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Shirley had massively, grossly underestimated how many people had money and a willingness to spend it on stupid things.

Holding up a pump and asking her stream watchers if they wanted to see her pump up her boobs was, obviously, a joke. Much fun was had by all, until she received a rather sizeable donation with a message of "ten thousand bits if you do it kappa."

So here she was, pumping away. It was a shock when she discovered that it actually worked, and the thought of easy money was enough for her to keep going. Even when her former petiteness rivaled the endowments of other, less talented streamers; even when they surpassed basketballs in scale; even when her shirt stopped stretching and started tearing; even when her her skin began to feel tight. Just as most of the view of the camera was covered up by her breasts, and the chat scroll was covered by excited-looking emoticons, her skin began to grow uncomfortably firm. As she struggled to continue pumping against the pressure she wondered when the nozzle would slip free. After all, she reasoned, forcing the plunger down with a grunt, she couldn't just-

The sudden POP startled her enough that the pump flew from her hands, her shirt instantly deflating as she felt a painful crack like an elastic band being snapped across her ribs. She let out a loud curse as she clutched her chest, partly from the sudden pain and partly from shock to steady her now-pounding heart, finding that her breasts had fully deflated and then some, leaving her with near-absolute flatness. Her watchers were concerned, but she waved a hand to show that she was mostly fine and not in need of serious medical attention.

As the stinging faded she heard the text-to-speech read off "a promise is a promise" as the donation came in; roughly a hundred dollars. She didn't know what she would spend it on, but probably not bras any time soon.

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