Well Deserved Day Off, A

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"Enjoy your day at OmegaWorld! 

…ugh, fucking god" 

Anna groaned to herself as another family headed further into the park, checking her phone for what must’ve been the fifth time in as many minutes, and just like those previous checks, her situation remained virtually the same as ever: 1:12 PM, only 3 hours or so into her shift, the blistering sun hanging overhead, the distant yet still pervasive sounds of amusement park rides, hyperactive kids and unreasonably angry parents assaulting her ears from all sides, and no end to any of it in sight. This was pretty much her worst case scenario she could have imagined when she first took this bullshit job. It had seemed alright when she was first applying, sure, just make sure nothing catches fire and occasionally sweep up some vomit, easy summer paycheck. This plan, however, was reliant on the small time cheapskates who owned the place actually knowing how to run an amusement park. This was Anna’s first mistake. Her second was banking on that piece of shit stoner Robbie to actually turn up for work today. These mistakes were how she found herself in her current predicament: manning the balloon cart out in the blazing July heat on what was supposed to be her day off. She could have punched someone if she wasn’t so exhausted.

Business was going at an infuriating rate of frequency, with customers showing up just frequently enough that she didn't feel justified in goofing off and just watching youtube videos all day, but still far enough apart that her already low patience ran out without much time having passed at all. She'd been stuck on one of those obscure, off-the-beaten-path routes between areas of the park, apparently in some attempt to spread vendors out and increase sales, but with so few people going in that direction anyway it really just felt like pissing in the wind. Still, there were people nonetheless, and before long Anna found that the cluster of balloons she'd started the day with had dwindled away to almost nothing. This was no real issue, logistically speaking, she'd been supplied with a bag of enough spare balloons to replenish the cluster 3 times over and enough helium to accomplish just that. Of course, logistics were only one half of the equation. The other half was the repetition: having to manually fill up, tie off and tie down every single balloon with no recreational distractions right under all the ire of the midday sun

This, understandably, was not Anna's idea of a good time. 

With a resigned groan, she placed the first balloon on the nozzle and kickstarted the flow of lighter than air gas with a flick of her wrist. At least, that was the plan. In actuality, the valve refused to give an inch, remaining steadfast even in spite of Anna attempting to open it with both hands. Anna struggled and strained for what felt like an eternity, but the entire exercise would ultimately prove to have no effect other than sore hands and frustration.

“Ugh, for fucks sake, what the hell is wrong with this thing?” She asked nobody in particular, giving the tank a few cursory glances to see if any immediate faults could be spotted. However, despite her best efforts, no immediate faults with the tank presented themselves. It had all the hallmarks of a standard, fully functioning helium tank, despite evidently being anything but. With those possibilities exhausted, Anna went in for a closer look at the nozzle, theorising that maybe it had somehow gotten blocked. How this would prevent the valve from turning, she had no idea, but she couldn’t think of anything else that was worth trying; she was by no means some kind of helium tank repair expert and, even if she was, she certainly wasn’t being paid enough to act as one. This too seemed to prove fruitless. Though the inside of the nozzle appeared normal, it was only on this closer inspection that Anna suddenly realised the infrequency with which the average person inspects the nozzles on gas canisters, and thus she had basically no idea of what would indeed constitute “normal“ when it comes to the subject of them. By this point, she had fully given up, and with one last groan of irritance she went to pull out her phone and call her manager to either arrange for a new tank or at the very least find someone stronger than her who could maybe get the valve open.

It was only when she took her eyes off the tank to reach for her phone that, as is often the case in life when one gives up and stops paying attention to something, that the tank finally began to do something. In one instance, the tank began spraying its gaseous payload out directly into Anna’s face at full blast, sending the girl tumbling back in surprise with a sudden yelp. The shock of suddenly hearing the roaring hiss of the gas at its maximum ferocity, the sudden loss of balance and the impact of her landing on the grass behind her all within the span of a second combined to create a heavily disorienting situation; a situation that ended just as suddenly and jarringly as it began. Once Anna had gotten her bearings, she found that the tank had ceased spewing the gas out and that the loud hissing that came with it had once again given way to the ambient sounds of distant rollercoasters and screaming children. Confused and slightly apprehensive, Anna approached the tank and gave the valve one last try, finding that the valve opened and released the helium without muss or fuss, much to her relief. Thus, after what felt like a lifetime of minor irritation, she finally set about restocking the large bouquet of balloons overhead.

