Strip Club Blowup

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Walking into the dimly lit club you motion over to your friend to grab a seat right in front of the glass stage.  The slight scent of expensive cigars and liquor is in the air as your friend nervously pulls back the two red and black chairs, sitting in the left one and looking all around the room as he adjusts his collar.  "Hey Tom, how about that girl on the stage huh?", you call over to him as you slide into the seat on his right.  Nudging him in the direction of a rather generously curvy stripper spinning around a pole on the middle of the stage, her huge breasts swaying around.

Tom had never been to anything like the strip club you had dragged him out to, being the shy reclusive type he had never been to most places you imagined.  After weeks of attempts he had finally agreed to this one time, no idea what changed his mind but you're glad he did as he seems to be enjoying the sights.  "I heard they have a special guest tonight, some new girl that everyone has been raving about.", you tell him as the current stripper starts walking off the stage towards the red back curtains, her large booty bouncing as she walks in her heels.

After a couple of minutes the fellow patrons around the stage start to get slightly restless, you can hear them excitedly murmur but can't quite make out about what.  Tom just looks at the stage, the lights shining through it's red sparkly glass surface.  Slowly the lights dim even more to be almost completely off, a clank is heard as a bright spotlight turns on and shines right at the middle of the back curtains.  You swear you could hear some female voices in the back making dismissive sounds towards something, like they're slightly jealous.  Suddenly loud bass music starts up, the vibration from it slightly vibrating your chair.

With explosively energy the curtains fly open and a new stripper comes out from the shadows, walking confidently right onto the stage with a bouquet of pink helium balloons tied to her left wrist.  The crowd erupts into cheers and whistles as you slightly wonder what's going on, the stripper is attractive but otherwise seems fairly average with only a slight hint of curves, wearing a really cute tight pink latex top and short shorts with black stiletto heels.

After reaching the center of the stage she stands besides the stripper pole and strikes an exaggerated pose, sticking her chest and butt out.  The DJ continues to pump out club music as the stripper slowly takes one of the pink balloons and unties it, holds it up to her lips and appears to suck the helium in.  Your eyes almost jump out as you watch her slight curves seemingly inflate from the gas, her latex clothing stretching outwards as her breasts, butt, thighs and calves all quickly inflate at once.  The crowd is almost deafening as they go wild, throwing bills onto the stage, you can feel the atmosphere of the club getting electric.  Even her lips puff up with the influx of helium, you can't figure out how it's even possible as you glance over at Tom, he sits there unmoving with his mouth hanging open.

Dropping the now deflated balloon the stripper grabs her latex covered breasts with both hands and squeezes them, looking incredibly bouncy and soft.  Slowly swinging around the pole she then grabs another pink balloon and starts inhaling it.  Her curves almost explode outwards inflating even larger, her breasts now approaching the size of small beachballs while her watermelon sized booty cheeks stretch out her latex shorts.  Her entire look screams fertility hourglass, huge shapely thighs leading up to a thin waste and flaring dramatically back out to giant boobs.  As she strikes another pose while continuing to expand, the spotlight hits her just right and you notice her skin looks shinny and almost rubbery.  You figure it must be some kind of lotion she's wearing, nudging Tom with your elbow you jest, "That's one pumped stripper huh?" all you hear is a grunt in response.

With only one balloon still inflated on her wrist, her breasts are so huge that her latex top looks like a tight ribbon stretching just across her nipples, each gravity defying boob the size of a large beachball now.  A similar effect for her booty shorts as they stretch across the middle creating huge valleys, you can barely see she's wearing a pink latex thong between her huge massive thighs.  Looking down to her curvy calves you swear they're the biggest you've ever seen, behind her several small black hoses catch your eye that lead from the back curtain into the sides of her heels.  "Woah, she must actually be inflatable or something." you think to yourself as she starts awkwardly dancing around the stripper pole, her thighs so pumped they make it hard for her to maneuver.  Standing behind the pole she hugs it between her massive boobs and squeezes her thighs around it, the pole almost completely disappearing surrounded by her body.

Suddenly she jumps up looking incredibly light on her feet, does an upside-down split and spins down the pole with it still smothered between her breasts.  Doing a spin on the floor she then sexily stands up, bends over and buries the pole between her ass cheeks, over three feet deep of the most insanely pumped wobbly booty you've ever seen.  Extracting the pole from herself she then gets down on all fours, crawling up to the other patrons around the stage like a sexy cat, arching her back to stick her backside out even more, two giant round globes gyrating all around behind her, looking like your hand would sink all the way in to your elbow.  Her huge inflated breasts billow between her arms as they slide against the hard glass of the stage, patrons shower her with money, some placing bills under the tight latex ribbon of her top with a snap.

Out of the corner of your eye you see movement, looking over you notice Tom is now holding up a bill, getting a better look you notice it's a Benjamin, "Woah, I didn't know your were a baller", you joke.  "I've never seen such a sexy woman.", Tom says with a serious look on his face, "I can't even believe she exists." as he continues to hold up his money.  The stripper looks over in your direction and slowly stands up from her feline position, pushes her chest up, causing the latex to stretch almost transparent and starts doing the most sexual stripper walk you've ever seen towards your friend, the remaining pink balloon bobbing in the air.

Reaching the edge of the stage she hops off with a squeak and almost floats to the ground, standing right in front of Tom, so close you could touch her.  The smell of latex extremely strong in the air, her face is expressionless as she looks straight ahead, a slight hissing sound emitting from her.  Without saying a word she bends over with another squeak and wraps her massive blowup breasts around your friend's head, his entire head disappearing from view inside her pumped cleavage, breasts bulging outwards incredibly to either side.  Her insanely blown up boobs so large her left one presses against your shoulder, so unbelievable soft it's like your shoulder is wrapped in a type of rubbery silk as it stretches over you.

