Trapped By the Team

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Elroy had waited in the hall outside his college footballs locker room. If anyone saw Elroy, they’d figure he was just there for his job or to peeve on the hunky jocks. While he found some players attractive, Elroy was lurking about for his job. He was a reporter for his college newspaper and while he knew his story, had little support. He knew it needed to be told. His college football team, who had been average at best, was suddenly unbeatable. Most thought it was just thanks to some new training their coach was giving them. However, Elroy was certain something else was afoot. Having ogled the players for so long, he was certain they were looking different when setting foot on the field. The players seemed bigger, more muscular. However, after every game by the time Elroy got down to the locker room to interview the team post-match, they were back to normal. He knew it made little sense, but he couldn’t shake the feeling in his gut. Something was wrong.

Hearing the door to the locker room click open, Elroy scurried back around the corner, out of sight. Peaking his pink hair head carefully about the corner, Elroy watched the team filed out the room followed by their coach who locked the door. Elroy would’ve smirked at the coach locking the door when he had a key, but his focus was on the players. Up close, like Elroy was, there was no denying the players were bigger. It wasn’t their padding or his imagination. The players were taller, and they were buffer. “I knew it.” Elroy breathed to himself.

Once the team and staff were gone and the roaring of the cheering crowd reverberated down the corridor, Elroy hurried over to the locker room. Pulling out the key Elroy had made, he unlocked the locker room and made his way inside. Locking the door behind him, he looked around. They had locked most of the lockers and as he didn’t have keys for them so Elroy waited. Finding an unlocked locker and being a small twink, Elroy easily hopped inside. Ignoring the sweaty musk that lingered in the empty locker, Elroy tried to think about how he was finally going to know his football team’s secret.

The wait had been long and uncomfortable, but Elroy tried to just focus on how close he was to finally get answers. Hearing the cheer of the crowd and the band start playing, he knew the game was over and his college’s team had won again. He also knew it meant the team would be back soon to undo whatever it was they do to themselves pregame. Hearing the jocks’ boisterous laughing and rough housing approaching, Elroy felt himself grow excited.

Despite knowing the jocks were about to arrive, Elroy still jumped as none other than Chet kicked the door open. Captain of the football team. His short, dark brown hair mussed from his helmet and slicked with sweat. “Good game, boys!” laughed Chet, as he strutted into the room, followed by his team. All of them making their way over to their designated lockers. Elroy’s eyes didn’t know where the look as some players stripped off their sweaty uniforms.

“Alright boys, you did good tonight. Now you all know the drill.” Said coach as he entered the room. A smug grin sat on his round face and Elroy’s dislike for the older man grew. Walking across the locker room, the coach reached a locker and opened it revealing what looked like two water coolers along with a stack of plastic cups. “I’ll watch the door and make sure no one comes in. Now, take your medicine and downsize before coming out.” Said Coach, giving each of his players a stern look as many didn’t look like they really wanted to ‘downsize’ as the coach said.

Elroy watched as one player, he was pretty sure was DJ, stepped up to the coolers. Grabbing a cup, he filled up it up with a liquid from the blue cooler at the bottom before downing the liquid. DJ had barely finished his drink when he shuddered, then shrunk. His muscles deflating back to normal. “No way…” breathed Elroy, his eyes wide at the spectacle. No one was going to believe him without proof. Remembering he needed proof, Elroy fished his phone out of his pocket to film the other players shrinking. However, with his wide blue eyes still glued on the now back to normal DJ, he fumbled his phone, which slipped from his grip. After bouncing against the soft denim fabric of his jeans, it clattered against the tin of the locker before hitting the tin floor. Elroy felt the color drain from his face as the heads of the entire football team whirled to look in his direction.

“What was that?” demanded Chet, a frown on his face. Two of his teammates in response moved over to Elroy’s hiding place. Elroy looked around frantically, trying to think of a plan. However, his mind screeched to a halt as they yanked the door open and revealed him to the entire team. “A spy.” huffed one jock that had opened the door with a huff.

“I know him.” Said another player, “I recognize that pink hair.”

“Yeah, he’s a queer from the college newspaper.” spat another player.

“So what are you doing here reporter?” asked Chet, his dark eyes narrowed to a glare.

“I ummm…” Elroy spluttered, trying to come up with an excuse, his gaze flitting from Chet to DJ.

“You came to see this, didn’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Really? Your phone has the camera on.” Said the jock to Elroy’s right who had picked up his phone.

“You wanted to film us, didn’t you?” Sneered Chet, who only had to exchange a look with the players near Elroy before they had their hands on his shoulders and had yanked him out of the locker. Out of the confines of the locker, they forced Elroy to his knees as the football team closed in on him. “Did he film me?” DJ asked, staring the Elroy’s phone.

