Elf Floats, Pt.1

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It turned out a lonely, stormy evening outside and within the Pneumatown aquatic recreation center it'd be no different. Beyond the tinted windows that normally let in sunlight from outside, the world was dark and gray. Thick clouds obstructed the sky and lightning flashed in the distance as heavy rains had just started coming down. They pelted on those windows as heavy droplets, creating a loud pattering that'd be the only sound in the otherwise empty indoor pool area. Within, empty waterslides remained dormant while still waters softly flustered and an abundance of Pooltoys lay stacked up haphazardly in a corner. There was a certain air of desolation about the place and it was just because closing hours were nigh and the weather was less than ideal for some pool fun.

Evidently all this was not enough to stop one particular young swimmer from attending the pool at merely a half-hour prior to closing time. The silence of the pool zone had been broken by her clapping footsteps made of sandals, breaking through the absent droning of pouring rain outside. A pair of nostrils belonging to a cute little button nose had whiffed faintly, taking in the aroma of the pool being the pungent combination of Chlorine and latex mixed together. Delicately pointed and lengthy ears perked curiously, much as the pair of baby blue eyes widened in awe of the place, completed by a smooth little mouth curved up into a delighted beaming smile.

She was, undoubtedly, an Elf; that much was clear not only in her ears or the sweet elegance of her face, but the tenderly proportioned curves of her lithe young body fitted into a swimsuit that matched the color of her eyes. It was like some hybrid between a one-piece and a bikini, the thong and top held to the body by latex strips with a particularly thick one bridging the gap across her belly from her lush bosoms to her perfect Y-shaped groin smacked between two succulent thighs. Even if she didn't have that much body, what existed would be perfectly sculpted to what was expected of Elven physical beauty.

So flaunting along, at a lightweight pace set across hard and damp ceramic tiles, the young Elf eyed her environment with all the wonder of a child. This was weird, and could only have come from one who'd never seen a public pool before. Yet, now that it was empty, and not noisy and smelly with a hundred men, women and children, the waters looked pure and actually habitable for a creature as high-class as an Elf. Maybe that was the reason for her delight as she'd flounce over the pool's edge and beam at her reflection in the water, before extending a delicately small foot therein to test the temperature. The touch sent a ripple over the rather still and wobbling water, and caused her to giggle; clapping her hands together once. Then so, with an eager grin, the young Elf again extended herself, preparing to step into the pool, but-

Tweet! A shrill whistle-chirp had interrupted her, causing her to blink and gape around just to wind up laying eyes on its source. "Yo! Might wanna wait 'til a Lifeguard's on duty, lady!" a chipper young man's voice chirped over the droning and babbling of water inside the building and out. Coming from the same direction as the whistle, the girl's eyes locked upon the fair form of a young man strutting out towards her from the Lifeguard's room in the center of the pool complex. He was wearing a skintight red top and pair of shorts used for swimming, where a pure white cross indicated his status as a Lifeguard. Clear blue eyes under a mop of fluffy blonde hair greeted her along with a happy smile that seemed to warm up the day around them. This had to be the lifeguard in question and he looked pleased despite the presence of a swimmer in the pool so close to closing hours.

"Oh!" The young Elf snapped to, whisking to face him and clasping her hands together in a show of grace; "Good evening, sir Lifeguard!" She'd returned the warm greeting with one of her own, and a cheerful grin to match. "I am Lena, of the forest," she'd explain, her words clear as crystal and delicately feminine, yet awkwardly enunciated. "I've come to your pool of swimming, to partake in your teachings on the art of life guarding."

The young male's expression loosened, to a completely blank look composed of utter confusion. His lips pursed up, his brows raised and he'd blinked once, maybe twice. "What?" was the most he could say, before skewing those eyes and peeling the lips back into a confused grimace. It took him a good minute to process just what the Elf was saying, when he translated it in asking, "You want to become a lifeguard?" The eager, warm nod he got had confirmed it, and loosened up his composure to return to a bright smile. "Well..." Considering her swimsuit, with the cross notified upon her breast matching his own, "I see you already got your uniform, so you must've passed the entrance exams already! But, lady," he then huffed, beginning to protest lightly, "couldn't you have picked a better time to come in? We're literally a half-hour away from closing."

"Oh?" Lena the Elf hummed, blinking her bright blues questioningly as she stood rooted in place; hands delicately hovering around her hips and legs set together to form a straight line of the body. But then realizing her error and the awkwardness of the situation had the young elf's expression drooping, "Oh my..." while she'd murmur her worry and turn her eyes to the tiled floor. "I have erred, for I have not foreseen that this building would have hours of operation." So then, she heaved a quiet sigh and began to step away, announcing "I relinquish my request, sir Lifeguard; forgive me of my trespass, I beg."

Evidently Lena sure talked in a fancy manner and it was hard for the far-more-casual boy to translate, into "English, please!" Even though he did find it rather amusing. A big grin stayed on his face, though, as he'd draw close and stop the Elven girl in her retreat, where he reassured her; "Don't worry 'bout it; I can't give you a formal swim lesson but if you'd like to just swim around," he invited her by extending a smooth arm unto the pool beyond, "be my guest!"

