Wonka's Room's Fudge Room

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Tyler loved fudge, to an alarming degree, so when he was given the opportunity to visit Wonka’s Factory, he said yes without a second thought. As he walked through the halls with the other tour group, they arrived at a large room filled with trees sprouting candy and sugar flowers all over but the moment his eyes landed on the giant chocolate waterfall and river his jaw dropped. While the others explored Tyler ignored them and Wonka and ran to the edge of the river and jumped in. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice that he landed next to a pipe that began sucking up the chocolate before he could surface, he was sucked into the small pipe and became stuck, his torso inside the pipe and his lower half sitting outside the pipe kicking his feet to try and loosen himself.

“He should have listened when I was talking. I specifically say to stay away due to the strong currents when the pipes come on.” Wonka stood there and sucked on a cherry lollipop as her tour guest flailed in the pipe.

“Can you get him out?” Another guest looked at Wonka in worry.

“Of course, its as simple as reversing the flow.” Wonka motioned towards a small orange woman with green hair who went behind a door. As Wonka explained the Oompa Loompas and Loompettes to the tour they heard a deep rumbling from the pipe. Tyler was assaulted by a huge rush of chocolate and would have screamed had the chocolate not been forced down his throat by the pressure. He swallowed mouthful after mouthful and could feel himself growing. The tour group gasped, all except Wonka who only smiled, as Tylers lower half began to swell. His ass and crotch swelled outward and began enveloping his legs, reaching down towards his knees. His pants ripped and exploded off him, leaving only his underwear on. His lower half swelled beyond his knees stretching all the way out to his ankles. His feet were pressed against his massive underside and his cock and balls were visible, being pressed by his overstretched underwear. As his feet began to be sucked into a divot, he popped out of the pipe back into the river. With more room to fill the chocolate in his body readjusted and filled the rest of him out. He was now a chocolate filled orb floating in the river, hands and feet barely able to move.

“Oh god, I’m so full.” Tyler moaned as the Oompa Loompas threw ropes around him and pulled him to shore. The Oompa Loompas roll him to a large chute.

“What are they doing?”

“Well, they need to get him to another part of the factory to get all that chocolate out and he’s too big for any doors. That chute leads to the fudge room deeper in the factory and is the easiest way to move him.

“No, NO, NOOOO!!!” Tyler screamed as the Loompas rolled him into the chute and he disappeared into the darkness.

“Let’s move on,” Said Wonka motioning towards another door,” We will be heading to the fudge room later so we can check on him there.”

Tyler exited the chute and had trouble focusing on his surroundings after rolling over and over again down the chute. He felt hands on his full body and realized he was being rolled again, they stopped and left him in the center of a large room. He was on what used to be his back and was facing up. A Loompette walked into view and smiled at him, but it didn’t comfort him, instead it made him very nervous. She held up a hose and slid it down his throat quickly. Before he could even try and scream, he felt fudge begin to fill him up and stretch him further. He swelled so large he felt his hands and feet sinking into his body at the same time his own head was being pulled further into its own divot. His body creaked and groaned as they filled him, and the pressure increased more and more. He couldn’t tell how big he was, but he could feel his skin trembling. Eventually he couldn’t see or hear anything, all he could feel was more and more fudge being pumped into him. He didn’t know how long they filled him, but it felt like hours, but as he felt like he was reaching his breaking point the flow stopped. He felt small hands touching his tight body all over, the pressure even from those small hands made him feel like he would burst. He felt hands wrapping around his cock, he hadn’t realized his underwear had burst off, and started to scream in his head.

The Loompette stroked Tyler cock, it was painfully erect from the pleasure but that didn’t stop it from leaking and throbbing as she worked it. As Tyler was about to cum the Loompette shoved a small tube down his cock, not only causing him pain but preventing him from cumming. Fudge began to fill the swollen man’s balls as the Loompette stroked him more. His balls swelled, first filling to baseball size, then melon size, then beachball size. They trembled like his body, but the Loompettes ignored his bodies protests, filled him, and edged him to their own delight.

Tyler couldn’t scream or moan, he could only cry as he felt amazing pressure inside his balls. He thought it couldn’t get any worse when the pump in his mouth turned on again and he began to fill with even more fudge. Every inch of him throbbed with fullness and trembled with the terrible pressure inside him.

Some time later the tour group enters the fudge room. Wonka leads them to an open area with a large brown ball with 2 smaller brown balls attached to it.

“Well, it looks like our friend had an accident.”

“What do you mean?” One of the tour guests asked, afraid they already knew the answer.

“Well, this here is our chocolaty friend.” Just then an Oompa Loompa came over and spoke in Wonka’s ear. If the other tour guests had a better view, they would have seen her sadistic smile. “They tell me he rolled out of the chute too fast and collided with some machinery that plugged and filled him.” The tour group looked on in awe and fear at the giant body of the man. He was nearly as big as a 2-story house and his balls were each the size of a car. A loud rumbling could be heard all through the room emanating from the man’s body.

“Well, we should go, the Oompa Loompas have a lot of work to try and help him get back to normal.” The tour followed Wonka as she led the way out but never took their eyes off the ball of chocolate in front of them.

“How can they fix him?” Whispered one guest.

“What are they even gonna do?” asked another in a hushed tone.

Several hours later Wonka entered the fudge room, the tour was all finished. Tyler sat there, a rumbling ball of chocolate and fudge.

“Well, that went better than expected. I thought I would have to coerce you to get into the chocolate river, but you did it so easily.” Wonka ran her hands along the tight skin of the man, feeling how it had no give. “Well, I hope you enjoyed getting all this chocolate just like you wanted.” Wonka watched a Loompette climb onto his balls and slide between them and the underside of his body, positioning herself right as his cock. It had also filled with fudge and was larger than any other mans and starting to round out but was still the smallest part of him. “Since the tour is gone, I need some entertainment.” Wonka gave he signal to the Loompette as she spoke.

The Loompette began stroking his cock, it was so engorged it was hypersensitive and it only took a few strokes to bring him to the edge of orgasm. All the fudge that had been pumped into him had blocked him up and prevented him from cumming so all that happened was his balls trembled and groaned as they filled with his unshot load. “Perfect.” Wonka beamed at the sight. The Loompette removed her hands and the tube in his mouth began to pump more fudge into his body. For 10 seconds it trembled, and the rumbling got louder before the pumping stopped. Wonka rubbed her chubby thighs together as she watched. As soon as the pump stopped the Loompette began stroking again and like last time as soon as he tried to cum his balls groan and trembled. Once they settled down the pump reactivated, and his body was filled for another 10 seconds. “Oh my,” Wonka said as she slid her hand between her thighs. “Someone looks awfully full and tight. Maybe you should stop trying to be so greedy.” Over and Over they edged him and filled him. Stretchmarks covered every part of his body. His skin trembled and threatened to give out at every second. Wonka rubbed herself through her soaked panties, her thighs glistening. “Don’t worry my poor boy, we promise to give you the release you need.” The Loompette edged Tyler again and his balls groaned loudly and swelled a few inches, then a few more. A rumbling filled the room that was so loud it shook the walls. As much as Tyler wanted to scream the only one who could be heard doing so was Wonka herself.

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