Pokes and Pumps

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Deep underground in a small tunnel, a red rubber woman paced impatiently in her confinement. Her name was Poke, a name she was never too proud of: it sounded too much like her specie’s name, the Pooka. She was your average young adult Pooka, red rubbery skin , a clean visor, an expert in all matters of pacing back and forth underground, and a tail-like stubby air nozzle squarely above her butt-cheeks. At a distance, one could mistake her for a human in an odd bodysuit. Poke was rather frustrated at the moment; she had to endure her ten hour shift in one of the watchtunnels today. It was a solid concept, Pookas, taking advantage of their sensitivity to vibration, are stationed in strategically placed tunnels and act as an early warning system for the main village. The problem, as anyone could tell you, is that it was unbelievably boring. Not only was it a ten hour shift, even jobs like retail had the occasional crazy event to stir things up. Watchtunnel duty was just a load of nothing.

Luckily for Poke, she had devised a way of passing the long, arduous hours of patrol. She had gotten the idea from the game that surface dweller was inspired to create when he saw the colony. Dug-dig was it? It’s name didn’t matter to Poke, the content was where it was at. Normally, Pookas utilized their rear nozzle to float across underground caves, hold their breath for extended periods of time, or even flatten themselves in a sudden cave-in. But Poke got a weird little idea. She had seen the ways the rounded versions of the Pookas had expanded in the game and questioned if she was capable of something similar. Not becoming a role-model for tomatoes everywhere, but rather improving areas of her body she felt puberty had skipped over. There was all the benefits to gain, and Poke decided to seize the opportunity. She glanced over to the corner where her newly acquired prized possession lay on the ground: a Model V HI-PUFF. Normally used for industrial purposes, it was what had served as the inspiration for the weapon of choice in that surface dweller’s game. Poke had pulled some strings and savings to get one, not to mention getting it through customs. With some modifications, especially ones to ensure the process wouldn’t blow up in her face, the combination hand pump and air compressor was ready to help her achieve her oversized desires.

Taking a look at the clock, she gauged that she had around eight hours left. Perfect, plenty of time for whatever she needed. She quickly snatched up her new favorite toy, taking hold of the extendable hose. Doing her best to get a good view, she maneuvered the hose over to her own waiting rear nozzle and carefully slid it in. A slight pleasing shiver confirmed she was right on the money. Taking a deep breath, she raised the pneumatic plaything’s handle up and brought it swiftly down.

Poke moaned as she felt the puff of air shoot into her body, settling right in her breasts. The change was barely noticeable at first, but as she continued to pump the air made itself more and more known. Her A-cups puffed out with air, swelling like party balloon and rounding out. Poke giggled as she contemplated the looks her boobs could get her now. Still, Poke wasn’t the type to settle small though and keep the HI-PUFF hard at work. Her increasingly grand breasts inflated, beyond the H-cups those huge girls with all the attention had, each pump increasing sensitivity as much as size. Reaching around her assets with her free hand, Poke grabbed at her nipples, which had puffed up a little as her breasts continued to inflate. She was rewarded with an absolutely electric bolt of pleasure unlike any she had felt before, making her gasp in pleasure. Pumping and pinching, Poke entered a euphoric haze. For a time, all she felt was the intense pleasure each burst of air gave her. Only when her nipples were forced out of reach by her enormous tits was Poke able to calm down enough to stop pumping and admire herself.

She was huge, breasts the size of beach balls. They lightly vibrated as she breathed, her naturally high sensitivity making her shudder in pleasure. Any hope of seeing her feet or even her nipples was long since gone. Rubbing what she could reach, Poke was almost content to lay there and play with her balloon breasts for the rest of her shift.

Keyword being “almost”

Reaching over, she turned the HI-PUFF over until a button labeled “AUTOMATIC” showed up. Now it was time for the real fun. Had she had a mouth, Poke would have been grinning like an idiot as she hit the button.

As the pump’s steady hiss filled the tunnel, Poke felt her breasts practically jump outward with the now continuous supply of air. She quickly surpassed the measurements of mere bra sizes, moving into sizes best described as absurd. At the same time, she could feel the second half of her expansion begin. Reaching down, she gave her butt a quick squeeze, feeling the air beginning to fill it as well. The lower half of Poke’s body inflated in such a way that she soon had the most exaggerated hourglass anyone in her colony could hope to have. Her butt resembled miniature beanbag chairs, smooth orbs that gave her a comfortable seat no matter where she sat. Her thighs inflated like overstuffed sausages, squeaking as they inflated into each other. The swelling began to put pressure on Poke’s nether regions, causing her to give a euphoric moan as she began to grind her legs together to try and satisfy her urge.

Her arms meanwhile, were pinned firmly to her ridiculous fun bags. Each enormous tit had expanded to the point that Poke had to stand. Her hands massaged what inflated expanse they could reach, Poke even leaning into her breasts to reach further. Still the compressor hissed away, causing her skin to stretch and vibrate as more air was forced in. Poke could only imagine what a figure she was sporting now, each massively inflated breast as tall as she was, obscuring her field of view. Her thighs and ass had settled around oversized novelty beachball size, still squeaking as Poke continued her grinding. She had reached the point where she could hump her breasts like pillows, her crotch on fire from the firm rubbery touch of her own balloons.

However, Poke knew that the fun was almost over. The vibrations of her breasts began to increase in intensity as the pressure in her body reached its apex. A low creaking began to accompany the hiss of the HI-PUFF as Poke reached behind her for her rear nozzle. Taking a firm grip, she pulled out the hissing hose, the compressor powering down as internal sensors automatically put the HI-PUFF on standby. Leaning back into her curves, Poke took in the view of her expanded body. Her breasts filled the tunnel in front of her, nipples brushing the wall sending jolts of pleasure through her body. Her lower body flared into dramatically inflated curves, giving her nothing less than an hourglass figure supermodels could only dream of. Creaks emanated from her body as she breathed, her skin stretched to the near limit. Every small touch, even passing breezes were intensified a hundredfold thanks to the HI-PUFF’s handiwork.

Poke looked around her right tit, barely able to see the digital layout of the clock. There are still many hours left before her shift ends. Good. She’ll need every second.

Author's Note: 

o man waddup first story bruh

An internet person once said "Man we need more inflated pooka girls, you know what I'm sayin' man?"

I thought it was a solid argument, so I ran with it.

Feel free to critique, it's my first trip into inflated literature. I'll probably look back one day and be like "lulwut, i was such a bad writer."

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Uhm okay like the story

Uhm okay

like the story though


Amazing for a first story! Keep it up!

Uh... I think...