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The Flash: Kaylee

"What a night..." sighed Kaylee with a huff as she walked out to her car. The Vienna Sausage Emporium was far from what one would call a dream job. Sure. You could eat all the sausage links you could ever possibly want to for free but why? Wasn't like they were all that good & besides, all the girls she worked with who had partook in the freebies now resembled stuffed sausages themselves. No thanks! Like all the one size fits all swiss miss uniforms they had to wear weren't horrific enough. Just because you're selling sausages don't mean you have to turn yourself into a pork product too.

Jeez, that sounded mean, she thought. But in all fairness, she did get that notion that they were all talking about her behind her back. "That skinny bitch, Kaylee!" she sneared the one side of her lip & bobbed her head sideways in a mocking way. And besides, even if they didn't, it didn't mean that them getting all porkified off sausages wasn't any less true.

She made her way through the empty parking lot, loosening her blonde princess leia bun curls into regular pigtails. She could smell the pork byproduct on her, which was pretty typical, but never something she got used to. She was so looking forward to going home & hopping in the shower. But only a mere four feet from her car, something grabbed her attention.

Off in the distance, a bright flash started from somewhere over the horizon. In a broad halo, it passed through the clouds in the nighttime sky. She watched as the ring of the halo passed overhead, electrical bolts surging sideways as it fanned out. She expected to hear maybe a blast or a thunderbolt or something but it was just a white noise sort of pulse, almost like wind passing over a microphone, like when you see golf on tv. Everything underneath it quickly lit up like daylight but it faded back to the dim mall parking lot lamps just as suddenly. She swore she felt a tingling feeling as it passed but she didn't give it much more thought than that. She stood silently for a second, waiting to see if whatever it was would happen again.

"That was weird." she finally admitted, ready to go home. She jingled her keys, trying to seperate the one for her ignition from the others. As she did, suddenly she noticed a strange feeling deep within her. She couldn't put her finger on just what it was exactly, but it wasn't something that felt right. Maybe the sausage scent was playing tricks on her. She could smell it so vividly she was starting to think she had eaten a pound of it. Make that two pounds. She was feeling a bit bloated & suddenly realized she was still jingling her keys like an idiot. She quickly stopped & plugged the key into the door to unlock it. She took inventory of the parking lot. There were a few cars far off in the distance but if she was to maybe burp or worse before she got into the car, she was definitely out of ear shot. She relaxed her throat, opting for a burp. But it didn't come. Instead, the bloating only intensified. She opened the door & chunked her purse in the front seat. She took a deep breath, hoping it would help. It didn't. So instead, she tried to ignore it & sit anyway. And that's when she noticed what was happening to her.

Pushing against the busty white blouse & embroidered liederhosen-type vest of her Vienna Sausage Emporium uniform, she noticed a bulge poking outward from her middle. She was growing a potbelly! And on closer inspection, she could actually make out the growth.

"Oh my god!" she managed. It was more in a tone of shock than horror, even though the idea of it did horrify her. She poked at it with both index fingers, her eyes widening as she felt the fingers poking with her belly, reassuring her that it wasn't just a trick of light & shadow, she was actually growing! Suddenly her breathing got more rapid, with a bit more anxiety added in. She needed to sit down but she was too stressed out to think of doing so inside the car. Instead, she spun herself back & leaned against the rear driver side door. She noticed her butt hitting the door a little before it should have. She reached down & smoothed her "Traditional" long skirt against her thigh. Looking over her shoulder, she noticed a bubble of butt cheek protruding more than it should have through the heavy, cottony material. She was getting bigger all around! Plumper! She was starting to feel like one of her chubby coworkers. Great, was even the stench of those sausages fattening now, she thought, trying to propose a reason for this sudden growth spurt. No, she knew it had something to do with that thing in the sky! But she didn't know how. Or why.

