Alchemy Experiment

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Louis slipped quietly into the small pub as the afternoon sun drew long shadows across the beaten-dirt road. Even by the dim light of the smudged oil lamps, he could see the place was mostly empty. Set back in the shadows, at a table in the far corner, he spied the person he came to meet. He crossed the vacant hardwood floor, trying not to draw attention to himself.

Kylie kept the hood up on her cloak and had taken a seat facing the wall to obscure her identity. She knew Louis would spot her right away, but did not feel the need to advertise her presence more than necessary. She heard him purposefully approach and kept her demeanor calm as he came into view. Louis silently slid onto a bench wedged between the solid wooden table and the wall, facing Kylie.

“Did you bring it?” Kylie asked expectantly, once he settled in. She nervously brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes and tucked it behind her ear, keeping her cowl up the whole time.

“Yes, I have it,” he replied quietly, “but it wasn’t easy. If my master finds out what I’ve done- “

“He won’t,” Kylie cut him off. Louis was an alchemist, fair to middling at best but able to follow directions well enough. When she first approached him, he quickly succumbed to her charms. Her beauty was exceptional, but it was her alluring voice that let her easily twist the will of men. Normally she wouldn’t have given Louis the slightest interest…he was nothing special, young and naïve…but his master had in his possession one of the greatest libraries of alchemical research in all the kingdom.

“Let me see it,” Kylie whispered, trying to curb the edge in her words. She still needed Louis, at least for the foreseeable future, so she had to keep him under her wiles. True, when she started bewitching him, she found him annoying a best; he spent all of his time fawning over her, amazed that someone as pretty as she would show him even the smallest attention. Over time however, his servile groveling became increasingly grating to Kylie, such that her annoyance of him grew into bitter repugnance and distaste.

It took all of her charisma and focus to hide her growing hatred of him.

Louis reached into the pouch on his belt and pulled out a large clear gemstone, delicately wrapped in elegant silver wire and suspended from an intricate chain. Kylie stared hungrily at the shining crystal lattice in his hand, her dark eyes reflecting the light it seemed to capture. The young sorcerer shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“How does it work?” Kylie asked as she leaned forward, licking her lips in anticipation. Beneath the table, her hands were trembling slightly in her lap.

“It, umm, draws on the bearer’s desire,’ Louis began hesitantly, “the grimoire I used said the transmogrifying nature…how it changes things…came from the longing passions of the holder.” As much as he tried, Louis was unable to hide his uneasiness as he spoke.

“So, it works on…lust?” Kylie could scarcely contain her excitement.

“Well, yes,” Louis stammered, “the stronger the craving, the more powerful the reaction.” Kylie’s intense gaze on the amulet was broken when she felt the strangest sensation in her breasts.

She noticed a growing warmth spreading throughout her chest and, stranger still, it felt as if the table were gradually pushing upward, slowly lifting her bosom. Kylie looked down at her cleavage, eyes widening, as she watched the fleshy orbs swelling appreciably under her scrutiny.

Where Kylie’s chest had originally been somewhat petite yet perky, it now appeared as if she had two small grapefruit stuffed in her dress. Louis found it hard to avoid gaping at her growing fullness. Worse still, as he felt his palm become sweaty while clutching the amulet, he found it even harder to stop her expansion.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Kylie demanded, glaring at Louis. She caught him awkwardly ogling her chest, her sharp question bringing his eyes to hers. Even without looking, she knew her breasts were still inexorably ballooning, filling outward and pulling the fabric of her bodice tight. Louis stumbled over his words in an attempt to respond.

Kylie could hear the slow ripping of material as she asked again, harsher this time, “What are you doing!?!” Louis started and jumped, and Kylie’s blossoming bosom ceased its growth. The laces of her vest were pulled taut, near bursting. Were it not for that tenuous restriction, her chemise would have already torn apart from the pressure. Kylie’s new proportions left her off-balance and top-heavy; the experience was unfamiliar and bizarre.

She risked a glance downward and let out a small gasp. Her now-considerable mounds resembled a pair of ripened cantaloupes that her dress barely contained.  Kylie glowered at Louis, fixing him with her stare. She could hear rustling at other tables; there weren’t a lot of people here, but she and Louis were starting to garner unwanted attention.

“I’m…I’m sorry…,” Louis sputtered, hemming and hawing, “I didn’t mean to…I mean, this isn’t…” When Kylie felt her breasts tingling again, the sweeping spheres becoming increasingly sensitive to even the slightest touch, she reached out and smacked the amulet from Louis’ grasp. As he drew his hand back swiftly, holding it to his chest, the pendant clattered loudly on the table.

When the tingling warmth abated, Kylie let out a sigh of relief. Chastised, Louis leaned back against the wall, his expression forlorn. Kylie waved him to silence, and took a moment to appreciate her new form. While she had barely avoided disaster, she could come to enjoy her new assets. She gently cradled her breasts, hefting them and feeling their weight. Even the barest of touches felt exquisite. Her nipples were engorged and hardened, clearly visible through the strained cloth.