“Doesn’t look it.” Said the jock.

“He definitely saw you though.” Said Chet

“No I didn’t see DJ shrink…” said Elroy, cutting himself off as his panicked spluttering gave him away.

“You definitely did.” Darkly chuckled Chet, “so what should we do with him, boys?”

“He’s a reporter. He’ll go to the newspaper and our season will be over.” Said one player.

“We should go get coach and he’ll deal with him.” Said another.

“We should go get coach, but I think we should at least teach this little twink a lesson. We can’t have reporters just breaking into our locker room and secretly filming us.” Remarked Chet.

“I’ll do anything. I promise to drop the story.” Lied Elroy.

“I’m sure you will.” Smirked Chet. “You know it was a hard game and we’re sore. We could really use some reward. Especially, if we are going to let you go.” Elroy asked what he should do.

“Dude, we can’t let him go…” started a player, before being silenced by a look from Chet.

“Dude, no..” said DJ, recognizing the glint in Chet’s eyes. He also understood it. While DJ was back to normal, he knew that one side effect of the serum Coach was giving them was horniness. He knew they were all stupidly horny. It was obvious with Chet, who sported a sizable bulge in the front of the white pants of his uniform.

“There must be a reason coach said we should ignore it.” DJ tried to reason, but Chet just shrugged him off and walked over to Elroy.

“You said you’ll do anything?” leered Chet, to which Elroy simply nodded. “Good.” With that, Chet pulled down the waistband of his pants and unsheathed his massive boner. “Get to work.” Ordered Chet with a nod at his enormous erection. Elroy saw the throbbing pants of the jocks and knew they were also horny. Elroy had seen pornos about this situation and heard jokes about being done by the entire football team, but he’d never thought he’d live it.

With his arms firmly held, Elroy had nowhere to run and no other choice but to lean forward to wrap his mouth around Chet’s awaiting cock. The massive member filled Elroy’s mouth and rammed into the back of his throat as Chet shoved himself all the way in. He grunted happily at Elroy’s shocked moans at having his mouth filled. Putting one meaty hand on the back of Elroy’s head, Chet held the small, skinny twink in place as he sucked him off. Having been horny ever since he downed the first serum that had made him grow, Chet felt his balls quickly tightening. His balls felt so heavy and it felt so good to be getting some much needed release. He knew that once he’d taken the other serum to shrink down, his horniness would abate, but Chet had always wondered what it would be like to blow a load while he was still big.

Elroy felt Chet’s cock harden and swell further, which made him thrash. However, Chet gripped his head in place. his breathing turning into heavy pants as he got closer to climax. Elroy looked up at Chet, through his glasses with pleading eyes, but the jock had his eyes closed, lost in bliss. Elroy for a moment contemplated biting down, but with his jaw so stretched he wasn’t sure he would be able to. He also knew if he bit down on Chet he’d probably never walk out of that locker room. Elroy was helpless as Chet cried out and his cock erupted. Tears formed in the corner of Elroy’s eyes as he gagged on, felt like the gallons of spunk that was being spewed down his throat. Elroy had never been with a man like Chet. Chet’s eruption was more than he’d ever experienced. He whimpered around Chet’s cock as he felt himself grow fuller and fuller. He couldn’t believe it but Chet was pumping him so full he could feel his belly protruding over the belt of his jeans.

When Chet at last finished, softened and withdrew, Elroy was panting. He had just been forced to swallow the largest loud of his life and he knew from the way the other players were looking at him and touching themselves they expected the same treatment. Lethargically, Elroy pulled his head away as Chet withdrew and another player stepped up to take his place. However, Elroy found rough hands gripping his face, forcing his mouth open. Once more, another massive cock, though not as large as Chet’s, got forced into his mouth. Elroy tried to protest around the cock that filled his mouth, but his words were barely garbled moans.

Standing back, Chet watched with great amusement and interest as his teammates took turns being serviced by Elroy. Chet quirked a brow with intrigue as he saw that Elroy’s belly ballooned more and more with each load that was forced down his throat. The twink’s once flat stomach now peaked out from under his shirt. The patch of skin growing larger the more he ballooned. “Please.” Whimpered Elroy, between cocks only to have another player step forward and force his length inside him.

