Love Triangle

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A year after meeting Fluffy on Okcupid, Leon and Carina’s little ménage à trois was coming along nicely. Leon, being a Bisexual man got the satisfaction of having both a Male and Female partner and Carina could have her space and focus on her career as Head of Marketing at Good-Goods Ltd without feeling guilty, but having two gorgeous men around the house was certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Fluffy was enjoying this polyamorous relationship too. He was currently enjoying a lazy Saturday morning, cuddled up close with Leon in their huge king-sized bed as Carina was putting her face on in the vanity.

“Okay, my baby boys.” Carina cooed, pouting her lips at herself. “I’ll see you after work.”

Carina stood from her white faux fur stool and grabbed her teensy red purse off of the wardrobe handle. She leant over her two “babies”.

“Have fun at the Board Meeting, Care-Bear.” Leon murmured, still hazy from waking-up.

“I will My King, have a nice day.” She said, before leaving big red lipstick stains on his and Fluffy’s foreheads. “You too My Precious Angel.”

She tootled out of the bedroom in her navy-blue pinstriped suit and brogues, her silky caramel hair tied out of her face with a white ribbon.

“Christ, she is gorgeous.” Leon said, dreamily, as soon as she was far away enough.

“She is.” Fluffy sighed, only just starting to uncurl himself from Leon’s chest.

He sat up in bed and stretched, flaunting the feathered wings tattooed on his shoulders.

“I could go for some cereal…” He yawned.

“And I could stare at that cute little butt of yours all day…” Leon snickered. “You wanna fool around?”

Fluffy laughed. “Your cooldown period is insane!”

“What can I say? I’m a beast.” Leon shrugged.

“Yeah well, my cute little butt still hurts from you ‘unleashing the beast’ last night…”

Leon snorted and let out a hearty laugh as Fluffy climbed out of bed and tied Leon’s giant dressing gown around him.

A few moments later, Fluffy came back with a tray, carrying a large and smallish bowl of marshmallow cereal, as well as a coffee for Leon, and a strawberry smoothie for himself.

“Ooo Ta slave.” Leon smiled.

“You’re welcome master, couldn’t have you wasting away, could I?” He jeered, patting Leon’s rounded middle.

“That will never happen, especially when Carina keeps baking cakes and cookies.” Leon said, his mouth already full of cereal, the bowl balancing on his stomach. “I gave up dieting years ago.”

“It’s any wonder Carina isn’t as big as a house herself…”

“It’s because she gives it all to me, don’t tell her I said this but…” Leon moved closer to whisper in Fluffy’s ear. “She’s got a bit of an inflation fetish…”


“I’m serious dude! She’d stick a pipe up my butt and blow me up like a balloon if she could!”

“Has she tried anything like that?”

“No fortunately, but… She really likes it when I drink root beer floats.”

Fluffy started cackling and almost choked on his breakfast. “What?”

“They puff out my stomach, and when they do, she’ll just sit and cuddle me, stroking my belly the whole evening. Sometimes that’s the only way I can get some attention from her on her more introverted days.”

Fluffy was so hysterical, he tried to laugh, but no sound came out.

“Are you alright little buddy?” Leon smiled, rubbing Fluffy’s back.

“Oh… Oh my god, I’m sorry.” He huffed. “I don’t know why that’s so funny…  I mean I’m not saying it’s funny that she clearly finds you sexy, as you are a serious BBM.”

“Thanks.” Leon chuckled.

“It’s just that… I’m not gonna lie, I wish she treated me that way…”

“She probably will, she’s probably thinking of fattening you up as we speak.”

“In fact, I could probably do one better…”

Curious, Leon rolled onto his side, facing Fluffy. “Really?” He smirked; an eyebrow raised.

Fluffy looked over his shoulder and moved the cereal bowls back onto the tray and put them on the floor. He shuffled up close to Leon.

“Okay, now I’VE got a secret that you have to swear you won’t tell anyone.” He whispered.

“What about Carina?” He whispered back.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get to show her later, but other than that, don’t tell a soul!”

Leon zipped shut his mouth and winked.


Fluffy sat up and rolled the back of the dressing gown down, showing Leon his back. He put his thumb into his mouth and blew into it. In a puff of pink, sparkling dust, his tattoo transformed into a tiny pair of angel wings.

Leon’s mouth hung open; his blue eyes as wide as church doors.

“You like them?” Fluffy smiled, raising his hand under Leon’s chin to push his mouth closed.

“Are you our guardian angel?” Leon cried, out of breath from the surprise.

“No, I’m only a Cherub.” Fluffy giggled.

“But I thought Cherubs were naked flying babies…”

“Well Yes, that’s what I used to be, but I gave up my eternal youth once I left the Heavens and came down to Earth permanently.” He explained.

