Stacy’s Boob Busting Beach Blowout

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Stacy tip-toed nervously onto the beach in her bikini. It wasn’t the fact that the beach was for lesbians that made her nervous, nor was it the fact that she was blushing from the sight of all the gorgeous women all around her. Stacy was nervous because she had just perfected a new type of drink which she called “the Boob Buster.” She hadn’t had a chance to test it out in public before, and the thought of what was going to happen turned her on. She uncorked the bottle and took a swig. It tasted like strawberries.

All around her were gorgeous women in bikinis. Blond haired, dark haired, red haired, they were all so varied and beautiful to behold. Some were making out on towels, some were playing volleyball, and some were rubbing lotion on each other. Stacy closed her eyes and smiled as the drink began to take effect.

A fizzing sound gurgled within her, and a warm pleasurable sensation flowed into her chest. She moaned and giggled to herself, knowing full well what was about to happen to all these women around her. She arched her back as her chest started to swell and her bikini grew tight. Women around her stopped to take a look. Stacy blushed again and gained enough courage to speak.

“What do you think, girls? Are these big enough?” she said, pointing to her steadily growing boobs. Many of the women gasped in surprise and a couple giggled with delight. “Bigger!” a group of them shouted! Stacy obliged. Her chest grew tighter and ballooned out. The hissing within growing louder. Several of the women around her involuntarily reached for their own chests while they stood there transfixed by the sight before them.

“Are these big enough?” she cooed to her audience. Her chest was now at least the size of two giant beach balls protruding up into the air like they were filled with helium. Her bikini was stretched and taught and digging into her flesh. “Bigger” came the reply. Stacy obeyed.

“The only downside to this, is that I won’t get to see the results!” thought Stacy as her chest billowed out like two giant weather balloons. He boobs were becoming slightly transparent and shiny. She moaned and fondled herself as she grew there before them all. A creaking sound could be heard from her rubbery tits. One of the women closest to her said “Damn, girl! You’re so big you sound like you’re gonna pop!”

“That’s the... mmmm.... idea! ooooooh!” moaned Stacy. She lied down on the ground, her two tits smooshing her into the sand and protruding high up into the sky. She was almost completely covered by her expanding mammies and the girls around her were starting to get worried. The creaking was growing louder, and Stacy’s tits were vibrating rapidly. One of the more daring girls crept forward and stuck out her finger, with the intent of poking Stacy’s ballooning boob.

Her finger barely touched Stacy’s taught skin when all of a sudden there was a loud gasp of pleasure, an orgasmic moan of ecstasy, and then a thunderous explosion! KABOOOM! Stacy exploded into a shower of pink rubbery shards and a translucent liquid which sprayed the lesbians standing around her.

The bikini clad woman who punctured Stacy fell flat on her butt in the sand, drenched in the liquid from the explosion. The girl licked her lips. “Tastes like strawberries!” she said. She had barely begun to realize what had happened when suddenly she heard a fizzing hiss coming from her body. She looked down at her boobs just as a wave of pleasure washed over them. Several other women who had been close to the explosion arched their backs as their chests began to blow up, just like Stacy’s did.

The group of women who had been drenched in Stacy’s explosive liquid, about 6 in total, all dropped to the ground and screamed in pleasure. As their chests expanded and blew up, they writhed and twisted on the ground as the orgasmic sensation spread. Some of the women not affected by the liquid stepped forward, enraptured by the sexy display and they helped their friends cope with the pleasurable feelings.

One by one the girls tits ballooned out until it looked almost like a circle of 12 weather balloons. One by one, the girls exploded. KABOOOM! KABOOOM! KABOOOOM! With each explosion, more liquid was splashed on the girls around them, and the air was filled with rubbery shards of the exploding women and echoing screams of pleasure.

This pattern repeated over and over and over again. A girl got drenched, her tits ballooned up, she orgasmed, and then popped, drenching more girls around her. Soon the whole beach was just a sea of inflating and exploding tits. KABOOOM! KABOOOM! KABOOOOM!

By now all the lesbians knew what was going to happen. They knew eventually they’d get drenched and they’d eventually blow up and explode like overfilled balloons. But the pleasure and excitement of inflating just made them all more and more eager to pop. Some girls clustered together around a ballooning set of tits and started to make out, waiting for that pop to cover and infect them. Some girls deliberately ran into the billowing tits in an effort to make them pop sooner. KABOOOM! KABOOOM! KABOOOOM!

The whole beach was just littered with flying pieces of rubbery scraps as the girls inflated and exploded one by one. The air filled with moaning and gasping and explosions. KABOOOM! KABOOOM! KABOOOOM!

Soon, the whole beach was deserted. All that was left of the intense orgy of inflating and popping lesbians was a thin layer of rubbery scraps, some bikini shreds, wet sand, and a lingering smell of strawberries.

Stacy’s work was done.

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Wow I love popping chain

Wow I love popping chain reactions! Is there more like this?