“He’s blowing up like a balloon.” One jock laughed as his teammate moaned, thrusted and erupted into Elroy’s mouth. The football team laughed and gasped as Elroy’s belly sloshed and bulged. “Guess that’s why coach always wanted us to downsize after a game and warned us against hanky-panky.” Remarked DJ, his gray eyes studying Elroy’s ballooning belly. Elroy whimpered as he felt his shirt ride up further and his smooth, rotund belly stretch down to the tiled floor.  “My turn with the cum balloon.” Snorted another jock, stepping up to replace his teammate.

Elroy was delirious. He hadn't serviced so many guys before. He also never thought they could fill him with so much cum. He only guessed the players’ load and his swelling size was because of the serum coursing through the football players. The weight of his newfound gut had Elroy pitching forward and the jocks holding him down released their grips. Free, Elroy tried to get up and get away, but all he could manage was to squirm atop his bloated belly. “Look at that, guys. He can’t get up.” laughed a jock.

“Please, no more.” Murmured Elroy, looking pleading at the players.

“But you haven’t serviced the entire team.” Smirked Chet with a shrug. Chet was enjoying the show and the bigger Elroy swelled, the more turned on he was becoming. He enjoyed seeing the young, cocky reporter being blown up into a big, helpless blimp. As the final few players erupted into Elroy, they watched in shock as the twink swelled bigger and bigger. He was nearly eye level with them stranded atop his belly.

“What now?” DJ asked, turning to Chet whose eyes were roaming over the rotund Elroy. Chet knew Elroy couldn’t even reach the ground with his hands and feet he was perched so high up. “Should we get coach?” another player asked.

“Nah, not yet.” Said Chet with a grin before strutting over the coolers with the serums. While some players had already had a cup of the shrinking serum, having had fun their fun with the reporter, Chet had another idea in mind. Reaching up he filled his cup from the red cooler atop. The serum that made then grow. “What are you doing dude?” DJ asked. No one had ever had more than one cup of the serum. It was all Coach allowed them to have.

Elroy watched helplessly as Chet downed the Serum. With a grunt, he flex, shuddered and then grew. His body stretching upwards as his muscles expanded. Elroy watched as Chet’s shoulder pads creaked and groaned, straining against his broadening shoulders. His pants riding up his legs. His cock enlarging to more enormous proportions. Laughing, Chet reached up and ripped his jersey off along with his shoulder pads, exposing his lightly haired, muscled chest that glistened with sweat. Elroy would’ve been excited to see in action what he had suspected was happening, if it hadn’t been for the look in Chet’s eyes.

Chet’s teammates gaped up in awe at their colossal captain. His head nearly reached the ceiling after having another cup of serum. “That’s too big.” Breathed DJ in disbelief. No one who saw Chet would believe he naturally grew so huge. “That’s what she said.” Chuckled Chet before stomping over to Elroy. Elroy wanted to retreat, to put some distance between himself and the giant jock making his way across the locker room. However, Elroy was immobile atop his swollen middle. All he could do was stare at the cock jutting from Chet’s waist, swaying and the size of a baseball bat as it came closer to him.

Chet grinned down at Elroy, amused that he was once again taller than the twink. He wondered if his cock would even fit in Elroy’s mouth it had grown so much. However, he didn’t care. With more serum coursing through his veins, Chet was hornier than before. He held Elroy’s head as he glanced, his cock teasing about the reporter’s face trying to coax him to open his mouth. However, despite Elroy having the opportunity to service what could be the largest cock known to man, it also scared him. Not just because he was worried his face would split in half from taking such a girthy member, but also what would the load from such a cock do to him?

Elroy had no choice but to whimper and find out as Chet pride his mouth open with his colossal, circumcised knob. Chet grimaced as Elroy’s mouth was stretched to its limit and his teeth raked over Chet’s length. He could barely get half of his newly enlarged cock into Elroy’s throat before it was pushing against the back of his throat. Chet was in heaven, looking down to Elroy and knowing all his teammates were looking up at him. He entertained the thought of going and having another cup of serum after having his way with Elroy again, but he knew he’d likely outgrow the room and Coach would get pissed.

Ramming his cock down Elroy’s throat, Chet got frustrated by his inability to forced anymore of his length inside. While it made him throb with arousal and pleasure, it was frustrating. Looking back at Elroy’s bubble butt, Chet grinned as an idea formed. Pulling his length out of Elroy’s mouth, Chet made his way behind the young reporter. “What are you doing?” panted Elroy, confused why Chet had withdrawn. Reaching up, Chet ripped a hole in Elroy’s jeans and underwear with ease.

“No Chet. Please.” Whimpered Elroy, realizing what was about to happen. However, Chet ignored him and made his way inside. Elroy cried out, feeling his hole stretch around the enormous erection. The footballs stood back, some slack jawed, others working their newly revived erections at the sight of their captain plowing the twink. “You feel so good.” Moaned Chet, relishing how Elroy felt around his length. He also smirked at how Elroy sloshed with each of his thrusts. The twink was so full of cum.

