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Jessica sat behind her desk as she got ready to work and let go of a long sigh. Another day of same old, same old. I think I really need to make some changes in my life she thought. I just can’t see myself doing this much longer, just to climb the corporate ladder. With that thought she logged on to her computer and pulled up her e-mails for the day.

She went through her inbox, glancing at most and deleting them, and reading the ones she had to. She saw one from her friend Cindy with the subject line: I’m Back !!! and smiled, as Cindy had been away for almost 3 months, so she was looking forward to meeting up with her and hearing all about it. She answered the e-mail, and then sent Cindy a text message besides. Before long they had arranged to get together that evening at a quiet spot they both liked.

The evening found her arriving at the restaurant anticipating a glass of wine and some good conversation with her friend after her having been away for over two months. She headed for the quieter side of the restaurant where they usually got a table, and stopped short as she saw Cindy. The view from Jessica’s perspective was oblique from the side, and it appeared that Cindy had put on some serious weight. She had always had a nice curvy figure, but now she appeared to have become quite a bit larger.  Looks like we are going to have some interesting conversation thought Jessica, as she approached the table where her now rather fat friend sat.

Cindy greeted her with a warm hug and kiss on the cheek, and Jessica sat down across from her. They placed orders for wine, and Cindy smiled at her friend.

“It’s certainly great to see you again after being away for so long. So how have things been with you while I have been gone? You were saying you were bored to death with your job, and wanted to make some changes before I left. So, made any changes?” asked Cindy.

Jessica smiled ruefully. “No, still stuck in my same rut, but it is seeming like the time is coming for me to make a move and do something that will make life more interesting. The last couple of guys I dated turned out to be bad fits for me, but I am trying to be optimistic.”

“That’s a good attitude to have. Here’s to optimism and positive changes!” Cindy raised her wine glass, and Jessica clinked her glass with Cindy’s and they sipped their wine.

“Well it does look like you must have had an interesting and enjoyable time away,” Jessica observed eyeing Cindy up and down.

Cindy laughed as she took another sip of wine. “Oh, go ahead and say it: I have gotten fat! And, you are quite right in that my time getting this way was both interesting and enjoyable. In fact I very much like my new body. Who knows? I might get even bigger.” she finished with a big smile.

The look of surprise must have been obvious on Jessica’s face, as Cindy laughed again. “Does that seem unusual to you?”

“Well yes, it does seem quite unusual,” responded Jessica slowly. “It seems like it would be contrary to the healthy lifestyle you always seemed to believe in.”

Cindy smiled as she sipped more wine. “I know it may be hard to believe right now, but in some ways I am healthier now than I have been in my life. We have a lot to talk about, and maybe I can offer you a means to relieve some of the boredom and dullness you are feeling bummed out about lately.”

“So then, tell me all about it. You have aroused my interest. If all I have to do to get out of my rut is to get fat, I think there must be a bit more to it. God knows going crazy with the kinds of food I like would certainly make me fat in short order,  but I want to hear about what has been up with you, since you do look healthy, and you appear very happy too, so tell me what has been up with you?”

Cindy looked around to see that the area in the restaurant was filling up.

“Not here,” she answered. “Lets go back to my place and open a bottle of wine there. We can talk all night and not have to raise our voices to be heard.”

With that they left the restaurant and Jessica followed Cindy home.

Sitting on one of the couches in Cindy’s living room, Jessica watched Cindy as she got glasses for them and opened a bottle of wine. It had been almost a full 3 months since they had seen each other last, and Jessica could not imagine how Cindy had gotten so fat in that time. As Cindy turned her back to her she couldn’t believe how big her ass was. She must be wearing a size 22, Jessica thought as her friend came over to sit on the couch opposite her, and poured them both wine.

“So, what all has been happening since we saw each other last?” Jessica asked.

“I’ve become a balloon,” replied Cindy very matter of factly.

Jessica laughed. “You certainly have ballooned up. What did you do, go on a 10 week long foodie cruise?”

Cindy smiled. “I know explaining myself here is going to take some time, and probably the best way to make you understand is going to be to show you the changes that have happened with me, and that I really am what I am telling you.”

With that Cindy took another sip of wine, and stood up unbuttoning the full loose blouse she was wearing. As she let it fall to the couch Jessica could see her full round belly straining against the waistband of her pants, and her now very large tits straining against her bra. Jessica had always had bigger breasts than Cindy, but not anymore. Her DD’s looked like a teenage girl compared to Cindy now.

“They are a size HH, in case you were wondering,” said Cindy with a smirk. “Would you mind unhooking it? They have gotten so big tonight that it is hard for me to do it myself.”

Gotten so big tonight? Jessica’s confused thought passed through her mind as she reached out and, with some effort unhooked the massive bra Cindy was wearing. Cindy sighed with relief as she let the bra slide off her arms onto the couch, and then turned to face Jessica who could not help staring. Her huge boobs stuck straight out from her chest, and bounced side to side against each other, but seemed to defy gravity as they didn’t sag at all.

“So, what do you think so far?” asked Cindy with a smile.

“I am not sure what to think yet,” replied Jessica. “I can’t imagine how you managed to put on so much weight so fast. You have to close to twice the size you were when I saw you last.”

“OK, that is partly true,” Cindy responded. “I am actually more that twice my former size, but I didn’t do it by gaining weight. I did it by changing my body.”

“I presume that you are implying  that you made yourself bigger somehow besides eating?” asked Jessica skeptically.

“Being able to become bigger is the main ramification of the change to my body, but not the only one. I guess I should demonstrate further to make my point,” said Cindy over her shoulder as she turned and walked into another room.

She returned a minute later dressed now only in her panties, and carrying a valved cylinder somewhat larger than a fire extinguisher that had a length of tubing attached ending in a thin rigid tube. Jessica continued to stare at her friend as she seated her big ass on the couch across from her.

“I want you to know that I am still the same person I always was,” said Cindy then, “but I have become different in this new way, but you and I have been friends a long time, and I hope we can stay that way.”

“I hope so too, but this change you speak of is confusing, and what you are saying about it seems like something out of a science fiction story,” replied Jessica.

“Yes,” said Cindy then, “I suppose it does, and it is going to seem more so in a moment. I wasn’t kidding when I said that I had become a balloon.”

With that Cindy took the thin rigid end of the tubing and slid it into her belly button, and then cracked the valve on the cylinder. The hissing sound was soft, but plainly audible to Jessica as she gasped to see Cindy’s belly and tits expanding outward. Cindy continued to smile as she watched the look of incredulity on Jessica’s face. Her eyes grew even wider as Cindy’s ass and legs expanded causing her to ride up on the couch to where she was now beginning to look down on Jessica. By now she decided that she had made herself big enough to have made her point, and turned the valve on the tank off.

“So what do you think now?” asked Cindy from her now very round face and very full lips.

“Kind of hard to argue with what I am seeing after only two glasses of wine, but this is the sort of thing you expect to read about as the result of some experiment gone wrong,” answered Jessica. “You say you made a conscious decision to become this way?”

“Absolutely I decided to become a balloon person,” responded her friend with a big smile as she closed her eyes and stretched her arms out to run her hands over her nipples. Her now huge body shuddered a bit as a wave of pleasure swept through her, and for a moment Jessica was envious.

“What does it feel like?” Jessica asked with a now very real curiosity.