What she did know was, that all she wanted to do was just hide somewhere & never come out. But she was frozen solid, horrified by what she was quickly becoming. No way she could gain enough composure to drive home like this. All she could do was smoosh her softening rear up against her car & watch what happened to the front of her. Watch as "plump" quickly became an understatement in terms of describing her. Every bit of her seemed to be growing. Even her boobs felt fuller, & tender to the touch. But it was the bulge that was overtaking her middle that commanded the most attention. It bobbed in & out with each & every panting breath she took. It started to untuck her blouse from out under her skirt, as her navel began to poke through the slight gap under the stretching cotton frills. She must have looked something like her one coworker Amber, who had been chubby from working at the Sausage Emporium & then, up until a few months ago, got knocked up on top of that. A double whammy. She was as big as a house at her peak. Kaylee remembered the one night the two of them had to close together & Amber just being able to fit behind the counter & thinking every hiccup she got was the onset of labor. No fun. And now Kaylee was the same size as she was. Only with a larger ass, from the feel of things.

Almost as if on cue, she noticed her skirt hiking up little by little, as her ankles felt the draft of the cool night air. Looking past her expanding tummy, she saw the cause. Her hips! Along with the help of her thighs, they flared out in almost each direction, but mostly sideways. The wider her hips got, the higher it hiked her skirt up. She tried to pull it down a little but noticed that from all the bulging, the waistline of her skirt & the tie of her lap apron thing, had developed a trenchlike equator around her. Her body pushed up around it, displaced as it grew against the strain of the elastic & tough cloth strings. She would have dug to get them both off but she was out in the open. Maybe she should duck into the car. But then what if she just kept swelling & got trapped. Oh god. They'd probably have to use the jaws of life. She shut the driver door gently & conceded to just deal with it.

All the while the feeling of being so full only seemed to intensify. It was almost started to hurt. This made her pant harder, which made her belly surge more. With each surge, she noticed it press out further. Good grief. None of her coworkers were as big as she was now. Not even Ruth, the nerdy girl who had gotten a job there when she was in high school & was still there, little over a decade later. She had to have been real close to 300, yet at this moment in time, Kaylee was putting her to shame.

"Wait a second..." She realized, taking a step forward, but her butt still pressed against the car. It just dawned on her that she wasn't the least bit heavier. She wasn't getting fat, just... round. Like a balloon or a bubble or something. But why?

She staggered around for a second, feeling the air shift about inside her as she moved. It displaced the same way it would in a balloon. It was like her waist. Or what had become of her waist. If she squeezed in one part, it bulged everywhere around it.

Speaking of which, her clothes were starting to kill her. They were so tight. She regretted calling her fellow employees sausages earlier, now that she was truly stuffed inside her own uniform. She felt her own girth starting to pull apart the stiching of her vest. She felt her own flesh pushing up through the drawn tight strings. The frumpy long skirt flared every which way & must have started looking like a circus tent stretched across her fat ass. The sight must have been ridiculous she thought candidly, trying to calm herself down by thinking of other things. Her panic wasn't helping. She tried a lamaze style breathing thing to cope with the soreness of being so full. It worked a little, but didn't effect the growth in the least. As she stepped carefully back to lean against the side of the car, she noticed she was starting to waddle like a duck. Her thighs were huge & rubbing uncomfortably. With a hissy "pthh" noise, she propped herself up against the car again.

Sitting in the front seat was an impossibility at this point. Laying down across the back seat crossed her mind but to squeeze herself in would have been too much of a hassle. Besides it was a mess & as a human balloon, what if she laid on something sharp? It'd be the end of her. No. She just continued to lean against her car, feeling the fabric of each article of clothing she wore get stretched tighter around her bulging frame. Maybe wandering back into the mall, she could find someone to help her? No. Her waddle was too slow & besides, the fuller she got, the harder it started to seem to bend different joints. With each surge, the mall entrance looked further & further away. By the time it took her to get to the door, she would probably be far too big to fit through it.

