Night Shift

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Melissa was only a few weeks removed from graduating from nursing school. After acing the board exams, she finally landed her dream job working in the ICU overnight at her local hospital. Melissa had always dreamed of being a nurse like her mother and studied hard while in nursing school. During her studies, she had stumbled across some of the weirder sides of the medical field and some that seemed far fetched. On one occasion, she found herself reading about how it was possible to become inflated with air or helium by inserting a hose or tub up their rectum. Melissa gave a skeptical look and shook her head in disbelief unsure how to process that information in or even if she believed it. But as time went on the idea or curiosity of it never really left her mind. 

Melissia, by this point, had been on the job for about a month now and was starting to get more and more comfortable with the job and exploring the hospital on her lunch break. Most of what Melissa did was do patient checks on the sleeping patients and to check the medical equipment within the rooms. In these rooms were hookups for a mixture called Heliox, a mixture of Helium and Oxygen, generally used to aid patients with breathing. Every time Melissa had to check to see if the hook up and and the flow was working the thought of being inflated by this mixture came to the forefront of her mind. She knew if she wanted to find out if it was possible to have herself inflated like a balloon this was her shot, but she couldn’t try it with a patient in the room or even an empty room due to the fear of her co-workers seeing or hearing. It would be hard to explain how a hose got logged up her backside if seen like that.

It was time for Melissa to take her hour long lunch break. She quickly ate her small ham sandwich and drank her bottle of water. Melissa enjoyed walking and getting out on her break and seeing new areas she hadn’t seen before. By accident Melissa had gotten lost and walked into a different part of the complex she was unfamiliar with. The Hospital complex has been undergoing a renovation for the past couple of years and some areas were being corden off to make way for either new areas or demolition. Melissa had wandered into one of these areas which turned out to be the old children's hospital, which had been moved to a newer area of the complex and was in the process of being turned into office space. Work on the place had almost been completed when Melissa came upon the back part of the place which was still setup to be patient rooms. Melissa's eyes opened when she saw one that still had the hook ups intact and the thoughts reentered her mind. She walked in with a nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach looking around the near stripped out room. She walked up to hookups the hoses still attached rolled up around the hook ups and valve. Her hand reached for the valves and with a deep sigh she twisted the valves with hopes of hearing the high pitched hiss.

A cold sweat had come over her. Her hands trembled while slowly inching closer to the valves. Finally she placed her hands on them and took a deep sight. She quickly turned both valves in quick fashion both making squeaking noises. Eventually the squeaking stopped and all that filled the room was the high pitched hiss of the flow of Heilox. Melssia's heart sank not out of sadness but more out of fear and nervousness knowing the hook ups worked. Just as fast as she turned them on she turned them off. Her breath was heavy and beads of sweat were starting to form on her forehead, looking as if she had been working out. Melissa quickly snapped to and made a beeline for the door. She peered out turning her head left and right but making sure no one was there in the near darkened hallways. She stepped back in and made her way back to the hooks up. She grabbed the hose and untangled it posthase. Before long she had gotten the whole hose unkinked and ready for insertion. She headed it up to her eyes and took a deep breath before letting it back out. She tucked the hose under her arm and started to pull down her scrub bottoms feeling the cool stale air touch her legs. Soon her bottoms and underwear were around her feet slightly bent over. She took the hose from under arm , put some saliva on the tip and started to insert it up her butt. She winced at the feel of pain and the overall uncomfortable feeling at the fact that she was putting a tube up her anus. She stood there for a few minutes thinking about what a ridiculous situation she was putting herself into. Was she really about to do this she thought. Yes she was as another thought hit her mind she turned around and faced the hook ups both hands trembled as they went to grab the knobs. They found them and with no near hesitation she quickly turned the knobs to the left and the high pitch noise returned however this time instead of filling the room it started to fill Melissa.

The hose sprang to life and she felt a slight tingling around her rear that slowly started to spread her hips, thighs, and ass. Hm I don’t really feel anything she thought just some cold and a tingle. See this doesn’t work at all. She stood there slightly bent at her waist feeling slightly disappointed that human inflation was just a myth. Melissa stood up ready to call defeat and attempted to pull the hose out of her ass but the hose did not budge. What the…she thought her hands then snapped to her ass and to her amazement both cheeks had become near as large as volleyballs. She looked down and saw that her thighs were starting to grow as well both now rubbing together. “Wow it really works” she said out loud. She was fascinated by the growth and feeling of it. Before long her lower half was becoming puffy and her legs started to balloon and looked almost like puffy marshmallows. Melissa was both awestruck and horrified that she was able to prove that inflation was possible, but before long the awestruck wore off as her lower half became so large that her equilibrium had been thrown off. Heliox is lighter than air so as Melissa started to fill up she started to feel her lower end had become harder to balance on and soon her lower half became her upper half. 

Now upside down, her enjoyment started to taper off. She attempted to pull the hose out of her ass but her now basketball size ass cheeks had a tight grip on it. Shit she thought, "What do I do now?" She soon floated to the ceiling and soon her feet touched the tiles. Melissa tried to grab onto the hose but she found that her arms had become stiff and difficult to move. While she was floating to the ceiling the gas had finally started to fill her upper half and soon she felt her belly growing her scrub top become tighter and tighter with her belly and now breast growing more than she would like. She waved her arms back and forth frantically in a vain attempt to get back to the ground. It was no use her belly ballooned out and the rest of her soon followed. Soon the scrub top and bra started to creak and struggled to cover her and soon the battle was lost and a loud ripping and popping noise was heard with strands of fabric falling to the floor. Not long after, her bottoms busted and joined them thanks to Melissa growing cone-like legs. Melissa ,by this point, had become a near 12ft round perfect sphere bobbing around on the ceiling. Some tears fell from her eyes not knowing if it would stop or if someone would find her like this. 

Not long after, the ac turned on and Melissa blew around closer to the door and farther from the hook ups. As she hit the top of the door the hose yanked her back but the battle with the ac kept up. Melissa made it up to 20 ft around and nearing the point of being unable to take any more when she felt the flow slow down and eventually stop. The supply had run out and not a moment too soon she thought. She was unsure how to get out of this situation but she kept thinking about how she would lose her job if anyone found out. Melissa floated around the room for about an hour feeling the gas leak out of every orifice. It took another two to finally return to normal and Melissa, exhausted by this point, grabbed her phone and texted her boss apologizing that she had not returned and had to attend to a family emergency. Melissa managed to escape back to her car covered in a dirty bed sheet without notice and rushed home thinking about her ordeal and now how to engage in this activity in her own home.

Author's Note: 

My first ever attemp at writing anything thing like this. Hope you all enjoy.

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Awesome story

Awesome story

Great story

Great story with my favorite kind of inflation - helium

Please write more!

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Thank you for sharing --

Thank you for sharing -- definitely keep writing!