Duel of Two Witches, A

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The stagecoach rocked up and down as it rode down the path. Three passengers were riding along with Erin, all strangers to her. None of them were wearing a brown cloak like her, one with a hood that concealed her hair.

The horses pulling the stagecoach whinnied. The stagecoach stopped. Erin heard the stagecoach driver say something to a voice she didn’t recognize. One moment later, two knights in full suits of armor opened the stagecoach. One of them pointed his finger at her. “You! Step out!”

Erin did as she was told. A lively town stood past the knights. A few onlookers noticed her. One of the knights said, “Do you not know the Baroness’s decree? Witches not named Audrey are forbidden in this province!”

The stagecoach driver said, “That girl’s a witch?”

A woman Erin was riding with said, “But she looks nothing like a witch!”

Erin didn’t flinch. She didn’t gasp at the accusation. She didn’t even raise an eyebrow. It was hardly the first time she was called such. She stoically looked at the knights. “You can’t fool us.” One of the knights said. “Nothing gets past the Baroness.” He took out his sword and struck her in the abdomen with its handle. She fell to the ground, which added to her sudden pain. Her hood slipped off, revealing her short red hair with bangs.

Before Erin could get her bearings, her arms and legs were bound with rope. She was placed in a cart that was pulled by two horses. The knights were guiding her and the horses away from the town. They appeared to be traveling up a mountainous region.

Unbeknownst to the knights, Erin had already healed the damage inflicted by the ruffian. The pain was gone, and whatever bruising she may’ve incurred would never show. Nonetheless, she was disoriented from being unable to move.

The path led to the top of a cliffside. At the path’s end was a castle sitting on top of a hill overseeing the town. The castle wasn’t overly large, appearing to be two stories in height. Its black masonry was foreboding. When the party approached the castle, its gates opened. Erin was brought in.

The foyer of the castle was built with the same black masonry. This combined with the minimal light from the wall torches gave Erin the sense that she had entered Hell.

Men dressed in black robes, the sort worn by the clergy, stood attention to the approaching knights. One of the knights said, “The witch has been captured. What does the Baroness will?”

“Same as the Lord’s,” a clergyman said. “Take her belongings and chain her in the dungeon.”

The same knight who struck Erin earlier went into the cart to pick her up. He didn’t expect her to glare at him with her wide green eyes. “What the deuce?”

A priest asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I struck her as hard as I could! How could she still be conscious?”

“Because she’s a witch,” one of the priests said. “Allow us.”

The clergymen raised their hands. The next thing Erin knew, she felt into a deep sleep.


Erin thought she was flying at first. A wonderful feeling, flight. The feeling of feet not touching the ground, not falling to imminent death, only flight. Even a simple float had a charm all its own.

Only she wasn’t floating. Sure, her feet weren’t touching the ground, though that was because the shackles were suspending her off the ground. Four shackles, two for her wrists, two for her ankles, held her in the air. The shackles for her wrists were connected to the ceiling while the shackles for her ankles were connected to the floor.

The room was cold, unbearably cold, not from any feature of the room itself. Erin had been stripped naked. Anyone who walked in could see her slender form, her stubby limbs, her curvy bust and her wide hips. Then again, it was hard to see in here as the wall torches weren’t giving off a bright light.

The shackles, cold to the touch, sapped her limbs of energy. Being stretched as much as she was made her exhausted despite having done nothing since being accosted by the knights. Her only relief was that her mind still worked. She could still draw upon her imagination to think of a world far removed from the one she was currently in, a world free of pain, where no one imprisoned anyone, witch or not.

All of a sudden, the room brightened. Before, the light of the torches was all the light she had. Now it appeared the dungeon was sitting in broad daylight with its ceiling and walls removed to bring in a blinding amount of sunlight.

A figure appeared before Erin. It too was floating in the air, albeit properly floating. At first, all she could make out was a silhouette. Moments later, that silhouette took the shape of a woman about Erin’s age. This woman, unlike Erin, was clothed, but not like anyone in the nearby town. Her most striking article of clothing was her burgundy leotard, one exposing her beige thighs and upper arms. She wore black elbow-length gloves and black knee-high boots. Her straight, shiny, dark brown hair reached halfway down her back. She smirked as her piercing blue eyes focused on Erin.

