Two Cups Full

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This story contains breast expansion caused by blueberry inflation. Just a heads up.

The speed in which he hit shift+tab could only rival The Flash himself. Cheryl pretended not to notice the quick window switch as she walked into the office, her boyfriend's body visibility tensing up when she came in. She kept her smile to herself. "Hey babe?"

Alfred looked over, the pause music of his PC game playing softly aloud. He had a soft grin on his face, beaming with nervousness and hidden joy. Cheryl noticed the small beads of sweat on his brow, but once again chose to ignore it, despite her suspicions. "Yeah babe?"

"The toilet's clogged again and I can't find the plunger." Cheryl leaned against the doorway, arms crossed.

Alfred took off his headphones, putting his computer into sleep mode before pushing his chair back and standing up. "I think I moved it to the garage after last time. It should still be there." He walked past her, barely grazing her shoulder as he walked past. Cheryl followed, pushing her emerald-dyed hair behind her ear as she walked. Curiosity ran through her mind however. This had been the third or fourth time she had walked in, either to see what her boyfriend is doing or to get help with something, and he's tabbed over to his game from something else. She had her theories, but decided to save them for later.

The two of them made their way down to the garage, Alfred flicking the light on as he stepped down the concrete steps. Cheryl stayed in the doorway, the garage floor too cold for her bare feet. She watched her boyfriend sidestep past the car, walking next to the storage shelves and taking the plunger off the shelf, the tool's head double-wrapped in plastic bags. He walked back over, Cheryl moving out of the way so he could take the lead back to the master bathroom. When they passed his office, she couldn't help but glance back at the computer. It was sitting there, tempting her with her boyfriend's secrets.

"Alright. That should do it." Alfred said moments later, the toilet water draining itself in a downward spiral.

Cheryl walked over, seeing the positive results and kissing Alfred on the cheek. "Thanks baby~" She wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling his side towards her stomach.

Alfred held his arms up, trying not to touch her. "I don't think you want toilet water on you!" He laughed as Cheryl let go. He went over to the sink, Cheryl sitting up on the counter and turning the knob for him. Alfred thanked her as he rinsed off his hands.

"You know, I'm off of work tomorrow." Cheryl started as she grabbed the towel for him. "We could have a date if you want. Head out, see a movie, get lunch." She reached over and playfully poked his nose. "And then come back and have some fun together~"

"I wish I could, but I gotta do a double shift at the shop tomorrow." Alfred answered. "We're already short staffed as it is. If I don't come in, they're gonna be pissed at me again."

Cheryl pouted. Her boyfriend worked as a mechanic at Bezo’s Auto downtown. That's how they made most of their income for their house. She knew that he'd have to go in, but all of these double shifts lately made her crave attention from him. She hopped off the counter, turning towards him. "We could do something now then. I can grab a chair and watch you play that RPG you love so much."

Alfred smiled, leaning over and kissing her lips. "I'd love that. I'm about to jump into a boss fight. You can watch me kick some ass." He grabbed the plunger, heading out the bathroom. Cheryl followed, heading to the living room and grabbing the large bean bag chair, meeting her boyfriend back in his office after a few minutes of waiting.

Hours passed into the night. Cheryl woke up, sitting up on her arms in the darkness. Her stomach growled under the covers, loud enough to be heard throughout the room. She looked over at her partner, Alfred, still asleep next to her, snoring loudly. She ran her fingers through his curly brown hair, careful not to wake him up. "I'll be right back." She whispered to him before silently pulling back her side of the sheets, fixing the strap on her ruby red bra as she stood up and headed for the door, leaving the door open a crack as she turned and went down the stairs and towards the kitchen. She made sure to dodge all of the creaking steps on the way down, hopping over the bottom stair and onto the bottom floor. Cheryl made her way to the kitchen, opening the fridge and grabbing one of the mint chocolate pudding cups inside. With the fridge's light, she peeled off the tin cover, licking the lid and humming happily to herself as she turned, bumping the door with her hip to close the door. She opened the drawer next to the fridge, taking out a spoon and quietly closing it, standing still for a second to ensure she didn't wake Alfred with the slight noise she was making. With no response, she went back into the hall and made her way back up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, Cheryl was about to turn into their bedroom as a light caught her attention from the corner of her eye. She took a few steps back, looking into the office. Strange. Alfred's computer was still on. The thoughts from earlier began to swarm her head again. With the spoon in her mouth, Cheryl looked back at the bedroom, then at the office.

Her mind was telling her no, but her body.

Her body was telling her yes.

