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You had just received an invitation from Horus Hajjar figure-skating prodigy and your own personal crush, to visit him at a remote Japanese temple out in a valley for a special day with him. You quickly accepted it and slipped on a traditional peach Victorian dress that had buttons all down your middle. You arrive at the temple and knock on the door, you're greeted by a woman instead of the figure skater who invites you inside. When you come in you smell something delicious baking in the kitchen and the clanging of kitchen tools.

You look in the kitchen to see the beautiful femboy laying out dough on a tray, his light blue eyes glistening like gems. His nice and thick body looks even gorgeous up close. Hotep tells you that they're baking blueberry and chocolate creampuffs, one of Horus' favorites and that Horus personally picked you to help the two out. The mere idea of the beautiful prodigy picking you out of all the others causes your heart to race. You look over to see the delicious dough being laid out by Horus as he hums a little tune to himself.

Hotep vehemently warns you about sampling any of the dough, telling you it might be incredibly dangerous to do so. You laugh it off, after all, how could dough pose such a danger to you? You slip an apron on and join Horus who's rolling out the dough, he tells you that he's enjoyed baking for a while now thanks to his niece-in-law Pastry and that she gave him a special recipe for these creampuffs. You giggle at the boy's conversation as the two of you work, just then Horus asks a favor of you: he wants you to try out this batch of dough he just made to make sure it's all good and ready to be baked.

Ignoring Hotep's warning and passing it off as gibberish, you agree as you take a sample of the dough and gobble it down. The stuff is intoxicatingly delicious as you ask for another, to which Horus obliges. As you chow down on the second sample Horus has already prepared a third one for you, you quickly wolf that one down and happily pat your slightly bulging belly as you compliment the femboy on how delicious the dough is to which he giggles in response.

As you continue on you can't help but feel something strange in your stomach, you continue to rub it as you swear it feels bloated. You try to keep your mind off it and try to help out your crush as much as possible, though it soon becomes impossible to ignore and you decide to lift your dress to check what's going on. The moment you see your belly you begin panicking, much to your horror you see that your belly is beginning to mysteriously inflate for some reason. Horus continues oblivious to your newfound panic as you try to think of why this could possibly be happening to you.

You poke your finger into your belly and see how surprisingly soft and squishy it is, to be honest, it feels like dough rising... the dough! You realize that Hotep's warning actually had some merit to it as you drop your dress and watch your belly stretch beneath it. Horus finally realizes your panic and asks what's wrong, to which you quickly show him the bowling ball that is your belly expand with nice and soft dough, instead of panic like you expected you instead see the skater's face turn to one of joy and triumph. Horus quickly calls over his older sister and tells her the news as you blush in embarrassment.

The woman mocks you for not listening to warnings but tells you she's glad that you did ignore her warnings. You look at her dumbfounded as she giggles. She quickly explains that the two were baking on you eating that dough because they weren't just baking, they were also hoping to get a personal creampuff pet of their own. You look at the two in horror as your belly swells with the dough as you back away unsure of what to say that your own crush literally tricked you into becoming a living doughball for him. You grip your belly as it bloats to beachball size and you moan in discomfort.

Hotep tells you how excited she was to know that a girl from his high-school class and how willing you were to do this just to get close to him. She walks up to you and whispers into your ear a terrible truth: Horus already has a lover, and he isn't into girls. You begin crying as what you thought was a way to get closer to your crush only turned out to be a cruel trick by him and his sister, it takes all your effort to not collapse to your knees, knowing that there'd be no hope of escape if you did. You begin to feel something else bloat within your body as you look in horror and see your chest filling out with the soft and fluffy dough as well.

She comments how quickly you're growing as Horus skips over to you and gives a big hug, a small comfort in all this humiliation. He quickly whispers into your ear, assuring you that they don't plan to keep you like this permanently and eventually turn you back to normal. You sigh in relief that they don't plan to keep you like this forever, but that relief is short-lived as you feel your buttocks and thighs expanding with the dough as well as grab a handful of each cheek to feel how nice and plump they're getting. You look down to see the femboy rubbing your ever-expanding gut without a care in the world that they're blimping up an innocent nineteen-year-old girl against her will.

