Ms. Bouncer - Party Trick

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High in the sky, spying down upon the world with an eye for justice, Ms. Bouncer floated along underneath inflated breasts. Listening to the sounds of wind and creaking skin, she sighed and turned her sight to her own cleavage. “Quiet day today,” she mused to herself. “Nothing’s happened since that bank robbery this morning. I should probably get down soon.” Looking back down at the city below, Amelia’s gaze drifted over to the suburbs where something caught her attention. A sign was visible on the roof of a small house, facing straight up to the sky. Deflating and swooping lower, Amelia could see clearly printed in bold lettering: “MS. BOUNCER LAND HERE!” A message for her specifically? Amelia had seen fans staring up at her as she went on sky patrols before, but never had she seen a sign positioned for her. Her curiosity peaked, the pneumatic heroine glided down towards the beacon.

Landing on the sidewalk, Amelia looked at the house that had signaled her. It was a small one story house, nothing about it screamed TRAP, EVIL LAIR, or so she walked up to the front door and knocked. After a moment, the door opened, revealing a short-haired brunette wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Before Amelia could offer a greeting, the brunette gasped loudly and clasped her hands over her mouth in shock. “Oh my god! Katie, it worked!” the brunette shouted back into the house. “She’s actually here! Okay, okay, okay…”

The woman took a few moments to collect herself before turning back to Amelia. “Hi Ms. Bouncer! I’m Beth, uh, we, er… hey, why don’t you just come in, it’ll be easier to explain that way.” Beth said, gesturing for Amelia to enter the house.

“Alright then. I’m guessing that sign on your roof wasn’t just for show, huh?” Amelia said as she strode into the humble abode. Inside, she made her way to the living room, where a woman sat on the couch, appearing even more surprised than Beth was. She had long red hair and was wearing a tanktop and yoga pants. Amelia took a seat across from the couch as Beth darted into the room and stood to the side of the two seated women.

“Okay, so, this is my friend and roommate Katie,” Beth said, gesturing to the woman beside her. “It’s her birthday today, and well, she’s a big fan. Like, reeeeally big fan.” Amelia nodded, noting how Katie was still staring wide-eyed at her, likely busy processing having her heroine walk into her home. “The sign was my idea,” Beth continued, “I wanted to see if I could get her a meeting with her idol. To be honest, pretty surprised it worked.”

Amelia smiled at the two, trying to ease Katie out of her stupor. “It’s no big deal. It’s actually quite nice to meet a fan of my work!” Amelia extended her hand towards Katie, who grasped it slowly. Amelia could feel Katie trembling as she shook her hand. “Happy birthday to ya, Ms. Katie!”

Katie, to her credit, remembered to raise her hand and shake in response. “H-hi Ms. Bouncer. I, uh, like your work.” Katie said, voice shaky with excitement and shyness. “You know, the superhero stuff and the, er, you know.” She mimed balloons on her chest. “The inflating part. Just, you know, it’s cool, that’s all.” Not wanting to be rude, Amelia suppressed her smile as she watched Katie’s face turn crimson. She looked over at Beth, who nodded curtly to confirm Amelia’s suspicion that Katie’s admiration of her powers wasn’t entirely innocent as Katie was trying to make it out to be.

Wanting to break the shy silence, Amelia scanned the room and came up with an idea. “Say,” she said, “for a party, there sure aren’t that many balloons in here.”

Beth perked up at the observation. “Oh, that’s my bad,” she said. “The sign took so long to make and get up we didn’t have time to do much preparing before you got here. I got a pack of balloons here.” She tossed a pack of party balloons over to Amelia. “If you like,” Beth continued, “I can get the helium tank we got for-”

“Oh no, that won’t be necessary,” Amelia interrupted, tearing open the pack and taking out a balloon. Taking a deep breath, she blew into it with gusto, inflating the rubber orb to capacity in one breath. Tying off the balloon’s nozzle, Amelia let it go and watched as it floated up to the ceiling. “Remember, you’re talking to a walking, talking supply of endless helium,” she reminded Beth and Katie with a wink. Beth clapped at the display while Katie stared transfixed at the balloon rolling around on the ceiling, her mind clearly imagining what other uses Amelia’s powers had.

