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"What do you want?"

The succubus hovered before her summoner inside a circle of shimmering air that rose up to the ceiling of the room. The chamber beyond wasn't the most ornate she'd been in by far, but it did speak to the material success that typically engendered such transgressive desires. A young professional's master bedroom, grand as its owners ambitions, yet strewn with keepsakes and tomes on case law and prosecutorial strategy that marked it as lived-in luxury not yet progressed into calcified opulence.

"That's your area of expertise, isn't it?" Lexi said, and rose from where she sat, cross-legged, on the floor. Drawn to her full height, her slender frame exuded the fiery determination that had taken her so far. Even her hair seemed to smolder from it, deep red and tied back in anticipation of the night's activities. Adding to that impression was her old cheer uniform, snug and short in alternating sections of black and vivid red, with matching patterned thigh-high socks. Still a perfect fit—she worked hard to ensure it—it hugged her hips and her chest and exhibited everything in between.

The demon looked her over from head to toe and scoffed. "Who's to say?" She gave a little shrug, the exact motion one might use to slip one shoulder free of a moonlit gown. The gesture traveled gracefully down her arm and terminated in a single finger unfurled and jabbing out against the ring of her ethereal prison, which coalesced into a glowing barrier at that point. She fixed Lexi with a meaningful look.

Lexi met her gaze, almost but not quite retreating under the force of it. "Well, then..." she said, rocking on her feet, and bit her lip before speaking quickly. "One, you shall cause no direct harm to come to me barring that explicitly agreed to beforehand. Two, full disclosure shall be made prior to any situations promising indirect harm, and immediate reversal shall be made upon request. Three, full disclosure and prior consent is required for any situation restricting ability to communicate. Four, services shall be personally attended to until such time as discharged by me. Five, no false or misleading statements shall knowingly be made. Do you accept these terms?"

The succubus paused, and then gave a long, low whistle. "You've done this before, haven't you?"

Warmth kindled in Lexi's cheeks. "What's your answer?"

The demon smiled and licked her lips. "I bind myself in service to this contract." The air around her perfect neck swirled and smoked at her pronouncement and formed into a plain black collar. That done, the succubus' boots met the floor with a soft clack and she stepped forward with a hungry grin, parting the circle of shimmering air like a curtain.

"Now," she said, approaching her prey with swaying steps, "What ever are we going to do with you?" She paced around her summoner, skimming her fingertips over delicate skin, tugging here and tickling there. A lioness presented with a choice cut of meat. Such feral elegance that Lexi began to wonder if her spoken pact of pacifism could really hold her back.

"Mmm, mm, mmmm." She gripped Lexi's shoulders gently from behind and leaned in close to her ear. "You wish to lose control, don't you? Oh, you're practically begging for it. To play a game you can only lose. To have no choice but to drink in pleasure beyond your wildest dreams, no matter what it costs." She slid a hand down Lexi's smooth, toned stomach. "To have your passion overwhelm you." The rubbing touch dipped beneath the waistband of Lexi's skirt, dangerously close yet achingly far away. Lexi fidgeted, thighs twitching against each other.  "Have I got the thing for you."

The demon withdrew her wandering fingers and stretched her arm out in a beckoning gesture. Black smoke rose and writhed from the floor before them and revealed a shiny metal cylinder, a wide nozzle jutting upward and a yellow diamond stamped on its side.

Lexi stared at the cylinder, blinking. Had there been a mistake? The succubus made no secret of her piercing divination, yet the offering standing before Lexi seemed more fit for a party than anything else. Unless her notion of seduction lay in the realm of comically high-pitched dialogue. Lexi let a moment pass, and the demon made no indication that there was anything amiss. Butterflies stirred within Lexi's gut, flapping their way ahead of the dots slowly connecting in her head. Surely the demon didn't intend her to—

"You know exactly what to do with that, don't you?" The succubus said. "A different sort of restraint than you're used to, perhaps? Not that you ever show any." Her teasing voice began to rise and fall, tossing Lexi's stomach on their lurching cadence. "It's your one-way ticket, your loaded dice. You'll find it quite confining by the end, I promise you that. I daresay you're already trapped by it. That seed of thought I've planted in you. Sprouting, growing, stretching out toward a conclusion more satisfying than your most cherished imaginings as you lay in bed by yourself."

