Debut of Vaccum

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There were over ten thousand superbeings on this planet and tonight I was going to become one of them.

Tonight I would make my debut as a superheroine. And luckily for me, one of the world’s worst was right below me.

Looking down over the rooftop I could see two Blackguards alert and prepared for when inevitably some group like The Alliance or Frontier would come knocking. Unfortunately for them, I was going to be their newest dance partner.I gently lowered myself from the side of the building using the firescape. I moved silently until I was just above ground floor, to which I then dropped with a thud.

The two Blackguards' heads swiveled to my direction. They saw as I brought myself up and came walking towards them with all the confidence I could muster. I cut an intimidating figure. A completely black bodysuit with no visible eyes or discernible features, a faceless being. A fedora proudly sat on the top of my crown, while a trenchcoat was wrapped around my body.

“Mutant Detected.” A digitally changed voiced came from one of the Blackguards. “Estimation to be some form of bodily enhancer, but the chances of it being a form transmuter or a tech based fiend are also high.”

I should've been a little more wary,but I just couldn’t.The Blackguard were one of the world’s premier superbeing fighting forces. Well, the organization these two were apart of anyways. It appeared the two idiots in front of me were just fodder. If they were more competent guards, they would have shot me the moment I came down.

“You both should head home now and forget this entire night.” I so gruffly informed them. My voice coming out to be much more deep do to a modular I used. “If not,well I’m just saying both of you will wake up feeling like you were knocked into next Tuesday.”

The Blackguards looked at each other for a minute, right before they leveled out their guns to fire at me. Thankfully it seemed they weren’t equipped with those superbeing killing rifles their superiors handled. Which meant I was free to do the following.

Under my black mask, I opened my mouth to generously engulf a large amount of wind. I could see the debris in the alleyway we were in jump up and flow towards me. My mask caught anything that was larger than an air molecule,leaving me gulping down good ‘ole oxygen/ hydrogen mix. The Blackguard’s were startled of course, which caused one of them to fire off his gun. The bullet traveled out of the barrel, before it wobbled from the vacuum I was causing, and fell to the ground.

The Blackguards soon had to deal with their own problems, as they could feel themselves being brought towards me from the suction. Their feet were dragged by an invisible force, until they lost their footing from the ground.Smiling, I cut off my stream of air, right as the two flew towards me. Aiming my both of my fists straight at their heads,I delivered two quick and decisive blows that knocked the Blackguards out.

“I gave you both a warning! You should’ve taken it” I helpfully chimed in. I burped a little, feeling all of the air swirl inside of me. Hopefully I could deal with whomever else these two were with before the side effects for my powers would occur.

Reaching into my trench coat, I brought out two plastic cuffs I could use to deal with these fools. After cuffing them, I huffed a little trying as I dragged them. I did my best to hide them if one of their buddies came to look. 

Feeling confident with my work, I took their weapons and threw them into the dumpster. I did however make sure to take the clip out of each of them, as well as take out the firing pin. I would have to find something to do with them later.

“Let’s head inside and see what other forces these people brought with them.” I whispered to myself. I slowly walked into the dark halls, noting the blasted open door and disabled security system. This place seemed to be some sort of building dedicated to the advancement of Humankind,or in Layman’s terms, a lab. 

Heading down the hallway I could see various chunks of wall that were blasted apart. It was like a battlefield in miniature here. I cursed as I saw that I wasn’t dealing with a small unit of Blackguards but a division, which most likely was lead by a commandant. A large,power armor user with a gun that could blow straight through a building. I briefly wondered why such a high leveled personal of the Blackguards was needed right before I saw the one of the defenders of this building.

There, on the floor, was a Matter Inc. ARES. Its robotic cyclops head punched through, giving me ample room to see its internal operations.

“You guys are attacking one of Matter’s facilities?” I wondered aloud. 

Mr. Matter, one of the world’s premier superheroes, was currently having one of his labs under siege.I would’ve felt a little giddy if it wasn’t for the fact it was Blackguard attacking it. I steadied my mind so I could continue forward, but released a quick burp from my mouth. 

I covered it quickly, blushing under my black bodysuit. I could feel the air inside of me stir. Opening up my trenchcoat a little, I saw my usually firm tummy distend into a small,but noticeable, potbelly. I huffed in frustration, it seemed the side effects were already showing.I couldn’t stop now, I had a superhero problem at the moment.

So I continued forward to wherever this hallway brought me. Sadly, it seemed to be a wall, and I couldn’t exactly get through that. I scratched my head in thought as I saw it, but an idea shot through my mind. Quickly taking a robot head still intact, I brought it forward to the wall.

A blue triangle formed in front of me, its light washing over the head with precision.I held my breath, waiting to see what would come. I was rewarded with the walls opening up and the interior of a Hi-tech elevator. I stepped inside, still clutching the robo head, and pressed a button.

Tapping my foot slightly, I waited until the doors opened in front of me. Walking out,with the robot head clutched like a weapon, I saw to the side of me the damaged form of what was likely the Blackguards own impromptu-key. I was shaken from my overview of the mechanical thing by a large shockwave. It knocked me off my feet, causing my concentration to stagger.

