air pump


Inflation Types:

Shirley had massively, grossly underestimated how many people had money and a willingness to spend it on stupid things.

Holding up a pump and asking her stream watchers if they wanted to see her pump up her boobs was, obviously, a joke. Much fun was had by all, until she received a rather sizeable donation with a message of "ten thousand bits if you do it kappa."

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Pokes and Pumps

Deep underground in a small tunnel, a red rubber woman paced impatiently in her confinement. Her name was Poke, a name she was never too proud of: it sounded too much like her specie’s name, the Pooka. She was your average young adult Pooka, red rubbery skin , a clean visor, an expert in all matters of pacing back and forth underground, and a tail-like stubby air nozzle squarely above her butt-cheeks. At a distance, one could mistake her for a human in an odd bodysuit. Poke was rather frustrated at the moment; she had to endure her ten hour shift in one of the watchtunnels today.

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