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"Oh yeah?" asked Gina. "Well I heard that Gregory, you know that really dorky kid, top in our chemistry class? He has the hots for you!"

"Don't even joke like that!" snickered Olivia, peering over at the short little red-headed geek alone in the corner of the cafeteria. She stood up her long blonde hair streaming down in curls reaching to her shoulder blades. Her lithe body framed with nice breasts and an extremely nice ass. All the guys dreamed about her. It didn't surprise her that Gregory would like her. She was a goddess! And she'd be the first to tell you that too. "C'mon!" said Olivia. "Speaking of chem..." Gina followed close behind her. Her looks could easily be classified as stunning but next to Olivia, she was nothing more than a wallflower. Her brunette hair topped off her thin frame. She didn't have much of a figure but she felt content about the way she looked. She wore a button down white blouse untucked with short black jeans. It was her own little fashion statement. Together, her and Olivia made their way to chemistry class.

Olivia sat in her chair, partially asleep, more focused on the doodlings in her notebook than the lesson. She heard a heavy breathing. She looked up. From his seat, Gregory stared at her. He didn't even try to act like he wasn't. His cold beady little eyes shrank Olivia and the puff of his inhaler made his pupils slightly larger and creepier.

"You little perv." huffed Olivia, turning the other way. Class continued.

At the end, Olivia had to see their coach about a new cheer routine. Gina separated and headed off toward the parking lot. She walked out, the first to leave. Then she heard something.


"Can I... help you?" asked Gina. "Hey... what are you... stop...!"

The next morning, Olivia waited in the lobby for Gina to show up.

"Stupid girl!" huffed the conceited Olivia. "I can't believe she's late!"

"Olivia... may we... have a word?" Here stood Gregory, almost a complete foot shorter than her, a laptop under his shoulder.

"You?" asked Olivia. "Get away from me."

"That's the thing though!" snickered Gregory, motioning her to follow him towards a corner of the school lobby. "I was going to ask you... if you'd go out with me... just for one date?"

"Are you mad? Forget your nerd pills or something...?"

"That doesn't make sense..."

"Screw you you little nerd! No way!" Olivia hollered as she stormed off.

"Good... all this preparation to good use then!"

"What?!" asked Olivia, turning back around.

"Your friend..."

"What?" asked Olivia. Gregory opened the laptop and tapped the up button to ditch the screensaver.

"Your friend, Gina." smiled Gregory. Sure enough, there was a picture of Gina, tied to an armchair in what looked to be Gregory's room.

"You sick little...!"

"Ah, ah, ah!" laughed Gregory, pulling his laptop out of reach. "I'll ask again. Wanna go out with me? If not, you're friend might get... a little... gassy."

"Gassy?" asked Olivia. She took another look at Gina. She looked dazed but relatively ok. Gregory smiled. He pressed the spacebar on his laptop. Then a crude mechanical arm spun right into view. At the end was a syringe with a thick goldish yellow formula in it. "What's that? What are you going to stick her with, freak?" Instead of responding, Gregory slyly pressed spacebar again. Olivia tried to wrestle away the laptop.

"There's nothing you can do now!" laughed the little geek. "But watch..." The needle poked Gina in the thigh, causing her to stir a little more. She woke up.

"Where am I?" she asked. Olivia screamed back, but realized she couldn't be heard. "What is this place? Why do I feel so... funny...?" Olivia stopped flailing and watched. Gina, bound at the wrists, ankles, and once around her waist for good measure. She was held fast to the chair and she wasn't going anywhere. She began to squirm a little with soft murmurs.

"That chemical is of my own making." smiled Gregory, sounding all proud of himself. "You should start to see its effects in a few seconds." Gina's squirming intensified as the girl started to moan, wearing the same clothes she had on the day prior. She noticed the camera in front of her.

"Who's watching me?" she cooed. "What are you doing to me?" Olivia was speechless. "I feel... so very full." That's when Olivia started to notice it. The monitor was grainy but she could see it easily. Gina's middle puffed out the slightest bit. She looked as though she couldn't notice it, as if her stupor was obscuring her from feeling it. But Olivia could see it. Her slender friend's waistline staring to bulge, tightening the short jeans she was wearing. Was this what he meant by gassy?