Amelia decided to indulge Katie’s imagination. After all, it was her birthday, and Amelia found her shy and reverant demeanor to be the cutest thing. Turning to face Katie, Amelia took out another balloon and smiled at her fan. “Of course, while it’s neat to exhale helium, there are much more entertaining tricks for this party, if you’d like to see them,” Amelia said, giving Katie a wink as she leaned towards her. Katie, cheeks as red as a tomato, took a moment to respond with an enthusiastic nod.

To the surprise of the roommates, Amelia casually slipped the straps of her uniform off her shoulders, peeling her costume down to expose her breasts. Beth stared wide-eyed, muttering something about understanding why Amelia didn’t bother with a mask, while Katie seemed to be taking time to remember how exactly breathing worked. Amelia herself chuckled at the pairs reaction. People’s reactions to her casual attitude towards nudity gave Amelia a lifetime supply of funny faces to remember. Keeping her pace, she took the nozzle of the balloon in her hand and placed it over her nipple. Holding it in place and focusing, a jet of helium streamed out of Amelia’s breast into the balloon as if her nipple was the nozzle on a helium tank. She filled it, tied off the end, and repeated the process. Soon the ceiling was covered in an array of multi-colored rubber orbs.

Finishing filling up the last balloon, Amelia took it off her leaking nipple and tied it off. At the same time, she allowed her breasts to swell a few cup sizes with helium, acting as if she didn’t notice it. Letting the balloon float off, she took a dramatic look down at her swelling mammaries, clasping her hands to her cheeks like a true overactor. Letting the inflation subside,she looked over her own set of party balloons to see Katie staring wide-eyed at the pneumatic pair of boobs facing her. Along with her face now rivaling the color red itself for the position of “most red thing in existence,” Katie had a wide grin plastered on her as she took in the sight of her idol standing topless with inflated breasts before her. No doubt she was fiercely debating whether this was a dream or reality.

Amelia glanced over at Beth. The brunette flashed a thumbs up before pointing at Katie and miming a set of big tits. Amelia nodded at Beth’s silent signal, and the brunette grinned gleefully at the idea of what Amelia was about to do. Strutting forward to Katie, Amelia leaned forward, giving the shy redhead a full view of her naked cleavage. “Say Katie,” she said as seductively as someone who has never actively seduced someone in their life could, “I’ve got another trick I can show you if you like.” Katie nodded slowly, now constantly vibrating in excitement.

With blinding speed, Amelia swooped towards Katie and pulled her into a kiss. For a second, Katie felt as if she was on top of the world. Then Amelia blew hard into her, and Katie realized very quickly that she may very well be on her way to physically being atop the world.

Amelia felt Katie jolt in surprise as the helium flowed into her. Though she couldn’t see it, she knew Katie’s breasts were already swelling into her tank-top. A rubbery creak accompanied the hiss of the puff kiss as Katie’s breasts pulled her top taut. The fangirl had closed her eyes and was softly moaning as she was inflated. The stitches of her tanktop now audibly struggled to contain the helium mammaries inside, and with Amelia continuing to inflate Katie, the straps soon lost their valiant battle. Katie’s breasts sprung forth, perky and round with gas. Over to the side, Beth cheered as the spectacle unfolded, her phone recording the event for Katie to watch later.

Katie herself moaned in bliss as she felt her skin stretch outward to contain the helium. On top of being able to make out with her idol, Katie was feeling all the pressure, pleasure, and sensitivity that came with having your inflation fetish realized. Her nipples felt as if they were burning with arousal, making her legs shake as her mind was clouded with pleasure. Her breasts now dwarfed Amelia’s own boosted pair and squeaked as they rubbed together. The air around Katie was feeling bubbly and thick; she thought for a moment that she was about to faint. Instead, Katie felt her legs begin to stretch up as she got bigger. She rose to a moment to her toes before Amelia suddenly pulled backwards with her. Katie let out a distressed “mmph!”, but to her amazement she didn’t fall to the ground. Rather, she felt her breasts pushing up against her upper body, like beach balls in a swimming pool. She kicked her legs as her feet left the ground, defying gravity as Kate hung horizontally in the air to Amelia, attached by their kiss like a balloon to a nozzle.

