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Mallory awoke with a start, and then sighed in relief as she saw the demon silhouetted against the faint light of the rising sun.

Oh, she thought to herself, taking in the sight of the succubus perched on one bedpost like a gargoyle clad in stiletto heels and little else, it's just her.

JUST her?

She blinked away the new wave of surprise washing over her rapidly-fading tiredness as the demon cocked her shapely, horn-crowned head at her.

You can... hear me? she thought, fixing those smoldering red eyes apologetically with her own in the half-light of the arriving morning.

Among other things, the demon replied, her mental voice bent with the edge of laughter. She smiled. How else do you think I know your... preferences?

Mallory chewed her lip. Though they'd never spoken, as such, this was hardly their first encounter. And the succubus did have rather precise instincts in their prior sessions of private, thrashing nocturnal glee. Speaking of which...

Isn't it a little late for you to be out? Or early, maybe? I don't have much time before class.

Class? Oh, a human thing! The succubus replied, clapping her hands in girlish delight. I was hoping you'd show me!

With that, the demon's form dissolved, coalescing into a ropey mass of black smoke which shot directly toward Mallory. Mallory gasped in surprise and the twisting mass seized the opportunity, pouring in between her lips. Eyes wide, she drank it all in, then looked over herself, running her hands up and down her body. Somehow, there didn't seem to be any change. She didn't billow or bulge with it, nor could she guess where it had come to rest, if it really had any mass at all.

Let's go, then, the succubus said, making Mallory jump with the new point of origin. Where before, the voice beamed into her head was direct but distant enough to feel as if it really had come from across the room, now she felt it closer than if the demon had whispered into her ear. Further, she could feel a presence tugging at the edges of her mind, giving the impression of a cat stretching and settling into its bed to observe with unwavering gaze.


You know, human stuff. Learning about whatever it is you do.

Oh, Mallory replied, the shock of the situation having driven the thread of their conversation out of her mind. It's, uh, you know how stuff is made of really tiny things? And those are made of even smaller things, and you can mathematically—


I think it's interesting, Mallory fired back, though apparently it doesn't account for... whatever the hell you just did.

The succubus gave the impression of a smile. Or, she said, I could teach you something more interesting...

Mallory's arm moved seemingly of its own accord, her fingers slipping down to dip beneath her waistband.

No! she cried inside her head with some reluctance, and the demon, to her surprise, relinquished control. And don't do that!

Fine, the demon said, not until it's time for fun. When can we have fun?

Well, Mallory said, scrambling on the back foot to adjust terms of the bargain she knew the succubus considered good as made already, I have two classes this morning. We can... do things after they get out.


Er, I have to work on a partner project afterward, too, if you don't mind, Mallory added hastily.

Of course not.

The demon made no further argument, but gave the impression of the watchful cat laying down for a quick snooze. Mallory rose unsteadily from her bed, showered—the mental assurances that the succubus had seen and done far more than what was on display there made things no less awkward—and dressed in a simple t-shirt and short skirt, drawing her blonde hair back into a ponytail.

The rest of the morning passed as uneventfully as Mallory dared hope in light of the demon's impromptu ride-along, her presence inescapable but almost ignorable past the occasional commentary or overlong forced gaze at a choice classmate or two. Classes concluded, she packed her things and went to meet her partner for their shared project. Chelsey's roommates were occupied that day, so they'd agreed to meet at her place. Mallory walked up, bag over her shoulder and the succubus stirring in a discomfiting way, and rang the doorbell.

"Hey! Come on in!"

The girl who answered was cute and bubbly, athletic in build with a green top and low-rise jeans and auburn hair cascading over her shoulders in subtle curves. Mallory followed her in, demon at attention like the metaphorical cat spotting something that tinkled and wiggled. Chelsey plopped herself down on part of the couch circling the living room, and began fishing a textbook from her bag.

"Like I said, we won't be bothered, so we've got all day to bang this all out."

All day?

Yeah, it's called a project. What did you expect?

As if in answer, Mallory felt her gaze pulled up from her own bag to take in the curves and contours of Chelsey's body.

She looks fun.

Mallory's eyes widened. No, she's not! I mean, she's fine, just, I said later—

You said after class.

"Is something wrong?" Chelsey said, looking askance at Mallory absorbing herself in her internal argument.