"You can see it now, can't you?" continued that harsh, melodic voice. "The things you're going to do to yourself. The indignities you'll suffer. Inviting it all in, feeling every twist and turn. Every creak and groan, every hiss and moan until—"


The demon snapped her fingers, summoning Lexi back from the depths of fantasy. Lexi blinked and chewed her lip and made small steps toward the cylinder as a tall, ornate mirror rose into being behind it, wide as her outstretched arms and brushing the ceiling at its apex.

"Oh, and a gift from me," the succubus said, smiling warmly at Lexi through her reflection. Don't let it be said that I fail to offer the complete experience."

Lexi reached the cylinder and stopped, hovering a fraction of an inch away. The nozzle jutted upward past her navel, invitingly thick and smooth. She pressed herself against its hard, shiny surface, feeling its coolness between her hips. There was something undeniably thrilling about it, of robust walls of solid metal specially thickened and curved to hold back the raging storm trapped within. All accessible, if she willed it, to her own feeble flesh with the mere twist of a valve. She rose to her tiptoes and dropped back down, eyes fixed on the nozzle. Just the right height...

"You do want this, don't you?" the demon cut in, sultry and mocking. "My services aren't for anyone unsure of themselves. If it's not to your liking, just say the word, and all of this—" the demon's reflection waved her hand lazily, "—goes away." 

Lexi jerked her head in a furious half-shake of dissent. She watched herself in the mirror, the demon behind her, the cylinder before her, comparing sizes...

"Maybe you're afraid of what you'll do to yourself?" the succubus offered. "That you won't be able to stop yourself in time. Or, maybe, that you will. That you'll let the weakness of your flesh win out, watch it all disappear beneath you. To wonder ever after what could have been. Oh, you'll have your chance to float away before you burst." She let that last word hang in the air between them. "But you won't, will you? You can't simply do something halfway like that. You know your limits; you just don't care. You're insatiable."

Invisible fingers moved beneath Lexi's skirt at that pronouncement, hooking into the front of her panties and tugging sharply down. The snug fabric loosened around her hips and slid along her legs to land in a brightly-colored heap around her ankles. She bit her lip again, heart pounding at the proffered avenue, beginning to ache at the notion of delaying her promised payoff. Carefully she placed her hands on the top of the cylinder and raised herself up, hovering like a gymnast directly over the nozzle with legs spread wide and toes pointed out. In the mirror she could see the hang of her skirt obscuring the scanty distance between her and her goal, inviting her imagination to run wild. She could see it deep inside herself already, filling up her body, injecting its endless bounty past all her defenses.

There was a subtle motion in the corner of the mirror. The succubus' reflection raised one finger and then gave it a lazy swirl. A little squeak sounded beneath Lexi, and the nozzle issued a concentrated jet that hit her right between the legs.

She squealed at the sudden sensation, skirt flaring with tongues of compressed gas licking her thighs. For a moment she held her position, letting that tickling tease wash over, marveling at its volume. Then, unsteadily, she began to lower herself down. Her impatience spiked as she neared the source of the intensifying jet, breath catching and then—


The nozzle met her lower lips and then pushed through, erupting inside her as she slid slick with excitement down its length. She gasped in chorus with the muffled hiss of rushing gas invading her body, arching her back and squeezing the cylinder with trembling legs. It was so intense, so direct, so exotic and powerfully sensual, matching every fantastic twist of her stoked-up anticipation and then some. She felt herself clench around the nozzle as if to repel that intimate assault for only a moment, but there was no holding it back. No breaking off that delightful French kiss. The jet of gas tickled and rubbed viciously as it entered her, accumulating rapidly in her belly so that she began to expand with it.

Stars swam before Lexi's eyes. Her gasps turned to giggles as she wrestled back her composure by the tips of her fingernails, melted into satisfied moans as she leaned back and closed her eyes to let the ramping pressure within her speak for itself. She felt so small, perched on top of the cylinder with so much yet to give. Yet even that tiny trickle that she'd been fed was filling up her fit, slender body, rebounding into unspoiled territories. It swelled within her stomach, rose into her breasts, pushed into her thighs. Promises of distant pressure flowed down all the way to her toes, achingly far away. Tenderly she began to stroke herself, eyes flitting open and then going wide at the unfamiliar curve that met her fingers. Hot, delightful shame pooled in the pit of her stomach at the discovery of how full she'd been pumped so quickly; the girl in the mirror might be mistaken for pregnant already, if not for the peculiar sort of weightlessness to her shape. Stretch as she did, her assets remained round and perky, nascent forms of perfect spheres. That promise came with a spike of giddiness. Her skin was already stretching heroically to contain it all, and she knew it was hardly the beginning. Panting with excitement, she reached behind herself in search of the valve she knew lay somewhere behind her.