“The great Erin herself,” The floating figure said. “What other woman your age has spotless porcelain skin, scarlet hair that doesn’t reach your shoulders, has no husband nor offspring, and is not in a nunnery? Yet you pose as a commoner. Most arrogant of you.”

The witch floated around Erin, observing her prisoner’s naked form from every angle. “Everybody of our world knows that I’m the only wielder of magic permitted in this territory. Pray tell, why would the great Erin violate this most sacred of decrees?”

“I wanted an audience with you,” Erin responded.

The witch chuckled. “Yes, because witches appear unannounced in order to have tea and crumpets. I’m not slow. What’s your real reason?”

“I had heard rumors of a witch named Audrey who fancied herself a baroness. Looks just like you, commands great power, but is said to be running her declared territory like a tyrant. I took it upon myself to convince you to use your powers for the greater good.”

Audrey laughed again. She floated near Erin’s face, close enough for the two to feel each other’s breath. “Here’s what will happen. As much as it pains me to say it, you are also someone I’ve heard about in rumors, rumors saying that you are the most capable witch of our generation. As such, if you teach me everything you know, I will clothe you, feed you, treat you kindly and, if I’m truly satisfied, release you back into the wild.”

Erin smiled. “I intend to teach you, but on my terms.”

Audrey scowled. She held out her hand toward Erin. The shackles grew tighter. Circulation was cut off to Erin’s hands and feet. Erin wailed, thinking it could somehow reverse the situation. She kept screaming as the life continued to be choked out of her extremities until the shackles stopped choking her. Erin just noticed that Audrey had her hand down. “Very well. I’ll let you rot for a day or so. We’ll see how you feel by then.”

Audrey disappeared into the ether along with the light she shone. Erin was in the dark again save for the flickers of the torches mounted on the walls.

Erin had declared her intent. There was no reason to suffer this torture anymore. She could’ve acted at any time, perhaps to send those brutish knights flying against the trunk of a tree at high velocity, or maybe cause the priests to melt into indiscernible goo. But she was above such shenanigans. She had a purpose.

If this were any other dungeon, Erin would’ve escaped the moment Audrey left. To her dismay, Audrey appeared to have installed some sort of mechanism to reduce the amount of mana in the dungeon hold. There was enough for the so-called baroness to float and control light for example, but not enough to call forth a chunk of magma from the nearest volcano. This wouldn’t stop Erin, for she had survived low mana situations before. Given the shackles and the coldness of the castle, she would need a spell would counteract both while allowing her to educate Audrey with relatively low mana. She knew just the spell for this predicament.

Erin closed her eyes. She forgot about the manacles shackling her wrists and ankles. She forgot about the sting of the cold air against her exposed skin. She thought only of the mana around her, the same mana that made up everything in the universe. She imagined the particles of mana filling her being. She felt mana filling her muscles, her skin, her bones and her organs. She felt her body engorging from the sudden intake of mana. Her belly started sticking out, growing longer and wider. She felt her breasts and nipples growing in size to keep pace. She felt her bum stretch and expand in many directions. Most importantly, her arms and legs became thicker.

She grimaced as the shackles became tighter from her ever-increasing girth. She could feel the mana filling every part of her essence, making her taller and wider; where she once was a slender woman of average height, she now was a voluptuous, statuesque goddess of fertility. Her facial cheeks were swelling just as her belly had become large enough to seat a family of four. The pain of the shackles became unbearable, more so than when Audrey tightened them. The only reason she didn’t stop was because she knew it wouldn’t last forever.

Two loud snaps, followed by relief in her swelling ankles. Her legs had become big enough to break free of bondage, and they continued to grow with the rest of her body. She could feel her chin resting on one of her ever-tightening breasts. She noticed how puffy her genitalia had become as her freed fattening thighs continued to push against each other.

Not long after, Erin felt relief in her wrists after two more snaps. Her eyes opened when she noticed herself falling. She caught herself just before crashing to the ground by imagining her massive self floating. After taking a moment to adjust to controlling her gigantic figure, she gently lowered herself to the ground.