"Oh, I've just had a headache all morning," Mallory heard herself say with dripping sweetness, and winced theatrically.


"I'll go get you something for it!" Chelsey said and hopped to her feet. She turned toward the hallway, and Mallory felt herself rise in kind to stalk silently after her. 'Watch out!' she wanted to cry, but she was a mere spectator to her own body closing the gap and pouncing onto Chelsey from behind.

They hit the carpet together, Chelsey letting out a little grunt as the wind was knocked out of her and Mallory scrambling around to stay on top. The demon piloted her body expertly, moving without pause to pin Chelsey flat against the floor with their legs tangled together and fingers tight around her wrists, meeting every attempt at wriggling free with a subtle shifting of her bodyweight. Horror rose within Mallory at what she was doing, and something else besides. Chelsey was warm and lithe and vibrant beneath her, squirming and panting against the press of her body. Despite it all, there was something undeniably enthralling in holding a cute girl captive, entwining herself with her, the softness of her heaving chest, the light scent of citrus wafting off her skin. The succubus riding shotgun in her mind only inflamed that ember of transgressive titillation, sharing her delight as she hovered nose-to-nose with Chelsey, smiling coyly and wiggling her hips in a way that made her victim blush.

"Mallory," Chelsey panted as Mallory leaned in toward her, what are you—Mmph!"

Their lips met, smothering Chelsey's query in a passionate kiss. Chelsey's eyes went wide and her cheeks went crimson and she made another thrashing bid for freedom, but she was utterly helpless to deny the demon's advances.

What are you doing?! Mallory cried inside her head, a mental echo of Chelsey's demand that was given just as little heed. She felt herself dig deeply into the kiss, the succubus eager as she was creative with the motion of her host's tongue, letting her passions bleed ever more strongly into her mind until it became hard to tell where it all originated. Mallory was bombarded with her excitement, her anticipation, her perception so keen she could feel every twist and turn of pleasure and uncertainty within her victim. It was the same divination that directed their own private time together, Mallory knew, a brazen display of just how thoroughly her own desires had been laid bare. Mallory felt the tangle of shock and reticence swirling around Chelsey's mind as they pushed ever deeper, speaking in a language of pure sensation, digging purposefully toward what she recognized as a deeply-buried buried sliver of submissiveness.

Chelsey shuddered and stopped in her struggle with a startled sigh that veered dangerously close to a moan, and Mallory knew she had struck home. Unbridled enthusiasm radiated from the demon as she took that half-permissive uncertainty and ran with it. Exploited it. Rewarded it. This was no hypnosis, no magical ensnaring of her mind, simply pleasure and promise. For a moment they lay together, savoring the stoking of that passion. And then Mallory felt herself inhale.

Don't you dare!

Mallory wondered despite her warning if she had the will to stop the succubus even if she could. The draught of air was smooth and steady and seemingly endless as it entered her, filling up her chest and continuing to pour in without slowing an instant. A mesmerizing new vantage on a process she was more than familiar with. She felt herself expand past normal limits, her breasts rounding out with subtle firmness, the pressure growing within her until it seemed only the demon's shared strength could hold it all at bay. She didn't doubt that the succubus could keep going if she wished, force her to simply keep inhaling until she burst. But the shared anticipation, mingling with her memories of being on the receiving end and juxtaposed against Chelsey's sweet ignorance and growing confusion, spoke of a different idea for today's fun.

She blew.

Chelsey blinked in surprise as her cheeks filled out, gave a questioning sort of muffled pant as the exhalation kept on coming. It pressed on past her feeble barriers, pushed down her throat to fill her lungs to capacity and kept on coming. She squirmed again beneath Mallory as the rush of air continued, building inside her chest, tried to signal through the occupation of her tongue and her lips that there was no more room inside her as she began to ache and strain to hold it all, but that didn't seem to matter. The flow continued unabated as Mallory's entire impossible inhalation discharged into her, and she didn't hold it all so gracefully. Her body swelled out slowly and steadily, rising to impossible heights, a low rushing noise underlying her groans of complaint like the sound of too much air flowing into a balloon.

The demon paused, and forced Mallory to inhale again.