“Gosh, you look even prettier with those wings Fluffy!” Leon cried, his voice getting higher from being unable to handle the cuteness.

“Thanks, I’m about to get a whole lot cuter in a mo...” Fluffy looked a little mischievous.

He unscrewed the heart shaped stud off of his belly button ring and pulled the jewellery out and placed it in his bedside draw and closed it. He put his hand under Leon’s prickly chin and moved in close. Leon closed his eyes and pressed his lips into Fluffy’s shiny pink lips. Fluffy’s hands caressed Leon’s burly neck before rolling smoothly down his chest as Leon brushed his fingers amongst the tresses of Fluffy’s thick, poof-y blonde curls.

Little did Leon know, just under their sweet gentle pecks, a glowing warmth was rising inside of Fluffy’s tummy. His belly briefly let out a rich, pink light in the shape of a huge heart. It peaked over the top of the dressing gown. The cord wrapped around Fluffy’s little waist was starting to creak as his tummy bubbled up. The more giving Leon became with his kisses, the more Fluffy’s tummy grew; He could feel the cord pulling tight across his middle, while the reaction inside him fizzed like lemonade.

Fluffy stopped for a breath, smiled at Leon, and looked down at himself. Leon’s eyes followed his gaze and saw the top of Fluffy’s belly squeezing into the pulled-tight dressing gown. He gasped and reached out a hand to feel it.

“Did I do that?” He gawked, stroking the top of the smooth bump.

“Yeah!” Fluffy giggled, feeling ticklish from Leon’s rubbing and from the bubbles bouncing around in his full tummy. “With the love from your kisses.”

Fluffy untied himself from the dressing gown and showed Leon the full extent of this new girth. The tan skin of his belly was flushed a peachy pink all over from the stretch. He’s looked like he’d swallowed a football.

“I’m almost as big as you!” He laughed, sticking it out further.

“But… How?” Leon asked, pressing it gently with his fingertips.

“Well, Love is like my root beer, If I feel a human’s love, care or compassion, it bubbles up inside my tummy, which I can then redistribute elsewhere by doing this…”

He puckered his lips and blew and out came itty-bitty pink and iridescent heart shaped bubbles floating into Leon’s face. As each bubble popped against his skin, He was reminded of a happy memory between him and Fluffy; The day at the carnival with the live CGI Elephants, the cinema trip to see the soppy romance movie and most important of all, the first time they met in person. After Fluffy’s stomach was fully deflated, Leon opened his eyes back up. His cheeks were blushed and his shiny pearly blue eyes were now a light hint of baby pink.

“Did you like that?” Fluffy chuckled, giving Leon’s cheeks a stroke.

“Yeah…” Leon sighed, dozy and lovesick. He shook his head to snap himself out of it. “Dude, I wish I could do that to Carina every time we had a fight…So, is this how little cherubs make everyone go all goo-goo eyed around each other?”

“Well, we used to use bow and arrows but they had an extraordinarily strong… aphrodisiac effect. It made anyone who was hit by “Cupid’s Arrow” want to hump like rabbits, which didn’t make Mother Nature very happy…”

“Wait Mother Nature’s a thing?”

Fluffy looked down at himself then looked at Leon before raising a brow.

“Oh right, I’m talking to a Cherub, everything’s probably a thing, but why would she be mad about you guys basically helping to continuate the human race?”

“Basically, it’s because she’s permanently pregnant; every time there’s a population boom, her waist size booms as well, from all the new souls being created inside her. One fateful Valentine’s Day, she got so big that she outgrew her celestial temple and rearranged the design of every deity, cherub, or spirit of love, in a fit of rage. So now we puff up like she does every time there’s love in the air, but we found ways around it -much to her dismay- by creating limiters, just like my belly button ring.”

“She sounds scary…”

“She’s actually pretty nice, she sends me a homemade gift every birthday, Christmas and Gay Pride.”

“Aww.” Leon smiled.

“Now about Carina…” Fluffy said, grinning mischievously.

“Ooo, that face sounds like you’ve got a naughty little scheme in the works.” Leon chuckled.

“I do.” He snickered, pulling Leon in to whisper the plan to him.


Many hours later, Carina came home and pulled off her shoes from her aching feet. Leon stood under the archway to the living room, looking rather dashing in black distressed denim.

“Evenin’ Babe, did you have a good day at work?” He said, rubbing her tense shoulders.

“Awful, Debbie’s going through another divorce so was absolutely no help at work today, the photocopiers weren’t working on at least five floors of the office building and that homophobic little turd still has his job in HR! God! Anyway, how was your day Honey?”

“Not too good I’m afraid, Fluffy’s come down with something.”