You try to step away, your body wobbling with each step, you feel the dough mercilessly rising in you as it fills up any available space within your feminine and curvy body. Your arms steadily grow as you feel your belly, which has grown to the size of a yoga ball at this point. You feel helpless as the two teases you and rub your body, you want to fend them off, but your bloating arms present a problem to that, as walking is becoming more and more of an issue. Your belly is beginning to poke out the very bottom of your dress as it begins to rise from how big your body's getting as you press your hands into your mass and see how far they dig into your flesh.

You begin to blush a deep red as your dress raises higher and higher revealing more of your belly as you try to move it back down to no avail. Hotep grabs your belly and gives it a nice kiss as you blush in shame. Your legs are rapidly filling the stockings you're wearing as it becomes harder and harder to walk and they begin trembling, struggling to keep your mass up thanks to how heavy you're becoming. Hotep comments how cute you look in that dress of yours and how much cuter you're going to be when you finally hit the two's desired size, causing you to blush even harder as the dough fills out your body.

You feel your breathing becoming heavier as more of the dough swells you up. Horus tells you how cute you look all bloated like that, which to you is a hollow compliment knowing his sexual orientation. Hotep, on the other hand, feels far more sincere with hers being far more touchy-feely with your body like groping your massive bottom and playing with your breasts. You feel so heavy as you lift your belly and let if fall to feel it jiggle full of fattening dough, right before Hotep decides to do the same and lift your bloated mass and let it drop. You feel yourself jolt to the ground with a crash as your body jiggles and continues to swell with more and more doughy goodness, a process you find yourself beginning to slightly enjoy.

Your belly spills over your lap making escape impossible as your limbs begin to starfish and your body grows rounder and rounder by the second. Groans and gurgles can be heard as your body processes this strange weight being added on as Hotep continues to rub your gut and make vaguely sexual remarks about what she would do with you if she had her way with you, which is very well likely given how you're in no position to try and fight back, yet you feel a sick kind of attraction to her remarks. You moan as the dough churns within you and continues to rise within you, feeling all fluffy and heavy.

Horus complains about how long it's taking for the dough to rise in you as you nearly shoot him an unamused glance. Hotep answers that you've got a few more minutes before you're close to being ready for the next part. Your mind immediately comes to the idea of being baked and turned into a literal pastry or being shrunk down to a good enough size before putting you in humiliating situations for their own sick amusement. Whatever the next part is you're now in a sheer state of terror as you try to shift your way out of the temple and out of their clutches, to no avail of course.

Your limbs are now just bloated tires with little dimples where your hands and feet should be. You mumble as your cries for help are muffled by your breasts pushing into your face. Your entire body has become a sphere as the dough pushes it outward in all directions. You're beginning to feel very full at this point as you moan and whimper. Hotep suddenly clasps her hands together and says you're finally ready for the next part, despite the fact you can still feel yourself growing.

Before you can protest the two siblings out their hands on you to see how soft you've become and begin rolling you out of the kitchen. You feel a little sick from all the rolling as they continue to push, their tiny hands digging into you as you continue to swell. You hear Hotep mention they need to get you to the "special room" before you grow too big to fit through the doors, worrying you even more about their intentions as you quietly whine under your breath.

Finally, as you squeezed past some massive doors you're rolled to the middle of a massive room that you're confused about what this room could possibly be used for as you're rolled to the middle on your back. You see Hotep giving you an evil grin as you wonder what she could be planning. You feel the two siblings run their fingers along with your bloated mass as they circle. Hotep mentions that now the dough in you has risen enough that they can move onto part two of turning you into a living creampuff: the filling of the pastry.

You wonder what that could possibly mean until you hear a few hoses slinking down. Hotep tells you that a pastry isn't complete without it's filling and now they've taken you to Hotep and her wife's "special filling room" to load you up with tons and tons of filling. You try to protest and shake your head at Hotep's idea of pumping you full of filling while you're still swelling with dough but she'll have none of it as she stuffs the first hose in your mouth and Horus sticks the other two up your bum and vagina causing you to let out a yelp of alarm and pleasure.

