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"So," she said, pacing casually back and forth in front of me, "you know what they say about girls with big feet, right?"

I stared at her. Was -this- why she brought me to this small park between the apartments? ", I actually don't, and isn't it supposed to be -guys- with big feet?"

She simply smiled in response, moving in, sliding her arms around by waist and pulling me close before kissing me deeply. Her hands trailed up my sides, briefly cupping my breasts before cradling my head. She broke the kiss, smiling again, and before I knew what was happening she took a deep breath, pressed her lips to mine and -blew-.

Immediately I felt the air rush through me, expecting pressure in my lungs and an end to her blowing. There was pressure - not in my lungs, but elsewhere as my sneakers suddenly grew tight, and tighter by the second. As the canvas grew more confining they creaked, glue and stitches pulling apart, and with a series of pops I felt them give way. Soon after my stockings stretched and tore open as cool air touched my toes, and I could feel myself getting taller somehow as she tilted her head up to keep her lips to mine.

As she stopped blowing and pulled away there was a moment of unsteadiness and it felt as if I was standing on a matress, something soft with give that shifted beneath me. I looked down, and that "something" turned out to be me: My feet were more than double their normal size, flaring out beneath my ankles to a puffy-looking roundness that I could only describe as inflated, my toes little more than a series of balls at their ends. Experimentally I shifted my weight back and forth on them, bouncing on fuller heels before carefully bending forward and removing the remains of my footwear from my ankles, tossing them aside. It was unusual, but felt kind of good.

"I hope you weren't attached to those," she said, gesturing.

"Not really," I murmured. "I was meaning to buy a new pair." I tried wiggling my toes, only managing a few wobbles; it was still more mobility than I expected. "Wow."

She flicked her shoes off, standing in the grass in her pantyhose before standing on my feet, coming in close. Aside from the sensation of air shifting beneath her weight it didn't hurt at all, and she felt oddly smaller against me. "Should I keep going?" she asked coyly.

"Yes." The response came out without my thinking. "Please."

We locked lips and she blew into me again, and I felt the sides of my feet begin to touch as they spread outward. There was a faint tension in my skin, yet it yielded easily, and the movement of air inside of me felt different because of her weight. Keeping my head still for her I tried to monitor my growth, watching as they stretched wider and further, my toes at first the size of melons, then basketballs. She must have noticed because she suddenly leaned back before pushing into me with surprising force, my body teetering on round heels before tipping backward. Heaving in a deep breath in free-fall, she forced it all into me as we landed painlessly on the grass, and there was a brief moment of resistance I grew and, behind her, I watched my body swell dramatically, feet added to my feet.

She leaned back, straddling my waist as my appendages towered behind her, nearly a story in height. They were wide and tapered out as they went up, the heels and balls rounded out and the toes like flesh-toned yoga balls. Turning, she ran her hand along the surface of one of them, feeling the smoothness of my skin. It was a little disorienting, having my eyes and my body tell me different things about how big her hand was compared to me. "So what -do- they say?" I asked.

"Didn't you hear me?" she replied. "I said -big- feet."

What came next was a surprise even for what was happening, as she blew into me with a force that I never thought her body could produce, or my body could contain. My cheeks billowed up on either side of my face from the force before my feet surged up and out a yard, then again with another hurricane-like puff. Higher and rounder they swelled, my soles eventually touching the stone and glass of the far wall. The small park grew more confined as it began pinching me like my shoes, and as I felt the structures begin to crack and buckle, I realized that they would soon suffer the same fate seconds before they gave way, my feet simply shoving the building apart.

From there my elastic body bulged through the gap, squeezing and stretching into the opening before spilling out into the road with a series of squeaks and loud pops. They were the largest things on the street, several yards higher than the surrounding buildings, toes wobbling and swaying as my heels shoved aside cars and began pressing into the opposite side, bowling it over with surprising ease. It was addicting, feeling myself grow - having her *make* me grow - and with the sensation of world growing smaller and more fragile beneath me. I didn't know my body was capable of being turned into a pair of ballooning monoliths, and I wanted to see how far I could go. So I held her close as she blew into me, and I continued inflating. I went from feet like blimps, to toes like hot air balloons, to simply creating a new scale for gas-filled bodies.

By the time she stopped, breathing heavily, we were both cast in shadow. At the end of my legs were two impossibly wide, bloated feet, my skin having a faint translucency to it that caused a minute amount of sunlight to filter through. Somewhere up high I felt the wind buffeting against my soles, my toes felt colder than the rest of me, and against my heels was something that felt like fine gravel but was likely much larger, yet just as small by comparison. "I didn't think this was possible," I breathed.

"Yeah." She grinned. "Well, there's a lot of strange things in this world."

I nodded. "So what do they say about girls with big feet?"

"That they have big hands."

Then she took a deep breath, pressed her lips to mine, and -blew-.

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