“I’m about to blow!” moaned Chet blissfully, his thrusts hastening. I might blow this time, Elroy thought to himself. dreading how much cum was about to erupt from Chet. Daring to look down, Elroy saw footballers looking up at him, jerking off. Several of them still having not yet taken the serum to shrink back down. Only DK had a look of concern on his face. Cries from Elroy soon joined Chet’s pants and grunts as Chet’s cock reached deep inside him. “You’re enjoying that my big cum balloon, aren’t you?” said Chet between pants. Reaching down, he tenderly stroked Elroy’s boner through his jeans. Elroy only whimpered in response.

“I’m going to blow you up so huge.” Chet grunted as he felt his cock and balls tightening, preparing for another eruption. Elroy cried out in response as a geyser erupted from Chet’s knob inside him. The team started erupting themselves as the giant and giant globe before them cried out in climax. Amongst the sounds of pleasure was the sloshing and groaning of Elroy’s belly as it ballooned larger and larger and larger. Soon Elroy felt his back brushing the ceiling, his sides the lockers. He filled so much of the locker room, and he felt so full. The fullness within him barely relieved as Chet finally withdrew his cock.

Stepping around Elroy, Chet whistled, admiring his handiwork. His cock twitched and threatened to grow hard again already as he realized he had nearly doubled Elroy’s size. He had expected the small twig of a twink to have burst from his last load and was impressed he hadn’t. Chet wondered if he should have a third round with the twink. However, his thoughts got interrupted as Coach asked, “What’s going on here?”

“Hey coach.” Grinned Chet, turning and looking down at the smaller, older man.

“Jesus, Chet, you had another dose, didn’t you? And who’s this boy?”

“He’s a reporter, Coach. He snuck in here to see us take the serum you gave us.” Explained DJ.

“Ah.” Said Coach with an understanding nod. “So he got what he deserved then. Well hurry up boys, you’ve had your fun and taken more than long enough. Taken the blue serum and shrink back down. Chet, you need two to get back to normal.”

“Yes Coach,” the team answered him before lining up to have their serum to shrink back to normal. Elroy felt like the elephant in the room as the team and coach went about their business, ignoring him. Once the players had shrunk, showered and changed, they filtered out of the locker room. Only Chet lingered with Coach, both men staring up at the big, bloated Elroy. “That big boy balloon looks ready to burst.” Coach said thoughtfully, his gaze traversing Elroy’s newfound girth.

“I think so too, Coach. Another load would probably do it.” Chuckled Chet, his eagerness showing. His letterman jacket, hiding the boner he was sporting at the idea of blowing Elroy up even further.

“Nah, if he bursts like this, it’ll be one hell of a mess.” Said Coach with a frown. “Also, considering how much growth serum was in your guys’ cum and how big he’s already blown, it’s possible he might just keep expanding.”

“Wow.” Breathed Chet.

“Either way, we can’t leave him here and he’s too big to roll out the doors. Give him some of the shrinking serum and get him out of here. I’ll think of something over the weekend and get back to you.” Sighed Coach, before turning and leaving.

“No… don’t…” breathed Elroy, but he was too tired and spent to say much more. Elroy was helpless as Chet came over with not one, not two, but several cups of the shrinking serum. “You got pretty big, so we’ll need a bit to get you down to size.” Said Chet, his tone innocent but his eyes saying otherwise. Not waiting for a reply he forced Elroy to down the cups of serum. With a grunt and shudder that shook the room, thanks to his colossal circumference taking up most of the space, Elroy started to shrink. He was soon once again eye level with Chet, then he was back to looking up at him. However, to Elroy’s horror, he was still shrinking. He soon went below Chet’s chest, his waist, his knees. His stretched, now too large clothes falling off him. Chet looked down, grinning ear to ear as the naked Elroy shrank down to the size of a basketball. Reaching down, he picked Elroy up so he could look him eye to eye again. “I think you and I are going to have some fun this weekend before Coach decides what to do with you.” Smirked Chet, before tucking the panicked, squeaking Elroy under his arm and sauntering out of the locker to his awaiting pickup truck. To anyone who saw Chet on his way out, it looked like he was carrying an off colour basketball. No one noticed the small limbs trashing on the top of the globe, or the straining erection in Chet’s jeans as he thought about what fun he could have with Elroy when they got back to his place.

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A reporter is caught snooping in a football team's locker room and learns the serum they are taking has unepxected side effects.

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