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Melissa was a marine biologist by trade, though she was also quite like the occaisonal freestyle diving. She was a very good swimmer and she was known by everyone as someone who was kind to everyone and always protected the little guy, no matter the cost. She was also incredibly hot. With a capital 'Holy Smokes!' from pretty much anyone who saw her. She was about average weight for her height but pretty muich all that weight was in her butt and her breasts, which appeared almost cartoonishly huge and round and seeming defying gravity at the massive double-E cup. Emphasising this fact the amount of time she spent at sea meant she had a fantastic tan, and she loved going to the beach. Every time she went she wore her favourite bikini and she always got looks of hotdamn from most of the men and women alike especially with her untied jet black hair going everywhere. Melissa never minded though, she didn't have an issue flaunting her body the same way she flaunted her brilliant mind. 


There was another side to Melissa though. Melissa liked inflating herself, with air exclusively, she could never get on with the added weight of anything else. She was abouit 19 and had been interested in it for as long as she could remember. She had been practicing since she was around 17 and she had done it enough now that she could get from her natural 27 inch waist to almost 48 at its widest point, and on her frame she looked like she could easily be 9 months pregnant with twins. At this point her belly wouild have been super firm from all the pressure and her skin was so tight another pump and she would probably have burst. But that wasn't enough for her. She wanted to be bigger, with a massive and rock hard belly so big and wide she wouldn't be able to fit through the front door. She never worked up the courage to tell anyone about this, not even her boyfriend Jake. Sweetest guy you can imagine, he didn't even look half bad (though she overshadowed pretty much everyone) and most importantly they loved each other, but she was always scared what he'd think as he always treated her right especially when she needed him most.


One day Melissa decided that she wanted to try diving while she was inflated. So she set out on her little marine biologist boat in her favourite white bikini, blew herself up to about 45 inches because she knew she could hold that and went about as far down as she should have with just an air tank to check on a coral reef, which was about 140 feet give or take. She took whatever measurements she needed to of the reefs before she realised her belly was as flat and soft as it normally was down here. That seemed a little weird but she suspected she farted all the air out due to the water pressure being over 4 times at sea level squeezed it all out. Then all of a sudden she released a fart so thunderously loud that it scared a few fish away, which was the point she realised that she was probaly still full of air but her belly didn't appear or feel bloated because the water pressure was compressing it all. This was confirmed when she want up to the surface and suddenly went from flat to beachball pretty quick with all the firmness that came with that. This gave her an idea.


The next day after she'd got all the air out thanks to Jake's help (he was told the usual story of being extremely intolerant to common sugar substitutes) Melissa went back to the same coral reef as before, but she left all the marine gear behind other than the respirator. She made sure to bring one of her air pumps that had an air tank on it and a buttplug she'd drilled a hole in glued to the tube, as well as her waterproof camera and snapping tape measure. That night she had realised that if she blew herself up underwater she would be able to get more air in than she would be able to normally because there would be too much water pressure for the skin to become overly stretched. Then she could keep going until she was fit to burst and then ascend up to the surface, where the much larger relative air volume would bloat her belly up way further than she would ever be able to get otherwise. She had a camera because she figured if she was doing something for the first time she would document even if the results were her bursting halfway up to the surface.


So she descended t0 140 feet below, set up the camera and measured herself. 27 inches. Pretty normal so far. Then she inserted the pump, turned it on and... For a good 5 minutes she didn't feel any bigger or tighter, but at least the pump was working at this depth. Then Melissa started to feel that normal bloated feeling she got while doing this and she noticed she had blown up to about 33 inches but it had used a lot more air from the pump than she expected. Not too long later, she started getting bigger and bigger and she made it to her normal max of 48 inches. Her belly button had already popped out. Extremely turned on, she turned off the pump for a second and felt her belly. It felt hard as a rock and completely hollow. She was way too aroused to just leave it there, so she turned it back on and decided now was a good time to pleasure herself.


