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"So let me get this straight; you got new implants while I was gone and they are adjustable?" Luke questioned.

"Yea that pretty much the jest of it. They get bigger from time to time, up to a cup. The doctor said these will help me keep my figure." Missy answered him with a cheery smile.

"Wait how does this exactly work?" he as sounding ever more skeptical. "I mean how does getting bigger boobs affect your figure? How do they exactly inflate? Where did you get these things because I seriously didn’t know there were mad scientists in the world making whimsically devious things?"

She pointed down at her chest and tried to explain. "It's like this; during my cycle when I'd normally retain water these absorb the excess. That means I'll feel less bloated and be more attractive."

"Big boob does not attraction make" he interrupted.

"Shush you. I'd rather have a swollen chest than run around feeling like a blimp for a few days." She sighed and notice him staring intently at her chest. "What are you thinking over there? I bet it's 'Oh what can I do with big boobs when your off limits'" she said in a mocking tone.

"No that’s not it at all, but does raise an interesting question for another time" he responded.

"Well what then?" she demanded of him. "I know something is on your mind."

"Yea, just that I wanna see these things in action, but I don’t wanna wait so I was think" he was cut off.

"Whatever you planning just stop. It isn't going to work. Just stop now. " she urged him, but to no effect.

He left her and went off to the kitchen, and came back with a one liter bottle of sparkling flavored water. He held it out to her and she accepted it seeing as how she was thirsty after all. She couldn’t help be feel this wasn’t a coincidental gesture of thoughtfulness by the grin and sinister twinkle is his eye.

He left her once again and made his way back to the kitchen. While in the kitchen he started to make up a batch of lemonade. Pretty standard stuff of course, but then he slipped about midway down the basement stairs to his herb rack and retrieved a vile of powered green herb. Returning to kitchen he sought out some blue food dye and some raspberry extract; then he mixed all three ingredients into the pitcher.

"What are you up to Luke?" She came up from behind him and wrapped her arms looses around his waist. He ignored her for a bit and just kept stirring until everything was thoroughly dissolved. He broke away from her and got out a glass and filled it with ice cubes.

"Just making you so lemon you seemed thirsty." He laughingly said to her finally.

"Liar! what's the deal?" she accused.

"Nothing I swear" he whispered.

"Don't give me that you're up to something… " She looked down at the lemonade. "Besides I've still go this to finish" she added while gently shaking the half emptied bottle at him.

"Fine if you do wanna drink it don’t, but at least try it to let me know if it has enough sugar in it." He said to her sounding a little cross.

"Alright…" she sighed sounded a bit hurt. She sat her bottle down and apprehensively raised the glassed to her lips. For her, he had always made his lemon a bit too strong. She like it more sweet than him and not as tangy. Most time she would let the ice, he always put in it for her, melt down to help dilute it, but as this isn't the case she let one of the smooth cool blocks slide to her lip and slowly sipped from it hoping to take mostly melt water with her sip.

"Mmm it's good" she exclaimed, but was shocked by the menacingly smile on his face.

"Yea I didn’t make it as strong this time. I know how you like it a lil watered down so there ya go. My devious scheme has been uncovered. " This was as far from the truth as it was innocent as she began to gulp down the glass. "You see though… I know a little bit about chemistry and biology and it occurs to me that if you drink a lot of excess fluid in a short time that the body will be forced to retain some of it. And seeing as I can't wait to sate my curiosity about those implants; I guess I just have to take matters into my own hands" he finished as she poured herself another glass.

Thirst filled her senses and drove her to drink glass after glass of the lemonade. She heard him softly chuckle as she made her way down to the half way point in the pitcher. She was furious at him for tricking her, but at the same time worried about what he did to make her so excessively thirsty.

Panting as she finished the last glass and reached for her bottle of flavored water "What did you do to me?"

"Nothing I just made you some blue raspberry lemonade." He laughed.

"Tell me or I swear I’ll never drink another thing ever again!" she growled defiantly.

"Let's not kid ourselves your gonna polish off that bottle and raid the jug of ice water in the fridge. Oh but don't worry the effects of that herb I put into the lemonade will wear off shortly. It's what grandmother used to give use when we were sick and dehydrated as kids." He rambled on reassuringly.

This did little to ease her mood as she slammed the now emptied bottle onto the counter and when straight for the fridge. Feeling the need growing strong she omitted getting a glass and went straight to drinking out of the purifying jug.

Soon this insane tirade of drinking came to its inevitable end. She placed the drained container on the countertop and turned to him. Upon looking at her chest he burst into a fit of laughter. She just glared at him until he finally calmed down.

"You. Ass. Hole." She said still staring daggers at him. "Look at these things you jerk! I mean come on they are at least 2 cup sizes bigger, and they are digging into my bra."

"You know in hindsight I think I might have already wanted to have asked this, but do they shrink at all?" He smiled softly to her.

"Yea I think but slowly" she responded. "I think I remember the doctor saying something about massaging them to help lower excess swelling."

"Oh this just keeps getting better and better. I love science!" he cheered.

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