Talent Show MisHaps

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I nervously held my hat by the brim, sliding it along my hands as they grew sweaty. I was up next for the company talent show, and I wasn't feeling confident at all. My best friend said I was going to do just fine if I took a breath and relaxed, but I couldn't see how I could do that. The balloon juggler before me finished his act to the booing from the crowd. He stormed off the stage, mumbling something about people not respecting the art.

I meekly walked out on stage and waved to the audience. "Hello! I am the great Georgina-ini...! And I have… magic to show you." My stage fright was really setting in. "For my first trick! I'm going to make a bird come out of my hat…" I placed my hat on the table and tapped the brim three times. "Ala-ka-No no! Not yet!" I called out as the bird flew from my hat. I tried to jump after it but caught my ankle on something and fell hard on my backside, dazed and a little confused.

I shook off my daze just in time to feel something had gone up my ass and was now sending a wave of coldness through my body. I groaned a little feeling my shirt tightening. I nearly had a heart attack when I reached down to comfort my belly, only to feel my hand being pushed away. Looking down, I found I had fallen onto the balloon juggler's helium tank… and turned on the flow.

I started to panic as my shirt buttons started getting really tight. One button finally had enough, and with a little pik was sent flying through the air, showing off my belly button. My butt started to push against the ground more and more. My breasts suddenly went from barely A-Cups to being nearly levitating D's in only a couple minutes and showed no signs of stopping.

I whimpered as my shirt buttons popped off one-by-one. My belly was now almost the size of a yoga ball but I felt more helium coming. My cheap belt started to strain and creak thanks to my rapidly inflating hips. The buckle finally had enough and went flying through the air. It was at this moment, I realized how much that belt was limiting the airflow.

With a thunderous symphony of little pops, the shirt buttons concealing my chest all popped off at once. The entire audience got a front row seat of my bra on its last legs as it tried to contain my blimped out breasts. I nearly had a heart attack when my pants button popped off and the zipper tore open and I remembered I was going commando. Why on Earth did I decide to do that? Today of all days? I might have prevented all this, even if just a bit, if I slipped on some damn underwear. But that wasn't my main concern right now as I tried to maintain at least a morsel of dignity.

I tried to cover myself up with my hands, the job becoming much harder when my bra had enough and took a flight to the other side of the stage. I whimpered more as my arms and legs started filling up and starfishing out. My clothes had finally had enough.. my shirt tore down the back and the sleeves started coming apart. The seams of my pants split and ruptured. I felt light as my body started forming together into a spherical shape. My butt started to lift up from the floor, and that's when I remembered that I was inflating with helium.

My body started to float into the air, slowly pulling the tank's nozzle out of my ass. My legs and arms were eventually engulfed into my body with only my hands and feet popping out. The remnants of my clothes peeled away as I finally took to the air, revealing my nudity to everyone in the audience. And they started laughing.

I was on the verge of tears, hoping the hot stage lights would just pop me and get it over with. The mocking laughter was too much. The embarrassment almost made me oblivious to someone grabbing me by the ankle before I floated too far and pulling me backstage. I felt the mocking looks and jeers from the other performers as I was carefully led through the backstage area like a balloon on a string. The person pulling me along managed to shove me into the empty prep room, allowing me to float up to the low ceiling.

I tried to see who it was but couldn't see over my rotund form. I felt them tightening something to my ankle. "Why did you help me instead of laughing?" I said in an admittedly hilarious high-pitched voice.

"That's what friends do when another friend's in trouble." I recognized his voice from anywhere: Macy, my best friend in the whole world.

She tugged on the string that she tied around my ankle, pulling me down to face her. She gently wiped the tears from my eyes and threw a large sheet over my bulbous, naked form. I smiled warmly.

"Thank you, Macy." I said, albeit still a little shaky. My eyes widened as she pressed her soft lips against my own, pulling away after a second.

"You're welcome!" She said in a high-pitched voice. I broke down laughing, and so did she. And we just sat there for the rest of the show. Laughing and joking in our little hiding place.

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