She wanted to explore her new body further but obviously not here. Kylie needed privacy but for now, she had business to conclude. As she picked up the amulet from the table and placed her other hand on her bosom, she looked to the chastened alchemist.

“Is this what you wanted,” she asked demurely, gently caressing her milky exposed skin where it rose above her neckline. Louis gulped nervously, a glimmer of hope in his eyes. Kylie could tell by how he shifted around on the bench he was becoming aroused.

“You like things bigger, don’t you,” she purred, “as it turns out, I’m learning to appreciate that myself…” Still the young man found himself at a loss for words. Kylie shuddered with pleasure as her hand drew light spirals over her bosom; as her fingers circled her nipples, she closed her eyes and leaned her head back in growing ecstasy. As her hunger grew, the crystal in her hand started to glow softly.

“Do you want more…?” she whispered. Even though Kylie’s eyes were closed, Louis nodded.

He heard it before he felt it, a quiet hissing sound echoing from below the table. Louis looked down to the sight of his midriff rounding out, quickly trapping him between the heavy table and the wall. The leather of his belt creaked in protest; at the same time Kylie’s quiet moans of erotic bliss drifted across to his ears. With sudden realization it dawned on Louis, Kylie was using the amulet to blow him up.

With each passing instant, he felt the air, the pressure inside him building at an alarming rate.

In a flash of panic, Louis tried to reach across the table, to grab the amulet, but his own flourishing belly kept him jammed firmly in place. Louis’ overstrained belt burst open a moment later with a loud crack, allowing his midsection to surge forth.

His limbs thickened and grew cone-shaped, and Louis found it increasingly difficult to keep his arms from rising or his legs from spreading. He felt his skin stretch like the surface of a drum, full and tight, and the exaggerated globe of his torso pressed upward on his jaw and pinned his mouth shut.

Kylie stood from her chair as Louis’ increasing girth pushed back the table, causing it to loudly scrape across the floor. By now, the other patrons were looking in their direction, gawking at the young man in the corner suddenly swelling round and full.

It was over in under a minute; Louis was left completely spherical, bobbing gently, with nothing but his feet, hands and head sticking out. Kylie was mildly surprised that his clothes had held on throughout his ordeal, but then again, she never had any desire whatsoever to see him naked so maybe that contributed.

Kylie attributed the speed of his transformation to her capacity for lust. Fascinated, even under the scrutiny of the assorted bystanders, she fond herself cautiously stepping up to the giant ball and placing her free hand on its surface. Her fingers glided over the curving hemisphere, feeling the immense pressure within. Louis moaned quietly through sealed lips, his eyelids fluttering shut.

She drew her hand back suddenly, then leaned forward, pressing her enormous mammaries against the poor, helpless boy, eliciting another groan. She stood on her toes, maliciously grinding herself briefly against his body as she brought her lips close to his ear.

“I’d say I’m sorry,” she whispered huskily, “but I’m really not. Don’t worry though, I won’t pop you.” She could see his eyes grow wide with fear at the prospect.

“However, I guess I do have to thank you for this,” she held up the amulet by the chain, dangling it just in front of his gaze. As she slid back down the curve of his body, her hardened nipples dragging twin trails down his chest, she stood back upright and was momentarily unbalanced by her new attributes. It was something she’d have to get used to if she decided to stay this way, she thought.

Kylie carefully clasped the chain around her neck, letting the amulet settle deeply in her massive cleavage. The crystal still felt warm. Afterward, she pulled her cloak tighter, the folds barely covering her breasts.

As she turned to leave, Kylie called out over her shoulder, “Oh, I’ve already sent a message on to your master telling him what you’ve done and where to find you. I’m not sure what he’ll make of the state you are in, but I’m sure he’ll already have something appropriate in mind for what to do with you.”

With that, Kylie stepped out into the early evening light, and disappeared into the crowds.

Author's Note: 

Author’s note: this was part of an experiment. I was bored and began developing a random plot generator mostly to see if it could be done and if so, whether the attempt bore any worthwhile results. Once the generator was developed enough, I took the first idea it spat out to see whether it would stand up as any kind of story. I tried to keep in line with what was given to me. Below is the actual text I got:

Random Story Plot Generator

Your main character is an excited alchemist named Louis.

Your secondary character is Kylie, a fascinating maiden.

The secondary character hates the main character.

The story takes place in the past. It kicks off in a pub with an uncomfortable conversation.

There is an incident of a very slow accidental breast inflation, caused by a talisman.

The inflatee initially feels hesitant at the beginning of the inflation, and ends up feeling amazed by the conclusion.

The story takes place mostly in the day in a public setting.

Note: someone in the story is in denial about something.

As an added twist, the inflatee turns the tables.

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