Twas enough to put cheer and mirth back into Lena's face, as she'd perk back up and stare questioningly into the boy's face. She murmured, "You speak the truth?" Before her eyes followed his arm to the pool and with the confirmation made in a nod- the girl simply exploded in a show of sheer happiness. "I thank you, sir lifeguard!" would be her cheer, completed when the blonde beauty threw herself at the boy and wrapped her soft, slender arms around his waist! His slender and streamlined chest had faintly puffed out where he drew in a surprised gasp, his arms frozen at his hips and his eyes locked down at her. Yet his surprise had been lost on the girl, as she'd be beaming warmly up into his face and her eyes began sparkling with joy. "I have always desired to swim in this pool, with these beautiful water clothes granted me! You have provided me my joy, and so I thank you!"

But here the boy was, paralyzed by Lena's sheer proximity, as such would be the closest it ever would be what with her slender figure smushed up against his. Had she no concept of personal space or propriety? Not that the Lifeguard minded too much; after all, she was cute! So he weakly smiled, heaving a chuckle of the same, and being unsure of what else to do had managed an awkward but sound pat upon her back; "No problem." It was enough to get Lena to separate from him, at least; her body receding before she lingered in place with a mirthful smile on her face and her hands pleasurably clasped together. "My name's Bleu," he'd mention, placing his hands on his hips; "I'd shake your hand but I guess among Elves, a hug is greeting aplenty, ey?"

The mention, concerning her hug, had put momentary doubt in Lena's eyes as she'd purse her lips and widen them. Her cheeks very faintly reddened, "Ah," and she drew in a breath as if to explain but words came out far later than she'd wanted. "Forgive me," she asked instead, bowing in her overtly-formal and apologetic manner, "I could not contain my excitement, of being granted access to your pool of swimming on this evening of dour weather. My knowledge of human customs is peculiar," she humbly explained, straightening up again with a worried pout to her face, "And I hope earnestly that I have not offended you with my closeness."

"Hah!" The boy Bleu had to grin; she was so innocent and sincere, it was adorable. "Don't worry about it," he granted instead, reassuring her by a boyish, careless grin; "Nothing wrong with a hug, I'd say; I like to get up close and squeeze people myself, every now and again." Whether or not that was true, it was just to comfort Lena. In of that he flicked his hand to the pool again and went on, "But please; go, enjoy yourself! I'll be watching over you."

A smile surely enough had returned to Lena's face and she affirmed, "Guarding my life, as a Lifeguard should." Then so, merrily had the young Elven maiden turned aside and hopped into the water as she'd been doing before Bleu interrupted her. She seemed all too happy to be therein, surrounded with cleaned and filtered water that she'd merrily splash about her. Her giggles were heard rupturing through the pool area even as Bleu stepped away and traced the edge. He was happy, seeing as Lena was already having such a good time, and just for her- since there was no one else around anyway- he'd go and pluck out some of the best pooltoys from the pile and throw them into the pool with her. They plopped onto the surface and bobbled voluminously, their airy forms comfortably settled thereupon like the floaties they were, and with their presence Lena had rejoiced. "Thank you, Sir Bleu!"

"No problem!" The boy called back, laughing even, while he looked on and observed the Elf's almost child-like infatuation with the pool, the water and especially the Pooltoys. The water around her was shallow, barely up to her hips, so the pooltoys were allowed to be in there without being a safety hazard like what applied to many other public pools. Not to mention this town was far more lenient than most when it came to having objects in the pool. That was all part of why Bleu worked there instead of at any other town. In that he left Lena to enjoy herself, while he went and made his rounds to ensure everything else was sound for the night. The young Lifeguard saw fit to leave his junior be, for the time being; after all, she was a lifeguard too. How could she drown or get into any trouble, in shallow water, at closing time? 

It was easy for Lena to wade around in the shallow water, and her slim body sifted perfectly throughout by delicate strokes of slight limbs. Her slick blue swimsuit, of a similar material to the soft and squashy pooltoys around her, had a way of melting and shifting with her body in every move it made. More so, with her wet and milky flesh, it chirped and whined when rubbed up against the body of one such toy when she hugged it; she adored the sound. One could say, for such a slim Elf, she enjoyed and loved big, poofy things like these and took her time cuddling into each one. Soothingly she stroked their beautiful, smooth and glossy bodies, whispering to them as if they were animals of the forest. She listened to their soft squeaks of response, and felt their delicate latex flesh bulge and yield under her thin fingers.

Most delightful of all, was Lena's swimsuit; the fact that it was made of the very same glossy, stretchy and supple material as the pooltoys only accentuated her joy of wearing it on her body. When she stroked the waters, it stroked her in a blanket of silk that tickled her and made her smile. She could never have gotten tired of constantly feeling this silken caress; at least, not until she started feeling like a pooltoy herself. That at least had to be the closest summary to what the young lady started feeling, deep inside, the longer she remained in the pool water.