She tiptoed into the office, soundlessly closing the door behind her. Setting the pudding cup a good few inches away from the keyboard, Cheyrl sat in his computer chair, turning towards the screen. "Seems like you forgot to log out babe." She thought to herself as she immediately opened the internet browser. Usually Alfred had his computer locked and off at this time at night. He did say that he had some paperwork to do before bed. Maybe he just forgot? Cheryl stopped to think for a second. This wasn't wrong, was it? I mean, it's not like her boyfriend had anything to hide from her. They each had their own personal computers, but she's used his computer several dozen times before and he's always been okay with it. This wasn't going to be a problem. 

"Obviously he's got nothing bad to hide." She rationalized as she opened up Alfred's browser history, reading through the last few visited sights. Most of it were word documents and PDFs that he had opened up, as well as the Bezo's Auto website. About halfway down the page, Cheryl's eyes grew wide with curiosity.

Cheryl clicked on the name, greeted seconds later with the sky blue homepage of the website. Rows upon rows of profile pictures loaded up, each box showing the generally same thing: A woman in a bikini or other skimpy clothing with their skin colored blue, some a little on the heavier side than others. They didn't look heavy due to weight though. They seemed weirdly bloated somehow. Cheryl looked down at her own body for a second. She wasn't exactly the skinniest girl, but she wasn't fat either. She was just chubby. At least she knew that Alfred didn't lose his taste in that.

"So is this it? They're just blue?" Cheryl whispered to herself, leaning on the desk. She couldn't wrap her head around it. If this is what Alfred was into, all he had to do was ask and she'd do it for him. She was a makeup artist after all. It's not like it would be a hard job for her. Slightly interested, she clicked on the blue girl with purple eyes and black hair.

Cheryl leaned back in surprise, her eyes wide, her mouth open, baffled. The live feed had loaded up, the girl on the camera not in the least bit skinny like her profile picture. Instead, she was almost a full blue sphere, her arms and legs sunken into what must've been her inflated stomach. She had a wide smile on her face, the bikini she was wearing holding on to dear life on her expanded form. The live chat was rolling on the side and was filled with happy emojis and other phrases of encouragement, phrases such as 'Keep getting bigger baby!' and 'oh shit she's so huge! How big is she gonna get?'

"This is what he keeps switching over from when I walk in?" Cheryl whispered to herself in disbelief. The girl on screen wasn't fat, she was inflating herself into a large living human blueberry. Cheryl went back a page, clicking on the next profile over. It was the same thing, a girl in a teacher's uniform this time, the buttons on her blouse started to bulge from the swelling skin underneath, her body a dark violet color. She looked at the camera, winking to the audience, taunting them to donate more money as she grew larger. Cheryl went back and middle clicked each profile, opening them up in their own tabs. Sure enough, each girl was the same: blue, skimpy clothes, and filled with juice. As she closed out the tabs, Cheryl noticed a name in the top left corner, as well as another option that said "Log Out." Not only was her boyfriend watching this stuff, he had an account. She checked the history again, Cheryl taking deep breaths to calm herself down as she scrolled. It seemed like Alfred had been visiting this site for sometime now, his history only going back six months, daily logins to the cam site being on the daily.

Cheryl closed out the browser and shut down his computer, putting everything back to how it looked before she walked in, grabbing her now-warm pudding and heading back to the bedroom. She poked her head in first, seeing that Alfred was still sound asleep. She snuck in, closing the door behind her and sitting back in bed, pulling the sheets over her legs as she finally started eating her pudding, her mind racing. This wasn't cheating, not at all. She knew that Alfred was loyal to her. She didn't mind that he would watch porn, at least normal porn, but this was...something different. He didn't find her boring, did he? He has been working a lot, so he's not home as often for her to help him release some of his stress.

She looked over at her boyfriend, reaching over and feeling his hair again. I mean, it's not like she wouldn't do something like that for him. It was just...weird. But if it's what he's into these days, maybe he'd like it if he had his own personal blueberry girl. She took her hand off his head, putting the pudding down and picking up her phone. Time to do some research.

Three days later, Cheryl heard Alfred's alarm go off upstairs. She fixed her shirt, making sure to show a decent amount of cleavage from her double D cup breast before he came downstairs, allowing a bit of the baggy white shirt to hang off her shoulder, showing the equally white bra strap on her shoulder. Alfred came downstairs five minutes later, dressed in his dark blue jumpsuit, adjusting his glasses as he turned the corner. He walked up to Cheryl, a smile on her face in surprise. "Good morning sweetheart."