"What are you doing to her? Why is she... growing?"

"Oh... I'm... blowing up like a balloon!" screamed Gina. Olivia was too terrified by what was happening to her her friend to look away.

"The formula." snickered Gregory. "It produces a large volume of gas under certain conditions, conditions that most commonly occur in the human body." He looked over her should to see Gina looking as if she was four months pregnant. The button of her jeans started to pull from the tension, but the binding around her waist cut into her tightly. She started screaming for help, but nobody came. Her belly bulged further and further forward.

"!" shrieked Gina, feeling her belly being cut more and more by the strap around her waist. "Uh... oh!" Her belly shook as the strap took all the tension it could take. She began to moan. Suddenly, pop! The strap flew off of her and her belly rushed forward. She looked huge now! And Olivia knew she was the one to blame. Her tummy pulled the jeans tighter and tighter as the bound girl's middle pressed further and further out.

"This is funny!" snickered Gregory. There was another pop, this time the button on her jeans popped off. "Now watch her breasts!"

"Stop this now!" screamed Olivia in horror. Other people looked to see the two screaming but no one intervened.

"I'm filling up... with air! Holy shit! I'm blowing up... like a balloon!" wailed Gregory's helpless captive again. On the monitor, Gina's breasts started to pull her blouse tighter and tighter now. They too were filling with air. But her belly was growing faster than ever. She suddenly looked as though she was at term with a full-fledged baby now. She continued to moan and whimper but nothing kept her from inflating larger.

"I can't stop it. The formula has to run it's course." He said gazing dreamy-eyed at the ballooning Gina. He giggled as he watched her thighs begin to plumpen as the air started to reach them too. The thighs swelling against one another started to pull the restraints of her ankles tighter.

"How big... will she get? Will she... pop?" asked a horrified Olivia.

"Only if I give her a second injection!" he snickered. "Surprisingly it won't be the puncture of the needle. She'll just continue to fill up with more and more gas until... pop."

"pop?" asked Olivia in tears. Her makeup began to run. She heard a snap to see Gina's ankle restraints pop off from the ballooning thighs stretching it apart. Now she was only bound at the wrists, but with the air starting to plump out her upper arms, Olivia didn't think it'd be long before it would snap off too. She watched her friend's belly expand from looking a few months overdue with twins to grow to look like it was holding three babies instead. Gaps formed as her inflating tummy pushed through the spaces in the blouse's buttons. The threads started to make audible creaks.

"You monster!"

"All I want is a date."

With a pop, the buttons of her blouse started to fling themselves off. Her belly jutted out in every direction as the last flew over the camera. Then it was followed by the pop of her wrist bindings. She was free to escape now, that was if she could move. Instead she sat on the bed growing larger. Her ballooning bubble butt slowly made her rise as her arms, held straight out to their sides by the pressure began to flap helplessly. Gregory snickered. His captive kept rounding out. Her cone shaped arms moved in concentric circles as she tried to frantically get to her feet. But she was far too large. Her body started to slow as her rounded torso started to bloat out past her ankles and wrists, making her almost completely round.

"Ungh... so... big......!" she groaned. Olivia felt even more helpless than her massive friend.

"What is going to happen to her?" asked Olivia as Gregory shut his laptop.

"Gina?" laughed Gregory. "She will act as collateral. You and me? We go on one date. If it goes smoothly and you do as I say, you're friend won't get the second injection and won't subsequently explode. You and I go on a second date..."

"You'll deflate her?" asked Olivia.

"No. I can't do that." smiled Gregory. "In time the air will leave her system in rather... humorous ways. She might be a little 'wider', maybe 'chunkier' if you will. But she will be a functioning regular member of society again!" he laughed. "But I'll let her deflate and then I shall release her... Sound fair? I think that's fair!" He smiled, walking away with the laptop under his arm. "All I want is your cooperation! And your love..."

Olivia growled and pounded a fist against the wall as the bell to homeroom started to ring.

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