“At first it is a very strange feeling,” replied Cindy. “You feel your body stretching and adjusting to itself, but you also notice how some sensations are more intense, and you have to become comfortable with it in stages, and you find that you can’t wait for the next time when you can get big. The most intense feeling I have had, had to do with it was when I got big enough with helium to actually lift off the floor and float. That borders on orgasmic” she finished with a now bigger smile as she reached out to rub her nipples again.

“Are you serious? You can inflate with helium and float?” Jessica asked in amazement.

“Absolutely I can!” answered Cindy, “and it is an amazing feeling. For that matter, it feels pretty amazing to just blow myself up to the size I am now. The fact is that I am enjoying my body more, and in ways I never would have thought possible. Being a human balloon may not be for everybody, but it was definitely the best decision of my life.”

Jessica went quiet then as she thought about what her friend had said. Cindy sat watching her giving her nipples an occasional rub and closing her eyes as the wave of pleasure went through her now hugely fat body.

“So how did all this happen?” Jessica asked finally. “I have never heard of any service that does to someone what you have had done to yourself.”

“There is an organization located in a small town a few hours from here. They are quite new, and are not mass marketing their service, as they are well aware that what they offer is not for everyone. They are on the order of a friends and family sort of business. As such they are a referral only business. A man I have been seeing brought me into the fold as it were. Only people that have become full customer members, or rather fully inflatable people can refer someone, and there is a process of screening to help you decide if it is really something that you want, and to determine if becoming a balloon person is a good fit for you.”

Jessica thought about this as she poured herself some more wine and sipped while looking at Cindy. As she was thinking she glanced down at the cleavage between her double D’s, and then looked over at Cindy’s massive tits which now defied being assigned a cup size, and she felt a twinge of envy again. She wondered what sex must feel like when one was inflated so large. Now that this thought had crossed her mind there was no not thinking about it, and having Cindy sitting there hugely inflated continued to feed that line of thinking.

“So Cindy,” Jessica said then, “Did we get together tonight just so you could show your new body off to me? Or, have you more in mind?”

Cindy laughed then, her body shaking and shuddering as she shifted on the couch.

“What do you think Jessica? Have you ever known me to just want to get together to show off or brag?” asked Cindy then. “After all, we have been friends a long time. I wanted to get together and talk about this because I thought it might be something that you would consider to maybe jog you out of this boring rut you complain about being in. It’s more than just becoming an inflatable person. There is a community to it that you become part of, and there are some very different sorts of people in the community, although at this point it is a rather small community.” Cindy continued. “But I will give you some information if you think you might be interested, and you can think about it. Of course I hope we can continue our friendship, and I will be happy to answer any questions that you may come up with.”

“Well of course we can continue our friendship,” Jessica said. “I see nothing getting in the way of that, and I do feel flattered that you trust me so much that you decided to share it with me so soon after coming back. Did the process take the whole time you were away?”

“Most of it,” answered Cindy. “There are several meetings and appointments with counselors you must go through first to determine if it is the right thing for you. The process itself takes two months during which you will continue to meet with counselors and coaches that are balloon people themselves, and will be helping you through the process. Then once the changes have occurred they will help you in learning to inflate by different methods, and help you get adjusted to your new body”.

“Sounds like an interesting two month vacation,” said Jessica then, “I think I would like to know more about it, and think about it some more.”

“I understand. I was also rather leery of the idea myself, but at the same time when my friend demonstrated his inflating ability I found that I was also very excited by the idea,” Cindy replied still smiling at her. “I will give you a basic information sheet, and we can meet up again when you want to talk about it more.”

“I think I would like that,” said Jessica then, now returning Cindy’s smile.

Cindy gave her an envelope and showed her to the door. Just before she turned to leave, with an urge she couldn’t resist, Jessica turned and gave one of Cindy’s massive breasts a squeeze, and was amazed that it was warm and rubbery but also felt firm like a well inflated balloon. Cindy’s eyes opened wide for an instant, and then she giggled.

 “You too can have boobs like this,” she said as she gave Jessica a kiss on the cheek and closed the door after her.


The next day at work Jessica kept having to tell herself to keep her mind on her work. As an accounts manager for so long she could almost do her job in her sleep, but this wasn’t the same, as distracting thoughts about last evening kept intruding into her mind. She managed to finish most of her morning tasks, and was trying to stay focused as she sat in a meeting dealing with updating client accounts. She found herself glancing down at her cleavage, and daydreams of Cindy laughing as she rubbed her huge tits kept running through her head. As the afternoon wore on she was looking out the window and her imagination placed a hugely inflated Cindy floating by laughing and waving at her.

That was enough she decided. Her work for the day was done here, at least she could shake up her boring life a little by leaving early. But after running some errands she found herself home and again began to think about the events of last evening. As strange as it was, she had to admit that it had excited her. She thought again of the warm rubbery feel of Cindy’s inflated breast, and wondered how it felt to Cindy the first time she felt her tits blowing up. It seemed that Cindy couldn't help rubbing her nipples with Jessica right there, and it was obvious she was getting some serious pleasure out of that stimulation, thought Jessica. Just thinking about it she could feel her own nipples getting turned on by the thoughts.

Enough, she decided, and went to take a shower and make some dinner for herself. Afterwards she slouched on her couch with a glass of wine to watch some TV, but soon she began to doze. She was sitting in Cindy’s living room again, with hugely inflated Cindy sitting across from her, again with a big smile on her face. Only in this dream Jessica was dressed only in her panties like Cindy, but they were both again sipping wine.

“Do you think you are ready to become one of us?” Cindy asked her.

“I am excited by the idea,” said Jessica, “but I am not sure that I want to become a big fat person.”

“You are letting your prejudices about language muddy your thoughts,” responded Cindy. “Think of this kind of being fat as just being big and round without the negative aspects of it. People are almost programmed to be negative about the word fat in our culture.”

With that Cindy reached down next to her where the gas cylinder was and took the hose with the thin catheter and held it up in front of Jessica and looked suggestively at Jessica’s belly button. Jessica’s eyes went wide, but she had to admit to herself that there was a feeling of desire to know what it felt like as she looked at the tube.

“It really is an incredible feeling,” said Cindy as she slid the tube into her belly button. Jessica watched in fascination as she thought that Cindy was already huge. Still smiling Cindy opened the valve on the tank, and as she again heard the hissing sound, Jessica watched in awe as Cindy enlarged from huge to enormous. Her ass was now so big that her head was much closer to the ceiling, and her boobs were the size of small beach balls riding atop her bulging round belly. Her hand was still on the valve, and she turned it off then.

“This is probably close to as big as I should get given the size of my living room,” Cindy laughed. “You have no idea how good this feels or how much fun it is!”

Totally fascinated, and seemingly unable to help herself, Jessica stepped around the coffee table and ran her hands over Cindy’s ballooned out belly.

“Go ahead Jessica,” Cindy encouraged her, “explore what a human balloon feels like!”

But by then Jessica was running her hands over Cindy’s super sized tits, and, holding one in both hands began to lick and suck on a nipple.

A sudden gasp followed by a happy squeal of pleasure erupted from Cindy as her vast body jiggled on the couch. “Oh God yes Jessica! Suck on it harder!” squealed Cindy.