Anna soon found herself getting into a rhythm: Make sure the balloons are good and stretched out, fill them up with helium, tie off the neck, tie on some string, attach to the cart, rinse and repeat. It was tedious, nobody would deny that, but it was a level of consistent activity that had been missing from her day thus far, and she welcomed the distraction. It would not be long, however, before something new arose to distract her from her own distraction. After a few minutes of inflating the balloons, Anna became aware that the hissing noise of the tank seemed to be persisting even when the tank was off. Even in moments where one would expect silence, that light airy hiss was still there, insistently going along just above the ambiance.

“...the fuck?” Anna muttered quietly to herself, bending over to inspect the tank for the second time that day as she wondered just what on earth could be wrong with it this time. As she did so, however, she found that the noise was no louder or quieter than it had been previously, despite her newfound proximity to the nozzle of the tank. It was as if the source of the noise was moving along with Anna, maintaining a constant level of volume. Anna, for her part, was prepared to chalk this up to her mind playing tricks on her, or perhaps a consequence of having listened to music too loud, or any number of inconsequential factors, but the sound simply refused to die down. In fact, as it continued to whisper away in the back of her mind, it brought with it new sensations that she found harder to ignore. Her default, mildly positive customer service face gave way to a confused yet irritated scowl as she felt a kind of cool itchiness on her chest. It was as if a light spring breeze had somehow found a way to get into her uniform and begun to slip elegantly between the coarse, cheap cotton of her button up shirt and her soft skin, yet it was localised too specifically against her breasts to feel like any natural breeze.

“Wait… no way...” Anna thought to herself as the cogs began to turn in her brain. It seemed an utterly ludicrous conclusion, but the kind of ludicrous that one finds somehow makes perfect sense given the right combination of an absurd situation, late summer heat and the wandering mind of a minimum wage worker well past the point of caring about the job they’re actually means to be doing. “God, I can’t believe I’m actually fucking doing this” she muttered as, turning away towards the bushes for at least a hint of privacy, she slipped a hand under her shirt, gave her chest an experimental feel and, in doing so, confirmed her ludicrous hypothesis: this air wasn’t being blown against her chest, it was being blown from her chest. A hand placed over her nipple was met with a steady, insistent flow of cool gas. Through some process she couldn’t begin to fathom, the sudden spurt of helium in her face had somehow caused the gas to enter her body, and it was now dispensing itself in unknown quantities.

As if to further confirm the nature of this gas, Anna grabbed a stray balloon from the bag of spares, lifted it to her nipple after a cautious glance around to make sure that this part of the park was still utterly devoid of guests and, with a slight pained gasp, pinched its neck shut around the nipple of her right breast. Like a baby at the teat, the latex decoration happily drank up the gas streaming from her bosom, quickly swelling outward into the oblate spheroid it was always intended to be. Mere minutes ago, getting her tits out to try and blow up a balloon with them like this wouldn’t have even crossed Anna’s mind as even being on the list of possible things she’d be doing today, and in fact if you’d asked her to do it she probably would’ve been mortified, but at this point it seemed like an entirely sensible evolution of the situation she found herself in; one that she gave roughly as much thought as one would a process such as running out of eggs in the morning and making a last minute change to one’s shopping list. Once the balloon had reached what Anna deemed to be a suitable size, she simply tied it off like she would any other balloon and let it go. As she expected, the gas within the balloon took command over its relationship with gravity, sending it gently floating away into the clouds.

“Right… so, I’ve somehow got helium coming out of my tits, we’ve established that, good to know...” Anna began, speaking to nobody in particular. Thankfully her lack of customers awarded her at least some amount of privacy. “...Now the question is: what do I do with this information?” She asked, waiting in silence for several seconds afterwards as if expecting an answer to simply materialise from the aether. With how the previous events had been, she told herself that this wasn’t the most unreasonable thing in the world to expect. She had helium boobs, for god’s sake, all bets were off at this point. At first she reasoned that something like this would be best dealt with after work, in the privacy of her apartment, and resolved to stubbornly ignore it for the time being. This lasted roughly 6 and a half minutes, as the still-persistent itching sensation, while by no means unbearably intense, quickly began to get on her nerves. She then tried simply pinching her nipples shut, which brought her some much needed relief from the incessant tickle of the helium but was even more short lived, as Anna reached to check her phone, let go of one of her nipples, and only then realised the inconvenience of having to keep your hands busy holding something for an extended period of time. 

Anna now found herself in quite the pickle. Something had to be done, but it didn’t seem as though there were any options left. Doing nothing was too irritating, she couldn’t keep her hands clamped on her boobs all day, and leaving the stand to go get help was entirely out of the question. Having boobs that leaked a lighter than air gas at seemingly all times was something she could just about deal with, but risking getting fired? In this economy? Not a chance. She figured the best thing to do would probably be to phone someone, but there was no guarantee they’d know what to do either, and besides, she needed something done sooner rather than later. 