"Help!" She tried. "Hellllp!"

It was only an idea. What did she have to lose in trying? No one came. But she could hear something snap. Suddenly a great deal of pressure had been relieved. She had bursted through the knot of her lap apron, leaving her body to surge stronger against the strain of her skirt's elastic waistband. It roared outward rapidly, suddenly unrestrained. The amount at which it did so frightened Kaylee who could only watch. She must have been starting to look almost as wide as how she was tall. Suddenly a seam busted in her vest. That she figured she could take off & began trying to do so. Thats when she realized that even her upper arms were puffing out. They were getting squeezed by the arm holes of her vest. She resigned herself to the fact that she would just have to bust out of it too.

She looked at her breasts. They were growing but not as fast as everything else. She adjusted the low neckline of her wenchy blouse as she noticed the boob flesh starting to billow out around it. Then, she noticed the draft along her kneecaps starting to hit her lower thigh. Good god, were her hips that big? She didn't look & instead examined with her hands. Sure enough, even with her arms jutting out at a slight angle from all the pressure, all she had to do was reach down. They were huge, monstrous. Almost inhuman to a certain extent. And she knew that it rounded back into an equally proportioned ass. Though scanning with her hands, she started to notice something peculiar. From her crotch to her navel to just under her bustline, to her sides ot the beginning of her ass cheeks, her entire middle started to take on the shape of a perfect sphere. She was blowing up exactly like a balloon.

"Ohhhhhhhgh...." She moaned, almost ready to pass out. And what didn't help was the fact that her body showed no signs of slowing down, let alone stopping. How big would she really get before this was all said & done. Jesus, would she pop?! Her mind began to race again as she couldn't help but begin to panic. She stopped trying to feel the growth with her hands. She peered down again quickly but all she could see were boobs & belly. Suddenly with a series of pops, the seamlines to her vest went. Her boobs rocked forward from the momentum & almost up out of her skirt. Her belly also gained more unneeded inches, as the bits of vest fabric sort of gently streamed off her shoulders, leaving her in just the skirt, blouse, panties, stockings, & boots. Oh god. She hadn't thought about them. She couldn't see them past her belly but she could feel her calves getting just swollen enough to pull tight on the knot of her hiking boots. If her calves got any rounder, her boots would squeeze the bejeezus out of them. She leaned against the car & tried to use one foot to kick them off the other. No use though. The area between her legs was starting to swell now too, pushing outward, which meant lower. The lower it got, the shorter & further apart her legs got. She could no longer bring her feet together. She lifted her leg feebly, trying to plant the heel in at an angle to wriggle them off. It took a great deal of work but she got one off. Then shortly after, the other. She went limp with the feeling of accomplishment. Then she noticed her legs feeling so tightly packed into her stockings but wasn't about to try & shake out of them. Screw it. She decided she could stand to still wear everything else she had one, huffing, still trying to cope with the pressure.

She reached out across her belly, as far as her shortening, stiffening arms would allow. Why her, she wondered, giving her full, rounding tummy a gentle rub. Almost as if in response, a gassy gurgle sounded from deep within her. It didn't help anything though. Pressure was still unbearble. She was still full & filling out further by the second. She could only coo as her belly spread her arms further out to her sides. She could no longer bend them at the elbow, just the wrists now & even they felt stiffer. Her breast pushed up into her face, riding the wave of her surging belly. Aside from them & her butt cheeks that formed fleshy little mounds, she was taking on the shape of a ball, from her elbows into her kneecaps up into her chin. All were becoming rounder, almost as if someone was blowing up a bubble inside her own skin.