Jessica obliged, sucking harder on the gigantic breast and feeling herself getting turned on by it all. As Cindy squealed and shuddered she began to feel a strong vicarious pleasure as if she was now a balloon person. Suddenly Cindy shrieked in a long shuddering orgasm, her shuddering huge body going through visible waves of pleasure as her tits bounced about atop her huge belly. Jessica stepped back then, and sat back on the couch feeling very envious of what Cindy was now feeling as she watched Cindy’s body continue to shake and bounce as she let out happy squeaks. The minimal stimulation it took to bring Cindy to this obvious level of pleasure was not lost on Jessica.

Jessica suddenly awoke on her couch. The TV was still on, and she noticed she was quite yet aroused from the dream she had just had. Obviously some part of her mind was on board with the idea Cindy had planted in her head. It was still early enough in the evening, so she picked up the phone and hit speed dial for Cindy.

Cindy answered on the second ring. “Good evening Jessica. How are you this evening?” Cindy answered cheerfully.

“I have given last evening some thought, and I would like to talk some more when you have time,” replied Jessica.

“Certainly!” responded Cindy. “Did you look over the content of the envelope I gave you?”

“Not yet,” said Jessica, “but I will before we get together again. What works for you?”

“Tomorrow is out, but how about Thursday at my place again?” asked Cindy.

“Thursday would be good. Seven o’clock OK?”

“Seven will be fine,” answered Cindy. “Bring the envelope I gave you and we can go over any questions you may have. Bye for now.”

Cindy hung up the phone, but not before Jessica was sure she heard a hissing sound in the background.

She retrieved the envelope she had left on the kitchen table and sat down to look at the papers inside.

                                PNEUMA-BODY FAQ

Welcome to PNEUMA-BODY !  This informational brochure will explain who we are and the services we offer, and will address the most often asked questions about our services, and what we can do for you.

Q. What is PNEUMA-BODY ?
A. PNEUMA-BODY is a company offering a unique process where you can become a human balloon, and enjoy the pleasure of life as an inflatable human being.

Q. How does it work?
A. Our patented process involves introduction of a specialized viral vector that will rewrite your DNA. The process will cause your skin, bones, and all your connective tissues to become extremely elastic and rubbery which will allow for you to inflate yourself.

Q. How does the process work?
A. The viral vector is administered in the form of an elixir twice a day over a period of 60 days. Over this time you will have an increased appetite as your body is changing and needs the additional energy. You will also sleep longer and more deeply as the process is happening. There is absolutely no pain or discomfort involved. Since it is important that the schedule is adhered to rigidly, you must come in to pick up your dosages on a daily basis. Taking too much at a time can result in problems with the process.

Q. Is the process reversible?
A. Following completion of the 60 day treatment you will have been made over completely into a human balloon, and the change is permanent. For this reason, prior to beginning the process we arrange special meetings with counselors and others that have become balloon people. This allows for you to fully explore the idea of taking this exciting step in changing your life, and decide if it is something you really want to do.

Q. What kind of support does PNEUMA-BODY provide?
A. We are very proud of our support! During the process there are regular meetings, either at our facility, or by video conference where groups of individuals that are going through the process meet with our counselors and other balloon people to talk about what is happening, and the changes as they are occurring. Even following your own transition to being inflatable you are welcome and encouraged to come to meetings anytime you wish to share your experiences, and provide insights for others that are going through the change, or are considering becoming inflatable people.

Q. Once the change has happened, how is inflating accomplished?
A. There are 2 ways to inflate: The first involves learning a breathing technique which you will learn from other more experienced balloon people.
The second involves a very minor surgical procedure which is done when you have almost completed the process. The surgery involves a small incision and modification made into your belly button which will allow an inflation catheter to be inserted there. This will allow you to be inflated with helium to enjoy the full experience of being a human balloon.

Q. How big will I be able to get?
A. This varies with the individual, but once the change has completely manifested itself, it does take time and practice to allow your body to become used to being inflated. Over time you will find that you can become bigger more easily. It takes several practice sessions to where you will be able to inflate large enough to float. As part of PNEUMA-BODY’s customer service for the process, we have inflation coaches to teach you inflation first by breathing technique, and will also guide you in inflating with air and later helium by way of using an inflation catheter via your belly button.

Q. What about popping?
A. This is a concern that everyone seems to have, but be assured that the body when it undergoes the change also adds safeguards against this possibility. If someone is trying to become as large as possible, and it is true that some people seem to be able to become bigger than others, when a certain critical volume is reached the body will vent the gas by way of available orifices. This can be both humorous and embarrassing at the same time.
As for being punctured while inflated, the change causes the tissues to change in a way that the skin cannot stretch so thin that a body will totally pop. The gas is contained in a compartmentalized way so that only small amount of gas or air escape if a person is injured in such a way.

Q. Does PNEUMA-BODY have other forms of body enhancements besides becoming inflatable?
A. At this time PNEUMA-BODY is only offering the service of changing yourself into a human balloon.  Our research and development department is exploring the possibilities of other enhancements, but such research must proceed very carefully, and as such we do not expect to be offering any other body enhancements anytime soon.

Q. What are the advantages of becoming a balloon person ?
A.  The first and most obvious advantage is that with your newly rewritten DNA, there are many sicknesses and diseases that can no longer affect you, as such you will be able to lead a more active and healthy life. The more elastic nature of your bones and connective tissues will be less conducive to your sustaining severe injury in the event of trauma. Also, your new and more elastic skin is less prone to the wrinkling effects of aging, and being mildly inflated at all times will make you look plump and younger even as you age. Finally, being a balloon person is FUN !!! Being able to inflate yourself with helium will allow you to float in a state of total relaxation, although the obvious necessary cautions must be observed as being inflated with helium outside without being tethered properly could find you many miles away in the event of a strong wind. We cover all the aspects of life as an inflatable person in our series of interviews and meetings that you must attend to help you in making an informed decision as to if this is a good choice for you. The first interview and meetings are at no charge, and there is no sales techniques employed. It is important to PNEUMA-BODY that you are making the right decision for yourself if you decide to become a human balloon.

Jessica sat back on her couch after reading the FAQ about becoming inflatable. She looked it over again carefully considering each point that was made and tried to think of other questions she might have about it. The ones that were most obvious to her were not the sort to be printed in an introductory brochure. She thought the motivation to learn more was inspired only by the way it was sexually turning her on, but then remembered how excited she was when Cindy told her about how she could inflate with helium and float in the air. That too was a major turn on, but not a sexual one. She had to be up front with herself, and to be honest she really found the prospect of becoming a balloon person to be like a very unique sort of adventure. With that she went to bed, and hoped she would have a dream like the one earlier.


Thursday evening found Jessica again arriving at Cindy’s home, and she was quite surprised when Cindy answered the door at very close to what she remembered as her more normal size.

“Of course we can return to our normal sizes, or very close to it, just by letting the air or gas within us escape,” Cindy explained on seeing the surprised look on Jessica’s face. “But once you have had the experience of being inflated, it is hard to not go about your life at least somewhat blown up,” she finished as they sat down again across from each other with a bottle of wine and glasses again between them on the coffee table.
“As you may recall I was more or less a size 10-12 before my time away, but now I am slowly replacing my wardrobe with sizes 14 and larger,” she continued. “After all, what is more fun than shopping for new clothes?” she asked with a smile as she poured wine for both of them.

Jessica smiled as she reached for her wine glass and her eyes shifted from Cindy’s smiling face to her boobs for an instant before looking back at her own now deeper cleavage. The thought occurred to her then that perhaps a lot of people she knew and thought of as overweight were maybe balloon people. Something she might find out more to do with later she decided as she looked again down at her DD’s.

