Don't Swallow The Gum Chapter 1

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Sarah was a girl in college. She was athletic and reasonably popular, however she had no figure to speak of. She was tall but flat chested and had narrow hips. It was always the one thing she wished she could change about herself. In high school while her friends complained about having to buy bigger bras she always wore the same old A cup bra she always wore. Her boyfriends always said they found her attractive but deep down she wanted more. She wanted men (and women) to stare, to turn heads when she walked by, she wanted to have the type of body that men lusted for.

Browsing Reddit one late night she came across this strange Japanese gum. The website wasn't in English but the pictures made it look like it could give people curves, not just bigger breasts but also wider hips and a fuller ass. Sarah decided to give it a shot and purchased the gum. After all, she had already bought plenty of disappointing miracle cures, what harm could one more be?

A few weeks later the gum showed up at her door. It was early Saturday morning so she was wearing her pajamas still, a pair of fuzzy pants and a t-shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and rarely needed to. After opening the box Sarah was surprised to see that there was one single piece of gum, this couldn't possibly do anything could it? There were also lots of institutions in Japanese and broken English. At least 6 pages worth. Sarah tried to read the instructions, but figuring she knows how gum works she got impatient and just skimmed them. The main thing that was "Do not swallow the gum". Many people believed gum would stay in your body for years and this was probably based on that belief. Sarah swallowed gum all the time and never had issues with it.

She gave up on the instructions and popped the gum in her mouth. The flavor was instantly blueberry. The most intense blueberry flavor she had ever tasted, it was almost too intense and she wanted to spit the gum out, but deicded to push through and see what happened. The gum was juicy, very juicy, and she had to swalow constantly while chewing.

As she chewed a strange feeling came over her body, particularly in her nipples and her pussy. It was warm and tingly and pleasant. She sat on the couch for a bit and enjoyed the feeling, which slowly became more intense. After ten or so minutes she looked in the bathroom mirror to look for progress.

She had boobs. The gum worked.

She decided her new boobs were pretty small, but bigger than she ever had before. Her nipples poked straight out and she reached under her shirt, she could almost fill her entire hand with a tit now. She immediately wanted to go show off her new body, swallowed her gum, and went to get dressed.

She put on a cute white tank top, you could see a little of her new cleavage, and grabbed her favorite pair of jeans. She still felt the pleasant tingling all over her body, if anything it had only grown more intense. She tried to put on her jeans and stopped, they didn't fit over her ass any more. She turned and looked in the bedroom mirror and sure enough her panties looked tighter, her ass had grown too. She was delighted to wear a pair of stretchy leggings instead, someone would definitely look at her ass now. She decided to go for a walk and show off her new body.

As she left the house the tingling continued to grow stronger. Between the strange feeling and the excitement of having curves, she was getting very turned on. The warning not to swallow the gum was totally forgotten.

As she walked she felt her new boobs bounce. They bounced a lot. She looked down and saw that her cleavage had deepened, holy shit did her tits get even bigger? This was amazing. She had to press her boobs out of the way to see her feet now. Although she noticed something else too, she had grown a little belly. She put her hands on her belly, it felt very warm. She knew guys liked girls who had a belly like that so she was excited to see one developing, even if it was unexpected.

Something strange was happening however, she swore she could feel her belly growing slowly. Maybe the gum just caused some bloating? But it was undeniable, her belly was still growing and started to push out from under her tank top. She was starting to look pregnant. Strange.

She decided to walk to the coffee shop. A public place where people would see her. But as she was walking she was starting to get out of breath, she felt heavier and it felt harder to walk. She also felt her thighs starting to rub together, something that had never happened to her before. She turned and looked at her ass. It was huge.

Her yoga pants were stretched to the limit. Her ass had swollen up so much it looked like she hips were three feet around. And while she looked the growing continued. If anything it sped up. The tingling feeling grew to an all new intensity and she watched in shocked as the seam on her yoga pants started to split open, unable to contain the sheer amount of ass flesh she now had.

She tried to walk quicker to the coffee shop but movement was becoming more and more difficult. When she finally arrived her hips were too wide for the door. She tried to walk in but didn't fit. She had to turn sideways, but even then her tits and belly had grown so much that she had to push them out of the way to fit.

As she struggled to get into the building she finally had the attention she craved. A man was watching her with absolute shock on his face. He definitely was turned on by her appearance. This made Sarah extremely horny so she squeezed into the bathroom to asses her body and hopefully finger herself.

Looking in the mirror she was shocked to see that she was blue. Not only did her skin turn blue, she was still growing. Her breasts were the size of basketballs, stretching out her tank top to the limit. Her nipples stuck out two inches. She impulsively pinched on and felt an instant wave of pleasure. She also noticed that her nipples were leaking what appeared to be blueberry juice. As she looked at her tits in the mirror she could see them growing, the growth had definitely accelerated. She was started to get scared, just how much would she grow?

As if in response to her wondering her belly gurgled loudly. Then it started pushing out further, and further. Visibly growing faster and faster. She looked 7 months pregnant and her belly kept growing.

Her ass was still growing too. Her hips so wide now that she filled up the entire bathroom. She could feel her sides starting to press against the walls. How was she going to get out now?

Her clothes had long since torn off. She was standing completely nude, blue, and filling up almost and entire bathroom. For some reason this experience was making her unbelievably horny. She touched her pussy and felt the wet, but when she she pulled her hand away she realized it was blueberry juice leaking from her vagina.

The weight of standing became too much to bear. She fell over forwards, resting on her gigantic belly. The pressure continued to grow. Her body was pressing the walls of the bathroom all over. She was terrified of what would happen if she continued to grow. Would she explode? Destroy the building? She had no idea.

As she grew and grew the tingling became so intense that she finally came. She had never orgasmed so hard in her life. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her, and with each wave juice squirted out of her pussy. After what felt like an hour the orgasm stopped, she was back a reasonable size and could move around freely. Every surface of the bathroom was covered in juice and her clothes were destroyed.

As she looked around she felt the tingle return. The gum was still working, she felt herself start to grow again. "Fuck, that's why I wasn't supposed to swallow it" was all that she could think...

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