To be exact, what young Lena first noticed was a certain tightness, a certain pressure, building up inside of her like a painless cramp and she'd have thought that perhaps she had been in the water too long or eaten too soon beforehand. Her expression lowered to one of mild concern but still she swam, pushing and pulling through the waters with her spry limbs though they felt increasingly tight by the second. No ordinary cramp could have been felt throughout her entire body as she was feeling right then and there and it caused a silken whine to muffle out of her mouth. For greater cause of concern would be that her milky, silky flesh was looking increasingly like the materials described as it; appearing paler than usual, a pure white, even under the water.

The young lady stopped, remaining half-crouched to keep her body under the water, and looked therein just to run one of her hands along the wrist, feeling tight and pressurized more than the water would normally have caused. Her fingers slid along the skin which felt unusually smooth- sensitive, too, while she'd be overrun with static tingles of pleasure from her own touch. Not only did her wrist feel abnormally soft, but her fingertips as well; like grinding silk together on silk, soft even for Elf flesh. This made no sense, however, for even as this wasn't necessarily a bad thing, turning pure white and becoming ultra sensitive and softer than ever before was cause for concern! More so would be the fact that, before her eyes, her slender wrist was plumping up and widening faintly- or was that just the water's illusion?

It was well enough to worry Lena, who'd responded by standing up promptly and getting her upper half out of the water. She confirmed, by gazing down at her extended arms in anticipation, that her skin was unusually pale; a crystal snow white, and seeming about as smooth and glossy as the pooltoys surrounding her. "Oh my," she murmured, speculating on this anomaly with an uncertainty on how to feel, especially with the rhetorical question of "Am I- becoming that which I hold so dear? But there's no way, I-..." But there it was, as shown by her slick and elegantly-jointed fingers pillowing up with whatever fine musculature had once composed her arms- and her legs! While still under the water, it was clear that they too had become pure-white and glossy like a pooltoy, overcome by the same pillowing effect expected of something full of air instead of flesh.

It'd be on that note, Lena realized with a faint gasp, that her feet were leaving the floor of the pool; her whole body, pulled up by an inexplicable force coming from the pressure within her! Sandwiched between the internal pressure and the water pressure, her skin tingled and she'd have reached down to feel her thighs right before her very feet slipped out from under her. Lena released a surprised yelp, and in an instant her gaze flung skyward and to the ceiling, to the dull gray skies and the windowed ceiling keeping the rains off of her. The next thing she knew, she was on her back; floating on the water like the pooltoys around her, and its cool lick flicking at her underside. Surprised, the young Elf had retaliated by craning her neck and flexing her abdominals, which tickled as they lost their tone and became a pillowy-smooth surface kept still under the latex strip. Sitting up she'd become aware of mounting pressure and stretching sensation in her hips, in her legs, and her eyes and hands alike fell to it- just to find, with her shock and awe, that they were expanding.

The poor young Elf, without reason or explanation, was in fact blowing up and turning into a pooltoy. She watched, awe-struck, as the slender form of her hips and thighs was lost to this pillowy, un-elf-like swell comparable only to a blow-up doll while feeling her own skin extend and expand under the building cushion that could only have been air expanding underneath. Her once-slim and delicate fingertips turned into airy digits had probed and fondled anxiously, squashing her hips under her fingers; trying to push it back down! But it resisted her; the air inside her body shoved back, bulging around her hands uselessly with soft, doming swells that were undefeatable. Lena was growing a pair of plump, full and ripe legs more akin to that of a Succubus, but at the same time her breasts were rising to match. They'd been small, reasonably proportioned and just large enough to catch eyes- but before Lena's own, they too swelled up, rounded over, and began to rise in front of her. Lena drew in a gasp, her eyes of baby blue bugging wide, and she snapped her hands off of her expanding hips just to grab two big handfuls of this new bust.

Many a girl probably would have been delighted, to see her breasts growing big like this, but Lena knew no such depravity in seeing the appeal of a larger body. To an elf, such assets could only get in the way and her breasts were really growing to the point they blotted out her view of her lap, and the increasingly-lush creases of her groin where swelling legs met her waistline. Her breasts were swelling and rounding like literal balloons, because they were literal balloons, out beyond the normal coverage of her once-modest neckline; becoming a vast and long line of pure-white and glistening cleavage that she was far from used to.

Deep inside her expanding air-filled chest, Lena's heart was beating a mile a minute and her jaw was fast dropping in horror of her revelation; the fact she was a balloon and not an Elf. How did this happen? She wondered on it, even while- to her utmost relief- the pressure and the stretching had stopped just as suddenly as it'd started. The end result, as the girl found out, was a vast pillowy hourglass of a body instead of the perfect little hourglass she was used to; her legs, swollen up into ripe and thick airy things thick enough to put any woman to shame, and a pair of breasts like softballs that matched. Inside her, the air stood static; tingling against her flesh turned to latex, quivering and squeaking with the subtlest move she made.