Hotep ignores your pleas to not turn the hoses on but the woman joyfully skips over to the switch and flicks the pumps on. Immediately you're bombarded with vast amounts of thick, fattening, delicious cream filling flowing down your throat along with chocolate sauce being pumped up your bottom and blueberry syrup up your vagina. The sheer force of the pumps forcing liquid into you causes your body to begin swelling much faster as Horus jumps up and down in joy.

You gulp down mouthful after mouthful of cream filling as your body blimps out at a maddening rate. The cream tastes so thick and rich as you're getting gallons of it each minute, you feel Horus hugging your mass as you swell into him, nearly bowling the skater over as Hotep hops on top of you and presses her hands into your mass. Your dress quickly rides up with no hopes of getting it back down as your peach colored panties and dress make you look like one massive pastry that's still being filled.

You feel so full as the dough rising and fillings being pumped into you are forcing your poor body to expand at a rapid rate. Hotep teases you by sticking a finger into your bellybutton and playing around in it before telling you that she wants to get a little lewder. Before you can wonder what she means by that she begins to strip off her dress into her white panties and stockings and stretch her body over you causing pleasure and naughty thoughts to fill your mind.

She slowly strips off her bra to reveal her and large breasts before you, cupping them in her hands and rubbing them teasingly. You feel yourself getting wet as she moves to remove her panties leaving her clad in nothing more than a pair of stockings. She asks if she looks sexy to you to which you nod enthusiastically. She giggles before cruelly denying you any type of sexual fun, citing she has a wife and that she'll remain faithful to her until the day they die denying you any sexual satisfaction as your body fills the room.

With your one source of sexual satisfaction gone you begin to cry and whine between gulps until Hotep mentions that she can get a special someone that'll get your rocks off. Your body quivers as you try to muffle any kind of plea to get them as the woman giggles. Horus decides to join in on the cruel denial by hopping on top of you taking his dress off and panties leaving him completely naked except for his stockings as well. The sight of the nude femboy that you can't have frustrates you but you hold out hope on this mysterious third guest.

You three hear a phone ring as Hotep pulls her phone out of her stocking and answers the call. A scowl quickly forms on her face as she hangs up and sighs. Hotep sounds disappointed as the supposed third guest couldn't make it but her tone quickly turns to excitement as she tells you that faithfulness to her wife be damned as Makoto has given her the go-ahead to get you off as you continue to get pumped with tons of fattening fillings as your body drops a little like melted wad of butter with the sheet amount of filling you're being pumped with.

The woman slides down your bloated side to your vagina as the hoses stuffed under your panties continue pumping you. The calories are packed on as the pounds pile up on your fattening body. Your breasts have covered up your entire view as you continue sucking down the delicious cream. Hotep begins petting your pussy as you feel the pleasure and lust begin to fill your desires as Hotep slowly strokes it and Horus watches from above, his massive booty jiggling with each adjustment he makes on top of your body.

You feel something overcome you and you feel yourself desire more of the filling as you begin to actively suck it down. It becomes downright addicting, something you need more of no matter what. Hotep comments that the addicting ingredients in the cream filling are already doing its job as you feel the two hoses get removed from your bottom and get moved to a triple hose setup that begins to pump all three substances into your groaning body all at once as you begin to taste the delicious blueberry and chocolate.

As you gulp down the three fillings Hotep begins rubbing your clit causing you to moan between gulps, you feel like a massive water balloon full of dough and fillings as Horus rubs himself against you, mentioning how cute you look. You blush and look away as he pushes a hand into your mass to see that you're far from reaching your limits. Hotep meanwhile continues to run your snatch as you begin panting from the pressure your body is in. You overhear Hotep mentioning that the filling part is gonna end soon and it'll be time to move onto the next part.

