How do you deal with your kink in real life?

I dont out my kink
10% (7 votes)
I only express my kink online
33% (22 votes)
I express my kink online in art/video/morphs/story
33% (22 votes)
I express only my kink with a long time pather
10% (7 votes)
I express my kink only with lovers (or sexworkers)
6% (4 votes)
Well, i cant count on one hand how many friends know about my kink.
6% (4 votes)
1% (1 vote)
Total votes: 67
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Most of the above?


Hanz Popper

Lucky you. That sounds really intresting to me :)

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I write expansion and inflation smut as well as other things. The girlfriend knows what I'm into she doesn't care that I'm into it and likes that I write stories, but she's no into it herself. So mostly I just enterain my kink online. Writing lets me get my kinks out and lets me make some cash as well so it's all good. 

Falcon Pawnch!

Pennsylvania Ki...
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I find that just awesome and it gives me hope.

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Yeah keep your head up. Kinks play a very little part of the overall relationship there will still be sexy times that are just as much fun haha. And any partner worth their salt isn't going to care that you have an inflation kink. This fetish is mostly a silly fictional thing anyway so if the person you're with leaves you over a silly kink then they weren't worth the time anyway.

Falcon Pawnch!

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I write expansion stories as the mood hits me, and share my kink with my partner and that's 2, 3, and 4.


I told my wife about it...she doesn't get it, but she lets me have my fun. A couple times a month is fantasy time.

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I would vote 2,4, and 5.

Only recently after 15 years have I been getting active online. I've told most of my partners about it and luckily all of them were receptive. I've even converted a few gfs to it. Luck of the draw I suppose. Thankfully the internet has been a great tool to connect with others and make us not feel so alone in our fantasy.


Online only, although I've debated on the idea of telling my long time girlfriend.

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Best of luck. Don't be afraid to tell her if you really want her to know. You'd be surprised how receptive some are, especially of your word it just right and ease them into it. 


It boils down to being in the bubble

How do you know who knows?

Private life is not something people chat about, so if they would know they wouldn't talk about it

And many make puns regarding balloons and ballooning, even popping - it is inherent part of the language and culture

I don't think people expect from us anything above acting with respect, and those who depend on us expect their needs covered. Anything above is just a matter of being okay with yourself

So stay well, be happy, and have fun ^_^

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Me it's almost stricly online via drawing and stories. Yet my fiancé know about it and will tease me when we see stuff on tv or movie but she's not into it and I respect that. After all that most of what I fantasize about is impossible in real life, so nothing wrong for me to have it stay in dreamland so to speak ;)

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Anonymous online stuff only but I'm willing to open up about it with the right person.


One and three for me. I don't out my kink IRL -- and while I do write stories and enjoy inflation stories and art online, I do so under an online identity that's completely separate from my "real" online identity(ies).