Lena let go of her breasts, and the silky cleavage rubbing against itself gave off a tender series of whines and chirps- she couldn't believe her ears. Reflexively she snapped her arms up and clamped her palms over them, only to give off more grinding wails of stretching latex in the process. She couldn't believe it, simply enough; her heart-rate was maddening now as much as her poor, innocent young mind knowing nothing of the reason or purpose of this transformation. There she'd be, sitting upon the water, her body bloated into an inflated hourglass that extended beyond the limits of her taxed swimsuit in voluminous curves.

So then had moments passed, while the Elf Balloon sat in shock of herself. But after that initial internal panic wore off, it turned physical as she then tried to move again, taking her hands off of her ears just to try and lean over onto the water. It was as if she thought she could just dive back in and paddle to the edge of the pool, but for her- no such luck. She was, naturally, full of air and the reaction she got was her thighs grinding together while she toppled uselessly over and so consequently her overblown breasts squashed into the water's surface. The elf yelped, as she bounced on those bosoms once or twice, before coming to settle on the rustling water that pushed her gently up and down in its motions. Then after coming to terms with that shock and awe, realizing she floated just like the pooltoys, the Elf struggled- next just trying to paw at the water and propel herself to shore somehow.

For a girl with no weight and no mass to her air-filled body, this was harder than it looked as it mostly had the girl flapping her palms and legs uselessly into the water. She did nothing but nudge and jostle herself, inadvertently slapping her legs with her hands on occasion while making a water angel upon her belly; as a result sending pleasant vibrations through her airy figure that had her whine and groan like the latex she was made of. She needed help- where was Bleu? The other young blonde Lifeguard; he had to be somewhere around here, right? So pushing herself up again from the water,coming up sprawled thereupon and straddling in failure, the balloon elf peeked around- yet could not sight her companion. "Bleu?" She came to cry out, trying not to let her fear and panic show in her quavering voice, "Fly unto me; I seek your aid! Bleu!"

Surely enough, Bleu did show up. But, by that time- as he'd gone on an extended coffee break that took a good fifteen out of their total thirty minutes- Lena had already found her way to the edge of the pool. Truly as he'd not been expecting his youthful trainee to have turned into a balloon, he was not looking for the pure-white elf pooltoy seated by the pool's edge. Lena had been busying herself, fussing over her once-perfect figure through palming and pushing at it vainly and watching her own flesh bulge and swell out in response. Just as well she attempted to take off her swimsuit, perhaps blaming it for her transformation; but with how rotund her breasts and hips had become, it was impossible. The straps she tugged had the rest of the suit bulging and hugging into her figure, where the slick and sticky swollen latex insistently clung together. Trying to strip her suit was futile and so was attempting to deflate, as the air seemed perpetually trapped inside her.

The boy had evidently not been paying attention, searching instead for the blonde head and milky skin and not the hourglassed balloon elf sitting right by his path. He walked right past her, and it wasn't until Lena turned her head over her shoulder, gasped, and called his name "Bleu, here!" that he'd actually noticed. His eyes turned down, met the pair of wide, frightened blue eyes staring back into his, belonging to a familiar young feminine face, and his eyes must have popped out of his skull in reaction.

"Whuh-?!" the boy lifeguard exclaimed, dropping the mug of Coffee he had in his hand just to be staring at the poor, balloonified girl- "Lena?!" and almost choked on his own spit with the sudden realization. "Lena, what-?" he'd begun but never truly finished, as his eyes skeptically traced up and down her figure of ludicrous feminine curves, and reacting instead with no words drawn from his dry, agape maw.

"I do not know," the girl moaned sadly, having clasped her own breasts and crushed them in her hands, just to have them create a starfish indentation around the fingers; "I was swimming, and then I felt floaty, and then I turned white, then I became this...!" Now evidently unused to having a body this buxom and unaware of its alluring nature, she presented her overblown breasts and plumped hips to the stunned boy; "I'm a balloon, Bleu...! What do we do?" So would be her sighing question, looking to the youth for support and aid in her time of need.

Fortunately, Bleu was not exactly a huge pervert but he was a boy regardless, and seeing a girl with such swollen assets- in fact a balloon at that- had him quite unsure himself of how to feel. Yet his reddening face and flustered dilating eyes spoke for him when they laid upon the rotundity, the plushness, of the air-filled figure Lena sported. On top of that he did calm down, and he asked the same of Lena when her murmured "It's okay, Lena," and thus knelt down beside the distraught young Elf. "You've, balloonified, I think, but..." As if it were of any consolation to her, "It happens all the time, okay? People have just been... doing that, lately- turning into balloons, I mean. You wouldn't be the first one," he softly reassured, extending a hand to lay upon her shoulder- and subtly squish into the airy flesh from there- "But you won't be the last, either."

"What?" Lena peeped, blinking her expressively wide and wondrous blue eyes where her expression dropped from fear to concern, then curiosity. "I'm not the only balloon? Then... what is being done about this? What can I do about this?" She, most affected of all between them at least, well, "I'm a balloon, I..." So staring down at her body with deep worry in those eyes, her voice cracked with concern; "I don't think I can simply go home and live my life like this... Is there no cure?"