She was becoming less & less concerned about her modesty as the bigger she got, the less like a girl she even looked. Now, she made her main concern trying to feel comfortable. Luckily, her lowering crotch pushed her stockings off slowly, as her enormous calves started to bust the seams in each leg. It would just be a matter of time before she was out of those. Another loud pop sounded. It was her panties. Stretched beyond their limit, they had popped, but not gone very far, the fabric still wedged in her cavernous buttcheeks. Remarkably the cheap fabric that went into her blouse & skirt were tough enough to cling for dear life. The blouse had rode up & now only had to contend with her massive arms, disappearing into swollen shoulders & pulling it sideways. It slowly began to tear in the center of her back. She wiggled a little, hoping to help it along. The tear continued & her blouse split in two. She wrestled with the scraps. That was easy, all things considered. Now it was just her skirt. It was miraculously still in one piece, stretching right along with her. But now the waist was far wider than the hoop bottom of it. She forgot & feeblely tried to reach down & pull it off. No such luck, her arms were useless up to her wrists. Duh. She could hear its stitching starting to pull. It was almost to its limit. She took a deep breath & tried to push her belly forward. The stitches continued to pull. Then Pop! Scraps of her skirt fell to the ground. Finally, nothing to hold her flesh back. She was huge, but at least, pressure aside, she was comfortable. Wow. Here she was, relieved to be naked in the middle of the mall parking lot.

Her body continued to grow & it was taking more & more to keep her composure. She continued with the deep breaths but they didn't seem to be helping too much. As she felt her neck puff up along with the rest of her, her head slowly tilted away. Watching herself become bigger wasn't really helping anything. Her shoulder slowly rose as her neck widened, becoming less of a neck & just part of her shoulders. It was such a bizarre feeling. She just remained still, trying to cope. But, this didn't last long. After a few seconds, Kaylee was once again restless. She beat her hands up & down, almost like the flapping them like a hummingbird's wings. It caused her whole body to jiggle.

"Please stop!" She pleaded with her own body with a pitiful whimper. "I'm big enough already! I don't want to...... Oh god." A horrific thought crossed her mind. Bothered by the fact that at this rate, her body was about to outgrow her legs, she wondered what if there was a sharp pebble or something in the middle of the asphalt? She folded her hands down along the bulge of her sides & tried to 'lift', which was useless. It took her a second to think it through. Instead she wobbled to her side, trying to lean against the car as she brushed the area clear with her stocking foot. She felt one she knocked out of the way. Oh, & her keys. She must have dropped them in all the commotion. They wouldn't do her much good in this condition. She used her foot to sweep them under the car. Good thinking, she congratulated herself, waddling back into the position she was just in. Her limbs continued to soften into cones, disappearing into the rest of her. It was getting tougher to move & bend things. So she stopped trying to. She took a deep breath & just allowed her body to round out into a ball shape, with dainty little hands flapping & dainty little feet just starting to lift up off the ground. She tried to maintain contact with it via tippy-toes but it was way too much work for too little. Wasn't like she was going to be walking around much like this anyhow. She had conflicting hopes. Even though she hoped no one would ever see her like this, at this size, she was becoming so helpless, she wished someone would stumble upon her, & hoped they could do something to help her. She took a deep breath.

"This... s-sucks..." She struggled. She had a sinking feeling that those could possibly be her last words. "This Sucks", while awfully fitting, didn't seem profound enough for her, but it was starting to get too hard to breathe, let alone think of something flowery & poetic. But seriously, what a way to go out! Bursting apart after turning into a blimp after a shitty day of work, wearing the tatters of some cruddy corporate franchise's exploitive faux alpine wear. She thought about all the things she hadn't gotten to do with her life. Finish college. Quit Vienna Sausage Emporium. Bum around Eastern Europe for a few years. Meet the right guy. Get married. Adopt. She let out a squeaky little sigh as the amount of pressure seemed to restrict her insides. She hoped that if she was going to go out like this, that the blast would be big enough to take out this side of the mall. Sausage Emporium & all. It wouldn't been in vain if that was the case. She bobbed a little as if she wanted to chuckle, but she really couldn't.