Cindy caught the look and laughed. “Yes, for the moment you have bigger boobs once again, but that can change in a moment.” So saying, Cindy took in a deep breath, much deeper than seemed possible, and then after a short exhale took in another seemingly abnormally deep breath. By the fourth of these deep breaths Cindy’s breasts had begun to push against the fabric of her blouse, and were easily as large as Jessica’s DD’s. Yet another deep breath and Cindy’s blouse was being pulled tight against the buttons. Jessica stared at them, and took a long gulp of her wine.

Again Cindy laughed. “By now I hope you have gotten past the idea that you are going crazy or seeing things. For me I think it was even more strange as my guy friend was giving me demos of his abilities, and that was very strange at first believe me! When he inflated his boobs to the size of basketballs I was quite sure my brain was going off the rails.” Cindy now took a long sip of her wine as well.

“I am still kind of new at this too you know,” continued Cindy. “I am working on better controlling my inflating abilities. The other night you saw me inflate my whole body, which is how it works at first, you kind of balloon up all over. But, over time you learn to control your body’s areas of inflation. When I was first learning about this and getting the demonstration from my boyfriend, I am sure the look on my face was priceless when he inflated his boobs and ass to have an incredibly voluptuous body! After a moment I found myself so turned on we ended up having some of the best sex of my life, since he is also able to inflate other parts of himself too.” Cindy finished with a wicked smile.

“OK then Cindy, why don’t you tell me how this process works?” asked Jessica then.

“You did read the Q & A I gave you I presume?” asked Cindy as she looked at the envelope on the table between them.

“Yes I did, and it is basic, and very straightforward as to what the process consists of. But I want to hear about your experience.” said Jessica

“OK then,” said Cindy taking another long sip of wine, and another deep breath to further challenge the buttons on her blouse.

“If you decide you are serious about this, I will arrange a meeting here at my place with several people that will be involved in the process. They will interview you, and ask you a lot of questions about yourself, and they will describe the process and what life as a balloon will be like. Since, as it says in the FAQ, once you go through it, there is no going back. I do want to point out that, as you have seen, you can deflate to your more normal size, and so no one who is not close to you needs to know your secret.”

“How do you deflate?” asked Jessica.

“Consciously it does require practice with an additional breathing technique which you will be instructed in. But also we lose pressure when we sleep. You can go to sleep hugely inflated, and wake up almost normal sized. As long as you are awake, you can consciously maintain your ballooned state at any size you want. Something about the relaxed state of sleeping makes us lose pressure and deflate.” answered Cindy.

“Anyway,” she continued, “if your interview with the counselors and the coaches goes well, and you decide to go to the next step, I will bring you to the headquarters, and you will meet more human balloons and go through another interview process there. After that you will be told whether or not they think you are a good candidate to become a human balloon, but you will be given three days to think about it before you decide to start the process. Then, since it requires you be able to report to the headquarters daily for over two months, you will be given more time to make arrangements. I wouldn’t worry too much about being rejected after the interviews at headquarters, as from what I understand, the initial interviewers are so good at what they do that almost everyone they have let move past the first meeting have been accepted.”

Cindy paused then and took another long sip of her wine as she looked carefully at Jessica.

Jessica stared back, also sipping her wine. “So how did all this begin?” she asked finally. “How is it that this particular body modification was created as opposed to so many other things that medical science has been searching for? It seems strange to me that someone would go looking for a specialized way to rewrite someones DNA to make people inflatable.”

“That I cannot tell you,” answered Cindy. “But you will learn that information if you do end up becoming a balloon person. It is part of our agreement when we join that we let people we bring in learn the details as part of becoming one of us. I can tell you one thing however: the virus that rewrites your DNA was created by Mother Nature, not some mad scientist working in a laboratory. Being told this made it easier for me to accept becoming part of the organization.”

Jessica poured herself more wine and thought about all Cindy had told her. She had to admit that the idea was more than interesting to her; it was exciting to her. As she sat and thought she suddenly noticed that the buttons on Cindy’s blouse were straining to hold in her now much larger boobs. A moment later a button popped off and the blouse began to ride upward as her growing tits pushed outward. Cindy was sitting with her eyes closed and her wine glass in her hand breathing deeply. Almost reflexively Jessica looked down at her own boobs that now were diminutive by comparison to Cindy’s.

“So how big have you gotten yourself?” asked Jessica then.

“By breathing technique perhaps a bit larger than I was the other night. But after they make it so you can use an inflation catheter, you want to get big faster so that becomes the preferred method,” Cindy answered. ‘But the biggest I have gotten is when I have been inflated with helium to float. Even though you do lose real weight when your DNA is rewritten and everything becomes more flexible and elastic, you still have to get quite large with helium to float.”

Once again the idea of floating freely as a helium balloon filled Jessica’s mind, and the vision of her ballooned up self floating in the air excited her. She felt her nipples getting aroused and felt a growing warmth down in her crotch. She took another long sip of wine and suddenly came back to herself to see that Cindy had removed her blouse to prevent her ballooning tits from damaging it further. They weren’t as large as the other night, but as then they stuck straight out from Cindy’s chest pushing against each other from side to side, but were seemingly unaffected by gravity. Jessica couldn’t help but stare at those huge boobs which excited her more. Cindy was looking straight at her with her knowing smile on her face.

“So what do you think Jessica? Shall I sponsor you in this adventure?” she asked then.

“Yes, I guess you should arrange for me to meet with whomever it is that is the first part of this adventure for me,” answered Jessica. “I do hope it goes well.”

“Here’s to us becoming balloon sisters!” toasted Cindy.

Jessica raised her glass and clinked it with Cindy’s and they drank to an inflatable future.

“You know what Cindy?”

“What’s that Jessica?”

“I am not sure I want to be just a balloon.” 

“Oh really?”

“Yes really. I think I want to be a blimp!” exclaimed Jessica.

The two of them laughed loudly as they clinked glasses and drank again.


Jessica’s introduction interview took place the following Saturday at Cindy’s home once again. She was seated back on one of the couches with a cup of coffee when Cindy ushered two women and a man in to join them. Cindy introduced them as Lisa, Gina, and Mark. While Gina and Mark were relatively normal sized, Lisa was quite large. She noticed Jessica looking at her and laughed.

“In case you are wondering, I am not inflated, or at least very little. I was a big fat women before I became a balloon, so this is pretty close to normal size for me,” Lisa told her.

“So Jessica,” said Gina then, “Cindy tells us she has given you the full demonstration of being a human balloon, and answered some of your questions. What can you tell me about your thoughts about the possibility of becoming an inflatable person?”

“It excites me incredibly,” answered Jessica, her voice a husky whisper.

“What aspects of the possibility excite you so much?” asked Gina then as Lisa and Mark exchanged a knowing smile.

“Being inflated with helium to where I could float is a huge turn on for me, although I don’t understand it exactly. When Cindy demonstrated her ability, and then told me it was possible to inflate with helium and float like a balloon I felt an excitement inside me that was almost orgasmic in nature,” Jessica replied with her voice again husky, “and the more I have thought about it, just being able to alter my size and go from being as I am to an enormously large person has a strong allure as well. Almost like being a shape shifter..”