"Good morning~!" Cheryl cheerfully said back before Alfred kissed her. He turned to the kitchen, a pot of coffee already prepared for him. When he turned, Cheryl opened up the packet of gum under the table, shaking the small box until a few blue cubes landed in palm. She lifted her hand up, quickly counting five pieces before popping them into her mouth and promptly chewing.

Alfred poured himself a cup of joe, stirring in the milk and cream afterwards. "I thought you'd be at work already. It's already eight. Aren't you going to be late?"

"I decided to take the day off, take a vacation day to be with my man." Cheryl answered, already starting to feel the juice begin to build up in her breast.

Alfred turned around, walking to the table and sitting across from her. He picked up the newspaper that she had laid out for him, unfolding it and started reading. "Babe, you know I have to work today. It's not a double shift, but I'm still going to be gone for most of the day."

"I know, but I was thinking." She leaned forward, picking up her chest and placing it on the table as they started to swell before her. "Maybe there's something I can do to make you call in today~?"

Alfred chuckled, beginning to look up. "And what did you have in mi-" His voice trailed off as Cheryl smacked away at the gum, her breast billowing out slowly, the skin on them visibly starting to turn blue as she grew. She was already double the size of what she was before, pushing against either G or H at this point.

She shimmied her shoulders, the blue beach balls of chest shaking slightly. "What's wrong sweetheart? Cat got your tongue?" She laughed as she continued to chew.

Alfred spoke, stuttering a bit. "I-I-I-C-Cheryl! What are you...How did you-"

"I may or may not have looked through your browser history a couple of days ago." She pouted. "I know, I'm sorry. I was just curious at what you were always looking at. Found out you had a thing for blueberry girls so I went online and bought myself the gum that they used. Since you like my boobs so much, I decided to get the special kind that only affects them."

Alfred's mouth hung open as he tried to form words. Cheryl pouted, continuing to chew. "If you think I'm mad, I'm not. Honestly, this actually feels pretty good~" She pushed her arms together, her already overflowing chest spilling over the collar of her shirt even more, a valley of blue cleavage on full display. "They're getting pretty damn heavy, and this bra is starting to get..." She rolled her shoulder to hopefully release some tension with no success. "pretty tight." Sure enough, her new bloated cups were causing her bra to push back into her, the sinking underwear only getting deeper as the fabric released its first of many audible creaks. Knowing his eyes were transfixed, Cheryl pulled her shoulders back, greatly increasing the pressure on the front hook. After what sounded like cries of clothing protest, the hook gave in and snapped, her breast given more room to grow further onto the table. Cheyrl let out a soft moan of relief, pulling the collar up a bit so as to not have the girls escape. Cheryl giggled, finding enjoyment in her boyfriend's speechlessness. She continued to break through the bra size alphabet, unsure of how big she was anymore.

She stopped chewing, the growing promptly ceasing. Alfred's eyes shifted quickly from his girlfriend's chest to his girlfriend's eyes, his pupils riddled with anticipation for more.

Cheryl gave her right breast a soft pat, the small force enough to make it wobble and collide with the other one. "Are these big enough for you my dear?" She rested her left arm on her left breast, holding her face with her hand. "Or should I keep chewing~?"

"Chew." Alfred answered without any hesitation as he whipped out his smartphone, immediately dialing the shop's number. It rang about three times before someone picked up, Alfred unable to take his eyes off of the swelling mass in front of him as Cheryl resumed her chewing, small groans coming from her now tight shirt.

"Bezo's Auto, this is Sam."

"Ey Sam! It's Alfred!" Alfred turned away so he could concentrate. Cheryl, already teasing her man, decided to tease him further, reaching her leg under the table and running her foot up his leg, soon reaching his thigh and feeling the erection he had in his jumpsuit with her toes. Alfred jumped in surprise, shooting her a flustered but pleasured look as he pushed her foot away. Cheryl giggled, barely able to contain it, covering her mouth with her hands to muffle herself. In the act of doing so, the gum was knocked to the back of her mouth, Cheryl instinctively swallowing it. Her laughing ceased, her joy replaced with reasonable fear.

She just swallowed the gum. The packet said NOT to swallow the gum. Cheryl slowly looked at her breast as the juice inside released a low gurgle.

Alfred turned back to her, putting his phone away. "Work is off! You have me all to yourself~"

Cheryl let out a nervous laugh. "That's great! Except for one thing."

"What's that?"

"I swallowed the gum while laughing."

Alfred's expression of happiness became sheer fear. "You what?"

"It was an accident I swear!" She watched as his eyes switched from her chest back to her eyes. "That's bad, isn't it?"