For a few seconds more, Amelia held the blow kiss before breaking off with a pop. With her mouth free, Katie screamed in pleasure for a moment before bringing a hand to her mouth to muffle herself. She looked at her heroine wide-eyed, her face a sea of turbulent emotions.

“It’s alright, take some deep breaths, let yourself enjoy it,” Amelia reassured the newly buoyant girl. Katie shook in Amelia’s arms, her breathing becoming gradually more stable. She looked down, taking in the size of her breasts. They jutted out below her, twin blimps bigger than her upper body carrying her in an unfamiliar sea of sensation. She stretched out her legs, feeling the cool air swishing between her toes and across the bottom of her feet. Slowly, a smile formed on Katie’s face, and she began to laugh with joy. Here she was, honest-to-God floating with balloon tits bigger than she could have hoped for, in the arms of her idol. She looked at Amelia head on, mouth agape trying to search for words.

Amelia smiled back. “See, I told you it’d be fun!” she said, enjoying the sight of someone else taking in buoyancy for the first time. Amelia recalled her first time following the lab accident, how she had reached past inflated breasts to meet the approaching ceiling. “Of course,” she continued, “I unfortunately can’t stay for too long. There is a city that needs protecting after all. I’m going to let go now, so prepare for a bit of a jolt.” She began to unwrap her arms from around Katie, but the fangirl’s grip suddenly tightened.


Amelia was taken aback for a moment by Katie speaking for the first time. The once shy girl now looked determinedly into Amelia’s eyes. For a few seconds she seemed to muster the will to speak further. “Look,” Katie finally said, “I know you’re a hero and all, and I’m just some fangirl who’s birthday was today. But I-...” She stumbled for a few moments, words failing her before shaking her head. “Oh fuck it, do you wanna go out sometime?”

Amelia blinked. In all her time superheroing, she had done many things, seen many things, met many people. But never before, never in her life had the heroic Ms. Bouncer had somebody ask her out.

For the first time in her cheerful and quiply life, Amelia White, Ms. Bouncer herself, who had shrugged off bullets like the breeze, was at a complete and utter loss for words.

Amelia blinked again. Katie’s look of determination looked to be crumbling the longer Amelia took to respond. Amelia desperately weighed options in her head. Yes, she knew she was a lesbian, she had accepted that long ago. But she didn’t know how to be one! What about the secret identity, would superheroing take a toll on a possible relationship? Could she entrust Katie to know who she was? Did she even care if people knew who she was? Did she even like Katie? Sure she was cute, the way she was so shy yet clearly enthusiastic about what she liked. Or the way now that Amelia noticed it that her hair parted just right, or her eyes, or how great and adorable she looked inflating. But what, but yet, but how-

Oh fuck it.

Keeping one arm on Katie, Amelia took a pen and paper from a conveniently nearby table. She scribbled on the paper before turning to Katie. “You’ll take a while to deflate, maybe a day or so,” she said, “but once you do, here’s my number.”

Katie floated in silence for a moment before letting out an ecstatic whoop. Letting go of Amelia, she floated slowly up, her breasts pushing a few balloons out of the way. She laughed and cheered the whole way up, continuing even as her breasts collided with a hollow thump against the ceiling. Amelia took a moment to smile at the sight of the happy girl while adjusting her uniform over her breasts. With a hop in her step, Amelia made her way out the front door, imagining what her first date might look like as she inflated her tits and took to the skies.

Standing in a corner of the living room, Beth slowly brought her finger up and hit the button to stop recording on her phone. She slowly looked back and forth between Ms. Bouncer in the front yard beginning to take off and her roommate Katie floating on the ceiling. Sitting slowly onto the floor, Beth stared ahead blankly for a few moments before uttering a single sentence.

“Best birthday party ever.”

Author's Note: 

Ms. Bouncer meets a fan.

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airtankgirl5's picture
I really like your stories but,

I also really wish you'd write them in industry standard format.  I can't manage to finish one before the wall of type headache sets in.

I'd agree it could use some

I'd agree it could use some spacing, but what exactly IS industry standard anyhow?

I'd agree it could use some

I'd agree it could use some spacing, but what exactly IS industry standard anyhow?