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Jay knew he shouldn't have listened to Clara, but he didn't have any other friends to hang out with, so here he was, trudging after her in to the woods.

"Can you please tell me what we're doing out here, Clara?"

"Yeah yeah, fine. This should be far enough."

"What is it?"

Clara took a small bag of spheres out of her pocket. "These!"

"What are they?"

"Not sure! I got them on Mercari, said they were transfromative candies!"


"Yeah I don't know how! Maybe we will turn into dragons or wolves or something!"

"Are they all the same?"

"I think so?" She dug two out of the bag and handed one to Jay. 

"We're just gonna trust them!?"

"Jay! We've got nothing better to do with our lives! I work in a stinky warehouse and you still ive in your mom's hosue!"


"We literally have nothing to lose."

"Okay fine."

"On three."


"One . . . two . . . three!"

Jay popped the candy into his mouth, but Clara did nothing. Eyes wide and upset, he went to berate Calra for not following through but choked on the candy, swallowing it whole. "What the heck Clara! You said on three!"

"I didn't say I was gonna take it on three! Besides, I wanna see what it does before I take it!"

"That's-" Jay stopped and help his stomach. "Oh."

"What? Did you swallow it!?"

"Uh-huh." Jay's stomach gurgled and he frowned. Suddenly, he began to feel very full.

"What's happening?"

"Ah!" Jay's stomach poked out from under his shirt and his butt grew a small amount. "What the hell?"


"It's not cool!"

"I dont know, it's pretty interesting!"

"What's happening?!" Jay's thighs were thickening and rubbing together as his belly dipped forward.

"You're plumping up!"

"I can see that!" Jay reache dout and tried to grab for the bag of sweets. "Is there an antidote?"

Clara snatched the bag away. "For candy?"

Jay narrowed his eyes. Somehting in Clara's voice sounded like a lie. "There is! Isn't there!?"

Clear looked away.

"It isn't even candy, is it??"

"Nope," she admitted. "It said they were experimental growth pills. I thought they'd make you taller but I wasn't about to test them on myself!"

"Gimme the anitdote!" Jaw hobbled towards her, hands outstretched.

"No!"Clara said, backing away.

"Come on!"

Clara smiled and held out her hand. "Fine, here."

Jay sighed and reached forward- "Omph!" - only to find himself caught between two trees, the bag just out of reach.

Clara giggled.

"What's wrong with you?!"

Jay's thighs were still swelling, so when he tried to back out of the tree, he found himself wedged in place. Feeling a bit panicked, he wriggled around, but couldn't quite break free.

"This is freaky," Calra said, excited.

Slowly, Jay stopped growing, his hips firmly lodged between the two trunks. "Okay! It's done! You figured out what they do, can I have the cure now?"

Clara didn't answer. She just looked down at Jay with a morbid curiousity.


"Uh yeah, sure." She reached into the bag and pulled out more spheres. "Says you need to take . . . six."



"I don't - umf!"

Clara shoved a handful of pills into Jay's mouth and held her hand over his nos until he swallowed. Jay coughed and gagged. "What the hell!?"



"I want to see what happens."

"Why cant you . . ." Jay's body began growing again. " . . . do it . . ." his thighs pressed tightly together and his stomach dipped even lover towards the ground ". . . yourself?"

Soon Jay's belly touched the grass and pushed him upward, lifting his feet up off the ground and rotating him forward. His thighs swelled around the tree trunks and his ass splayed out behid him. His torso started to widen to compensate his growing midsection and the trees began to creak and bend with the pressure. After a few moments, they snapped and Jay fell back down, surprisingly landing on his feet. He wobbled where he stood, afraid he would fall if he tried to move. His hips were impossibly wide and his thighs kept surging outward, pushing his feet apart and making him teeter.

Finally, he lost his balance, falling off of his toes and onto his but with a thud. His thighs kepy growing, pushing him into a split. His stomach melted into them, hoisting his torso upward and causing his arms to plump up a bit as well. He groaned as his thighs pressed against the ground, merging into each other and becoming indistinguishable from his belly.

Clara stepped forward and poked him, feeling his skin give slightly. "How do you feel?"

"Mm." Jay rested his hands over his chest, feeling very heavy and bloated. His eyes were half lidded, almost as though he were drugged.

"Want some more?"

Jay shook his head.