The look of hope she'd given to Bleu was enough to melt his heart, to make him want to hug and squeeze her- but that was probably just her balloony appeal melting his mind. Bleu resisted, just enough to meekly, if bashfully, smile and take Lena's hand to squeeze reassuringly. "I wouldn't worry about it, Lena," He hummed as warmly as he could, "Because if being in the water triggered this change, I'm sure that drying off will reverse it." But as much as he couldn't simply have left the poor girl to her own devices, and since it was high time for him to close down the pool, he had to be a gentleman and kindly offer, "Want me to take you home?"

The feeble, worried nod he got from Lena had him nodding gently in return, and so had given the poor girl one last bout of reassurance by patting her airy head. "Okay... Go ahead to my car, and I'll see you there after I'm done closing up. You can't miss it," he said, so using his hand on hers to pull her up to her feet, "It's the baby-blue car, same color as your eyes."

Somehow that might have been interpreted as a flirt, what with the similarity in how his hand was holding hers, and Lena sheepishly smiled; her pale white cheeks becoming quietly redder while she found herself managing to beam back into his own baby blue eyes. "Thank you, Sir Bleu," she did graciously say, feeling just a bit calmer about her situation and very grateful- very grateful indeed- that her new friend seemed to know what'd happened and what would fix it. As such, the young lass turned balloon would turn around and step, upon wobbly feet between swollen thighs, to leave the pool and go change into normal clothes.

Truth be told, Lena could not get that swimsuit off of her, no matter how she tried; not with her own body getting in the way. As such she opted to put her regular clothes on over it, and as such had slipped them on- or tried to. The skinny jeans that'd once been relatively flush to her body would now bulge, and barely cooperate, with her voluminous new hips. Trying to pull them on, grunting and moaning her exertion throughout, bore little fruit as her plump, round butt cheeks and hips bulged over the hem. To her fluster, she managed to get those jeans on only by struggling and wriggling her butt, stifling her ears to the loud protests and creaks her body gave off in response; just how they fit after that was a mystery since she had more leg than the jeans had capacity.

It turned out, all that air once being in her hips and legs had gone straight up into her breasts and- dare she consider- her belly. Standing topless in the locker rooms revealed that as the chill air bit at her exposed white flesh. She'd have felt momentarily around her waist, where her breasts blocked vision, and found out- by the swell of belly now dominating her waistline- that all that air had gone straight to it. Lena dreaded to look in the mirror, knowing she looked like some bloated, immensely pregnant girl, and shut the mental image out just to grab her silk blouse. Thank goodness, this garment was reasonably stretchy given the material, and its sensitive fibers felt good against her sensitive latex skin. Managing to push her arms into their respective sockets was a slight struggle, given there were somewhat puffier than normal, but the blouse was made to flow and so they fit skintight therein. For that same reason she didn't struggle with buttoning down the blouse as much as she'd thought it'd be, but chose to do so from the top down.

First was to cram her overblown breasts into her blouse somehow and she did so by pulling the sides furiously, squeezing her bloated bosoms underneath. It was a struggle, like forcing a balloon into a set of clothes- which was literally all this act was- but her breasts compressed down just enough for her to seal the first button. The next, as given her puffy hands gliding down the front, was a bit more difficult as she scraped them against her bosoms and struggled to get the button into the socket. Holding her breath obviously didn't work, as every such heave made her breasts expand and moan into her already-tight blouse, so she tried exhaling instead- and it mercifully went down, just enough for her to work down the rest of the buttons. So dexterously even for a balloon had she pushed her body down enough to seal up her blouse.

The end result, well, Lena really wished she'd not been vain enough to peruse in the mirror. Peeping therein she saw her own reflexion, of a very flushed-faced young Elf with her skin turned completely white, even her hair, with an immensely bloated body far too poofy to be considered even human. A vast butt and thighs were squeezed into skinny jeans, which made her upper body look absolutely bloated as her waistline poured voluminously over the hem of the pants more like a balloon than any form of pregnancy, and overstuffed breasts just as much stuffed into the top of the blouse even as the whole body forced gaping holes in between the buttons. She looked more like a blow-up doll stuffed into a set of clothes, than a girl at this point.

So the natural response to such a sight had been a drawn-out sigh, that made her overinflated body heave and groan as she did, where her hands self-consciously probed up and down her distended waistline that'd once been a flat belly. Lena really was, just a big balloon at this point. Being dejected with that revelation had the snow-white Elf turned and shuffled aside to get out of the building and to Bleu's car; even then her swollen thighs grinded against one another to resemble more a waddle than a walk, and her own body ruffled and creaked inside her clothes that once fit perfectly.