Somehow, more & more air found space inside her & she continued to blow up even larger! Problem was that her bones would only stretch so far. The rest of her wanted to keep going though. Slowly she felt her head tilt back & her hands pull up, & her feet point down, as the flesh swelled all around them. Despite being stretched out to her max, the surges continued & things only seemed to get worse. Her reaction didn't change much. Not that she had accepted it, more because it was impossible for her to react. Soon, she went from a large sphere of a girl with a head, hands, & feet poking out to a massive sphere of a girl with divots forming where her puffed up face, & tense, fully swollen fingers & toes should have been. It was such an odd feeling to have her long pigtails draped out along the wide expanse that used to be her shoulders, but still lifting higher up past her head. So that was kinda neat.

Despite the discomfortof being this full, she took pride in the fact that she was able to go this long & stay in one piece. But now she was starting to hope that she'd just pop. She was so sore & she didn't know how she could ever get back down to a normal size ever again. Hell, she must have been bigger than her car by this point! If she didn't pop soon, she was afraid that her own swelling flesh was going to close in around her face & asphixiate her. And that kinda seemed worse. At least the explosion would be quick. She had fingernails. She figured maybe if she could poke one into her sides, amazed at her own composure in such a matter. That proved a lot easier said than done though. Her fingers could no longer bend. They were completely swollen little stubs. Like sausages, she ironically thought. Maybe if she bit her lip? No. Her cheeks were so swollen she couldn't even move her jaw. Besides, her lips were so full they were puckered in a perpetual 'o'. The terror of not being able to move a single muscle hit her but only her thoughts. She could only feel her eyebrows furrow a little. More like a twitch. But slowly that even started to get hard. It almost felt like her eyelids were starting to swell. She didn't mind it as much as the pressure she was feeling from behind her eyeballs. Pressure was all she felt, through out. Her skin was stretched so tight, the nerves were numb to things she was touching, but the fullness was still unbearable. Each heartbeat shook through her like an earthquake. She couldn't hear anything over the muffled echo of it in her own ear drums. Pop. Pop. Pop! She mantra'ed wantingly in her own mind.

Just then her body contracted the slightest bit. The pressure wanted her to bulge outward, but her body said no way. This was it. This was her limit. Didn't look like she was going to asphixiate on herself at least. So that was a plus. These surges were painful. Her skin had no more extra give. She felt her sides billow with it, but then quickly retract. Moreso the following time. She clenched her eyes shut. If it was going to happen, it was going to happen now. She held her breath. One more surge shook through her. And then, the pressure stopped mounting.

It took her a few seconds to realize it had stopped. She was still unbelievably full, but it had stopped building up. Almost miraculously, she had stopped just at the point of critical mass. She 'sat' there, propped against her car, which was dwarfed by her taut spherical body right next to it. She was so thankful she decided against getting in earlier. She probably would have swelled out enough to blow out the windows, her flesh pressing against glass shards. Oh god.

She tried not to work herself up. She tried to stay as relaxed as possible in such a situation. There was nothing she could do. Breathing was hard, luckily she was able to still do that, just enough.

Needless to say, Kaylee didn't get much sleep. She was constantly fearful some wayward bird flying by would land on her, claws first, or a strong breeze would take her & start rolling her out the parking lot & right into the busy street. Not to mention how uncomfortable she was. Each & every one of her muscles were tense from being stretched, and despite the air kind of acting like a cushion, her flesh constantly felt like it was just seconds from bursting. She tried to blank her thoughts, tried to shut her eyes; which wasn't hard considering how swollen her face was.

Just before the sun came up, Kaylee finally got that bit of shut eye. Suddenly, she didn't so much hear the noise as feel the vibrations deep within her massive body. Something was driving up next to her. Oh good god. She panicked on the inside, still unable to move. She sincerely hoped it wasn't a customer. Just then she heard a car door open then close.