Chelsey thrashed beneath her captor as she gathered her payload, red-hot indignation giving strength to her struggle, but there was no winning free from that preternaturally strong grip. Desperately she met Mallory's next exhalation with one of her own, crimson cheeks billowing as she poured everything into reversing the flow. The succubus modulated Mallory's breath, firing back just enough to leave Chelsey straining on the cusp, the barest puff from breaking through. Then, as Chelsey redoubled her assault, she ratcheted up the pressure in kind, and then a little more. Chelsey's offensive faltered with a series of panicked groans as she found herself driven back, working ever harder just to hold her ground. Her cheeks puffed out to their greatest extent yet as air trickled into them, trembling and groaning in her desperate exertion. Back against the wall, she marshalled her strength for one last push. And so did the succubus. Mallory felt herself exhale with unrestrained force, smashing through Chelsey's block and forcing her full payload through her victim's lips. Chelsey squealed in defeat, raising Mallory up on her expanding frame as everything she'd tried to hold back came rushing into her. She swelled rapidly, squirming and stretching and doubling in size, the impossible heights she'd grown to previously only the beginning.

Mallory felt herself inhale again, and her next exhalation met no resistance. It poured freely through her victim's lips, forcing her out to ever greater size, the exaggerated curves of her body battling against the confines of her clothing as she continued to swell. Chelsey groaned in defeat, laced with an edge of what sounded distressingly like pleasure. Neither could Mallory ignore the siren song of snapping threads, the subtle straining noise of Chelsey's skin, the feeling of filling herself up and adding it all to the colossal pressure already inside their shared captive.

How much more do you think she'll take? the demon purred.

You wouldn't dare, Mallory thought back, and knew that she would.

She blew twice more into Chelsey, feeling her body expand subtly before slamming it all through their unbroken kiss in a process that was becoming horrifyingly routine. Through the demon's shared perception Mallory felt the ripples of tightness that accompanied each breath, heard the ever-louder protest of Chelsey's top and her jeans, sensed the near-painful constriction around her hips, tight and low and obstinate against her expansion.

Watch this!

The demon filled Mallory's chest once more and exhaled slowly, blowing just enough through Chelsey's lips to make her belt creak a symphony, controlling it so finely that Mallory felt as if she were physically touching it. She toyed with her victim, pressing out a whine of warning and pulling fractionally back, pushing out again until finally—

A sound like a gunshot announced the departure of Chelsey's belt buckle, flying off of her and embedding somewhere in the ceiling. A ripping noise followed in its wake, Chelsey's enormous ass tearing through her jeans so she lay nearly naked below the waist save one clinging bit of overtaxed fabric.

They're bright yellow, the demon reported happily.

Mallory tried in vain not to visualize that splash of color as the succubus forced her to pump air into her victim with renewed vigor. She rose up with each breath, tilting gradually forward, Chelsey becoming so large now that Mallory felt as if she were laying on an exercise ball, leaning far in over her bloated belly to force more ever air through her lips.

Let's give her some room.

The demon rocked Mallory's body to one side and then the other, heaving her weight so that she and Chelsey rolled over, coming to rest with her on her back and Chesley's enormous bulk resting on her. Through it all, the succubus didn't allow the kiss to break for an instant, shifting Mallory's grip instead to hook around the back of Chelsey's head and pull her in tight.

Chelsey tried to push herself free from her new vantage, and was met with a swift rebuke. The only one in the demon's toolbox, it seemed, but no less effective for it; Mallory felt herself blow sharply into her once, twice in quick succession. The second time made a crescendo of snapping threads and then another great tearing noise as Chelsey's top finally gave way and ripped off her body. She flailed again in protest, but even her arms seemed to be too stiffly inflated by now to offer any real resistance.

A sudden, peculiar sort of draining sensation rose within Mallory in the space between her breaths as Chelsey struggled fruitlessly, and control returned to her body in its wake. It took a moment for her to pin it down as the exact inverse of what she'd felt for the first time that morning; there would be a trail of black smoke leading out of her, no doubt, one which would swiftly resolve into the demon. Though her mind felt distinctly roomier, she didn't have to look to know how the succubus took form and lounged idly behind them in the perfect vantage point, sitting on absolutely nothing, one leg crossed over the other and a wicked smile on her face. Perhaps her possession had forged some arcane bond between them, or maybe it simply served as a practical lesson in opening her mind she couldn't now forget, but either way, the demon's departure seemed to have affected her shockingly little. There was a fire kindled in her chest, a promise of strength in her limbs. Explicit knowledge, if she cared to reach for it, of every overstretched inch of Chelsey's body, of the girl's horror and desperation and furiously-rebuked pleasure, a forecast of how many breaths until—

You know what to do.