Erin wasn’t cold anymore. Her bare feet weren’t freezing to the touch of the cold stone mason floor. She took a moment to notice her size in relation to the dungeon. She was more immense than any natural human, standing roughly seven-and-a-half feet in height. Her breasts were obscuring the bottom half of her vision. This wasn’t the first time she had reached this size, and not the first time she was nude with such a large figure. She knew from past experience that society does not know how to deal with a naked woman with power.

Erin faced the door out of the prison. She squatted, then charged shoulder-first. She broke down not just the door, but the masonry surrounding it. She should’ve been in deep pain for charging at such a velocity, but all she felt was a mild nudge against her inflated shoulder.

The two same knights from before stood guard on the other side of the broken door, each on Erin’s left and right. They looked at her. They froze in place, not from any magic, but bewilderment. A young, nude, enormous, shapely woman just broke out of the dungeon hold. Their provincial minds couldn’t process this information quickly enough before Erin knocked out both with a simultaneous fist to the top of their armored heads.

Erin didn’t see much of the castle. All she was concerned with was finding Audrey. She was in a long, dark hallway that went two ways. She closed her eyes, drawing mana to her ears. She heard voices coming from the path down her right. She opened her eyes and ran. Her immense, long legs allowed her to sprint much faster than any normal humans.

Not long after, Erin was back in the foyer. The clergymen from earlier were still present. They gasped upon seeing her bloated form and covered their eyes. “Avert thine eyes!” one of them cried. “Protect thine chastity!” Their vows rendered them powerless to a witch unafraid to go naked when the situation called for it.

Erin saw an elaborate staircase that led to what was presumably the throne room. That was where most of the voices were coming from. Judging from what Erin heard earlier, Audrey was most likely at wherever this staircase led. She ran up it, priests still not looking despite missing the sight of her wiggly gargantuan backside, and smashed her way through a door that awaited her.

Erin was in a room with a throne on the other end. The room was lit by stained glassed windows high above in the ceilings. Audrey was floating in the middle of the room. Twenty or so knights were on the floor, all holding crossbows pointed at Erin. Audrey said, “So you have a provocative side, it seems. Clothes never were a necessity for our kind, after all. Unfortunately, this is where you’ll come to regret defying me.” Audrey held out her hand toward Erin. Erin couldn’t move. Her body was frozen solid. She couldn’t even move her lips to speak. “Fire at will.”

The knights, unperturbed by Erin’s enlarged pale form, fired their crossbow bolts in unison. The bolts bounced off her body, feeling no worse than a tickle, a tickle that hit her arms, belly, bust, and thigh simultaneously.

“Don’t shoot her belly!” Audrey yelled. “Her head! Her head is still normal-sized! Shoot that!”

The knights loaded their crossbows with more bolts. Erin stood firm. Just as the knights pulled the trigger once again, Erin closed her eyes.

The next moment, Erin felt her shoulders touch the ceilings. The bolts that were about to go through her head instead harmlessly bounced off one of her massive breasts that had become even larger than they were a second ago. Erin managed to expand herself to be nearly twice as tall as her natural height, and large enough to knock down cottages with the greatest of ease.

The knights dropped their crossbows. They had other weapons, but they did not take them up in arms. Instead, the knights fled out of the throne room, screaming like children while running between Erin’s legs that were larger than they were.

“Cowards!” Audrey exclaimed. “No matter. The only thing that can best a witch is another witch. You’ll rue the day for coming here, you fat cow!”

Audrey, still floating in the center of the room, performed a series of gestures with her arms, hands and fingers. Fire erupted around Erin’s body, one that took up nearly half of the throne room. The flames went from orange to blue, raising the temperature to the point that the black masonry of the castle started to warp from the heat. Erin did not budge. She didn’t close her eyes. Instead, she folded her arms across her chest as best she could, although given their size, she couldn’t see the look of frustration on Audrey’s face. “You think I can burn?” Erin bellowed. “Did you really think I wouldn’t have perfected immunity to fire before coming here?”