"Nuh-uh," the demon cut in. A length of red ribbon shot from her fingertip and swirled around Lexi, seizing her wrist and arresting her exploration of the new landscape behind herself. With a groan of complaint Lexi snatched with her other hand at the space she guessed the valve to be, and was met with the same result. The magicked ribbon effortlessly overpowered her, winding around her arms and tying them neatly together behind her back with a fancy bow that peeked out behind the sides of her bulging belly in the mirror.

"What a shameless, greedy little pump dumpster," the succubus purred, and approached her victim from behind. "Just begging to be a scattering of scraps beneath my heel, already, hmm?" She walked around to face Lexi. "I can help you with that."

She reached out and traced one finger up the naked curve of Lexi's bloated belly. A gentle touch, hot and soft and surprisingly sensual over tightened skin a mile away from anything Lexi could do about it. With a wicked grin she stopped at the apex, turning her sharp fingernail to press into the smooth-stretched expanse. The pinprick point of pain spiced the stream of pressure gushing in between Lexi's legs, confronting her with what she'd become and threatening a sudden, bursting end to her shameful transformation. Lexi hardly dared breathe, but she couldn't stop herself from pushing out harder and harder against it, slave to the pressure ramping up within. Finally she gave a panicked squeal, causing the demon to retract her finger and give a sly smile.

"My playthings needn't speak," the succubus said, her voice poisoned sugar. "Wouldn't you agree?"

Lexi nodded breathlessly, and the demon's eyes twinkled.

"Very good," she replied, and rose up to hover face-to-face with her summoner. Her hot, slender midriff made stark contrast to Lexi's rounded, swelling body. Lexi could feel herself pressing steadily outward, wondered if the demon could feel the ripple of swirling air beneath her own skin.

"Good girls get their reward, don't they?" the succubus continued, nearly nose-to-nose now with her captive client. She trapped Lexi's gaze with her own, reached up to caress the sides of her face, lips half-parted in offer. Panting, Lexi mirrored her, eager to accept her gift. A vivid streak flashed before her eyes, a brightly-colored wad that she recognized as her own panties in the instant before they stuffed themselves into her open mouth, filling it with crumpled fabric. A strip of wide, sturdy tape smoked into existence to complete the gag, brilliant red to match her uniform.

"—and bad girls get their punishment," the demon said, and raised one finger up before Lexi's face. She allowed a half-second to let the meaning sink in, and gave it spirited twirl.

A squeal of elation slammed into Lexi's gag from within as the cylinder valve squeaked open, ratcheting up the intensity of the jet between her legs more than she would have dared. She writhed and squirmed atop the cylinder at the force of her expansion, drumming her heels against its smooth metal sides. Muffled moans filled the air, and she shivered and clenched as the world spun around her. Bound and gagged, she had no choice but to take it all in, to stretch and strain ever harder against it. The girl in the mirror was swelling rapidly, looking fit to burst already and growing more round and taut by the second. Her miniskirt rode up her thickening thighs, her breasts rocketed up through cup sizes and into unknown territory, the bright fabric of her uniform pulled tight over her pumped-up curves like the skin of an overripe fruit just begging to be bit into. Between it all, her midriff ballooned to fantastic proportions, a vast expanse nearly as wide as it was high. The more she filled, the lighter she felt, nearly weightless now from the lifting gas invading every corner of her, swirling beneath her skin in search of escape. And buried far beneath it all, that secret delight that made her gasp and groan, her grip on the nozzle tightening as she puffed out around it.

The succubus began to circle her, a shark on stiletto heels. Lexi shuddered with hot, molten shame at the thought of what a tempting target she presented. So tight, so full, that the lightest touch from the demon could spell her spectacular end. She was more balloon than girl now, struggling just to hold herself together. A toy who'd pumped herself up to her bursting point at the mere suggestion of it. And the demon was drinking in every moment, feasting on her panic, her pleasure, her forced submission to it all. Every second making her a more exquisite prize, every second raising the question of how much longer she could last.

"Oh, you have so much more to go," the demon said, answering her thoughts. "...Or do you? You can't ignore those feelings. That stitch at the summit of your poor, bloated belly, the creaking deep below that's not coming from your skirt. But that's still not enough for you, is it?" She smiled, one finger raised in the same gesture she'd made twice before.