The thought found her just as easily as when the succubus had held residence inside her own head. Mallory's denial was swift and wordless, and furious all the same. Even more so for accurately it had hit home. The demon knew her as well as she knew herself; better, if you counted her knack for recognizing her own lies for what they were. She'd show the succubus what they both already knew, then, she decided. That there was no way she was going to do that. If she even did, as that sensation suggested, have the capability for it. To push Chelsey unwillingly to her limit, and then...

No. She shouldn't even think about it. Should shame herself for even arriving at that possibility, for dignifying it with an instant's consideration. But it was the elephant in the room, and swiftly approaching the size of one. The demon's clear implication, the changing pitch of Chelsey's ever-tauter skin in its growing strain, the creeping firmness that spoke of a final destination distant but absolute. Everything had its limit, if you kept going long enough. But she didn't need to go that far, even if she did try one attempt at it, one little test to see if she really had been granted the strength for it. Just the backswing would be proof enough, of course. Nothing more.

Chelsey began to squirm again as the moment hung. Heart pounding with a thousand misgivings and a single overruling hunger, Mallory took a deep breath. Deeper, deeper. Air swirled in to fill her chest and then some, just as before. The same stretching and straining and smooth flexing of her body, the same impossible volume, but this time under her sole control. Cramming herself, unaided, with enough air to double her size and holding it all captive within a figure only modestly swollen past her normal limits. A sensation just as marvelous as she dared to anticipate. And then, well,

She had to let it out, right?

So she pushed it, slowly, experimentally, through Chelsey's lips. It rushed out easily, but not so effortlessly that she couldn't feel the gradual ramping resistance of Chelsey's body as she forced the girl to stretch, the subtle change as the pressure rose, another creaking tease of the far-flung conclusion. Chelsey was animated, furious, flailing as much as her blimped-up body could. Be she needn't worry, Mallory thought. She still wasn't even nearly at her limit. There was so much more they could do before anything precipitous happened. And if there was the same furious, humiliating explanation to be had later regardless of what size Chelsey ultimately reached, it didn't seem quite fair that the demon had gotten such a long turn at it. Nothing would change with one more breath, so there was no harm in sating her fascination just once more, right?

Wistfully, Mallory repeated the process for one last time, filling her lungs past capacity and pressing her gift into its unwilling recipient. And then she did it again for another final time, to be sure. And a third for good measure. Chelsey swelled out to fill half the room now, closer to spherical than her original slender form, breasts and belly pressing like turgid, bulging globes against Mallory's body, arms and legs useless except to flail in temptation to Mallory's curiosity. How stiff could Chelsey become, how large and round and taut? Another breath, and the strained creak of Chelsey's singing skin nearly drowned out the desperate 'MMMPH's and 'MMMN's of protest. Chelsey began to tremble faintly from the exertion, from the effort needed to prevent Mallory's cumulative payload from winning explosively free.

Mallory drew in another breath, and held it. Delightful as her vic-friend's turgid transformation was, she couldn't keep going forever. And if she was going to stop, she could stop with this one, right? She'd made her silent, screaming disapproval of the succubus' suggestion, and she wasn't about to go back on that, though she'd bent that promise half to breaking. There was some excuse, at least, for some exploring well within the bounds of safety. But they'd reached shaky territory. Shaky, taut, and groaning territory. Chelsey was holding herself together by conscious effort now, and it wouldn't do to test the girl's tenacity in service of her own base amusements. That's why she was stopping now—after one more breath. She kept that final breath within her chest, poised for its last excursion, buying time for her rational mind to batter away the flames of sensation.

But Chelsey seemed to take her moment of repose for weakness and seized her opportunity, blowing back hard. It caught Mallory off guard, even as she sensed with her enhanced perception the shape of the attack in Chelsey's mind, her desperation to see it succeed. One last push against the purveyor of that all-threatening pressure. The force of it astounded Mallory, filling up her cheeks and even making her chest to rise fractionally past its already-unnatural dimensions. Strong enough that she wondered for a desperate second if Chelsey had the strength to reverse it all and then some, to turn aggressor to victim in an assault that could only end in one of them reduced to drifting tatters. If the succubus had set them up with just such a conclusion in mind.

