurting out, "please let me be your girlfriend!"

"If you want to be with me," Dani said with a smile, "then you do know what that means, right?"

Tamela slowly nodded, looking to either side at the people watching her. She shuffled back a step, taking a few experimental huffs before heaving in a deep breath, stopping with a squeak of surprise when her stomach dramatically billowed outward and her chest jumped several cups. She gave her midsection a gentle prod in disbelief, not really expecting that it would work, let alone so easily. Suddenly she heard a sharp intake of breath and looked up to see Dani, still smiling and now quite gravid, looking a good deal larger than her.

A second poke to her stomach revealed a great deal of give, and Tamela was comfortable enough with this knowledge to continue. She breathed in and out a few times, trying to reproduce what happened when she all but tripped over it, swelling again. Keeping up the momentum she pulled in air, her vision rising higher as more of her view below her was taken up by her breasts and belly. The straps on her shoulders and pantyhose grew tight as her arms and legs flared out, balled-up fists resting against her sides. When she stopped she could only see her upper half, looking fat but for the weightlessness and lack of rolls. On top of that she had gained a few inches, now nearly eye-to-eye with Dani; it was short lived as, huffing and puffing again, Dani blew up in kind, the curve of her belly merging with her growing hips and ass to create a figure that politely be called "apple-shaped" and more appropriately absurdly round. When she stopped she stood a full foot taller than Tamela, and her sausage-like arms were half bent, resting on her front as she looked at the young woman expectantly.

Growing larger came easier to Tamela, inhaling deeply without exhaling. Her scale and proportions were thrown more into contrast as she bulged out in all directions, her limbs filling and sapping her range of motion until they became wide cones, their shape soon turning to domes as her shins and forearms swelled up around her ankles and wrists. Her dress, meanwhile, was doing a fantastic job of staying in one piece, accentuating the curves of her backside that she now rested upon as well as the wide, shallow domes of her breasts which protruded in front of her. Around her people fell away as she grew, watching them disappear out of view on either side as her horizon rose up and her head began to sink into her swollen neck. She let out a quiet burp as her forced growth came to a halt, double the height of the other party-goers.

Dani nodded, pleased, before taking in air, growing with such force that her limbs stuck out straight. Her underside swelled, bumping against the ground and launching her into the air several feet, giving both Tamela and the party-goers a clear view as she transformed herself into a large-breasted blimp. Gently floating back down, she bounced several times before coming to rest, blowing a stray strand of hair out of her face. She couldn't see Tamela, but it was clear to others that she was a yard or two larger than her.

Tamela stared. "No way..."

"I haven't had to get this big to outdo a courter in a while," Dani said. "I'm really quite impressed, but but I'm afraid that-"

She was interrupted by the sound of a deep, heaving breath, and Tamela's head - and the rest of her body - surged up into view. Her brow was furrowed in deep concentration, and there was another loud whooshing of air as her cheeks swelled in time with the rest of her, surging up and out with a loud creak. Her figure grew violently and in pulses, feet at a time; Tamela's lower hemisphere, covered by pantyhose stretched so thin her black panties were visible beneath, shot out towards Dani's front, bouncing her away with a loud "bwong." She let out a long cry of panic, bounding and rolling back through a table of drinks, deflecting off an ice sculpture, and finally coming to rest in the pool, thankfully face-up. As she watched Tamela take up more of the nighttime sky over her mansion, she wondered if she finally hadn't met her match.


It took a while for Tamela to calm down after she had stopped inflating. It was partly out of fear that she had gotten so big, and partly a deep desire to impress. But Dani DeGrassi was such a beautiful and intelligent woman, and normally so far above a simple office worker like her, that the thought of having to quit - or have her turn her down - after finally working up the courage to approach her like this made her chest ache. Though her chest being larger by scale probably made it a little worse.

The tension was almost unbearable as she waited for Dani's response, expecting her to effortlessly outgrow her again. After several minutes none came, though there was a faint tugging against her underwear, then her dress. It almost felt as if something was climbing her; a few moments later this was confirmed, as Dani came into view, scaling the cloth between Tamela's breasts. As her curvature grew less steep Dani rose to her feet, walking across the soft surface of Tamela's skin, unshod feet feeling positively tiny against her.

Falling to her knees in front of Tamela's head, Dani let out a weary sigh. "Well. Do you know how big you are?"

Tamela shook her head. "Not really. Is everyone down there alright?"

"Oh, absolutely." She leaned to one side, then the other, swinging her legs out as she sat on her backside. "A little shaken up, but they're fine. You know, you're the biggest I've seen."

"Is it enough? I feel like I could get bigger if you'd like, Miss DeGrassi."

Something in Dani's eyes lit up at the word "bigger," and she pushed herself forward. "Maybe later," she replied. Her thighs were on either side of Tamela's head; twirling a lock of her hair around her finger she added, "and please, call me Dani."

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