Audrey made a smile, pantomiming a bear trap that had just snapped shut with her mouth. The fire turned into rope, then wrapped around Erin’s inflated neck. It tightened to the point where Erin couldn’t breathe through her throat. If she were still in her normal body, she either would’ve died from a severed spinal cord, or failing that, suffocate. Her body was too strong for that, and the mana that filled her body acted as oxygen. One moment later, Erin, through her own magic, unwrapped the rope and sent it flying to the other end of the throne room, all by thinking it.

Audrey scowled. She twirled her arms, causing the air around Erin to suddenly grow cold. Icicles formed. They flew toward Erin’s eyes, the one weak spot of an empowered witch. Erin swatted away the icicles with an arm that could support a tree trunk.

Audrey fell prone to the ground, gasping for air, the telltale sign of a witch that had just exhausted all available mana. She screamed, pounding her fist on the ground. “This is absurd!” she said on the brink of tears. “Everything I’ve worked toward, gone because of a fat cow!”

The only remaining mana in the surrounding vicinity was within Erin’s plump body. Erin said, “That’s rich, coming from a spoiled child who demands everything from everyone around her and offers nothing in return. And cows are beautiful, gentle creatures. I don’t appreciate you verbally abusing their good name. I wonder, have you ever experienced life as a cow?”

Erin held her hand toward the exhausted Audrey. The downed witch gasped. It felt as though her belly was pushing her up. Just as she noticed that, she felt she had just eaten a feast worthy of the gods. Even more obvious was that her leotard started to feel tighter and tighter with each passing second, along with her gloves and boots. She looked at Erin, that mountainous interloper. She…she was growing smaller. She got smaller while Audrey got fuller. “No!” She screamed, tears now in her eyes. “Don’t explode me! I beg of you!”

“Please, I’m not cruel,” Erin said. “It’s not painful, though you will feel a bit peculiar.”

Even so, Audrey couldn’t stop crying. “But my leotard! It’s my favorite!” She could feel the back of the leotard start to tear apart, mostly from her protruding bum.

“You’re a witch. Make another.”

“But I don’t know how!” A hole ripped in the front of Audrey’s leotard because of her ever-expanding stomach. “I got someone else to tailor my clothes.”

“Then beseech that person, or someone of similar talent.”

Audrey’s arms and legs were inflating to the point that they started to tear through her gloves and boots. Her belly kept expanding, pushing her head, as well as her overall height, higher and higher. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Not really. I’m here out of a sense of duty.”

The top of Audrey’s leotard could no longer hold her ballooning breasts. She had become naked from her constant inflating. Her hair was draped over her curvy shoulders and back. She could see her puffy nipples expanding and obscuring her view, all while Erin slowly but surely shrunk back down to a more normal size.

Audrey couldn’t use any magic, and she couldn’t get back on her feet. Her limbs were expanding faster than the rest of her body, growing stiffer by the second. She could tell that Erin knew how to immobilize a girl through bodily expansion, given that the redhead’s limbs weren’t as large as her other proportions. Something else curious was happening; Audrey stopped crying. She had no reason to, for she felt…good. Better than good. She felt great. She could’ve sworn her clitoris was blowing up like the rest of her, like she was in the middle of the greatest orgy of her life. Wait, is this what Erin meant by feeling a bit peculiar? “Why…why am I getting most excited? Did you truly come all this way to…to…OH!” Her enlarged vagina started lubricating, lubricating more than Audrey had ever experienced in her life.

Erin, nearly back to her normal body size, answered, “I prefer to keep my proclivities to myself.”

Audrey’s breathing quickened. Despite being at the mercy of Erin, despite being so thoroughly humiliated in her own castle, despite the embarrassment of becoming bigger than a bedroom with no fitting clothes on, she figured if she was going to lose to a witch, she may as well take advantage of the fact that she was climaxing with a birth canal large enough to drown a kitten. She couldn’t hide the glee on her swollen face.

Audrey had become so big, she felt the throne get crushed from one of her growing legs. She was nearly the size of the throne room itself, the second largest room in the castle. All she could make out was the beige flesh of her bust and shoulders, inflated to the point where she was wide enough to fit the width of a guard tower, provided she were on her feet. Erin was finally back to a normal size for a woman. She waved her right hand, causing her robe and boots to summon to her side. She was clothed as she was when she first entered Audrey’s territory. Audrey exclaimed, “I’m so much bigger than you were! How is this possible?” Perhaps Erin’s title of The Great wasn’t for show after all.