Her interviewers again exchanged a knowing look before Lisa spoke: “The process is not all that difficult, but it is important that you are prepared to follow the program, and once begun you are going to complete it. We expect you to be very discreet about it as well. This is why we are very careful about those that we bring into our family as it were. We want those that join our organization to be fully happy about their decision, and to become part of it all.”

“It is important that you fully realize that this is a totally life changing decision you might be making, and that once you have embraced it, there is no going back,” added Gina.

“I understand that as part of the process I have to report to your headquarters every day for two months,” said Jessica, to which her interviewers all nodded. “But I need to know how long each day I would have to be there? I can probably arrange to work remotely for such a period of time, but I will have to be able to have the time to do my work.”

“You aren't the first person that has had to make such arrangements,” said Mark. “We try to work with our clients in this regard. So usually there is a breakfast meeting every morning where you get your morning dose of medication, and you will meet with others that are going through the process, as well as coaches and counselors. These morning sessions are usually about two hours long. Then there are afternoon or evening sessions which also include dinner along with the second daily medication dose and further discussion with your inflationist classmates and the coaches. Since our facility is a few hour drive away, we also can make arrangements for you to have housing while you are going through the process.”

The interview went on for an hour or so, which included Jessica completing some forms, and signing some legal non-disclosure agreements, and then the three got up and shook Jessica’s hand. “You will be notified in a few days one way or the other of our decision about your becoming a client,” Lisa told her then. A remark that made Jessica just a bit nervous that she might not get approval.

“If it makes you less nervous,” said Gina, “I know Mark and myself were both a bit edgy at the possibility that we might not get accepted.”


Jessica received the invitation for the follow up interview at the company headquarters a few days later, and excitedly called Cindy.

“Got my invitation for the follow up!” squealed Jessica into the phone.

“That’s great!” answered Cindy, and she could almost hear her smiling on the other end. “This will be both interview and introduction to the process if they feel you are the right fit. But don’t worry too much, I think we are going to be balloon sisters soon enough.”

Jessica hung up with a smile, and called the number on the invitation to set up her appointment. The woman on the other end of the phone was pleasant and accommodating, and scheduled her for later in the week. After which she called work and arranged to take a personal day off.

The town where PNEUMA-BODY was located was a small city about a 3 hour drive from Jessica’s home, and she left early enough to make sure she would be able to find it OK.

The building was a smallish 6 story office building on the outskirts of the town. She entered the reception area and was greeted by a plump and cheerful woman. She was asked to present ID, and given a form to complete while she sat in the very comfortable waiting room.

I wonder if she is a balloon person? thought Jessica as she eyed how plump and voluptuous the woman behind the reception window was.

She wasn’t kept waiting too long before a very large woman came out and stood in front of her with a big smile on her face. Jessica looked up, and after a moment of confusion realized that it was Gina in front of her, only Gina was now obviously very inflated.

“Took you a moment, didn’t it?” Gina laughed, as she motioned Jess to follow her through a door where they were buzzed in, and down a very wide hallway.

“Yes, it did,” admitted Jess, “I guess it will take a bit of getting used to if I get accepted.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much about that,” said Gina then quietly, “Mark, Lisa, and I all thought you would be a good fit for becoming one of us, so you got a positive review from your first interview.”

Jessica smiled at that, and felt a wave of relief wash over her. The more she had thought about Cindy and the strange dream she had about her, the more the idea of making this change appealed to her.

Gina escorted her to the end of the hall and through a wide doorway to a conference sort of room with a monitor on the wall, and a very large sectional couch surrounding a coffee table, and facing the monitor. Sitting on the couch were Mark, and several other people in obviously various states of inflation. All looked over at Jess as Gina escorted her to a spot near to the center of the couch.

“Good to see you again Jessica,” said Mark. “These men and women are parts of the team that may guide and assist you in your transition.”

“I am Molly,” a multiracial woman at the end of the couch introduced herself. Molly was selectively inflated in a way that impressed Jess, with enormously inflated boobs, and an equally expanded ass and thighs, but she maintained a noticeably narrowed waistline.

Mark nodded to her, and Jess noted that he still appeared of relatively normal size.

The woman next to Mark was hugely inflated all over, and appeared that she could leave the floor for the ceiling any moment. She smiled at Jess and introduced herself as Candy.

At the other end of the couch sat a man that appeared mildly inflated except for having boobs that approached the size of Molly’s. He introduced himself as Sam.

The session passed as an open sort of discussion about what were Jessica’s thoughts about becoming an inflatable person, and she receiving input about the realities, and the need to be discreet about the many aspects of it.

“Our community here is small right now, and the world is a crazy place,” said Molly at one point, “and we are representative of a very different kind of people. I don’t think you need to read much in the news to know that there are people out there that live to persecute others that are different, so we maintain a tight community for now. But we do enjoy ourselves,” she finished with a smile.

“OK,” responded Jessica, “tell me about some of the things that are enjoyable.”

“From what I read of your first interview, you find the idea of taking different sizes to be very alluring. ‘Almost like being a shape shifter’ is how I read it.” said Candy. “Of course this can make it just so. Add a wig and different makeup, and you really can appear very different on a daily basis.”

Jessica looked long at Candy, thinking that if she was a normal woman she would probably weigh over 500 pounds. The thought of being her size suddenly made Jess feeling very turned on. Candy smiled back at her as if she knew what Jess was thinking.

“Did you all select your various states of inflation specifically for this meeting?” Jessica asked then.

Candy’s smile grew wider. “Some of us like to change ourselves frequently, and some of us maintain ourselves at a size and shape we feel comfortable in. Obviously we have to be careful to not suddenly appear in the world outside with a radical change in size, but when we are here we can be ourselves. I happen to prefer myself at a much larger size whenever I can. Molly has taken a form that she has parlayed into a means for making a very comfortable living.”

Jessica looked over at Molly with an obviously questioning look.

Molly smiled and stood up then, her hyper voluptuous body much more apparent now than when she was sitting. She slowly turned so Jessica could take in a full view of her selectively inflated body. She was wearing black spandex pants that covered her massive bubble butt like a second skin, and while the blue top she was wearing was loose fitting, it could not disguise the enormity of her boobs.

“In case you are wondering, I have to get my bras made at several places that specialize in custom sizes. I guess I would be somewhere in the realm of a V or W cup if such cup sizes existed although really I don’t need a bra since inflated boobs don’t really need support, but in the real world I wear one for the sake of appearances. My hips and butt I keep in the size 24 to 26 range, but I keep my waistline around 30 inches. I run a couple of soft core websites that I star in, and have some other models similar to myself that also perform on the sites. If you do a search for super hourglass women, you will find my sites. There is a remarkable market in the online world for almost anything, and as an inflatable woman with good control over my body, I fill a profitable niche market. Although as Candy says, we do have to be very discreet in the way we interact in the real world so I don’t demonstrate my abilities online obviously,” Molly finished still smiling at Jessica.

“I can certainly appreciate that, and I do find it impressive the way you can inflate yourself,” responded Jess. “How long does it take to learn that kind of control?”

“It is different for everyone,” Sam answered then with a glance down at his own huge boobs before he smiled over at Jess. “My wife Lisa, who you met in your first meeting gets turned on by a husband with big boobs, so when here it is an easy way to make her happy, but it did take me quite a bit of practice to be able to gain the control over my body that I wanted.”

Jess looked Sam over and wondered for a moment what it would be like to sleep with a man with tits as big or bigger than her own.