Once Lena stepped out of the recreation center and into the rain, she knew she was in trouble. More or less, anyway, considering that being made of rubber meant she clearly couldn't catch cold. Nonetheless it was only natural that she'd not want her clothing wet, overtaxed as it was over her bloated figure, and so- clutching her arms around her bloated midsection to steady it- the girl rushed out and into the rain, towards the baby-blue car that Bleu had spoken of! In her jeans, her swollen and sensitive thighs had rubbed and ground up against one another as well as upon the denim, which was abraded her legs' sensitive rubber. The clumsy side-to-side twisting of expanded and tightly-kept hips caused a bouncing, jostling motion in Lena's upper body that had her belly swaying in a like motion and her breasts- bouncing and bobbing even in her tight blouse. The pressure was real, grinding up against her body from the outside with every move, and even then she could swear that- as she got wet- the swelling internal pressure was returning as well.

There was no way Lena wanted to bloat up into a parade float parody of herself, not when she'd already had her slick and slender Elven figure mocked into this balloony aberration. As such she quickened the pace, huffing and yiping softly under the downpour even while her bouncing breasts, jostled by her swaying belly, jumped up in her face and obstructed her vision. She knew she'd made it, when inadvertently her expanded beachball of a belly had bulged and shoved up into the window of Bleu's car and sent air shoving elsewhere into the girl- making her top two buttons swell up and pop clean off! Her cleavage spilled out of her blouse, two voluminous melons half-exposed to open air and rain even if the white silk being wet had become semi-transparent. So embarrassed was she, now looking like some kind of bloated flirt, that she bemoaned her ballooned body with a low groan and gave it up. This didn't stop her from desperately seeking out the handle to the car door and pulling it, fumbling for some kind of trigger that'd make it open.

Mercifully the car was unlocked, and the door came open enough for the swollen Elf to come and bulge around it- before slipping in. Her rotund butt, kept tightly in denim to a firm, bouncy composition, bunched up into the chair and she waved her whole body from side to side just to extend her arm, grab the door from the inside, and slam it shut- blocking out the pouring rain and leaving her in the quiet safety of the car. From there she heaved and panted, easing back into the car seat's plush embrace, while hugging her arms around her overblown belly and staring up into the sky beyond and above. She made it, thank goodness, but she was a balloon.

That fact would not escape Lena, as she'd taken to glimpsing down into the deep, dark expanse of her exposed bustline and instantly regretted it. Vast, shiny tracts of boob, open and swollen flirtatiously beyond the coverage of her blouse, even bulging up over the sides, in a way that she could not possibly re-seal. She gave up on that right away, and took to quietly waiting; listening to her breathing and the creaking it created in her body, of softly-expanding and contracting silken rubberflesh. The churning croak of latex pushing in and out, pressure mounting and easing against her clothes, was enough to temporarily relax the distraught Elf who'd turned her thoughts back to her lifeguard. At least she'd get a ride home...

Surely enough, Bleu did come and he arrived with the urgency and swiftness that put the bloated Elf at ease. She'd definitely be home soon, and knew it to be true while the boy climbed into the driver's seat beside her and slammed the door shut in the same rushed sense as she. Momentarily glancing at her, and her at him, had a certain dryness forming in his throat and a flush to his face with that same dilated wideness to his eyes, like a little boy staring at something he adored. Lena huffed, staring back at him; her own face quite red, in as embarrassing as this was- but did sheepishly smile. "S-stop gazing upon me as you are," she timidly requested, "You seem as if... you... actually like me all blown up like this..."

"Ah!" Bleu snapped to attention when she'd said such words, and his face couldn't have been redder, "No!" and he denied it in a huge fluster just to shoot his eyes forward again. "It-it's not that, it's... uh..." But instead of finishing his response he'd fumbled with the keys in the ignition, and turned the car on. Cool air flushed into the interior of the vehicle to contrast the muggy warmth outside, and the blonde heaved a sigh while wiping some of his soaked bangs out of his face. "Nevermind, it-it's nothing," he stammered, in case the Elf were still staring at him, and like that had proceeded to drive along. "Show me to where you live."

So had their trip began, driving across the raining streets of Pneumatown and into the forested inland beyond as Lena directed. Normally Pneumatown was a beachside town but it did have its share of wilderness growing just beyond its borders. Fortunately given its small size, Bleu didn't have to drive far to take Lena out to her house which would be located in a rural neighborhood. "You live in the country?" He'd assume, as they'd be driving through country roads along a forested terrain, past rural houses and to an unsure destination. "How's it like?"

Being in a cool car, and satisfied with the fact she wasn't still inflating like a balloon, Lena had time to calm down in spite of having this huge crevice in front of her being her own body. She meekly smiled, glimpsing aside at him over the expansive bosoms, and nodded though her chin pushed into them amidst it. "It's nice," the girl began timidly as explaining that "It can be boring and lonely sometimes, but the air is fresh and the people are nice and I run a quaint little homestead with a small farm. It's been given to me by my family so, I can't easily just leave it and live in the city. The city's nice too," she did add, looking forward again and directing his turns, "as it has all these people, and stores, and it's all just so wonderful. But I am as they say, socially awkward, so communicating with your kin may be difficult at times."