Clara reached over his expansive form and wiggled ten more pellets between his lips. He frowned and tried to turn away, but was too out of it to fight. Afterwards, she circled around and clapped him in the back, making him swallow.

His eyes went wide, the new surge of growth waking him. His belly caught up to his thighs and his crotch got pushed into the ground, his legs completely coning out until his feet also widened, turning into small bumps like the tip of a balloon. His torso widened, sinking into his body as the large mass piled up. His arms thickened, sticking out at his sides before being absorbed by the growth.

By the end, he was a lump on the ground, three times as tall as he used to be, but also about twenty times as wide. He sported a new double chin, his neck fluffing up between his arms that were stiff cones on either side of his head.

Clara jumped onto him and he jiggled. He gasped, fear rippling through him, suddenly considering what might happen if he were to tear.

"This is great."

Jay groaned, feeling taught. His whole lower half felt tight and wide, whilst his chest and up felt swollen. "Please stop."

"I'm all out," Clara admitted. "I could get more though."



Jay let out a sigh, trying not to think about his perdicament.

"I'll come back tomorrow with the cure."


"Yeah, says not to take em right away."

Jay sighed again, visibly sinking into himself.


The next morning, Clara came into the woods with more pills.


Jay nodded.

"Are you sure you dont wanna stay a bit longer? You might grow to like it!"

Jay glared at her. "No."

Clara shrugged. "Okay. Anyways, it's one to one. So I think I need to give you twelve?"

Jay frowned. "Seventeen," he corrected.


Clara hopped up onto him and poured seventeen pills into his mouth, which he slowly worked down. Suddenly, a pressure rose in Jay again, his belly rumbling. Clara scrambled off in fear before his bottom half rounded out, pushing him even taller. His largeness redistributed, some of his mass leaving his stomach and rising up into his chest. 

"What did you do!?"

"Nothing!" Clara said, panicking. "I swear!"

"You said this was the antidote!" His arms sunk into his chest, slowly rounding out and disappearing.

"It is! . . . or I thought it was." Clara looked unsure. She cringed. "They said it made the effects lighter."

Just as Clara said this, Jay's groin lifted off of the ground and he slowly rose into the air. "CLARA!"

Clara yelped and grabbed onto Jay's foot, holding him down. "I didn't mean to!"

"This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't tricked me!"

"I'm sorry!"

His arms were now completely gone and his head had sunken out of veiw.

"AH!" Clara's feel lifted off of ground as Jay began floating higher.

"Jay! I can't hold you down!"


She yelped once more and fell back to the ground, Jay now out of reach.

His hands and feet squirmed as he floated up into the canopy.

Clara watched as he hit the treetops, desperately watching to see if he would break through . . . or if the trees would break through him. Instead, he slowly came to a rest at the top of the woods.

"Jay? You alright up there?"

If Jay could hear, he didn't answer, possibly too far away for her voice to reach.

"I'll come back tomorrow!"


Clara came back the next day.

And the next day.

But Jay was still stuck up in the trees.

So she started coming once a week. And after about a month, she noticed that Jay's round body was getting smaller.But it was still stuck up in the branches.

Until one day, she came back to find him nestled neatly on the ground.


He opened his eyes and stared at her.

"you're okay?"

"I'm alive." Jay wasn't back to normal. His hands, face, and feet, were more distinquishable, but his body was still round, other than being a tad bit bottom heavy.

Clara nudged him and he rolled slightly. He was still somewhat bouyant.

"Would you quit it?"

"Sorry . . . I contacted the person who sold the pills to me."


"She said cures dont work if you take over the reccomended amount."

"Which is?"

"Three. Max."

"So, what?"

"You might shrink a tad more . . . but . . ."

"I'm stuck like this?"



Clara eventually rolled Jay home to her little townhouse. It was night time, so not many people were out, but those who were plamed their drunken state of the dim lighting on what they saw.

She set Jay up in the living room, being able to get him through the double doors at the entrance, but not any others.

From then on, Jay was a local myth. A cryptid of a man, secretly stached away in a madwoman's home.

Children would dare each other to try and break in, or peek through the window.

But after a year or two, Jay didn't mind anymore. He wasn't sure if he had grown to like being round, or if he had simply forgotten what it felt like to be normal. But either way, Clara's house was his new home, and he was content being a little orb, a rarity to behold by all who made it into the witch's home.

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