Instead of being scared, you become excited about what the two have in store for you. A masochistic side of you awakens as you want them to humiliate you, to embarrass you, and act cruelly towards you. The thought of what kind of possibly humiliating thing they'll put you through makes you wet at the mere thought of it. Hotep giggles as she feels the liquid coming down your panties as she deems that you're fine filling. With some difficulty, the two begin rolling you out of the room and outside where your thoughts of embarrassment increase.

The idea that you're out in public and anyone could see you in this massive helpless form and do whatever they wanted to you is an idea that makes your mind run wild with lust. The two slowly push you to another platform surrounded by strange lamps as you're rolled onto it, your head on top now. Hotep sounds excited as she tells you that you've reached the final part of your pastry process: baking. She tells you that the heat lamps surrounding you are gonna turn on and heat up the dough inside of you.

You sit there in excitement as Hotep flips the lever on and the lamps flicker to life. They take a bit to heat up but you soon feel the warmth bombard you as you hear your body gurgling and groaning. Slowly you begin expanding as the dough rises once more and churning within your body. You pant and mumble incoherent thoughts as your body swelling bigger have you turned on even more as you begin to near orgasm. You see Horus whisper into his sister's ear before she chuckles and walks off back into the temple for some mysterious reason.

After a few minutes, you see the woman return, with three hoses in hand, hoses that were used to fill you in the first place. Hotep climbs on top of you with some difficulty before she shows the hoses and asks if you want some more. You can only nod your head and she shoves the nozzle right into your mouth before you can say anything. She flicks the lever forward and you begin to feel the thick, creamy fillings pumping into once more, hastening your expansion rate as you blimp at a ludicrous rate from two sources of expansion. The feeling of bloating so massive is beyond euphoric as you wish you could just keep doing this until the end of time.

You feel Horus climbing on top of you as he purposely rubs his crotch against your body to turn you on and finally send you over the edge. You cry out in pleasure from behind the hose as your panties are soaked in your fluids. Hotep whispers in your ear that you're their slave now, that they'll do whatever naughty things their hearts desire to you. You squeal in the thought of being humiliated further by them as their naked bodies lay across your gargantuan chest, seductively rubbing their privates and booty against it to further your sexual pleasure as you moan and coo in delight, begging them to keep it going and not stop for any reason.

Your body casts a shadow over the temple as it grows more turgid by the second. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as you begin to near an orgasm once more. Hotep tells you to be like the nice balloon bitch you are and let her plant her nice and thick cheeks on your head. You quickly agree as the woman giggles and does exactly that, you being able feel how squishy they are as the Egyptian lets out a noblewoman's laugh as the tells you that your head is one of the best seats she's ever had as she slowly moves her booty down to your face to humiliate you further.

She gets up and asks if Horus wants a try to which her younger brother agrees. He quickly plants his butt on top of you as you smell how nice and fresh he is. The femboy cheeks are even squishier as he shifts his booty down to your face and rubs them a bit before standing up. The feeling of their checks leaves you wanting more, but Hotep says that you need to be a good little creampuff and just let the rest of your expansion as they continue to sexually play with your body without any worry of you fighting back. Your body's groans grow worse as you expand more and more without an end in sight. You hope they fill you until you burst like the greedy, cream-filled, living pastry tick you are.

You see Hotep getting a little worried about your size and the creaks that your body seems to be emitting. Horus reassures her that there's nothing to worry about as you moan in discomfort as your body seems not be agreeing with this much cream and dough filling you to the brim. The siblings' bodies still sink into your massive form and you still feel incredibly soft and plush, so you feel safe in getting you won't blow anytime soon. Your body has grown to the point that even the valley walls are beginning to be overtaken by your mass as you continue to fatten and swell to no end.

Your body quivers as the fillings inside slosh and churn, mixing together in your dough filled body as the creaking gets worse. Your body throbs as each gulp go down your throat, you begin to slow down as the discomfort begins to grow more and more apparent. You look at Hotep with concern who only assures you that there's nothing wrong and they won't let you pop, but you become unsure if she actually means it. Horus grabs a handful of your flesh to feel how plush it is and compliments you in how well you can hold your fillings. He asks if this is your first time inflating to which you sheepishly shake your head, you have inflated your own belly, but you could've never imagined you would ever bloat to sizes like this.