It was an offer Lexi didn't dare accept. And one she couldn't bear to refuse. The final acknowledgement that she wasn't really in control, that she'd been well and truly trapped since the first word. It was both intoxicating and terrifying. Her rational mind wanted to resist, to fight back, to deny everything and anything that would lead to that inevitable final blast of pleasure and release. But when brought face-to-face with it, there was no way she could reject it.

She nodded, weakly at first, and then desperately. Hungrily.

The succubus spun her finger with deliberate slowness, and the cylinder valve squeaked open once more. The delightful agony gushing in between Lexi's legs became a torrent, flooding in as fast as she thought she could bear, and then a little more. And then a little more. She screamed against her gag, thrashing wildly as the pressurized jet had its way with her, swirling and pounding and pushing ever outward. Every delicious inch of her straining skin was growing tighter, hotter, ever more sensitive. It felt as if she'd grown to fill half the room, her belly massive and her tits and her thighs rounding out like planets orbiting a sun. Such exquisite humiliation, letting her desires ravage her body for her audience with nothing left to hide. The feeling of being pumped so completely full, of being so utterly stretched to capacity, making a private show of it all. One swiftly reaching its grand finale.

Through her violent, shuddering rapture she could feel it; a gentle tugging, a determined skyward pull. The lifting gas crammed inside her body was finally winning out over gravity. Her colossal bulk shifted slowly upward, tethered down only by the tightness of her swollen grip around the nozzle. She walked a knife-edge path, the same building pressure that threatened every moment to win its way explosively free now offering its alternative end. And yet there was something else, too, pulling insistently at her, whispering to her, calling for a different sort of surrender. To admit defeat and yield to the inevitability of her final climax.

She felt herself rise fractionally, sliding up the nozzle and stopping again in a motion that forced another muffled moan from her. One heart-pounding second, two. Her grip slipped again, caught itself more tenuously. The succubus met her eyes. A promise floated back from what seemed like an eternity ago. She'd have her chance to float away, before she, before she...

Lexi began to slide upward again, riding up toward the end of the nozzle. She had no other choice.

She clamped her thighs around the cylinder and pulled herself back down.

Her head lolled back, her eyes screwed up tight, and she shivered in ecstasy at that transgressive act. The knowledge that she'd doomed herself to bursting. That there was nothing left but a few precious seconds until she exploded, and every fraction counted. Every last bit of her body tightened and strained and swelled inevitably outward, and no matter how hard she fought, she couldn't win against it. Her limbs trembled, her toes curled, her thighs squeezed the cylinder ever tighter with every crashing wave of bliss. The air around her felt warm and heavy and the pressure inside her grew ever stronger, each sensation amplified a hundredfold by the sensitivity of her inflated form. She cried out into her gag again and again, unable to stop herself even if she'd wanted to. Each stifled gasp rebounded off the walls, echoing in time with the rapid beat of her heart. There was no stopping it. There was no denying it. In one final, eternal instant she felt herself expand past capacity, beyond even her most depraved imaginings. Lexi's overfull body billowed out briefly in all directions as the pressure inside her won out. And then, finally, she exploded.

The succubus stood silently amidst the wreckage where her summoner had sat moments before. The choker around her neck bubbled and dissolved. Discharged, indeed. Scraps of black and red swirled over a landscape now ripped and torn and overturned. She stepped on one, grinding it beneath her heel with a grin. Poor Lexi had made an impressive show indeed, her endurance outmatched only by her appetite. The final imprint she'd left of pleasure and pressure and unstoppable desire was thick in the air, and absolutely exquisite. Still, she considered, half wistfully and half eagerly, she couldn't linger overlong in the afterglow of her masterpiece.

She had a new arrival to meet.

Author's Note: 

I mentioned in a post on the forums that I had a WIP that integrated some prose spat out by NovelAI, and here it is. Nothing survives my editing process totally intact, but some of the words here were directly created by a computer pretending to be me, which I think is super cool.

Incidentally, the original concept for this was a rather shorter solo venture that played with the fact that buoyancy does not actually work that way, with our hapless protagonist realizing too late that her plan to float off the nozzle before she burst was not actually in the cards. And then I thought, hey, a succubus teasing someone as they pump themselves up to bursting is pretty hard to beat. Plus the old standby of someone trying to rules lawyer a supernatural entity and getting the book thrown at them in return. Thus goes the latest battle in "This is not a thematic innovation" vs "It do be kinda hot tho."

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Just wonderful! If there's

Just wonderful! If there's another in the offing, hope the succubus's horns come into play.

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Woah....that was

Woah....that was incredible!!!

This is sublime writing.

This is sublime writing.

top notch truly.  

top notch truly.