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You stand there in the middle of the hangar with the bubbling bottle in your hands. Liquid helium, a hard to find item for most people, rests inside. Body inflation was not unheard of, but wasn't exactly a common practice for most people. Even so, air inflation was the most common form for recreational, sexual, or prankster nature. It was safe, cheap, and had no risks associated with it. Most sex or prank stores kept a few bottles or pills in stock, some making their way onto supermarket store shelves.

Next was blueberry inflation, that was another, less common, way of inflating someone. The skin discoloration and weight associated with it made it less likely to be done, hence why it'd normally be only found in sex stores. Earlier, when inflation was first found to be possible, the blueberry pills or gum would have a small chance of leaving its user stuck as a blueberry, or even worse, popping them. Nowadays, it was almost completely safe, and juicing stations were found in most larger cities in case of one.

Helium inflation, however, was still considered risky to this day. First, it could only be served in a bottle, the helium highly pressurizing the container as it attempted to return to its gaseous state. Secondly, it had wildly different amounts per bottle. Due to the process in making a single bottle of liquid helium, the amount in a bottle could vary slightly anywhere between 1 and 3 ml per bottle. Normally, this wouldn't be of worry, but due to the lift and pressure generated by the helium, the variance could have different results. 3 ml less than normal wouldn't be enough to make you float. 3 ml more than normal could cause you to pop. Another thing that was an issue is the body's reaction to helium inflation would vary from person to person. Some bodies would process it rather quickly, returning to normal after a few minutes, others could last hours, or in the worst case, days. Finally, there was the scarcity. Helium had been hard to find at one point, but due to a revolutionary new invention a few years back, there was an abundance of it. The problem came to finding a bottle of the liquid stuff. Due to the risks of it, no company would usually touch the stuff, and of those that did, ran out of money rather quickly.

You look at the 50 pound weight you brought in. Attached to the top was a strong rope, one you've seen used to lift blueberries, so its strength is not an issue. The rope trailed 20 feet, enough to reach halfway to the ceiling of the hangar, where it attached to the crotch of your blue latex suit. You had this suit made a few months ago, its main purpose was to cover your body when you inflated other ways, it being custom made to stretch to fit a up to 6 foot berry or balloon. The point where the rope was attached had served some use for fun when it came to being bounced as a ball. Tonight, however, it should serve as a good anchor to the ground.

Over the latex suit, you chose to wear a set of clothes. You had at first thought to wear a suit similar to that of Violet Beauregarde, but decided against it, as you didn't want it to rip. You had decided on a cute pair of panties and matching bra, something that would break quickly as you filled. Over the top of that was a pair of stretchy pajamas, something that would stretch with you as you grew, but would ultimately rip off as you rounded out. You opted out of a belt this time, as with gas inflation, it would only pop off as you were nearly round, contrary to berries.

Holding the bottle in your hand you think over the negatives versus the positives of drinking it. Weighing the pros over the cons you bring the bottle close to your mouth, cap still on. You had only two seconds to start drinking before the liquid would start to change back into gas. You'd have to get as much into you at that time. Liquid helium came in 20 ounce bottles, so it'd normally be a challenge, but you had practiced on other drinks to be ready for tonight. Popping the top and quickly chugging you down the entire bottle. Before you can remove the now empty bottle from your lips, you feel your stomach churn as the pressure starts to rise.

Unlike air or blueberry, the pressure quickly starts to rise your chest. Tossing the bottle aside and moving your attention to your breasts, you seem them slowly start to grow, each one a balloon inflating from the container that is your body. Going from a C-cup, you grapefruits quickly reach the size of cantaloupes, going past to honeydews. You feel your bra tighten as they reach watermelons, the restriction pushing the gas to the lower parts of your body.

Your hands shoot to your ass as you feel the pressure rise there. You feel the gas press against your skin as your butt and hips swell in unison. Your panties start to scrunch as your body quickly grows more than what they were designed to hold, the latex stretching perfectly to the contours of your body, a second skin letting the fabric both slide and contain you. As your ass continues to swell, the pressure rises in your stomach, as if telling you it's about to start as well.

You poke your stomach, and as if you had pressed the on button, you feel it start to grow rounder and rounder, the invisible balloon inside your growing as big as it can be. As your belly swells, it pushes your shirt and pants apart, showing the shiny latex underneath. It goes from pregnant with one, to two, to three kids, quickly reaching the size of an exercise ball. Stifling a moan, you feel the pressure spread everywhere across your body, looking for anywhere it can fill.