The session went on for several hours, and Jessica was hardly aware of the passage of time as questions were asked and answered, and anecdotes exchanged. Finally Gina ended the meeting. She escorted Jess back to the reception area telling her that she would be notified within 3 days of their decision, and reminding her of the non-disclosure agreement she had signed.

“We take our privacy and discretion very seriously,” Gina told her. “So don’t talk about this with anyone outside of our community.”

“That implies that I can talk about it with Cindy, does it not?” asked Jess.

“Yes of course, Cindy is part of our community. As I suspect you soon will be,” smiled Gina as she buzzed her out to the reception area.


As it happened it was less than 2 days later when Jessica got a phone call on Saturday morning.

“Hello Jessica, this is Gina from Pneuma-Body,” said the voice on the other end of the line.

“Hello Gina, I wasn’t expecting to hear back from anyone so quickly,” responded Jess.

“Well it didn’t take a lot of talking it over for us to decide that you would be a welcome addition to our community,” answered Gina. “So when would you like to join?”

“Just like that?” said Jessica, barely able to keep the excitement out of her voice.

“Yes, just like that,” responded Gina, and Jess could almost hear her smile on the other end of the phone.

“I have been talking to my manager, and I can make arrangements to work remotely starting later this week if that works.”

“Very good Jessica. You will receive several e-mails with instructions and information about housing options here in town. Let us know when you can be ready. If you can do it in time, we can be ready for you to start as early as next Saturday. We look forward to you joining us,” Gina told her, and then ended the call.

Jessica dialed Cindy then and left her a message to meet her for a drink if she was available that evening. She found herself so excited as she looked around her apartment and thought that her life was about to change amazingly.


The following Friday Jessica made the trip back to the headquarters of Pneuma-Body and checked in. She was shown to an apartment building a short walk from the headquarters and settled into a comfortable apartment with instructions to report to headquarters for the introduction meeting and dinner that evening.

On her arrival that evening she was given a badge for coming and going, and then escorted to a large room with many tables and large comfortable chairs. Candy and Gina waved her over to the table where they were sitting. Against one wall were steam trays where trays of food were being set up. The aromas from the food were very enticing she was noting as she sat down in an overlarge chair at the table.

Gina and Candy were both inflated to a size to fill their chairs, and they greeted her warmly.

“You are the first to arrive,” said Candy. “You will be meeting a lot of people in the next week, and while you will interact with many coaches, but everyone who joins us is assigned to someone that is their personal coach as well. I am to be your personal coach or inflation trainer if you prefer,” she finished with a big smile.

“Sounds good to me,” answered Jess looking at Candy and wondering how it felt to be inflated to such a large size. “Are there others that are joining today too?”

“Oh yes, you will have a balloon mate, and here she is,” responded Gina as a plump and pretty woman with dark hair and eyes was being seated next to Jess.

“Welcome Sophie,” Gina greeted her. “This is Jessica who will be a balloon mate with you, and I am to be your personal inflation coach.”

As the pleasantries were exchanged, a woman arrived at the table with a tray of drinks, serving each of them. Following which they were told to help themselves to dinner at the steam tables. The evening passed as everyone enjoyed dinner conversation about themselves and how they came to be there.

“So when does the actual process start?” Sophie asked Gina as they were having after dinner coffee.

“It started when you drank that fruity drink you were served at the beginning of the meal,” answered Gina with a smile. “Tomorrow when you come back for breakfast you will get another one. Every morning and evening you will get a glass of our special elixir. After every meal there will be meetings to talk about what is happening with you, so you will come for breakfast every morning, and then dinner every evening. From around 10 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon you are on your own which includes taking care of your own lunch. You should know that once the change begins happening you will find yourself eating a lot more to fuel the growth process, also you will find yourself sleeping longer and more deeply which is also a part of the process. Once the change is complete you will go back to your normal eating and sleeping habits.”

“Tomorrow morning when you come for breakfast the real process begins,” said Candy then as she seemed to take a very deep breath and Jess suddenly noticed that her already huge breasts bulged further outward to strain the fabric of the suit she was wearing and showing much more cleavage than she had a moment ago.

Jessica and Sophie could only stare as Candy and Gina laughed.

As the meal ended everyone was given several one piece outfits the same as everyone they had seen was wearing. The only difference being colors. They appeared to be like one piece swimsuits with leggings attached. There were no zippers or hooks.

“These are specially made from a unique plant material,” Gina told them with a meaningful look at Candy. “They will fit loose for now, but they have the amazing property of being able to stretch to extremes as you can see. Once you reach the point where you can start to inflate yourself, you will wear only these when you are here.”

With that the dinner was over and the two balloon mates made the short walk back to the apartment building and said good night.


For the next month Jessica settled into what she thought of as a comfortable rut. Breakfast with her balloon mate as they referred to each other, then meetings where they shared thoughts about themselves and what was happening as they were making this change in their lives. Sometimes they met new people that came to talk about aspects of making the change that they may not have thought about, and sometimes they just had a one on one session with their coach. They began to learn the special breathing technique by which they would be able to inflate themselves with air.

Following this Jessica went back to her apartment to spend the next several hours working online. Sometimes she took herself out to lunch, and other times she went shopping to eat in. While she was working she practiced what she called her inflation breathing to where she found herself doing it unconsciously while she was working at her computer.

Late afternoons they returned to what they came to refer to as the community building for more sessions with coaches and counselors, and then dinner. Every meal they had at their meetings began with a glass of the special elixir.

Over the course of time they learned how the elixir had been discovered, and how the founders of the company had created the regime by which the process was completed in a manageable way. They were evaluated physically to note any changes. As they had been told, their appetites increased to where they were eating hugely.

“If I wasn’t working at becoming a balloon, by now I would be on my way to being a fat lady in the circus,” remarked Sophie one evening after having eaten a massive dinner with second and third helpings of almost everything. Jess nodded in agreement, feeling quite stuffed herself at the moment and sipping her wine.

At the end of the fifth week Candy entered the room where Jess sat waiting for her. She approached Jess and took a pinch of the skin of her arm and pulled. To her total surprise Jess saw her skin stretch inches away from her arm, yet she felt no pain or discomfort.

“Good,” said Candy then, “the change is happening to you quite well. Your skin is becoming more elastic. By now your bones are becoming this way too, as well as becoming more flexible. Also all your connective tissues are becoming more and more elastic.”


Jessica found that even though she was working while undergoing the process, her time here was feeling like a vacation in some ways. She and her balloon mates had become quite friendly as they looked forward to when they could actually inflate themselves. All had now demonstrated the changing of their bodies to be more stretchy and elastic.

In the seventh week Jess was hunched over her computer trying to complete a spreadsheet. As usual she was unconsciously breathing in the way that would eventually result in inflating herself. She no longer thought about it, she just took in the slow very deep breaths and held them momentarily before exhaling. As she was focusing on her work she suddenly noticed that her bra and her pants seemed awfully tight. She looked down to see her boobs were pushing their way upward and outward. They had been a size DD, but now they were definitely a G or maybe larger. Her pants were constricting her waistline as well, and she could barely get her thumb in under them at the waist.

She grabbed her phone and called Sophie who answered on the second ring with a: “Hey Jess, what’s up?”

“I need you to come to my place quick!” Jessica replied with urgency.

In less than a minute Sophie was knocking on her door, and Jess let her in.

“Whoa!” exclaimed Sophie as she got a good look at Jess. “It happened to you! How wonderful!”

