Swelling Sickness, A

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“Health specialists are warning people of possible new virus that may be harmful to humans. As of this time we have no information on weather this is a virus that has evolved or if it’s an extremist weapon” informed the radio announcer.

Of course, this was missed by the sound of eggs frying in the kitchen of the Taylor house hold as Beth Taylor made breakfast for herself and her daughter Lucy.

As usual Lucy was not up yet. No matter how much her mother told her to set her alarm for 7am she never did.

And like most mornings, Beth was forced to storm upstairs to her daughter’s room.

“Lucy, get up, you’ll be late for school” she shouted as she banged on the door.

After receiving no answer from the teen. Beth stormed her way into Lucy’s room

“Uhhh Mum I don’t feel so good” the teen cried

“Is that so?” Beth questioned. Not believing the girl laid upon her

“I serious. My stomach feels swollen” Lucy pleaded

Suddenly her mother moved closer before placing her hand on Lucy’s forehead

“You don’t seem to have temperature” Beth notes “Let’s actually look at your stomach”

As Beth moved the blanket off her daughter. Her face filled with shock at the blue marks on her little girl’s body

“O, oh my goodness” is all she could muster

After a few minutes of checking Lucy’s body and few more for heavy breathing and thinking. Her mother finally decided that Lucy should stay in bed for the rest of the day

“Don’t worry sweetie. I’m only working this morning. I’ll call a doctor this afternoon” she informed

Her daughter simply nodded as she began to fall back asleep. The blanket covering her from the breeze in the air that day.

Around 30 minutes later. Beth left for work as Lucy rested.

Sleep can be a blissfully ignorant thing, as was the case for Lucy as the blue marks began to spread over her body over a few hours. Not stopping until every curve and crevice was a dark shade of blue.

It didn’t take long after that for swelling feeling she cried of to show itself visually. Her blanket rising as her belly ballooned outwards.

Eventually the teen could feel the breeze on her blue feet, finally waking her up.

As she opened her eyes, she looked at the strange lump that seemed to be under her blanket.

It didn’t take her long to pull it off and come to horrifying realisation.

“M, My belly. What happened?” questioned the scared girl

She could her sloshing and gurgles as she tried to push herself up. Her heavy gut making the task harder than it had any right to be.

Finally, Lucy was able to sit herself up and began to examine her growing situation. It looked as though she had eaten a couple’s bed number of pillows. Her pyjama top doing nothing to cover the issue.

“I need to get to the bathroom” she said to herself as she stood up, holding her middle like it was a huge bag of flower.

Making it to bathroom she parked her gut on the sink. Before screaming at her appearance in the mirror.

“I, it’s everywhere” she noted while she tried to wash it off her face in vain.

After 5 minutes of attempting to clean herself. The teen began to feel her bottoms become tight. She looked down to see her hips and rear were now beginning take on the same effects as her bloated belly.

“I, I need to call Mum” she thought, doing her best to walk towards the stairs. Her tummy wobbling from side to side as she took each step.

Eventually the growing teenager made down the stairs but not before her breasts began to swell up.

Lucy walked to the living room only to find the issue of her body being fatter than the doorframe. While she was able to squeeze her overgrown torso through, she soon found her juicy rump was not budging.

While she pushed on the sides of the frame. Her body continued to expand. As the bottom buttons of her pyjama top popped off and her bottoms began to tear.

After 5 minutes of pushing. The girl’s hippo ass finally popped through. Lucy would have celebrated but she needed to get the house phone.

Grabbing the phone, she rang her mother’s phone number as fast as possible.

“Pick up, mum. I need you” she begged as it rang

Unfortunately for the transforming teen, she was sent to voice mail.

She was suddenly shocked by three her top button of her pyjamas popping off one after the other as her swelling puppies began to free themselves form their silk prison.

In her current state she could be mistake for someone pregnant with God knows how many children if not for her dark blue skin.

Lucy knew she needed help. But she was sure the emergency survives would just hang up at something this stupid. The large lass knew she would have to get to a neighbour’s house despite how embarrassed she was of her current state.

Slowly she was forced to waddle back to the door. Her pants ripping and tearing to the point that she might as well just had her panties on. Sloshing and bubbling noises filled the girl’s ears with each step she took. Soon the weight become so heavy that she needed to take deep breaths every few steps.