Then, out of the corner of her eye, Anna spotted some of the excess ribbon that was used for tying down the balloons, and she got an idea. Every synapse in her brain was yelling at her that the idea was stupid and dumb and wouldn't work in a million years, but she figured that in a situation like this it was probably the more stupid seeming ideas that were most likely to bear fruit. Cutting off 2 long strands of ribbon, she wrapped both of them tightly around her nipples and tied them in knots, securing them tightly. At first she winced from the tightness, but after an experimental, hopeful wait of a few seconds, any discomfort was replaced with relief at the fact that the sensation of the helium tickling her nipples against her shirt was no longer present. Giving a small, victorious fist bump, she took out her phone and began lazily scrolling through her contacts, trying to figure out who to call for some help and advice now that the immediate problem had been fixed. Once she’d chosen somebody, she put the phone to her ear and simply let it ring, taking a brief moment to collect her thoughts while nothing was immediately going on

Or at least she would if it wasn’t for a sudden uncomfortable sensation in her boobs.

“Ugh, what the FUCK is going on no-” she began, looking down at her round, bulging boobs to try and work out what on earth was the matter this ti-

"Hang on a minute. Those aren’t remotely the adjectives I’d ever use."

Indeed, running a curious hand over her chest as if to confirm that she wasn’t dreaming, Anna found that her previously ordinary sized, unassuming bosom had grown noticeably larger and more defined, going from just about being noticeable under her loose fit shirt to drawing it taut across her body. Anna hadn’t fully thought this through. Her nipples were still sealed tight, but that wasn’t going to actually stop the gas from being produced, it just meant that it had nowhere else to go; nothing else to do but to collect within Anna’s bust, filling it to capacity and then some, causing her body itself to start to inflate. She gave her boobs a cautionary squeeze, gasping a little as she found that they’d taken on both a strange kind of pressurized resistance and a far more telling squeaky, rubbery texture, as if her boobs had turned into the very balloons intended to be filled by the helium currently filling her. Anna continued to stare at her boobs in wonderment, watching it slowly push further out from her chest and feeling the skin stretch beneath her fingers. The air around her was alive with the sounds of muffled gas hissing inside her, her now rubber, balloon-like boobs stretching and squeaking as they expanded, the fibers of her shirt crackling as limits began to be reached, and the sound of Anna’s own quiet gasps and coos of satisfaction as she found that, for once today, the changes her body was undergoing were to her liking. They all swirled around her; her own private soundscape hidden away from the distant rumblings of rollercoasters and screaming park-goers. Somewhere off in what may as well have been the far off distance to her, she heard a voice calling out from her phone, asking if she was there.

“I… I’ll call you back” Anna just about had the presence of mind to say before hanging up the phone and slipping it into her pocket. She may have still been on the clock, but this was her time and by god was she going to enjoy it. She gave her now cantaloupe-sized breasts a hard, self-indulgent squeeze as she relished in the newfound pleasure, not even paying attention to see if anyone was walking by that might be able to see her, and quite frankly not even really caring much about the concept of anyone seeing her to begin with. If people came for balloons, then that’s what they were gonna get one way or another. Thoughts like these and many others went through Anna’s head at a million miles an hour, as the sudden stimulation and euphoria after half a shift of doing basically nothing whatsoever sent her mind racing. Suddenly, however, she was brought out of these pleasure-drunk inner ramblings with a surprised yelp as one of the middle buttons on her shirt gave up attempting to hold back her swelling boobs and burst free with a loud *POP*, the force causing her boobs to ripple and jiggle in response. Anna giggled as she wrapped her arms around her chest and poked her fingers through her newfound boob window, hugging her boobs towards her like balloons. They certainly felt the part, if nothing else. They had just the right amount of rubberiness, of stretchiness, that smooth, latex-like texture, and on top of it all were 2 swollen, puffy, sensitive nipples somehow holding the line against an almost inhuman amount of pressure from the helium filling Anna up. Her fingers could only barely touch when wrapped around her breasts, which excited her even more. Her attitude was moving away from “I want big boobs” and rapidly moving towards “I want the biggest boobs possible.”

Anna’s shirt, for its part, wasn’t holding on nearly as well as her nipples. With her boobs having just surpassed watermelon size and still continuing to inflate, the garment was at its limits and yet being forced to stretch and strain even more to contain Anna’s helium filled bosom. Bubbles of flesh bulged forward through the gaps between increasingly strained buttons, desperately fighting for release, before finally surging forward as one button or another inevitably gave up the ghost, being launched off into the distance. As more buttons were destroyed, the others stood less and less of a chance of holding on, finally culminating in Anna arching her back and sending all the remaining buttons bursting off her shirt in one rapid fire symphony of popping noises and sharp moans. Like music to her ears. This was what freedom felt like, she thought to herself. Free of the constraints and discomfort of that cheap cotton fabric she wore as a representative of some theme park she didn’t even care all that much about, and free to feel the gentle summer breeze on her taut, sensitive skin.