Somehow, the though of simply letting go never occurred to her.

Chelsey exploited her advantage, forcing Mallory's cheeks and chest to swell in an echo of the demon's teasing subjugation of her victim scant minutes that felt like ages ago. Mallory pushed her back with some effort, and they reached a grinding stalemate. Reaching out with her augmented perception, she felt every endless inch of Chelsey's body pulsing and throbbing, the exertion of her offensive unsustainable. She let a moment pass, and then another. Chelsey trembled and faltered, pulled back to gather herself up for another assault. Mallory didn't give her the chance. She seized the opportunity, blowing with all her might at the moment of her victim's greatest weakness. Chelsey's resistance shattered, and Mallory's breaths poured into her.

Once, twice, thrice Mallory blew, heart pounding and cheeks aflame. She couldn't stop. Couldn't pretend to deny any longer that unrelenting gratification in dominating Chelsey utterly. In punishing her. In forcing her to race toward that looming conclusion with an overload of pressure laced thick with pleasure. Each exhalation carried her further toward that goal, and each one came with the rush of victory, of overruling Chelsey's futile struggle to avoid the inevitable. Mallory could sense Chelsey's mind as a storm of protest and humiliation and helpless excitement, her body straining and shaking with the effort to keep herself from bursting. A defiance intoxicating as it was useless.

Mallory pumped more and more air into her victim, breathing in the sweet mingled scent of citrus and surrender. Echoes of the thrill she'd felt under the demon's private administrations flooded through her, similar but distinct. Complimentary. And so much stronger. The satisfaction of her success seemed to multiply with Chelsey's own surging feelings, overt panic and lurking titillation both. Again and again she forced Chelsey to swell, to groan and shudder until there was no more struggle at all.

One more inhalation. Mallory knew it was the last one, and Chelsey seemed to know it too. She quivered in anticipation, in trepidation, in the impossible strain of holding herself together for one more instant. Mallory paused, letting it all sink in. Was she really going to do this?

Of course she was.

She exhaled, slowly and deeply, taking in every feeling of pushing her victim to the brink. She exhaled, reveling in the pure strain of it. She exhaled, and knew that Chelsey couldn't stop her.

Chelsey's body stretched and strained, accompanying the chorus of her desperate squeals as that truly final breath forced its way in through her lips. Her expansion slowed as she neared the end of her elasticity, trembling asymptotically toward her limit, but Mallory recognized no such barrier. Her breath poured in unflagging, unyielding, pushing her victim to that quaking boundary and beyond with no pause. Chelsey's protests changed in tone, desperation replaced with sharp realization that she'd finally gone too far as her body pulsed suddenly outward on the force of Mallory's breath, surging past her creaking maximum for one endless instant before it all gave way and she exploded with a sound like a cannon blast.

Mallory lay back, gasping and moaning in satisfaction and relief as the room came back into view, no longer obscured by Chelsey's planetary bulk but awash with movement in the wake of her final spectacle. Everything was tossed and strewn about, torn and upended. Air swirled in violent currents, carrying bits of fabric in twisting shades of green and blue and promised yellow. Mallory shook in the afterglow of it all, in anticipation of teasing out her own final release. She'd really done it. She'd blown Chelsey up all the way until she burst.

"Oh, yes..." she groaned, rubbing her quivering thighs together and reaching down to her waistline.

The succubus alighted on her in the blink of an eye, straddling her hips and smiling smugly at her interruption. One finger pinned Mallory down between her breasts, another idly exploring her trembling midriff. Mallory squirmed at that denial, at the sudden reversal of roles.

Well done, the demon said inside her mind. You'll never forget your first one.

She gave a little squeeze of her thighs that sent Mallory moaning with the promise of indulging her stoked-up passion, and smiled.

First? Mallory replied, Does that mean—?

Of course, the succubus said, leaning in to hover closely over her in offer of reward, That is, if you don't mind?

She didn't.

Author's Note: 

Witching Hour TWO! *Jumping fistpump* Well, kind of. It's a sequel of sorts, perhaps to some alternate version, who knows. I'm not exactly laying down d e e p l o r e here.

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