I could feel my stomach puff up like a blowfish as it strained against my trenchcoat. I clutched it in embarrassment, as well as trying to get it to stop. Pushing myself upwards, I headed down this new tunnel I found myself in. It was white,well mostly, large blackned craters from firing dented walls. Oil slicks from robots and debris littered the tunnel.

I gently placed the robot head down somewhere in this wreckage so I could continue forwards with my search. I followed the shockwaves, which increased in magnitude, until I arrived at a broken gate of some sort. It could’ve been made to create a forcefield, it could’ve just been some kind of steel door, I do not know.

Whatever it was, it was slag now, so I did my best to avoid the sharp points. Soon I came upon the place that metal door was supposed to guard. It was a dome shape arena of some sort, with a device I couldn’t quite describe sitting proudly in the place’s middle. Surrounding a portion of this machine were Blackguard of all level.The only reason they weren’t doing whatever they wanted to do with it was because of a group of robots led by a certain somebody.

“Give up and we might let you live mutate!” The commandant cried out. 

The Blackguard’s division leader was covered in what I could only describe as a slab of metal carved into a vaguely human shape.His weapon seemingly cooling down from firing at his target.

“Fat chance commandant, I don’t know what Blackguard wants with my brother’s doodad, but I ain’t letting you have it. Numbers 32, 54, 35,17, 10, and 23, watch my back!” Mr. Might declared. The robots nodded their cycloptic heads and delivered shots aimed into the crowd of Blackguards surrounding them.

I gasped in awe at the sight, quietly thanking my form shrouding mask to give me some sense of privacy. It was Mr. Might, one of Mr. Matter’s four siblings, and one of the strongest heroes on Earth. Well he is on a technicality.

He could only go that strong for twenty-five minutes and he had to recharge for a day. At the moment, he was probably on the lower end of the strength spectrum. And unfortunately, the commandant could kill him if he had the chance.

But if he was fully charged,it was a sight to behold. One time when Iznocke invaded for his fourth takeover, Mr. Might threw a mountain created by his brother at the invader’s mothership.That’s for another time though.

I realigned my thoughts from the hero worship to how I could help said hero survive. I crept into the room, watching as robots fought against ten or so Blackguards by themselves. But even with their might, the robots couldn’t stand against all the Blackguards by themselves.

Soon the intruders blasted parts of them off, leaving standing twenty or so Blackguards and their commandant. I could see Mr.Might wipe off the sweat from his brow, seemingly getting exhausted from the fight.

I wonder what he did the previous few hours ago to tire himself out so much. I pushed that thought away, he needed help here and now, and that didn’t mean me standing around. I gracefully, to the best of my abilities anyways, walked towards the group.

More focused on Mr. Might then me, I angled myself to utilize my ability to its most perfect form. Limbering myself, I began to activate my power. I began to suck in air like there was no tomorrow. Pieces of robot, Blackguard power armor, or weapons began to fly towards me.

While the rest of the Blackguard were preoccupied with what I was doing, Mr. Might wasn’t as slack jawed as they were. He dashed forth and tackled the commandant from his feet, though this caused both of them to be sucked towards me. Which also meant the rest of the group were being dragged towards me as well. I jumped backwards, cutting off my windtunnel, causing the hurtling group of men to crash into the floor. Various debirs smacked into their bodies, I could hear the Blackguards grunt in pain from the force.I heard them groaning near my feet, mostly from the aches they had received from their little travel.

Mr. Might,meanwhile, was on the floor with the commandant. The commandant’s armor was stronger, and larger than Mr. Might. But this wasn’t the first time the hero had to deal with a Blackguard commandant. He delivered quick blows to the neck and joints of the armor, revealing weak points in the armor’s design.

I didn’t know what I could do to assist the hero, already I could see the other Blackguards groggily get themselves up.

“Hey, doughgirl!” Mr. Might cried out. I don’t know if exactly he was making fun of my appearance, until I realized the name was in reference to my expirence.

“You see that platform to...the right of me?” He grunted as he fought against the commandant. I turned to look towards the direction, and just as he spoke of, there was the platform.“There’s a lever that’ll deal with these idiots down here. Flip it!.”

I nodded, giving him a thumbs up. I dashed like a bullet across to the device. Sadly for me, it wasn’t as easy as I thought. My condition worsen as I could feel the air press against my skin. My stomach bloated ever so larger. And not helping this was the sound of I don’t know how many Blackguards getting up and racing after me.

It didn’t matter, I just focused on getting to that platform. I reached it soon enough, a ladder was pointed into the floor of the base. Grabbing the first bar, I brought myself higher and higher. My belly smacked against it harshly, but still I ignored my discomfort.

Finally I reached the peak of the place, pushing myself upward I clasped the lever and brought it down. A tube rushed downwards onto me and the ladder I traveled upwards collapsed into the wall. The three or so Blackguards, which I now noted, that were climbing up it were dropped harshly onto the floor.

I didn’t worry too much for them, knowing that their armor could protect their bodies from the fall. A large beep echoed throughout the chamber, causing me to formulate what would happen next.I watched as the entire room turn blue followed by white. 