“Yeah, I guess it is,” replied Jess a bit ruefully. “But I need help. My pants and bra are cutting into me, and I can’t get them loose!”

With that Sophie grabbed the front of Jessica’s pants and pulled hard on the material around the button. Jess could feel the pressure in her making her expand in other places as Sophie pulled her pants to where she was able to loosen them and pull them down to her ankles. She then unbuttoned her shirt and worked her fingers under the bra strap to unhook it. Her bra released with a slight twanging noise as her boobs expanded a bit more now that they were unrestrained. Sophie stepped back and looked Jessica up and down.

“Well look at you Miss First to Inflate,” said Sophie with a big grin. “How does it feel?”

“Now that I am not being strangled by my own clothes it feels weird, but good. I was working and doing the breathing unconsciously I guess, and it just happened.”

With that she took a few more experimental deep breaths and as she exhaled she felt that some of the air had passed into her body as she felt herself expand a bit more. Her panties were now starting to feel very tight too, so with some help from Sophie she slid them off too.

“I guess it’s time I put on one of my inflation outfits,” Jess said then as she walked into the bedroom and picked out a red one. It no longer fit loosely, and as they were told the fabric stretched easily to cover her now inflated form. Remembering Cindy suddenly as she pulled the suit up around her waist, she rubbed one of her nipples on an inflated breast and felt a warm tingle run through her body. Something to enjoy later she thought

Sophie was now making an effort at the breathing technique as Jess came out of the bedroom.

“I am so jealous of you right now Jess,” said Sophie still smiling.

Jess was inspecting herself in the full length mirror in the living room, still doing her inflation breathing as she did so and feeling the suit stretching comfortably with her body’s expansion. She noticed that the stretched fabric also was slippery where it rubbed against itself, so her fattened up thighs didn’t seem like they would chafe as she walked somewhat awkwardly around the living room her hands exploring her now modified body as she did.

“How big would you say I am?” asked Jess then.

“Your boobs are at least an H cup I would say,” answered Sophie, “and your ass is probably a size 20 or so.”

“It doesn’t feel like I am getting any bigger now,” said Jess with a note of disappointment in her voice.

“I guess you need to talk to Coach Candy about that,” said Sophie with a laugh.


At dinner that evening Candy and Gina noticed Jessica’s change from across the room as they entered.

“Very good Jessica,” Candy congratulated her. “I guess it shouldn’t be long for you now Sophie. We can schedule you for your external inflation modification tomorrow, and you should be able to inflate by using the catheter in a few more days.”

This made Jess remember Cindy sitting on her couch blowing up hugely with her helium tank. The thought made her feel very turned on.

Following dinner Jess had a short session with Candy where she explained that it took time and practice to get her body to stretch more, and not to be disappointed that she seemed to be limited in her size.

“Your body is not completely changed yet, so there are times where you will seem to hit a wall as to your size. Not to worry though, I am sure you will be a full fledged balloon person well before this program ends in a couple more weeks. Also be aware that you will lose your inflation as you sleep, so don’t be too disappointed when you wake up normal sized. It would be better for you to stay that way until after you have your procedure in the morning.” Candy told her.

The next morning Jessica was introduced to Thomas, and told that in addition to being a balloon person he was also a doctor. With a local anesthetic he performed the procedure to her belly button that would allow her to insert an inflation catheter when she healed up.


Two days later Jess was again working over her computer when Sophie called.

“Jess! It happened! I’m getting big! Come over quick!” squealed Sophie.

On arriving at Sophie’s apartment Jess saw a naked Sophie looking like she was hugely pregnant with very large boobs riding atop her growing belly. Jess gave her a moment of applause as Sophie continued to breathe deeply and making every effort to get bigger.

“This is wonderful ! I love it !” squealed Sophie excitedly. “I can’t wait until I can fill up with helium and float like a balloon !”

Both of them then worked at their inflation breathing until they got as big as they possibly could before they seemed to reach that point where they could get no larger. As they left to go back to headquarters for the evening meal, they noticed that their sizes were very close to not getting through their apartments doors.

Together they returned to the Pneuma-Body headquarters that afternoon for the evening dinner.  Gina was pleased that Sophie had now made her transition, and she was scheduled for her belly button modification the next morning.

The next day after breakfast Gina and Candy sat with Jess and Sophie. Jess happily inflated, but Sophie at normal size from just having had her procedure.

“So ladies,” Gina began. “Soon your transformations will be complete, and you will return to your regular lives. Although we know that things will not be the same for you for the rest of your lives. You still have a week of doses to go, and we will also be spending this last week practicing with you at inflating. By next Monday you will hopefully have gotten your new bodies adjusted to stretching out enough that we can have you inflate by way of your belly buttons.”

“So will we be using helium? Will we be able to float?” asked Sophie excitedly.

“If all goes correctly, that moment will be when we know you are really one of us,” responded Candy with a big smile. “You need to practice your breathing technique. Practice, practice, practice! If all goes well you should be stretched enough to get off the ground on your first try.”

The rest of the week Jess and Sophie worked at their breathing to become bigger and bigger. By the end of the week they were becoming too large to get through any doors in their apartments, and their heads were brushing the ceilings. They fell asleep each night in their living rooms and woke up mostly deflated on the floor.


Sunday morning found Jess and Sophie sipping coffee after breakfast with their glass of elixir when a very inflated woman entered the dining room and approached their table. Watching her walk Jess thought she must be inflated with helium, as in spite of her size she walked with a bouncing step that took her feet from the floor for a second or so as she came toward them. Her massively inflated breasts were larger than Molly’s, and rode atop a large beach ball of a belly, while an equally large bubble butt bulged out from her backside. She had shoulder length wavy blonde hair and smiled cheerfully at them.

“Good morning ladies,” she greeted them. “Since it is Sunday, and I know that you have been working hard all week to get your bodies adjusted to being balloon people, I thought maybe you might be ready to take the final step this morning?”

Jess and Sophie both nodded with excitement obvious on their faces.

“Very well then,” said the woman, “I am to be your helium floating coach this morning. Follow me.”

She led them out of the dining room down a hall they had never been shown before, deeper into the building. They followed her watching her bouncing steps as she walked, fascinated by her size and the way she moved.

“So far I know that you have only seen a small part of our headquarters,” she told them as they followed her. “Since we try to keep our inductions of people in very small numbers, we don’t need to utilize more than a small amount of the space we have. But also, since getting big and floating is what we are mostly about, we have the rest of the building devoted to that.”

At that she swiped her badge on a reader, and a big pair of doors slid open before them. Jess and Sophie followed her into a large room with many tanks lining the walls; some on carts. Looking up Jessica saw that they were standing in a large open area that went all the way up to the highest floor of the building. The second, third, and fourth floors were visible with safety rails around their perimeters that surrounded the open area, but after the fourth floor, the vast open shaft appeared to end in a large empty space over four floors above.

Their escort wheeled a tank over to the middle of the area, and then another. She took the hose of each one   in her mouth and squeezed a valve near the end. They heard a hiss as she took some helium from each hose in through her mouth.

“Yum, good helium,” she said with a smile in a now very high and squeaky voice. “So, I know you have been practicing with your breathing technique, and I know that you have had your body modifications made to accommodate an inflation catheter, but you should know that you can take helium in by mouth in a similar way to blowing up by breathing technique, but it also takes practice.”

