Don't Swallow The Gum Chapter 3

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Life as a blueberry girl was strange. Sarah took virtual classes during the day, with the camera off of course, and worked developing software at night. Her growth had slowed down but was still constant. She had to masturbate 3 or 4 times every day just to stay at a manageable size. Sometimes she would be talking on a conference call, her hips growing too wide to sit in her office chair, while pounding her pussy with her favorite dildo. The fact that they didn't know what she was doing almost made the experience better. Thankfully the gum also turned her libido up to 11, so constantly fucking herself was possible.

The weekends were easier because her new boyfriend would come over and fuck her constantly. Sometimes she would make him wait until she swelled up more so that the release felt even better. There was a definite relationship between the size of her body and the intensity of the orgasm when she released her juice. She was starting to appreciate her new body. And she definitely appreciated how much her boyfriend loved her blue bottom.

Nights were more difficult. Sometimes she would have wet dreams and wake up soaked in juice, she long ago gave up trying to bleach her sheets and just accepted that everything in her bedroom would have a blue tint. Other times she wouldn't dream at all and just swell and grow all night long, waking up to masturbate every few hours so she could shrink back down.

After scouring the internet she found a few other girls in a similar situation as her. They worked together to develop a modified CPAP machine for blueberry girls to use while they slept. Instead of pumping in air a reverse switch was added to pump out juice. Every night she would attach three cups to herself, one to each nipple and one to her pussy. The places that most easily released juice. The juice would be steadily pulled out and put into a refrigerator sized pressurized container.

Most mornings she would measure how many gallons of juice were pulled out of her, release the pressure, and pour it all down the drain. Every night it was over 100 gallons of juice but the amount did seem to be slowly decreasing, hopefully the gum would wear off someday. Sometimes she would forget to drain the machine for a few days in a row and would have to dispose of hundreds of gallons of juice.

 One Friday night, after a particularly long week of school and work, she overslept. The gum didn't care if she was awake or not and pumped her full of more and more juice all night long. When she awoke she looked at her alarm clock it was 2PM. It had been a long time since she slept in this late. She smiled as she realized her boyfriend would arrive soon. Sarah tried to get out of bed and was suddenly reminded that she was a blueberry girl when she couldn't move. She went to pull off the blanket but struggled to do so. She was so swollen that her arms were starting to swell up and were becoming difficult to move.

She got the blanket off and looked at her body. She was big. Her machine must have not worked. Laying on her back her hips were as wide as her bed, her massive tits fell to the side of the bed, one on each side. And her ass was so full her legs were sticking up in the air. She also looked massively pregnant. She was reminded of the octomom but may have had an even bigger belly. At first she instinctively tried to masturbate but couldn't reach her pussy due to the growth, at this size releasing the juice would feel absolutely incredible.

She sighed and looked at her machine. It was turned off. Her asshole cat was probably messing with it. With great effort she reached out her hand and tried to press the power button. It took a few attempts but she finally reached it and turned the machine on. The pump started buzzing and she immediately knew something was wrong. She didn't feel the juice being pulled out, if anything the pressure inside her body had grown more intense. She could actually see herself getting bigger. With horror she realized her cat probably flipped the switch so it wasn't sucking the juice out, it was pumping her up with even more juice. She quickly realized it had been at least several days since she emptied the juice container.

It was hard to focus on her situation because being forced to fill up like this felt so damn good. She bit her puffy lip, even that was bigger than normal now, and felt the pressure all over her body grow and grow. Her tits seemed to start absorbing the juice first. They were already massive, almost painfully huge, and they were visibly growing. Her nipples had stretched out to the size of dinner plates. Her boobs fell to the side of her bed, actually growing so much that they touched the floor while still being round. They felt like water balloons sticking straight up, to the sides, and down. And they were fucking heavy. Even if the rest of her body were normal sized she would be pinned down by the weigh of her massive mounds of breast.

The pressure was intense. It almost felt like electric shock going from her nipples to her pussy. She was so damn close to cumming and ending this. But part of her wanted to keep going, keep growing and growing to see just how big she could get. How would it feel to be the size of a car? Or a house? She shuddered with pleasure at the thought.

The machine kept happily working, pumping her up fuller and fuller. Her ass and hips felt like they were absorbing the most liquid now. It sort of made sense, she had two connections to her her chest and one to her pussy. Her hips grew wider than her mattress and kept growing. Sarah's ass barely fit on the bed when she woke up and now she had one asscheeck on each side of her bed.

She skin was starting to get incredibly tight. She felt like she was going to burst ten minutes ago and yet she kept stretching out. Strangely it didn't hurt, it just felt fucking amazing and also terrifying. How much bigger could she actually get?

Just went she swore she couldn't handle one more drop of juice inside her body, she felt her belly give. Up until this point the growth had been primarily in her chest and ass, but now her belly was catching up with a vengeance. She already looked extremely pregnant, her belly button long since popped out and stretched to be unrecognizable. Now her belly just looked absurd. She could just barely turn her head enough to see it between her gigantic breasts. It was the size of a yoga ball and still filling up. She was curious to see what it felt like but couldn't move her arms or even her legs. They were significantly swelling up too.

Her belly continued to grow. It was starting to become difficult to tell what exactly was her belly and what was the rest of her body. The pressure pushed out in every direction from deep inside her and she was beginning to turn into a sphere. She could actually feel the walls and ceiling of her bedroom touching the sides of her ever expanding belly.

Suddenly the growth stopped. The container must have been empty. Her body felt like it was stretched to the absolute limit. Every inch of her deeply tingled. It was difficult to breathe. She couldn't even move, when she tried she just gently rocked and felt ripples go through all the juice inside her. The feeling was incredible. Being so full and huge was like nothing she ever experienced before.

But she couldn't stay like this forever as good as it felt. She couldn't touch herself and had to figure out a way to make herself cum. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her boyfriend's voice "Sarah? Are you still in bed?" She heard his steps as he came up the stairs towards her bedroom.

The thought of him seeing her like this, completely filled up and helpless, desperately needing to cum. It turned her on even more. The thought of his cock inside her...


Sarah's body was racked with wave after wave of absolutely ecstacy. She was completely unaware of anything other than the incredible feeling of the juice leaving her body while she came. After what felt like hours she was laying on her bedroom floor, back to her new normal chubby body size. Her bedroom door appeared to have been opened by the force of her blueberry cum. She stood up, walked to the door, and looked down the stairs. Her boyfriend was laying at the bottom of the stairs in a daze. Apparently he was knocked down the stairs by the force of her cum. She made eye contact and smiled "I'm ready for round two" she said.

Author's Note: 

I'm trying to think of real things that blueberry girls would have to deal with. While trying to think about how they woud sleep. I realized I needed a CPAP machine to sleep, and figured something like that might work.

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