You widen your stance as you feel your thighs start to push into each other, your leg joining the party. You let your arms fall to your sides as the helium enters them, making them harder, not yet impossible, to move. You feel your back start to push out as *POP*, the clasps on your bra finally giving out, your breasts resuming their swelling now unrestricted. You feel your panties snap and your sides start to swell, nearly everything filling with this magical gas. You take a few steps, noting yourself as significantly lighter, each step taking slightly longer to reach the ground than the last. Your arms start to rise as your sides start to fight them for room.

Your shirt and pants start to fight your expanding frame, slowly pushing back on your body. You try to feel the pressure of your body, but find that you can no longer bend your arms, leaving yourself flapping your hands uselessly. You readjust your stance once again as your thighs press farther into each other, your pants groaning in protest. Your push against the ground to test your newfound weight, and find yourself pushed a few inches into the air, slowly coming down. As if on cue, once your foot touches the ground, *RIIIP* the inseam of your pants tears, allowing your flesh to push through. The initial tear leading to more, your pants quickly fall to the ground in scraps, leaving you in just your shirt.

Without your pants to restrict them, your legs quickly slide apart, throwing you off your balance. You fall backwards, flapping your hands and kicking feet as you slowly make contact with the ground again. The rope weighing you down, you feel your body come to rest on your legs and ass, angling your body towards the ceiling. Your shirt lets out a creak as your breasts fight for room inside. As your body pushes you to reach a start shape, your shirt loses its battle, ripping down the center, allowing your breasts to swell freely.

As your body starts to round you suddenly start to feel it: lift. You let out as squeal as you flap your useless appendages, excited for the thing that makes inflating like this unique. You feel your pussy start to push down on your suit, the first sign that you're soon to be a sphere. Your body continues to swell, slowly consuming your arms and legs down to the joints. You feel your neck stiffen as the helium looks for every possible spot to fill. You do note, however, that it doesn't go for your hands, feet, or head. Thinking it will be better for later inflations too.

Just as your body passes your elbows and knees, you feel it. Your breasts, which have reached the size of small weather balloons, start to pull your body up. Your body slowly reaching the point of buoyancy, you flap your hands in excitement, letting out a high pitched squeal as you do. Slowly but surely, your breasts rise up, the rope attached to you, however, keeps you anchored, allowing you back onto your feet. You feel your body continue to swell, almost reaching the wrists and ankles. Your body, continuing to look for room, starts to swell up, your neck starting to push up against your chin, tilting your head back a bit.

You let out a gasp and you feel your crotch touch the ground, giving you a sign you're nearly completely round, save for your weather balloon sized tits. You nearly cry out in excitement as you feel your foot lift off the ground, followed by the other. You flap and kick your appendages against your body, not noticing how tight the latex is getting, knowing the only thing keeping you grounded is the rope. Holding your breath and closing your eyes hoping it'd help, you let out a laugh as you feel your crotch leave the ground.

You slowly start to rise, the helium making you lighter and lighter. You can't help but smile as you feel yourself float higher and higher, the gas counteracting the weight of the rope more and more. Your eyes open quickly as you feel your breasts start to rise in pressure, the latex around them reaching their stretch limit. You feel your hands and feet start to form divots, the latex creaking all the while. You let out a surprised gasp as you feel a tug as you're pulled tight against the rope, reaching the end of your tether.

You scrunch your brow as you feel yourself still inflating, your body, however running out of room to store the gas. You hear the creaks and squeaks of the latex rubbing against your now sweaty skin, your body trying to find any place to fill in its restrictive prison. You feel the pressure inside of you start to rise, a once pleasurable itch growing into an annoyance. You feel your suit start to get tighter, as it pushes into your chin, no longer allowing you to open your mouth. As the pressure grows to an uncomfortable level, you think to yourself is this was the best idea.

You let out a worried moan as your body and suit start to creak in unison, both threatening to burst on you. Just as you think this is the end of you, you notice something. The pressure is no longer increasing. Holding your breath you give yourself a cautious poke, letting out a sigh of relief as you don't pop. You sway side to side as the breeze flows through the hangar. You think to yourself about how close you were to popping. You close your eyes and listen to the chorus of squeaks and creaks, enjoying the feelings of floating and pressure, thinking about the entire situation. For the first time, it was great and worth it.

Next time though, you'll record it, and swap the weight for a person.

Author's Note: 

First story I've written regarding... Well, anything other than horror. I look to write more in the future!

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sto04084071's picture
I love it

I love to see do more stories.

Terrific Story

This was your first story? It was terrific!  I can't wait for more.

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Amazing story, love the

Amazing story, love the detailed description of it. 

I love it. Would like for you

I love it. Would like for you to do another