Incident in the Lecture Hall

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Yet another boring hour of stats lecture was about to test Gina’s will to stay awake. The auditorium itself made her drowsy as she entered it and followed the stairs down to the front of the class. She was late again and no seats were open passed the first rows. She sat near a couple of nerdy guys who eyed her body up with little thought to if they would be caught in the act. She bent down to arrange her backpack and purse at the floor. She let her ass sway slowly in their direction, her very tight jeans revealing her shapely hips to the nerd’s overly eager eyes. She loved to mess with them a little. She pulled out her notebook and prepared to take notes.

Gina was in her mid-twenties with shoulder-length brown hair. She wore a tight pair of blue jeans with a tight black designer top. She had an impressive bit of cleavage showing and her top let a bit of her soft tanned belly show. Her young tan body had a bit extra on it, but not even to be called fat. Though her belly could be called pudgy from the right angles.

The lecture began and in seemly seconds so did her desire for a nap. Gina could care less about stats and on top of it she was smart even to figure it out by herself. She had no desire to be there and got no challenge from the equations presented. She drifted in and out with little fear of missing anything she would not figure out later.

She was on the edge of true sleep when a rumbling in her stomach disturbed her slumber. She let out a quiet mouth burp that made no sound. Another couple followed, which she stifled by keeping her mouth shut. Each tasted lightly of vanilla. Her shirt felt a little snug and she could feel it ride up her lovehandles slowly. She tugged at it instinctually. She stifled another belch and shifted in her seat. Gina noticed her pants were feeling a little too tight while she sat. She was regretting her choice of tight clothing as fidgeted trying to get a more comfortable position. Her belly rumbled and an audible, but little urp escaped her lips with a definite vanilla flavor. She felt the front of her shirt slide up to her bellybutton. Lovehandles fully exposed at her sides, Gina struggled to conceal them. She tugged again, but it would not budge.

In fact her whole middle felt bigger as she struggled. Gina looked down at the noticeable belly sitting in her lap. Her tan seemed to be fading on her stomach. She rubbed the potbelly in disbelieve. She had become fat in her sleep! With another rumbled her belly bulged out further, becoming even rounder. Her belly was now a bright white with the tan on her arms fading. Her breasts swelled as well, pulling her shirt up to well above her deeper navel. The blatant growth and strong taste of vanilla sent shivers through her spine. Her hips widened as well. She let out another burp with more growth. Her spreading girth was eating up chair space as she let out an even louder burp. She was now overwhelmed by the scent and taste of vanilla, every inch of her now a pale white. This time Gina got the nerds’ unwanted attention with the loudness of her burp and they stared at her now enhanced figure. The beautiful brunette was now fat before the gawking nerds’ eyes. She let out a even louder belch that popped her pant buttons as she out grew them on the spot. Her red panties instantly conceal by her ample tummy roll. Gina gawked at her once relatively slim figure as it filled her chair up.

“Dr.Stellmark! That girl’s blowing up!” one of the nerds cried with outstretched hand pointing at Gina.

The professor lookup from his chalkboard examples he was writing.

“Huh? Oh God!” the old man cried.

“Help me!” Gina screamed.

All two hundred pairs of eyes were on Gina now as her lovehandles flowed over and under the arm rests of her seat. She was now quite fat and her face was even puffing up. The strange growth seemed to increasing as her girth increased. Her well-padded thighs could barely be seen as her belly rolled further and further out. Gina’s chair creaked and she let out a nervous moan.

“What’s happening? Where’s it all comin’ from?” Gina yelled.

A circle of students gathered around her. Some students were sympathetic, some stunned and many simply curious as to dear Gina’s fate. Behind the wall of bodies was the panicked old man shouting into a phone. Gina’s shock and the drone of students blocked out the old man’s words, but a few like “hugely fat” and “growing exponentially” got through with each word widening her eyes more. One of the two nerds poked her huge belly, which was now growing the fastest. Her clothes were all bursting and her designer top was ruined. She was still belching loudly before each surge of growth. She was all belly now as she took a rounder shape with every passing moment. Soon Gina’s round form could be seen plainly from any row in the auditorium.

Several more students took the nerd’s lead and poked at her mammoth tummy. Gina whimpered as the seat creaked again.

“She feels weird!” a girl remarked in a catty tone as she patted Gina’s growing stomach.

“Yeah, like she’s made of cream more than fat,” added another student.

“Oh, God! Look at her see becoming a human creampuff! Do something Dr.Stellmark!” cried a concerned woman

The old man had finished on the phone and was flabbergasted as the armrests at Gina’s sides burst and poor Gina flowed out to fill the next two chairs to the brim. An audible sound of thick liquids splashing into place filled the room. The strange shimmy to her round ivory form seemed to only attracted more pokes. Gina was unable to stop them with the sheer number of pokes and prods, but ultimately there was too much Gina for to be protected right. Gina’s new form was devouring her arms anyways. The students were forced to back further and further away as Gina filled up more and more room. Human creampuff was becoming a good descriptor of her fate as her face even filled up big and round. Her puffy cheeks made comically rosy red by her red blush on her near colorless skin. Anyone within arm’s reach could now smell the vanilla.

“Help! Help!” Gina cried from behind huge muffling cheeks as her chairs creaked.

The well over five chairs she sat on groaned and gave up the struggle. Her massive form rolled forward onto the gawking crowd. Students screamed, as several were unable to move quickly enough. The room again echoed with the sound of undulating thick fluids. The rest backed away looking the pale sphere of a girl with fear in place of interest. Within moments the students made a dash for the exits. Gina’s growth rate was visibly increasing as she soon dominated the large auditorium’s front. She could only see the chalkboard and her own pale flesh as her form pushed her closer to the chalkboard. Her professor remained. Terrified, Dr.Stellmark could only stare at the round creampuff of a girl as she rolled outward.


She was quite literally the size of a small air balloon by the time the emergency people arrived. Agent Maria Hauser had never seen anything like the scene she before.

“So the witnesses said she simply started growing bigger and bigger?” Maria asked the campus policeman.

She looked towards the massive white blob, still unsure it was a young woman.

“Yes sir, she just started getting fatter by the moment.”

“So no real signs, she just swelled into that pale monstrosity?” Maria asked confused.


“So what did the paramedics say?”

“Well, there’s no way to get her out of here, but that vanilla scent is real vanilla so…”

“Wait, she’s filled with vanilla?” Maria asked

“Yep, pudding to be precise. So the paramedics say she live off that until…well indefinitely…or at least until we can get her out.”

“She better hope she’s filled with low-fat pudding or she’ll only reduce a little in size,” Maria said with a quick cruel grin.

The campus policeman ignored the woman’s cruel attempt at a joke. The agent put her hand to an earphone and concentrated on for a few moments. She began for the door out.

“Wait, Agent Hauser! What is it?” the policeman asked.

“Two girls turned into giant blueberries in the student union. Why don’t you direct me to it?”

The night was becoming more interesting and Agent Hauser did not like interesting at all.

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(not my story, one of my favorites from DA)

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I'm glad to see this one

I'm glad to see this one making it's rounds again. I think it was born very organically from being born in a lecture hall and watching a girl chunk up over a winter semester while in college. I really enjoyed writing it at that time. It helped launch out a new idea for tht incident series at that time.