"Well, there is a chance that you could..." His voice trailed off to a mumble.

"I could do what?"

He was silent for a second. "...explode"

"Explode?!" As the words left her lips, Cheryl's chest suddenly jolted forward, straining her shirt even more, angry creaks and ominous groans emitting from the area. The couple looked into each other's eyes, unsure if that was the shirt or Cheryl herself. She bit her lip as her nipples started to poke out, becoming erect against the fabric. Strangely enough, she was enjoying the sensation and the pressure that was building up inside of them.

"Can you still move at all?" Alfred asked as he came around the table. Cheryl shifted her hands under each boob, her hands becoming completely engulfed in breast meat. With all her strength, she lifted upwards, almost falling back onto the floor if Alfred hadn't caught her.

"Thanks babe." Cheryl looked back at him, then back at her chest as she bit her lip. "Fuck! I feel the pressure building! There's going to be another growth!"

Alfred looked around frantically, trying to think of an idea. "To the garage! We'll have more than enough room in there!"

Cherly nodded, taking small steps forward towards the garage door. With each progress forward, her breast swelled, spilling over her arms, Cheryl starting to lose her grip as Alfred opened the door and helped her to the other side, turning on the light. He was right, the garage was greatly spacious, at least a good twelve by twelve base with a ten foot high ceiling.

Cheryl buckled under the weight, stumbling to the center of the garage before eventually falling to her knees, her breast bobbing up and down as they finally became too big for her arms and grew onto the floor. She let out a sigh of relief. "Ah~ That's better~"

"How are you feeling?" Alfred dropped to one knee in front of her.

"I'm...better now. A lot of weight off of my back."

"That's good!" Alfred smiled, then slowly frowned. "At least now we don't have to worry about breaking anything."

"Yeah but what now?" Cheryl's eyes read worry.

Alfred thought for a second. "I'm not really sure. Usually the cam girls have juicing machines in case they get too big on stream."

"Yeah well we don't have a juicing machine now do we?"

Alfred chuckled. "No, we don't. I could try...squeezing the juice out."

"H-How exactly do you think you could do-" Cheryl was suddenly cut off by her chest exploding in size once more, forcing Alfred to crawl back as the mounds swelled, the shirt starting to tear at the seams, breast flesh bulging through the newly made holes. The sudden expansion moved Cherly from the back of them to the top, resting the top half of her body on her new boob bed.

Alfred stood up. "Holy fuck." He pushed his hair back, concerned.

"Holy fuck is right!" Cheryl whimpered. "I don't wanna explode!"

"You're not going to explode. I promise you. We'll figure something out." Alfred rolled his sleeves up, revealing the large toned arms underneath. At the sight of them, Cheryl started to remember the first time she held her, her breast swelling slowly below her.

Alfred dropped down, putting one arm under her left breast and the other arm over it. He shifted her boob so the nipple pointed forward, took a deep breath, and started squeezing with all his might. Cherly covered her mouth, stifling her moans as he attempted to get the juice out. They were so...sensitive now. Every hair on his arms seemed to send a wave of sensation across her chest, a sea of sheer pleasure. She closed her eyes, hoping that not seeing the action might make the thoughts go away. All that did was intensify them more, another growth spurt erupting below her. Alfred was forced to let go, losing his grip and taking steps back as Cheryl's chest reached a height of four feet, deeping in hue from a nice blue to a dark purple. Her nipples started to trickle juice, seeming small compared to the humongous backing behind them.

Cheryl opened her eyes, having felt the growth. "Sorry!"

"It...It's fine! I'm fine!" Alfred moved around to the back of the blueberries to Cheryl. "We do have a bit of a problem though."

"...What is it now?"

"You're starting to leak juice."

Cheryl's face lit up. "How's that a bad thing? That's what we wanted!"

"No, this is a small leak, as in the juice is forcing itself out."

"And that means?"

"You're running out of room."

Cheryl's smile was extinguished, looking at the massive globes in front of her. Her skin was starting to turn translucent, the juice on the inside almost able to be seen clearly. They were becoming two full tanks with no way of being drained. "So, this might be it huh?"

Alfred took her hand. "We'll think of another way in time."

"And if we don't?"

"We will." He placed a hand on her cheek. "I promise."

Cheryl leaned over, kissing her boyfriend. Her breast swelled in size, pushing more out on the sides than in height. Cheryl moaned behind the kiss as the area of sensation heaven increased, low creaks coming from each juice tank. She pulled back, taking a deep breath, as did Alfred, as she looked back at her now five foot tall chest. The dots started to connect. Whenever she did something pleasurable, she grew. She could feel that the trickle had turned into a soft spray. She had an idea.