Erin said, “I think this form suits you better. It houses your massive ego much more effectively.”

“Return my body right this instant!”

Erin shook her head. “The mana will dissipate over time. Until then, the clergy will avoid your naked form, and the villagers will look upon you with equal measures awe and disgust.” Erin floated toward Audrey’s head. The red-haired witch had a gentle smile on her face. Audrey could feel Erin’s breath. Erin reached out and gently caressed Audrey’s swollen cheek, prompting more swollen arousal, though Audrey didn’t show it on her face. “For every report I hear of your tyranny, I will return, and I will do much worse. I chose this punishment because it has a, shall we say, enjoyable side effect. The next punishment will be nothing of the sort.” She put her hood over her head, obscuring her hair. “Happy days, Baroness.”

Erin turned around. She was about to leave the throne room, that was until she felt soft human flesh pushing against her. Audrey was screaming a battle cry. She could still fly! Erin didn’t waste time thinking how Audrey could still float in such a bloated body. She reacted by inflating herself as large as she could, rapidly bursting out of her robe and boots to meet her challenger. Like before, Erin kept her limbs proportionally smaller than Audrey’s, a girl whose limbs resembled comfortable pillows to rest a weary head on. Erin’s head bumped the ceiling as she grabbed what she believed to be Audrey’s shoulders and pushed with all of her strength.

Poor Audrey. If only she knew how to control her body shape like Erin. She could’ve gotten her limbs back to a state where they could still bend and rotate. Just her ballooned body by itself couldn’t push like Erin’s thick, chiseled arms.

Erin continued to push, eventually able to step forward. She pushed Audrey so far back, she heard the glass-stained windows break. The sound of broken glass was accompanied by the sound of crumbling castle wall. “My castle! My beautiful castle!”

Audrey had exhausted herself again. Her vision rotated as Erin rolled her outside. The sun felt good on her stretched out skin, almost making up for this entire debacle.

The path leading from the castle to the nearby town lay before them. The path was hilly and filled with old, thick trees. Erin said, “Such a naughty girl. Now I must punish you more severely, and it hasn’t even been a minute since the last punishment. Well then, I hope you enjoy getting countless trees and pine needles jabbing your rotund form.”

“No! Don’t!”

“But I do enjoy pushing boulders. It’s so much fun.”

Erin heaved with all of the strength in her fattened arms. The gigantic, curvy Audrey rolled down the hill with terrifying speed. Audrey screamed, not a scream of panic, but a scream of frustration. The constant rotation made her dizzy.

The trees buckled under Audrey’s advancing form; everything from her breasts to her butt to her belly and to her limbs was a battering ram of immense force. At least ten unfortunate trees were knocked down before Audrey got stuck between two trees down near the village. The villagers gathered to see the strange rounded object that tumbled with such thundering force, only to come to a sudden and complete stop.

Erin shrunk down to her normal size. With her mastery of magic, she stitched her robe back together in a matter of seconds, followed by a magical recobbling of her boots. The priests showed up, no longer afraid of her now that she was decent, along with the knights that hadn’t lost consciousness to her titanic strength. They didn’t come prepared for a fight; the fear in their eyes meant they knew the danger Erin presented. They reminded her of children having seen stage magic for the first time, curious to know how it was done. She said, “Your dear Baroness is down the mountain. Go retrieve her. I do think you’ll find her most fair in her present mood.” She chuckled.

Erin enveloped her body with the mana around her. With it, she made her body lighter than air, taking off into the sky. She flew over the castle, the mountain path and the town she had just visited, flying back the way she came. On her way, she saw Audrey’s mammoth legs and ass flailing desperately as the children of the village prodded the sides of her ballooned belly with sticks. Audrey couldn’t see Erin nor the children tormenting her on account of her vision being obscured by her swollen teats.


Author's Note: 

I came up with one more story after all! This one's been in my head for a few years. Only now was I able to finish it. Only problem now is I really am out of ideas for new stories. Even if I post nothing else here, I hope you enjoy what I do have up on this site. Take care, and as always, stay freaky.

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