She then attached what Jessica knew to be the special catheters to each of the tank hoses and handed a hose to each of them.

“You will notice that each of your suits has a velcro flap in front that should be positioned to allow for access to your belly buttons. I know it will feel weird, and even a little uncomfortable at first, but slide the catheter in slowly a couple of inches.”

Jessica and Sophie complied, both of them grimacing a bit as they did.

“Now,” the woman instructed, “squeeze the valves on your hoses. They are regulated to a low flow rate, so you will inflate slowly.”

Jess and Sophie did as they were told, and felt the gas moving inside of them as it moved to start expanding their bodies. They reached the point where Jess was sure she was as large as she had ever gotten in the past week, and she stopped for a moment to feel the way her body was pushing out and filling up her special suit. Sophie had her eyes closed, and a dreamy smile on her face as Jess watched her growing bigger. The woman that was coaching them now was smiling as she watched Sophie, and Jess squeezed again on the valve and felt her expansion continue.

“OK Sophie, stop for a moment,” the coach said, “you are at what we call the tipping point.”

Indeed, Jess looked to see Sophie bouncing on her toes, and without any apparent effort she was lifting up off the floor a few inches before settling back down. Seeing this Jessica squeezed as hard as she could on the valve in her hand, and in a moment more felt herself able to kick up a few inches before drifting back down.

Their coach reached out with both hands and gave their valves a long squeeze then, and Jess felt herself swelling past any size she had previously reached. At the same moment Sophie gave a squeal of happiness as she began to rise off the floor. The coach continued to allow helium to flow into them a moment longer before Jess felt the catheter pulled from her as she and Sophie rose slowly into the air together.

Jessica watched the floors pass as she rose up the shaft, feeling a sense of intense pleasure. The air currents spun them slowly as they drifted upward. As she passed the rail of the fourth floor the currents moved her over slightly and her right breast brushed the rail as she passed it. Jess suddenly had an intense rush of pleasure radiating from her nipple and all through her body. She gasped, and then heard a chuckle from below as she realized that their coach was watching them rise.

They reached the large open area at the top, and Jess saw that the top two floors had been made over into one very large open area. Here the air currents changed with air blowing gently downward to keep them from bumping the skylights in the ceiling. The moving air had the additional effect of causing them to move slowly around the room, rotating very slowly. Jess looked over at Sophie and saw she again had her eyes closed as she drifted away from the actual shaft toward one side of the room with Jess floating slowly after her. Sophie bounced against the wall and rebounded lazily back toward Jess. In a flash of mischief Jess reached out as Sophie bounced up against her and gave her nearest nipple a tweak.

Sophie’s eyes popped open as she let out a long gasp of pleasure. “Oooooooooh! That was wonderful!” squeaked Sophie. “I am soooooo happy to be a human balloon!”

They were now unable to see anything below their hugely ballooned breasts, but they heard a hissing from below, and a moment later their coach floated up to join them with a big smile on her face.

“So, how are you liking the experience?” she asked with a smile.

Jessica and Sophie both voiced their pleasure and happiness with their first float.

“So,” said the coach then, “this is both our place to train, but also a place of relaxation for all of us. Sometimes we hold meetings up here. You will find that you will sometimes feel such a need to balloon up and float that you will want to come back here to enjoy the experience. As full members of our community now, you are welcome anytime. For now you may as well just relax and enjoy the experience. As you know, you will lose pressure and slowly descend should you fall asleep. This final week, we will teach you how to voluntarily deflate, so you can return to your more normal size anytime you need to.”

With that, the coach closed her eyes as an air current caught her and she drifted away toward the opposite wall. Jessica found herself feeling very dreamy as she also drifted toward a wall, but the air currents seemed to be moving her around the room as she spun very slowly around. She felt something bump into her, and turned to see Sophie also looking dreamy. Together they bounced off the walls as they moved around the room.

Jessica noticed that they were approaching a section of wall that had large pictures on it. The first was a very tanned man in a mild state of inflation wearing a skirt like outfit with straps that crossed his chest and went over each shoulder. The second was a darker skinned woman with thick black hair and a dazzling white smile, and whose breasts were hugely inflated and riding atop a big round belly. The third was another man, not quite so tanned as the first, but he was quite largely inflated as well, and looking very happy about it.

As they approached the fourth picture, Sophie, who was ahead of Jess, suddenly gasped: “Jess! That woman in the picture is our coach!”

The woman in the picture was, as the others, quite inflated, and was smiling at the camera, her long blonde hair draped about her ballooned out shoulders. But it was unmistakably their inflation coach. They noticed then that above the pictures was a large plaque with the words: FOUNDERS WALL on it, and all the pictures had name plates under them. The plate under the blonde woman was inscribed: Loona. A chuckle came from their coach who was drifting along the wall behind them.

“I guess I should have introduced myself earlier. Sorry about that,” said the woman they now knew as Loona with a big smile on her face.

“I had heard your name mentioned a couple of times before,” said Jessica then. “Isn’t Loona a shortened form of another name?”

Loona chuckled then. “My full name is Balloona. Very appropriate you think? I adopted the name as a stage name of sorts back when I had a small business as an inflatable clown doing kids parties. After I became fully adjusted to the change that had happened to my body, I had my name legally changed.”

“Since you are a founder, how was it that this happened to you?” asked Sophie with obvious awe in her voice.

“Well, since we have a lot of time to just enjoy our relaxing float around up here, I will tell you the story of how it happened to me, and how PNEUMA-BODY came to exist.”

As the hours passed, Jessica and Sophie spent a dreamy time drifting about the floating area of the PNEUMA-BODY building being entertained with the long story that began with Balloona the Clown; but interspersed into the story were many side story anecdotes, and some digressions to fill in the gaps. Jess and Sophie asked a few questions along the way, but by the time the twilight of evening was appearing outside the windows, they knew the history of the organization they were now a part of quite well.

“Time for the evening meal and meeting,” said Loona then, and then proceeded to demonstrate how to allow the gas in them to be released voluntarily.

Reluctantly Jess and Sophie followed her example to where they began to slowly drift back down to the first floor below. Both only had released the minimal amount to get down, so they were yet quite large. Loona smiled her approval at this.


The final week at PNEUMA-BODY was spent in meetings and practicing deflation techniques.

“You never know when you might need to return to a normal size in a hurry,” Candy told them.

The last day they were given their permanent cards of membership and badges to get into headquarters whenever they wanted. Each was also given their own tank of helium and several of the super stretchy inflation outfits. Sophie and Jessica hugged each other as they parted company and made plans to stay in close contact.

Jessica made the long drive home, but as soon as she got unpacked she dialed Cindy’s number.

“Hello,” said Cindy’s voice on the other end.

“Hello Balloon Sister,” said Jessica. “Got time this evening for some wine?”

“Absolutely!” said Cindy. “Your place or mine?”

“I think mine is better,” replied Jess with a smile on her face. “I got more room.”

“I’ll bring my tank,” laughed Cindy as she hung up the phone.

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Author's Note: 

Another story with linkage to The Balloon Lady.

Done with a nod to my friend Inflateme100

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Wow! I absolutely loved this story and it had me in it too. Thank you so much .

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The world building is great with all the stories in your series.  I like how you deal with the practicalities of it all.

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Amazing story

I really liked this story. It was constructed very well and all together consumes you into it as you read. Heck it even got me to sign up so i could leave this review. Thank you and i hope you keep on sharing more stories like this to the community.