Cheryl turned back to Alfred, moving her left arm to his waist. "Babe, you need me to kiss me like this could be the last time we ever do so."

"Cher, I told you that we'll figure-"

"Just do it! Every time I have thoughts about you, I grow in small amounts, and when we touch it’s in giant amounts. If we kiss again and hold it, it might cause all the juice to just spray out the front in one big gush!"

"...And if this doesn't work?"

"At least I get to kiss you one more time before the worst happens."

Alfred, terrified, nodded his head in agreement. Cheryl ran her fingers through his hair one last time, placing her hand on his cheek before pulling him down for a kiss again. Alfred pulled their waist together, Cheryl able to feel his erection against her lower area. Her expansion surged, a series of moans, groans, and creaks firing off like shotgun blast from her breast as they grew, breaking six-seven-eight-nine feet in height, reaching the walls of the garage before the ceiling. Only a foot away from the top, they stopped, but Cheryl could feel the pressure building in front of them. Strangely, the juice coming from her nipples had stopped.

Cheryl pulled back, looking at her now near-wall of boob. "The juice stopped coming out! I think my nipples are pinned against the garage door!" A series of creaks and groans came from her as the pressure continued to climb. Cheryl tensed up as her breast quivered, tucking her head into Alfred's chest, preparing for the worst. Alfred rested his head on hers, whispering his love for her as he held her close.

Seconds later, Cheryl's twin blueberry reserves burst, the garage flooding with rich blueberry juice. Alfred was blown back, hitting the back wall before the tidal wave smacked into him, Alfred getting pulled by the artificial current deeper into the juice sea. He kicked his legs, forcing himself up to the surface of the liquid. Once there, he grabbed onto one of the bike hooks, wiping the juice from his eyes so he could see. He looked around the surface, horrified out of his mind at the sight of his exploded girlfriend. "Cheryl!"

Almost on cue, a hand emerged from the dark refreshment, grabbing onto a bike hook three feet away from Alfred. Cheryl pulled herself up, taking in deep exhausted breaths. She flipped her hair, now dyed blue, back and wiped her eyes, her eyelids fluttering as she looked around. "Alfred!" She smiled bright at her boyfriend, happy exclamations. "Alfred, I'm alive! I'm alive!"

"You're alive!" Alfred held onto the hook as he reached out his other arm, pulling Cheryl towards him, the two of them kicking together to stay afloat. "How?"

"I guess we made the juice gush out just in time!" She laughed. "I'm not gonna lie, that was actually pretty fun!"

Alfred rolled his eyes, laughing. "You're such a weirdo."

After paddling over and kicking his foot against the garage opener, the juice was swiftly drained out into the street, Alfred and Cheryl rolling with the waves as they surfaced out in the front driveway, the pavement stained purple. They both sat up, greeted with looks of concern from their neighbors. Cheryl waved to them, embarrassed. Alfred stood up, picking up Cheryl and carrying her back inside, making sure to cover her now exposed chest.

Hours later, after several showers each and a change of clothes, Alfred and Cheryl relaxed on the couch, matching movies together under a large warm blanket. Cheryl leaned her head against Alfred's chest. "That was absolutely crazy."

"Yeah, it was." Alfred replied, sighing. "And scary. Downright terrifying."

"At least the worst didn't happen and I still get to be with the best man in the world." Cheryl smiled, leaning up and kissing Alfred. As she did, she feld a strange pressure in her chest. She pulled back, looking down and pulling open her collar. Everything from her nipples to just beyond the areola was starting to turn purple, her chest starting to swell up. Cheryl climbed up onto Alfred's lap, smiling deviously.

Alfred noticed the slow expansion, looking up at her. "Oh no. What are you thinking~?"

Cheryl cupped Alfred's face, kissing him again and swelling even more. She pulled back, biting her lip. "Let's see how big you can make them this time~!"

Author's Note: 

At this point, I'm just writing out my fantisies. Leave constructive critsism if you want. My spelling isn't the best. Sorry.

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Dear author of this story!

This is quite an interesting plot! It can be developed a lot!
This is far from a trivial story where the end can be a cliché.
Very good to begin with, but can you continue on this thread?
Connect new characters! New locations! Create a parallel plot, and then combine into one crossover!
What can you say? Of course, you know better how your story will continue to unfold, but you have a good imagination! I give 5 out of 5.
And I hope that you will write a sequel or another story)
Continue in the same spirit!