I looked down towards the ground to see what happened to my pursuers. They were curled gently on the ground, and for a brief moment I worried that I somehow killed them.

My fears were unfounded though, as it appeared their chests were going up and down. The tube around me shot back up and the ladder reappeared. Climbing downwards, I looked across the entire arena. 

“Thanks for the help, doughgirl!” Mr. Might exclaimed. I was startled from his sudden announcement, but kept steady as not to appear jittery. I wouldn’t want to make one of my idols think the one who saved them was a jitterbug, right?

I bowed towards him,doing my best to keep my stomach from rolling outside of my coat. A nagging thought raced through my mind and I decided to verbalize it.

“Excuse, Mr Might. If I'm allowed to ask, what was that device I had just used?” I questioned.

“My Brother’s patented ‘Mind Pattern Disrupter’ a device for all your mental ailments!” He spoke as if he was calling out a commercial. “Use it for insomnia, get rid of stress, or use it when one needs to take down a bunch of mutant hating mooks. Make sure your eyes are protected, so as not to knock yourself!”

The man gave me a grin and a laugh.

Mr. Might then stretched, allowing me to gape at his muscular form for a bit, right before he offered me his hand. I took it, allowing him to give me a hearty handshake. I felt my stomach jiggle madly inside of my trenchcoat.

“So what’s your handle, stranger?”

“Vacuum.” I replied immediately, I had already picked a name for myself, not allowing the media to make their own title for me.

“Vacuum.” He rolled the tongue around his mouth like fine wine. “Good name; I could see why you picked that moniker for yourself. I am wondering why your here though? This is a secure facility.”

Internally I screamed in shock at his question. Externally, I kept my voice level.

“I saw two Blackguards outside and I couldn’t just wait around for the police to arrive. I took the hero’s initiative sir,which means it's my job to knock the bad guys to the ground.”

Mr. Might peered down at me, right before another grin split his face open. He gave a small chuckle and rubbed the side of his head.

“That reminds me when my siblings and I were younger. ‘We need the police’ Matter would say, whenever we saw a crime happening inside of private property. Eventually the ‘ole guy finally decided it was better for us to intervene in those affairs.” Mr. Might reminisced. “I’m not my brother, truth be told, so don’t worry about sticking around and giving your testimony. If it’s fine by you, I’ll name you as a ‘third-party’ ally in this entire affair. Just like how Pulsar or Tick-tock were first introduced.”

“That would work fine by me sir.” I replied,doing my best to stay calm. Mr. Might smiled at me before he headed off to deal with his captured Blackguards.

“Oh, before I go.” I called out to him. “There are two Blackguards tied behind some trash! Their weapons are in the dumpster!”

He gave a curt nod at my information. I smiled under my mask and headed off, feeling light on my feet. That’s when it struck me. Looking down I saw myself rise softly from the ground. Groaning, I landed down using all my will to keep myself grounded and rushed towards the elevator.

My body couldn’t contain the wind I had consumed anymore, and my form was slowly bulging with air. I clenched my fist in frustration, waiting as the elevator was traveling up. The doors opened with a click and I dashed forward.

My chest bulged and swell, as well as my backside. Pump, pump, pump did my body go. I needed an open space to release all of my air. I passed the destroyed robots, as well as the broken door,hoping I could reach the alleyway soon enough.

Sadly, it seemed my own body couldn’t keep it together. My ears were filled with the sound of a miniature explosion,I lost the ability to move my hands and feet. All of my frontal vision filled with my enlarged breasts. Blacksuit covered flesh entrapped my neck. My trenchcoat stretched with me thankfully and my fedora was till trapped on my noggin.

I rose slowly upwards, feeling the pressure still mounting inside of me. Larger and larger did I grow; by how much I did not know.  The alleyway’s floor soon became a distant place as I floated upwards, feeling the air swirl inside of me.

My skin distended from all of the releasing pressure,bulging cheeks filled my mask. While the blacksuit I wore stretched with me, it still pressed against a part of me that I won't go into great detail about.

The pressure mounted harshly, like pop rocks followed by coke, and I could see more and more of my vision filled with my suit covered body. All of me was engorged, a minature tornado raged inside of my own form.I couldn’t comprehend how big I was at the moment, but I hoped it wasn’t too large.

Finally the last of the air inside of me subsided, leaving me a large, black blimp under the mercy of the winds. I hoped that I would deflate before the dawn, that's when all of the flying heroes began to emerge.

The wind flipped my head downwards, my groin now showing upwards, allowing me to see Apex City in all of its glory. I was thankfully high enough that none of its light could shine upon me, but still I worried a plane could potentially smack against me. Nothing could help me now accept time, so I settled on replaying my debut as a heroine inside of my mind.

“Powers, I’m going to let this one slide. Not even this could ruin my night.” I mumbled between air-filled cheeks.

Author's Note: 

A superhero fic formulated by the urge to write. Comments are appreciated.

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Lovely work, TugboatWill!

I especially love the world-building put into this work. Is this your first published story?