By the time Melissa had finished, the pump's air had basically run out and she had made it all the way to 51 inches. She didn't feel nearly as stretched as she was expecting when she was 3 inches over her limit, though that was probably due to the water, and there was still enough air in the main tank to keep going. But she realised that pushing it any further was a really bad idea when her belly literally had no give when she prodded it and there was almost no give at all, not to mention it was noticeably wider than before. So she ascended as quickly as possible, despite the fact the rushing water didn't help when her belly was now expanding at a rate she never thought possible. She half considered staying at 60 feet in the water because she could see major stretch marks on her belly now, and she felt like if she got any bigger she would just burst. But the other part of her wanted to see how big she got,  she just went for it and she made it without exploding. Just about. Melissa's stomach now measured 12 feet round and was literally shaking from the tension of holding that much air. She touched the sides of her stomach and realised it was as tight, round and hard as she wanted. At some point she realised she was still expanding because of the sun was heating up her belly, so she managed to get below deck, unplug herself and then ended up spending all day touching herself and farting the air out non-stop.


After she had spent a few days recovering from near bursting and spending some time with Jake as he'd been kind of worried about her that day, she found herself home alone again. Jake was at work, or at least Melissa thought he was at work. Sometimes he did work Saturdays, after all. He wasn't in the house, that was for sure. So she got her bike pump which had the plug on the end, inserted it into herself and started pumping away. She has already blown herself up so big she looked like she was heavily pregnant when Jake suddenly opens the door.


"Turns out Sainsbury's didn't need me today babe, it was next week so if you wanted me to book that bowling alley for later..."


His words trailed off. Jake wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he wasn't blunt either and between Melissa being butt naked, the bike pump and the vibrator working away between her legs it wasn't exactly difficult to tell what was going on.


Awkward silence ensues...

Author's Note: 

Yes I know this almost certainly isn't really how physics or whatever works, but it wasn't something I had seen before so I just wrote it anyway.

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Migas54's picture
Interesting idea, you are a pioneer!

I've never seen a scenario like this before! Everything is quite realistically told (well, not completely, but science fiction 100%) Everything has an explanation, and the plot is nicely written. then expand or come up with something. BUT
I put 5 out of 5, this is purely my assessment and my comment, I think everything is cool and interesting here)
Keep writing, there are no limits to creativity! You define these limits yourself)
((Sorry for the illiterate speech, English is not my native language, I use a translator))


Migas54's picture
And yes...

Fortunately, on the Internet you can hide relatively behind masks, and few people (almost no one) know some addictions / fetishes, so I will say that the topic (forgive me for the expression, few people like this) 'Farting' is almost rare. writes about it. But based on the fact that most of the 3 factors in stories / picture / video are 'Liquid (Water, blueberries (or other products))', 'Gases (Air, helium, fart (mixture of gases), etc. .p)','Solid food(Stuffing)'
Of these, blueberry and air/helium inflation is more common.
Maybe I'm wrong, but such things are more common. In general, it's your right how to proceed, what and how to write. But some people like it, some don't. ... You can’t please everyone. One likes one, and the other, others. It depends on what is closer and more interesting to you, and the audience is the second. People write what they like for themselves, but they can show it to others to find like-minded people. (Heh , at least I found a site and sites where they share my interests) (Oh, we are all different, however :)) )


Thank you!

Genuinely thank you! I genuinely didn't think anyone would like my work at all! I kept second guessing posting it as well because I was concerned it would be either too specifric or flat out weird.

To be honest the reason I wrote in farting is because the related topic is air and I thought it would make come level of sense. And don't worry, your English is fine.

I did already write a few sequels (planning 4 right now with different focuses, still air based but that might be too much) to this story you see here with the same characters, as well as some fresh ideas involving streamers, renowned universities and inflation based revenge. Those single stories have a pretty long preamble though, they're a lot more serious / dark / NSFW / strongly sexually explicit than these as well, so I'm not sure if I should post them. If there's enough interest I probably will at some point. In fact many of the things I've written lately tread the line between erotica / sex based and fetish based (not that there isn't a lot of both), so I'm not sure if they can be posted here.


Thanks again for the kind words!