Hotep mentions to the two of you that the pastry is nearly done signaling to you that the homestretch is coming and you'll finally stop growing. You feel the pumps suddenly kick in to begin actively forcing you to swallow down fillings without a say in the matter. The rush of euphoria overcoming you is exhilarating as your body wobbles with the sheer amount of cream being forced into it and the dough rising at an alarming rate. Horus looks excited as he lists out the things he's going to do with his newfound pastry pet, all of them downright humiliating as you begin to drool at the thought of such a cutie like Horus embarrassing you without hesitation.

Hotep mentions how much filling they've got left till it's all gone shocking you. Little did you know you were draining their entire supply of filling without a second thought. Horus mentions how impressed he is that you've actually managed to hold all of this stuff without bursting, predicting you'd pop near the beginning, earning him a glare from you. The forest is smushed beneath your blimp body as you grow larger, you want to end really soon so you can finally take the time to admire your newfound size and snuggled and played with. Your body feels so tight and full yet you feel so soft and plush thanks to the dough rising in your body. Horus presses a finger into your plush mass and comments how soft and fluffy it feels making you blush.

Hotep says she can hear the tanks beginning to empty as you gulp down the last few gallons of cream. You feel the heat lamps turn off as the dough stops rising. You feel your overstretched skin creak and groan from being overfilled to the point of insanity. You stifle a gasp of pain as you feel your skin pinching all over as you look at Hotep with pleading eyes to make it stop. However, the woman simply gives you a look of horror as your body shakes and trembles struggling to contain all the dough and filling inside of you. You moan in pain and pleasure as the tightness all over your body becomes unbearable, despite Horus pressing into your flesh and revealing you still seem very soft and plush. The two look at each other and slide off your body to brace themselves behind a wall for a massive and messy boom.

As the creaking intensifies you grow more and more worried about bursting like a massive water balloon of dough and filling, you clench your eyes shut and begin heavy breathing to prepare yourself for the inevitable boom. You pant incessantly as the discomfort and pinching are getting worse. Your overtaxed skin whines in protest of being stretched so far, your whimpers aren't audible before you devolve into cries of pain and begging to be popped already. Steadily the creaking finally reaches a fever pitch, as you clench your eyes and teeth in preparation for the loud pop. You let out one more scream as you feel your skin ripple...

And your belly grumbles in protest one last time...

And finally...


As you burst into a tsunami of filling, you feel your body being repaired in the middle of the blast for an odd reason. When all that settles you fall to the ground, still a massive balloon of dough and filling as Hotep sighs in relief, telling her brother she managed to keep a good chunk of the stuff inside you. You wriggle your hands and feet in excitement as the siblings roll you so you're facing upwards. Hotep takes one good look at the mess the explosion made and sighs, telling Horus to roll you inside and begin his fun with you while she goes off to clean up the mess your bursting made. He nods and begins rolling you, as you enjoy being rolled by this adorable femboy, he offers to invite you to meet a friend of his that's looking for a new friend, or even perhaps someone closer than a friend. You nod to accept as the figure-skater smiles as he rolls your bloated form into the temple for some naughty fun. The end.

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holy shit this is amazing

holy shit this is amazing!!!! i have never read anything like it, at first i was angry that i was going to burst and not be able to enjoy my huge state but then plot twist! i liked how you made me small enough to manage in the end, but still made me huge. great discriptions as well, i could almost feel my belly growing! i love your work!

also your awsome!

not only is this story your best thus far (this is a major improvment from your first story)(i would say 2nd best is the chemical lab thing with the soda) your the best! your storys are great, but i feel like that you as a person need credit to (after all story's dont write themselfs) you are great at writing stories! please never stop writing stories! your great. also i hope to see more stuff like this soon.

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I'm very glad you enjoyed the

I'm very glad you enjoyed the story.