Carina looked at Leon in horror and gasped. “Why didn’t you say? Can’t have my baby suffering.”

She rushed into the bedroom to see Fluffy snuggled under the covers, in a soft pink button-down onesie. An electric thermometer in his mouth, his hands over his tummy.

“Oh my poor baby, look at you.” Carina cooed, putting a hand on Fluffy’s forehead. “You feel warm, you poor little thing. Leon! Go get Fluffy a cold flannel for his forehead.”

As Carina took the thermometer out of his mouth, Fluffy tried not to smirk as Carina’s billowing compassion was already starting to rise up inside of his tummy; he could feel it widening like a flower opening up.

“My tummy feels a little funny too.” He moaned, feigning his best sick impression.

He pulled the covers down to reveal the little hill that was filling out his pjs. Carina held her hand to her heart in surprise.

“Golly! You do look bloated,” She gasped, pressing her hands down near the base of his abdomen. “Does it hurt sweetie? You could have a burst appendix.”

Fluffy tried not to blush. “No, I just feel all bubbly and tingly,” He swooned, rubbing one hand over his middle and holding the other on his forehead. “It feels like I’m turning into a beach ball.”

“Oh no! Let me see if I’ve got some Rennies in my purse to settle your belly,” She stroked her hand across his tummy. “Then we’ll call a doctor if that doesn’t-”

She stopped dead in her tracks as she felt his tummy rise against her hand. She turned as white as a sheet.

“LEON!” She shouted. “Phone an ambulance! He’s blowing up like a balloon!”

Leon stumbled into the room, falling about himself, cackling.

“Why are you laughing? The poor little guy’s gonna pop!”

Fluffy snorted before bursting out into all out laughter.

“It’s okay Carina, we were just playing a little trick on you.” Leon snickered. “I told Fluffy about your little fetish…”

Carina glowed bright red from top to bottom. “OH MY GOD! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU TOLD HIM!”

She punched Leon’s burly chest a few times before completely burying herself in it in embarrassment. Leon cuddled his arms around her, still laughing.

“It’s okay Care-Bear, it’s kind of cute.” Fluffy cooed, trying to sit up out of bed. “Oop… Okay someone’s gonna have to help me get up, I can’t bend at the waist…”

That set Leon off laughing his head off again.

Carina tutted. “Have you got one of those silly inflatable suit on underneath your Onesie, Fluffy?”

“Uh no, this is my actual stomach…” He said, giving it a prod.

Carina’s mouth hung open. “Shut up, no it isn’t.”

“It is, I’ll show you.” Leon said, creeping up behind Fluffy.

Before Fluffy could say anything, Leon closed his lips over Fluffy’s, locking them into a kiss. Fluffy closed his eyes as he felt the hot flirty vibes radiating inside him, bolstering his belly to grow further. The pink glow now starting to shine through the gaping holes between his buttons. Carina backed into the wardrobe as she watched tiny little Fluffy get pumped fuller and fuller the longer Leon kissed him.

“Okay that’s enough!” She panicked.

“Are you sure?” Leon asked, flashing Carina a devilish grin.

“Yes, I’m sure, you’ll pop him!” She said, flustered, racing towards him. “Look at him, he looks so uncomfortable.”

“Actually, this feels pretty nice; I feel kind of ticklish and warm and floaty all at the same time.” Fluffy sighed, happily rubbing his hands down his ballooned stomach. “I’m getting a bit of a wedgie from this onesie though…”

“Aww let’s get you out of this thing, you look stuffed in there.”

Leon stopped her. “I want to see if we can get him big enough to pop out of it himself…” Leon smirked, drumming his fingers across the pulled-tight buttons.

Fluffy and Carina looked at him.

“Now who’s the one with the Inflation fetish?” Fluffy giggled, his belly jiggling.

“Well, if everyone’s on board… I can think of a way we can help him along.” Carina smiled, drawing a little heart across Fluffy’s inflated side with her manicured nails. “Don’t do anything while I’m gone, I don’t want you to burst a single seam without me...”

Leon and Fluffy eyed each other, anticipating what was to come. She disappeared outside the bedroom a moment and came back with a cookie jar and a bottle of moisturiser. She handed the coconut-smelling moisturiser to Leon.

“For afterwards, we don’t want the little guy to get stretch marks.” She said. “Now, my sweet little puff-pastry, open up.” She smiled, holding a white-choc-chip and macadamia nut cookie in front of his mouth.

“It’s not food that’s filling me up Carina.” Fluffy said in between mouthfuls. “It’s-WHOA!”

After swallowing down his little treat, his sides puffed out and stretched the seam of his onesie with an audible creak.

“This isn’t just any food my little profiterole, It’s homemade by me.” She grinned. “With love in every bite.”