Upon reaching the door she came to two realisations. That her arms could no longer reach the handle and that she was now too big for her belly to even get through no matter how hard she could even attempt to squeeze. But of course, even Lucy knew such an act would be in vain.

“I can’t believe it. I’m too fat to fit through the door” The Teen cried as her cheeks blushed a deep purple.

It didn’t take long after that for her bottoms to finally fall the ground in tatters. Leaving her lower half to be cover by her cute little pink knickers that were currently being swallowed by her bulging butt cheeks and being stained by her juicy, swollen crotch. Lucy began to regret not wearing a bra.

After a few minutes of thinking. The schoolgirl was brought back to reality by the noise of more buttons firing of her. Her bosoms now almost completely exposed.

“I need more space” the blue gal thought to herself as she forced her leg off the ground.

But her body had its own plans as her middle began stretch her skin even further than before. Her Pyjama top’s final two buttons finally popped off. Finally letting her juicy jugs bonce freely.

Lucy looked in shock at her now huge blue breasts that covered a large amount of her current view. She tried to cover herself up but her poor arms couldn’t get around her swelling form.

The growing gal’s body wasn’t done yet with it’s rapid expanding yet. Her Body beginning to look a lot rounder as her legs were swallowed by her lower half. Her poor panties holding on for dear life.

“No stop please stop” she screamed. Finding herself unable to move her legs at all. She was undoubtedly stuck

Soon after the house phone began to ring. Lucy trying in vain to grab it. then it went to voice mail

“Hey Lulu” said the voice “I don’t know if your up but I’m just finished work.

“Oh God Mum please get back quick” she begged

“I’m just going to do some food shopping and then I’ll be back. Alright sweetie bye” mentioned the voice as the message ended

“No mum no, please mum come home I’m going to die” Cried the swelling schoolgirl while her arms began to sink into her sphering body.

Lucy did her best to move her body but could only flap her hands around. Her body starting to look rounder by the minute. Her dread was cut short as her breasts began to feel sensitive.

“Wh, what now?” the young Taylor wondered

Soon the feeling increased as her nipples hardened. Her attempts to bite her lip to stop moaning was useless as they escaped her mouth. Something began to build up in her milkers and before she knew it a strange substance sprayed out of them. The blue bitch moaning almost angry at the pleasure”

“Why does it have to feel so good?” her mind screamed

The leakage soon began to ease a bit as the expanding continued. Lucy feeling herself rising.

“Oh, fuck it’s still going” she panicked. Feeling the juice from her blue udders begin to flow into the rest of her.

After so long her undies finally snapped off letting the breeze blow over her swollen pussy.

Lucy began to see her breasts be consumed by her mostly stomach based body. not even realising her hands and feet had also sank into her.

Looking up, the teenager noticed she only a few feet from the living room ceiling. Only taken out of the realisation as some strange liquid made its way up her throat, making her cough.

Looking back down. It didn’t take her long to see her head was beginning to sink. Any attempts she had at screaming were stopped by the liquid forcing itself up her mouth until she couldn’t swallow it back down. All she could do was giving muffled cries of fear as her head was partly swallowed.

Lucy looked around. All she could see was her own form and the ceiling which her head was currently touching.

Her blueberry body began to move slightly, tilting up and down. Only being stopped by the girl’s head.

After a few minutes of nothing but bubbling noises and muffled cries. The teen’s spherical structure began to push outwards. All she could do was scream, begging it to stop.

Her body couldn’t take anymore. Even Lucy knew this. She would have bit her lip if she couldn’t open her mouth.

Soon her body began to creek her body pushing outwards. The blue bitch knew she wasn’t going to make it. as she could do was close her eyes tightly and waiting for her fate.


The living room was flooded with blueberry juice


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Why do you have to call the daughter a bitch?

Berry The Dude
Berry The Dude's picture
because why not 

because why not 

Bjothegreat Inflator
Bjothegreat Inflator's picture
I agree with bimboguy on that

I agree with bimboguy on that the user of the word bitch is unnecessary. Aside from the grammar, it's pretty great. 

Bjothegreat Inflator
Bjothegreat Inflator's picture
I agree with bimboguy on that

I agree with bimboguy on that the user of the word bitch is unnecessary. Aside from the grammar, it's pretty great. 

ThiccPuppette34's picture

Poor girl....................