"Bwuh," Bleu chuckled, as to that latter part where he'd crack a grin, "Don't worry about that too much; you're not uncouth, as on the contrary you're- pretty darn eloquent for someone out in the country! Maybe too much so for people's taste as they're used to crude and casual talk. I guess it's just because you're an Elf?" Not to get on her about her species but, it all added up; living in a forest, close to nature, talking like a noble and with flamboyant terms...

Lena actually took it pretty well, softly laughing as a warmth of such echoed through her airy body in a dull, passive thrum to match the patter of rain on the hood of the car.  "Well, yes, I... yes," she confessed softly so, to beam aside at him with a warm red returning to her cheeks, "I understand, my speech is strange to your ears, but it pleases me that you feel that way." Although that'd have to be it from her, before she fell quiet for the rest of the trip. Funny as it'd been, the way they met, she thought that just maybe, she liked him; he was cute, after all; a genuinely sweet human.

But their time together evidently had come to an end just as brisk as their meeting when the car trip pulled up into a paved driveway amidst a grove of trees. Here she directed him, unto a forest cottage home of surprisingly modern effect in spite of its rustic appearance. It was of that Tudor style of plastered stone and wood, surrounded by a lush yard where fruit trees grew alongside farm plants, and wild animals seemingly roamed freely and without fear- even of the incoming car. Bleu was just as amazed by all this as Lena had been concerning the pool; his eyes drinking in the rural sight with a dry, dropped jaw and his hands absently handling the steering wheel.

By the time he parked, close to the front door, it'd stopped raining evidently and just as well the storm in Lena's mind had come to a close. She could step out of the car bearing a general familiarity with her bloated body, and even while comfortably holding arms around her rotund waist to keep it in check, she bowed to get her head into view of the window and sheepishly grinned at the boy inside. "Thank you for taking me home safely," she murmured graciously, and yet with a curious cock of her head she dared ask, "Would you... like to come inside?"

There was no way Bleu was going to be shy about such an offer into such a wondrous place, and he nodded eagerly just to show his enthusiasm; "Darn right, I would; thanks!" Quick like a wink and hot like a flash the boy was out of the car and standing beside it, and staring out at the property from beside its balloonified owner. His eyes were wide and dilated with joy similar to that which he seemed to have experienced when he laid them upon Lena's bloated body while he couldn't keep from murmuring that "This place, is amazing...!" and he scantly even noticed, the puffy air-filled palm and digits that worked their way into his own. Instead he turned his gleeful eyes to the beaming Elf who'd only flush timidly in response to his wonder, and ask "You really have it good!"

Of this the ballooned beauty could mostly shake and bob her head in modesty, flouncing it about her pillowy breasts jutting up like balloons in her face. "Kindness naturally given is kindness naturally restored," she said absently, as if there were some deeper meaning behind it. Then, lifting her head to beam warmly into Bleu's face, with a look on her own that could have been affection, she squeezed his hand in hers and stepped forward; squeaking and grinding in swollen jeans. "Let's go inside; stay as long as you need to."

According to such had Bleu yielded just as succulently as Lena's waistline under her free hand, as the two stepped up onto the front patio and into the house. Plants naturally grew through holes in the floorboards and over the railing, instead of in pots; this only seemed natural, as an Elf's touch. Twas where nature just naturally coincided and entwined with what was man-made. As they passed through the door, Bleu naturally went first as Lena beckoned- perhaps for good reason, as she'd wound up stopping abruptly in the middle of it. She'd blinked, "Mnh-" and softly grunted, likewise following up with a soft forward tug. Yet she was greeted by a hollow puffing noise, a muffled squeak, as evidently her belly had gotten caught in the doorway. "Uh... Bleu?" Her eyes turned pleadingly to the boy, who was still perusing the cool, dry and comfortable interior of the house; a foyer with a plush carpet and rustic furniture combined with warm incandescent lightning and mystical paintings of yore. "Help?"

The insistence, however, had caught the boy's attention and had him turn around to address his Elven friend- finding her in quite the predicament indeed. The maiden, swollen and bleached white, whined pitifully as she'd be wriggling her waist from side to side, grinding her swollen bloused belly up against the doorframe, as she whined "I'm too big... to fit into my own house..." Granted the doorway had been made expressly for her slender elven body without bearing in mind the concept that she could wind up bloated one day. There was a certain shame and disgrace to that, as she'd be sighing and trying to compress her belly, just to fit through- but her overtaxed clothes with their constriction would not allow it.

Of course Bleu had to rush to Lena's aid, apologizing "Oh, I'm so sorry!" where he'd hurry up and only naturally wrap arms around the girl with intent to grip and pull her. This wound up looking, and feeling, more intimate than he meant when his face came very, very close to the maiden's own and her bulbous, exposed cleavage came bulging up into his taut chest with a compressed belly drumming on him. Realizing what he'd done, a flustered look of embarrassment crossed his young face and yet- it was confused, for what else could he do? Lena was giving him the same look, the same rosy cheeks and the same helpless expression. "I'm sorry," he awkwardly apologized, but given the needy pout the Elf was giving him- there was no other choice. So he tightened his grip on the balloon girl, until his arms sank into the expanse of her swollen back, and he pulled- with all his might.