It was only with her torso exposed to the wind, however, that Anna discovered a second, more pressing aspect of having helium filled boobs. As the breeze danced and flitted around her body, the light-as-a-feather balloons adorning her chest swayed to and fro with it. Even when in a neutral position they seemed to hang upwards rather than down, as if yearning for buoyancy; to be released into the clouds. Anna was momentarily stopped in her tracks upon noticing this, being reminded of the only natural endpoint that comes with something being inflated with helium, and yet, if she was honest with herself, she found that the prospect of such a thing really didn’t strike her as being so bad. It seemed relaxing, or at least better than spending the rest of the day at work, and heck, who hasn’t always wanted to be able to fly? With an air of boldness and confidence one would never have found in the bored, dejected girl running the balloon stand earlier in the day, Anna spread her arms and waited for her boobs to do the inevitable. By now they were the size of yoga balls and resisted almost all attempts by the wind to bandy them about, insistently pointing upwards as if ready at any second to break free of the earth and ride wherever the wind may take them

And sure enough, they did.

Anna giggled in nervous excitement as she felt the heels of her feet start to slowly lift off the ground, so slowly in fact that she almost couldn’t tell if this was the work of the helium she was inflating with or just her reflexively going up on tiptoes to try and facilitate the desired reaction. Sure enough, though, she let herself go limp and hung delicately in place, her only connection to the earth being the very tips of her toes still in contact with the ground

“Cmon, you know you wanna...”

Slowly, almost imperceptibly so, one foot lifts fully off the ground

“Oh god, this is it.”

The second foot quickly follows suit.

Humongous balloon boobs leading the charge, Anna began to float away into the sky.

Nobody paid that much attention. Enough balloons get lost to the sky by careless children at theme parks every day that the few people who noticed what appeared to be 2 large balloons attached to each other didn’t think much of it. Anna, meanwhile, whooped in exhilaration as she ascended above the peak of the highest rollercoaster in the park, officially clear of the park’s boundaries and now free to drift along wherever the wind saw fit to take her. Between the gentle breeze caressing her skin, soft, pillowy cleavage to rest on and not having to be on her feet for once today, the experience was positively blissful. The only complaint she really had was the fact that the ribbons she’d tied her boobs shut with was starting to dig into her puffy nipples, which by now were almost the thickness of soup bowls, but it was relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. Yes indeed, this was something she could definitely get used t-


“Oh that did not sound good” Anna thought to herself as she snapped out of her daydreamy haze. She couldn’t hope to see over her gargantuan breasts at this point, but with a turn of the head she was just about able to catch a scrap of ribbon flying past her. She quickly put two and two together and realised that her nipples must be getting big enough to start putting strain on the ribbons, and once those gave way Anna figured she couldn’t exactly be sure of what’d happen given the pattern of the day so far but she figured that whatever it was would likely involve a fast trip back to terra firma. Helium boobs were manageable, but broken bones were a whole other thing entirely that Anna quite wanted to avoid. She tried desperately to grab her nipples and clamp them shut with her hands again, but she couldn’t get anywhere close to reaching the front of her mountainous boobs. With seemingly no options available, Anna braced herself as her nipples strained hard against the ribbons and awaited the inevitable. Finally, after much buildup, her nipples widened in an instant with an audible *poomf*

But nothing happened

When Anna finally opened her eyes again, she found no sudden freefall, nor helium racing out of her nipples, nor any of the sudden catastrophes she had been envisioning. In fact, not much of anything seemed to be happening at all. There wasn’t even any hissing, as if the gas had stopped altogether. She had no idea what happened. Her best theory was that her nipples must have somehow gotten big enough to have naturally swollen shut and prevented any gas from leaking out. Anna gave a sigh of relief, draping herself against her thankfully still inflated balloon boobs. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she wondered how she was going to get down, but ultimately reasoned that she’d cross that bridge when she came to it. For now, she was taking a very well deserved day off, and she was absolutely going to make the most of it. With a sly chuckle, she slowly reached down and undid the button on her jeans, sliding a hand down into her pants. After all, it’s not like anybody could walk in on her several hundred feet in the air.

Yep, this was a pretty good way to spend a summer afternoon.

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Love it.

Love it.

Bigger, bigger! Make me float!