Swelling Sickness, A

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“Health specialists are warning people of possible new virus that may be harmful to humans. As of this time we have no information on weather this is a virus that has evolved or if it’s an extremist weapon” informed the radio announcer.

Of course, this was missed by the sound of eggs frying in the kitchen of the Taylor house hold as Beth Taylor made breakfast for herself and her daughter Lucy.

As usual Lucy was not up yet. No matter how much her mother told her to set her alarm for 7am she never did.

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Leo spent much of his time with Julia imagining her naked. Sometimes, he would picture her doing whatever task she was occupied with at the moment in the buff; her pert breasts dangling over the homework packet, brushing the paper and arousing ever so slightly, just enough to make her do it again. Most of the time, her pubic hair was completely untrimmed, resting like a dust bunny on her thick, muscular thighs. Her wide hips supported an equally wide -although flat- ass that squished against the hard wooden chair. Her skin was unblemished apart from the freckles on her face.

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An Inflation Story!

Part 1.

Suzi and her boyfriend mark were watching television when the new suddenly popped out in front of them. The news lady was talking about a new virus that has been discovered in China, which made people blow up in various ways. The news lady continued and explained that the symptoms could be everything from giant blown up hands to being blown up like a balloon. It showed up some pictures where a lady’s butt was giant as weather balloon and she was floating in the air.

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