Without warning her latex bra snaps off with a bang, nearly catching you in the face, huge shot glass sized nipples popping outwards with an almost comical boing sound.  Pushing her arms under her breasts, twin orbs bounce wildly left and right as they lift off your friend's head with a loud squeak, your friend's face now bright red as his hair sticks out in all directions.  Without pause the stripper shoves her huge right nipple directly into Tom's mouth, you see his cheeks immediately puff out, looking like they're filled to bursting with air.  She then grabs the back of his head with her hot pink nailed hand and presses his face deep into her boob, so massive and incredibly soft that his face sinks into and is entirely smothered in it.

After almost a minute the stripper robotically stands straight back up, her nipple making a loud slick popping sound as it springs from your friend's mouth while he exhales a mouthful of air.  You can't believe your friend just experienced that, "How was it?", you ask trying to play it cool, Tom looks straight ahead at her nipple as he just mouths "Incredible.", his voice strangely high-pitched.  You watch as he quickly digs in his pocket and takes another hundred dollar bill out, holding it out towards the stripper with lightning speed, placing it in her hand.

You notice Tom must have been really awkward when he did it since he somehow got his fingers stuck together with hers, in an almost robotic fashion again the stripper pivots around on her heel to face the stage causing your friend to leave his seat as his hand is still stuck with hers, her colossal soft booty rubbing against your side, so large your face is slightly buried in her right cheek.  As the stripper climbs back up onto the stage you notice Tom climbing up along with her, you guess he's going along for the show.  The audience erupts into even more applause, whistles and jealous grumbles as they see your friend get onto the stage with the stripper.

Slowly she starts dancing in an extremely lewd manner, swaying her incredible hips back and forth, her waist cartoonishly small in comparison, her huge nipples rubbing hard against Tom's chest as her breasts bulge outward several feet from being squished against his upper body.  You see your friend awkwardly standing there on the stage, attempting to dance to the music as well making it painfully obvious he doesn't ever dance.  The stripper puts her hands on her waist, causing Tom's stuck hand to follow along then leans in with her huge pillowy red lips.  Her massive ballooned breasts bulge out outrageously all around him as she places her lips directly on top of your friend's, her lips so big they completely wrap around his, leaving your friend with a shocked look on his face.

As she breaks the kiss with a audible sounding pop, like she was sucking his life out, she then grabs the last remaining balloon and starts to inhale it, with your friend standing dazed right in front of her still.  As soon as she begins inhaling the helium her latex thong starts bulging around the sides, with a bang the thong snaps off revealing shiny inflating lower lips like two small balloons for all to see, several of the patron's eyes open so wide it's almost comical as they try to process what's happening.

Suddenly the stripper bends completely forward with her back straight, huge bouncy breasts knocking your friend down onto the stage, giant bulbous buns sticking out behind her, giving people on the opposite side a full view.  You can see your friend trying to undo his zipper as the stripper then gets down on all fours doing the sexy cat posture from before, except this time her massive breasts and nipples press down onto your friend's body, completely smothering him from the waist up.  You see the several small black hoses sliding against the stage floor as she moves, wondering where they lead to behind the back curtain.  You faintly hear a zip as you think to yourself, "Is Tom going to get lucky right there on stage?", patrons start frantically raining money down onto the stage, the bills pilling up around the show the stripper and your friend are now putting on.

As the stripper continues to cat crawl over Tom's body you see her pause as her hips reach his groin they slam down against his.  You see your friend shudder as he grunts, her massive bouncy boobs smother his head, incredibly thick thighs surround his legs, making him barely visible beneath her outrageously curvy body.  "Have fun, you robotic balloon bimbo!" is yelled by a female voice behind the back curtain as you hear a hissing sound growing louder in volume, then several of the other strippers walk out from the curtain and proceed to exit the club.

Almost immediately you see the stripper currently on top of your friend starting to blow up incredibly fast, the small black hoses on stage now whipping around frantically.  Her already huge breasts now inflating to the size of blimps along with her butt, massive thighs now reaching the size of innertubes as she turns into an absurdly lewd hourglass shaped balloon on top of your friend, smothering him.  You can barely see Tom's hand pressing down against her insanely soft inflated hips from under her, his hand sinking in until only his wrist is visible.

Several of the other patrons start leaving the club now as the stripper doesn't seem like she's going to stop inflating anytime soon, suddenly she quickly wraps her massively pumped legs around your friend, lifting his whole body up so he's floating off the ground on top of her thighs, with her massive breasts inflating behind his head and back, her big plumped lips almost covering his entire face.  The stripper's body is so elastic that he continues to bounce around while surrounded inside of her curves.  Twin advertising balloon sized cheeks wobble profoundly as they rise on her backside, easily big enough to smother a whole person.

You finally come to your senses and get off your seat, "Tom, can you hear me?!", calling to the stage to see if you can help, all you can hear is Tom grunting and continuing to bounce wildly buried deep inside the stripper, suddenly they both start lifting off the ground.  The stripper taking your friend into the air while trapped inside her blimping body, now taking up almost the entire stage.  You stare in awe as the obscenely over-pumped hourglass stripper is so inflated it almost looks more like a collection of huge helium balloons in the shape of a caricature of a woman, now floating towards the ceiling, your friend buried deep inside somewhere.  You guess he's still having fun in there as her curves start wobbling in a lewd rhythm.

With the parade balloon sized stripper carrying your friend up out of reach you can no longer stand how incredibly turned on you are and need to go relieve yourself, "Have fun buddy, see you at work on Monday!" you shout over to the erotic show as you walk out of the club, several patrons continuing to stare in disbelief.

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