Lena's belly fought the door frame, bulging around it both inside and out, with all the pneumatic force of the trapped balloon that she was. Locked with her in an all too intimate embrace, squeezing her like one reuniting with a lost love, Bleu groaned and struggled to plant his feet upon the frame. He even had to twist her from side to side a little if it meant getting her out, although the girl did whimper and whine with her swollen waist grinding and squealing into the tight frame. Still at the end of it, she came through with a soft, airy pop and yet- given his stance- Bleu wasn't ready for it. He fell over backwards instead, taking Lena with him- and she fell on top of him.

What the young lifeguard felt next was the girl's pliant and yet lightweight rubbery body flushing upon his front and the plush carpeted floor at his back; sandwiching him between a pillow and a soft place. He found himself in nary the hurry to leave, when he thought about how cozy it was; Lena still inherently holding her arms around him, straddled upon his body despite her bulbous beachball belly getting in the way. She was panting softly from the exertion it took to withstand all that pressure and struggling, her face flushed and staring into his own of listless stupor.

But then Bleu snapped to and realized what he was doing, on the floor, with the Elf, and her breasts widely on display in front of him, and he jolted- his face lighting up like a crimson Christmas light. "Oh my gosh-" he yelped, and spontaneously squirmed just to sit up even as the Elf clung to him, "I'm so sorry!" That wasn't proper at all, and he was ashamed of himself, thinking for sure he'd leave the good graces of his lovely young hostess. 

But Lena, holding on to his chest with her delicate puffy hands, didn't seem to mind; while flushing, she was beaming meekly at him and with apparent amusement and joy in her face. "All is well, my dear sir Bleu," she did manage to say, if while struggling to kick her legs up under her and stand along with him, "Twas an accident and little more; you needn't be ashamed. So now..." She bemused, taking her eyes off of the flustering boy just to stare around the room, "That I am now a balloon, and shall have a hard time moving around my house... whatever shall I do? Do you know if I'll deflate?"

While his mind came back into focus, Bleu managed to shake aside his shame and embarrassment just to feebly nod, "Yeah," much as he'd seen it happen only sometimes before. "It's getting late," he managed to say, huffing while glancing at his watch, "and I really shouldn't stay here with you. Go on to bed and I think, you'll be fine when morning comes. Just uh..." His eyes traveled momentarily downward, not to stare into the gaping,tempting chasm of Lena's breasts but at the blue swimsuit still visible under her blouse. "If and when you deflate to a more manageable size, get that swimsuit off." Such was his instruction, before he redirected his attention to his eyes- much as the girl was wondering what he was staring at. "Where did you get it?"

Lena answered the question, pertaining to her swimsuit- inherently the cause of her bloating- with dubious knowledge. Her eyes became distant and her expression blank, wherefore she was trying but, "I cannot... remember." She'd blinked once, twice, three times, and so had her tone turned to a worried whimper; "How could this be? I recall donning this swimsuit earlier this evening and coming unto the pool of swimming to take swimming lessons with it, but... I cannot recollect how I attained it."

By that knowledge had Bleu gritted his teeth, and let off a soft huff. "Well..." He breathed, taking his eyes off of her for a moment just to anxiously scrub a hand through his dense blonde hair, "I guess we'll never know why you went poof..." That and Lena's probable future being unknown, the youth would look upon her glistening white expanse of a form with worry in his eyes. "Are you going to be okay from here?"

Lena nodded, but absolute confidence was lacking in her eyes where she honestly murmured that "I'm not sure..." Staring down, seeing only the extent of her bust and the horizon of her belly within a stretched blouse, the Elf would be concerned that, perhaps, this was permanent. By that notion she turned a pleading look to her lifeguard savior, and so quietly requested, "Bleu," with her soft hands- even more silky than they'd been when made of flesh- came to grasp around his own. "Would you kindly stay overnight?"

Much as he did not actually know this girl, Bleu nonetheless felt responsible for her ballooning- somehow. Yet seeing how sincerely she stared, with her bright blues wide in worry and her soft skin seeming so delicate, so poppable, he drew reason for concern. That's how he let her hands sink around his own, and clasped his free hand over them with a solemn shake; "Alright," he'd grant quietly so, drawing the Elf's puffy hands into his chest; "I'll hang around at least until the morning but I have to go back to work tomorrow- doubtless, so do you. You may have to go as a pooltoy," would be his fair warning, "If- you don't turn back into an Elf overnight at least..."

"That's okay," Lena softly said, as a smile gracefully returned to her young and pale face; "I feel safe with a sir lifeguard protecting me. We'll see what tomorrow's sun brings, Bleu. Come," she granted then, using that grip on his hands to pull him deeper into the house, "Would you like something to eat?" So was how it'd been, that being drawn together by an inexplicable ballooning had the Lifeguards, young and old, come to know one another under strange circumstances.

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Love it

I love this so much! Can't wait for Part 2!