“Wow, they’re quite volatile, they’ll have me bursting out of here in no time” Fluffy gulped. “If I don’t burst first…”

“Hmm… One more bite should do the trick, I don’t want to pump you up too much. Wouldn’t want to break my new toy now, huh?” Carina teased.

She patted her hand atop the huge bulbous mound filling out the middle of Fluffy’s frame. His exercise-ball sized gut gave out a quiet, hollow “boom boom” sound against her pats. Fluffy started to sweat as he felt the tension rise. Carina looked Fluffy up and down as he lay there helpless to her whim and blew him a kiss.

POP! POP! PING! Off flew three of his buttons, his glowing pink belly surging forth from the confines of the soft onesie. Fluffy let out a loud sigh of relief. Leon pulled open the rest of his onesie and started massaging the lotion onto his stretched full stomach.

“Aww does that feel a bit better now pumpkin?” Carina cooed softly, stroking her hand over the pinched red seamlines left in his sides.

“It does actually,” Fluffy huffed. “I feel like I’ve got all the space to expand now.”

His tummy continued to slowly rise as Leon gently tended to him with sweeping rubs. The pink light ebbing and flowing with each pulse of growth. As Leon lifted his hands away though, Fluffy started to drifted upwards from the bed. All the love inside of him strong and numerous enough to carry him away.

“Oop! You might want to weigh him down with a few more of those cookies Care-Bear.” Leon said, holding Fluffy down. “Don’t want him floating away…”

“Hmm that might not be such a good idea, I don’t think he can blow up much bigger.”

“It’ll be fine Leon, I’ve got wings after all, let me float around for a bit.” Fluffy hummed, relaxed from all the pampering massages.

“Wait, you have wings?” Carina asked.

Fluffy smiled, all rosy cheeked and nodded.

“Long story short, he’s a grown-up cherub.” Leon said, letting go of Fluffy. “And you got to see these little wings of his; They’re so cute!”

“Umm Leon…” Carina said, looking upwards.

Leon looked up and realised Fluffy was already pinned against the ceiling, from all the Love bubbling up inside of his body. He flapped his tiny wings helplessly.

“I mean you’re right; those wings are really cute.” Carina giggled.

“So are those little inflated butt cheeks.” Leon snickered.

“Hey! Stop staring at my bubble butt!” Fluffy grunted, wiggling in an attempt to turn over. He sighed in irritation. “Okay, so as it turns out I can’t fly while I’m pumped up this big… help me.”

“Hold on, I’m gonna grab you down.” Leon chuckled, climbing onto the bed.

He reached up, grabbed Fluffy by the ankle, and gave him a cheeky little slap on the butt, which made him squeak and puff out just a little more. He pulled him back down to the safety of the bed and rested his weight on top of him to hold him down.

“Maybe we should figure out a way to deflate him…” Carina said concerned.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got that covered.” Fluffy said, with a wink.

He blew into Carina’s face and all those teeny-weeny pink, purple, white and iridescent heart-shaped bubbles fluttered out and popped against her face. She closed her eyes and she was flooded with happy memories; Her first ever date with Leon where they shared a cone of chips on the beach, the trip to the theme park they took all together, the first time she and Fluffy baked together and the time they gave her a Candyfloss maker for her birthday. She opened her eyes and the brown of her eyes had a gleam of shimmering pink to them.

“Wow…” Carina said, feeling whimsical and happy.

“I know, it’s so cool isn’t it?” Leon smiled.

Carina blinked a couple times to shake off the love-induced haze. “Whoa, Fluffy why didn’t you tell us you could do that before?”

“I, well… I’ve been burnt before…” He frowned and stared at the floor. “After I gave up my eternal youth to be here on Earth, I fell in love with a girl. I put my trust into her, told her everything and… she basically tricked me into using my powers so that she could be with someone else…”

His tummy became fully deflated. His wings transformed back into a tattoo. He shrunk into himself, all defeated and his skin turned dull and cold.

“Aww Fluffy, we love you.” Carina said, softly and warmly.

She sat on the bed beside him, Leon cuddled up next to him too.

“I can see how much this girl hurt you and I promise you; we would never do that to you.” She finalised her statement with a kiss on the cheek.

With that, Leon wrapped Fluffy and Carina together in a big bear hug and Fluffy’s little tummy vibrantly shone once again.

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A reupload after The Great Server Obliteration of 2020

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What a unique batch of

What a unique batch of characters and an even more novel concept...! I love the variety of ways you explore interactions with the inflatee and used some backstory to flesh out the deities of the world; a gravid, spiteful Mother Nature, angels falling to Earth and inducing lovely memories... I think the quirkiness of these adults made things unpredictable in a good way. Kudos, and thanks for sharing!

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