"A-a-another one?!" She heard. She tried to respond by saying something, at least by moaning. But all she could muster was a bit of a wheeze. "Take it easy... m-m-m-mall... security..." Oh great, Kaylee thought, listening to the surprise in his voice, making her self-conscious. Then she got angry. Mall security? Why hadn't this putz made the rounds earlier? She wanted to let out a disgusted moan but couldn't even do that.

It seemed to take an eternity. The sun rose & got high enough to just be shining in her eyes. She could only squint as she heard more vehicles drive up. More car doors. Someone whistled, probably in regards to her size. That wasn't such a good sign, she thought.

Suddenly, she felt herself being rolled forward by hands trying to be gentle. An EMT stood in front of her, not in the least surprised about her appearance. She stared out at him through the divot of her swollen balloon body that her head rested in. At this angle, he only had to bend his neck a wee bit to look 'in' at her.

"Don't worry. Flatbed's coming soon. We'll take good care of you. Just take it easy." He reassured her, then stood back up. Cranky, her mind still raced. Take it easy. Like she could take it rough? Like she could take it any way at all other than ready to blow? And that statement didn't even make sense! Asshole. In all fairness though, she did feel a little apprehensive about the whole idea of being moved like this, but it wasn't like she could stop them anyhow. Oh god. What if they weren't as careful as she had been & this jerk rolled her onto another sharp pebble. At this point, as big as she was, it could be catastrophic! Her? Him? The flatbed? Maybe even the entire mall itself?

"Now thats just a bad idea." she heard another man shout.

"What?" She could see the torso of another man walk in front of her, but she couldn't see a face, just a fine italian suit. "Worked just fine for the others!" There are others? Like her? Like this? Kaylee couldn't imagine. But then again too, she couldn't quite imagine what had become of her either.

"This one is the fullest victims we've come across, as of yet!" Hooray her, She thought flatly. "Her skin could be a millimeter thick in places & with enough PSI behind it to essentially make her a pretty effective, living bomb."

"Shhh. She can probably hear you talking about her like that!" The EMT said, trying to lower the other's voice. She could hear. Every word.

"Beg your pardon, my good man, but I'm sure she, of all people is painfully aware of her own situation." the man in the suit said smuggly. "Now as originally discussed, my people are coming in with aide & more than enough field equipment for the more advanced cases. What we're looking at here? A pretty advanced case. Extracting her from this location, at this point, I'm afraid, is just not an option."

"I thought the field equipment was for those effected who we couldn't 'extract'. Ones stuck in certain places." He said as though expecting an answer. Instead, Kaylee felt a gentle series of pokes, coming from the man in the suit. It was uncomfortable & annoying. But then the EMT started talking again & the poking stopped. "So you're just going to rope her off & set up a tent over her here in the middle of a freaking mall parking lot?" The EMT argued.

"This poor girl is too unstable to move. What part of that is so difficult for you to understand?! You don't have the slightest clue how easy it would be for her to rupture in the process of being transported. Just leave her to me, here." The suit said, trying to end the debate. There was a second before the EMT chimed back in.

"Yeah that's a great plan! Hope you've got a big enough tent..."

"Better than trying to move her! Might as well just stick her with a pin right now. Get it over with." Kaylee felt like a 3 year old helplessly listening to its parents bicker. The other torso bent at the neck to peer at her. The face was a lot younger than she had expected. And handsome too. "Hey there. Sorry about all that. This is a new one for the local officials." He nodded. Something about the way he carried his expressions on his face seemed very arrogant to Kaylee, even through puffy eyelids. But she wasn't going to let a thing like that bother her. She suddenly felt an incredibly delicate stroke against the flesh of her once right shoulder. So delicate, it was more ticklish than comforting. "I know you're having probably the worst day of your entire life, but I can assure you that I will do everything in my power to not only make sure you're going to be ok, but that I get you back to as close to normal as I possibly can. I just need you to trust me. Deal?"

Kaylee wanted to say something to the extent that it wasn't like she could really argue.

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